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doTERRA vs AdvoCare? which is the better affiliate marketing company to join?

With all the hype and momentum behind doTERRA, its hard to look away from them. They are only born in 2008 yet they are arguably becoming one of the biggest MLM companies out there right now. After carefully reviewing their products, which I have used myself, its not hard to understand why.

But lets not forget AdvoCare still reigns supreme in popularity when it comes to MLM business opportunity in 2016.

So what happens when these companies go head to head, lets take a look at which company offers better compensation plan and how they differ in approach when it comes building your very own healthy & wellness home based business.

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Have you been wondering about which company to go with? Arbonne or AdvoCare?

Besides the products, there’s certainly many similarities between the two companies, including their compensation plan and matter of which a distributor builds the business.

In both companies you will rely on recruiting people into your organization to get anywhere financially, you will also rely on throwing mixer house parties where you invite as many friends & family as possible to introduce the business opportunity to other people you know.

These companies are fairly close, but there’s some key differences that may sway your decision to one or the other…my advice? choose carefully because with either business it will take a lot of time to build and time is something you can never get back.

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AdvoCare vs. ViSalus commonly referred to as Body by Vi, which is better? what are the similarities & differences? Here is unbiased review on both companies & taking a look at what you need to do to succeed.

They are both network marketing companies that sell weight management products including meal replacement shakes, protein powders, supplements & energy drinks.

Which company has better compensation plan?

Although the difference between the two companies might be the slimmest I’ve seen compared from Shakeology, Plexus, Herbalife & more. Visalus being the company that was founded much later, seemed to have took some stuff from AdvoCare but made some improvements upon it as well.

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Zija international vs AdvoCare, which company offers better compensation plan & business opportunity? How are they different and how are they the same? Get your unbiased review here from a non distributor.

Find out why I believe Zinja is bit more product oriented than AdvoCare. & Which company would I pick?

Also find out what I discovered about AdvoCare that other distributors don’t want you to know about.

Let’s just say I’m no longer with the company but now I’m making much more money with less struggles.

Before I get to that, let’s take a close look at these two companies & see if it calls to you.

Well first things first, they are both health & wellness network marketing company.

Zija began in 2005, while AdvoCare began in 1994.

Zija was started by Ken Brailsford, who was happily retired until a friend called him a showed him a documentary on the Moringa tree, which is a special tree that lives in hot parts of the world, the Thai people use it for all sort of medicinal purposes.


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If you want to grow your AdvoCare business in 2016, you better be doing something more than just offline methods like 3 way calls & mixer parties. People that can dominate more space on the internet gets more stable growth in their AdvoCare business.

This is what the top players are doing, and most new distributors that are only taught to go after their warm market is seriously losing out on a lot of opportunities out there.

I speak from experience, because I am someone that turned internet into my 24/7 money making slave, and now I reap the benefits of working from home and living the life of being my own boss at age 26.

When it comes to getting leads or prospects on the internet I know a thing or two more than the average, and this is what has always separated me from the competition.

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AdvoCare is always coming up with new & exciting places to take their top distributors to. It is their famous AdvoCare Incentive Trip that is held every year. In 2016, it is to Jackson Hole, Wyoming

During this trip you get to dip your feet into some whitewater rafting, guided wildlife tours, mountain excursions

In the past years they have gone to many legendary places including Caribbeans in 2015, Hawaii, Italy & more

The members report a truly 5 star all-inclusive vacation all paid for with incredible array of delicious foods that warrant a 10 day cleanse after the trip.


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AdvoCare is a multi-level marketing company that has been around since 1994. When you hear stories about people making 6 figures in 6-12 months, it raises an alarm bell.

Remember when AdvoCare’s best distributors go on the mic, those results become very inflated because for all new reps in this company receive what is called a rookie bonus for the first year, the top 10 highest earning advisors can earn $10,000 every 2 weeks and down.

This can seriously inflate 10 AdvoCare promoters income to a very distorted number.

What are the serious numbers in this company?


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AdvoCare Impact Magazine is a critical component for AdvoCare business success.

This is a major key that all top distributors make sure that their team and new recruits are utilizing in order to grow their AdvoCare business and get more prospects interested.

The Impact Magazine is basically your business card on steroids. This is why I never really recommended AdvoCare business cards for prospecting. Who actually values a business card? It just becomes cup mats or get stuck in a stack with 30 other business cards.

Here’s top reason why you need to keep few batches of Impact Magazine around whenever you go to a meeting, hold a mixer, or go anywhere outside because you never know when you run into someone and have that AdvoCare talk…

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How do you become successful in AdvoCare?

Well if you are talking about successful tip for 24 Day Challenge, its simple… stay disciplined on your diet, avoid carbs, seriously it works. Also doesn’t give you the mid day sleepiness. I’ve cut out all carbs for the last month and the fat on my stomach that would never go away is shrinking and my 6 pack is beginning to show.

Their cleanse & MNS is cool but I just still don’t think its as powerful as fixing your diet straight up.

Getting fit & healthy is all good & all but who wants to talk about making money??

They key is to be sexy & cool like Conor Mcgregor


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So you want to be an AdvoCare Distributor in 2016?

Here is how & some pros & cons of becoming an AdvoCare distributor from unbiased AdvoCare reviewer, yes I’m no longer part of this company because my mentor Brad showing me a new alternative business model, check out his video above.

AdvoCare is still a great company, great people with great energy, if you want to order products from them or begin selling, you need to become a distributor for easy 20% discount

First of all, if you are going to AdvoCare’s main site you notice that you can’t really buy any of their products anywhere…

This is because you can only purchase products through AdvoCare distributors, let me explain.

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