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About me, and how this blog can change your life

IppeiHello my name is Epay

MLM’s like AdvoCare used to be my thing.

I was trying anything to try to make money for myself so I can quite my 9 to 5 job that I hated.

I tried other MLM’s before AdvoCare but I kept running into the same issues of running dry of prospects and over saturation.

I persisted with my research until I found a mentor that showed me how to make money by generating leads for local businesses.

A year into this awesome coaching program, I now work with around 25 local businesses and get paid handsomely from each client every month.

At the moment (12/17/2015) I am making $15,000 per month. & completely retired from my 9 to 5 job.

I became a star student of this coaching program, now I’m proudly letting other struggling AdvoCare distributors know that there’s a different way to make money from home. One that doesn’t involve you having to sell to friends & family.

Check out some of my videos below

 When I closed a $750 per month deal

When I started making $10,000 per month

 When I started making $13,000 per month


Here’s an example of a call recording of a lead that I generated:


Every call is recorded so I can see in real time my clients take the leads from me.

When you hold control of the site and the phone number, you are in control of how you get paid.

This system works so well, that all that is required from you is persistence.

Here’s a picture of a check I receive from one of my client for 1 month worth of leads, and this is on-going every month.


The coaching program gave me the skills that allows me to cut my own pay check.

Skills that allows me to generate income for myself for the long term because the Internet is not going anywhere and neither are local businesses.

The future is bright.


P.S. – Here’s my mentor Brad with more on this amazing laptop lifestyle business we’ve built: