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Your privacy is important to me.  Everything is being done on my end to ensure you have a safe, secure experience here on ComputerKnacks.com.  I do ask for you to join my VIP newsletter throughout the site and you should know that your email will never be rented, sold, shared or compromised in any way.  There’s also a one-click unsubscribe at the bottom of every email I send.  Click it?  And never hear from me again.  Last thing: I also use cookies to run some targeted advertising on Facebook and Google.  The way these ads work is, they store your IP address and essentially this allows me to follow you around the web, presenting ads to you while on Facebook or other Google-affiliated websites who monetize with AdWords.  This is common today, so nothing to be alarmed about, but should you have questions… please reach out here.

About lppei

Struggled with AdvoCare & MLM, finally found success by getting coached in local lead generation. Built a multiple 6-figure laptop business, retired from his 9 to 5 JOB & now lives life on his own terms, fully self-employed. You can follow him on Instagram Here