AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Reviews: Champ was born

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Hello my name is Eli, and this is a story of an ordinary 26 year old that now makes six figures on the internet because he believed in the AdvoCare 24 day challenge reviews on Amazon & other places, & decided to give it a whirl. Find out why they now call me the AdvoCare reject that advisors fear, and follow along how I became an entrepreneur that now makes money without ever having to sell to friends & family or recruit anyone into another MLM business opportunity.

Conquering adversaries, that’s how a real Champion is born but not in the traditional sense of other AdvoCare distributors despite their logo says We Build Champions…


I learned one great thing about becoming a champion through my own path. Its all about having the heart of a champion.

Wanting something so much that you say “I don’t know how I’m gonna do it, but I’m gonna die trying”

Trying out the 24 Day Challenge, led me to AdvoCare, which then led me to becoming an entrepreneur that makes more money than a lawyer or doctor at age 26, here is my story in a nutshell

Honestly at the time I was making $2200 per month at a dead beat job that I hated. Some of my college friends were making more than me and as a competitive person I wanted to do better than them because I felt I was more capable. I wanted something juicer for my life than going to the office everyday, being forced to sit in front of a computer doing things I could care less about.

When I began my AdvoCare journey I was also into health and I wanted to get fit, detox & get rid of some acne, so I was already looking into detox, what AdvoCare was presenting with the herbal cleanse to first get rid of the gunk in the body with fiber drink and then putting back in good nutrition with their supplement MNS (Metabolic Nutrition System) made good sense to me as the right way to get healthier so I decided to give it a whirl.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that, that first step into 24 day challenge program was going to launch me into the whole business aspect of AdvoCare not even a half a year after that.

I must say, my friend who was an independent distributor with AdvoCare at the gold 3 star leadership income level making $2-$3K a month skillfully got me to sign up and I didn’t even see it coming!

First it started with the $79 distributor kit so I can keep taking the the MNS & Spark at discount, and then it went to me selling an extra spark to another friend of mine at the office that was addicted to coffee and making a few bucks.

It was cool and as if my sponsor could read my mind, he called me that day to follow up on how I was doing on the products and asked if I would be interested in making money with AdvoCare like him, & me being at a job I hated, it was natural for me at that point to have inclinations to look further into the AdvoCare business model.

We met at Starbucks, and I dropped the $2100 to become an Advisor right then and there to get paid that 40% commission and unlock all 5 ways to getting paid with AdvoCare.

For me their compensation plan felt complicated, but I carried on knowing that I just had to sell sparks to people like I did my first time to a friend.

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Results

I never did the before & after pictures, but I did lose few pounds and I felt a bit better, like bit more healthy, more alert & awake throughout the day.


Sometimes I envied some of the super hot chicks that were running the AdvoCare game.

In a business like AdvoCare or MLM, which is about building personal relationships and getting people to like you on some level, you are always going to get extra boost for being good looking or being very social.

It goes well with AdvoCare health product lines too, ultimately we all want to get back into shape to increase our sex appeal am I right?

You know what the 24 Day Challenge was cool but it really wasn’t the life changing experience for me. Maybe because I’m asian and my issue has never been being over weight but more on the side of having trouble keeping enough weight on.

What I gained from my whole AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Journey was me writing review articles and ranking them on Google, getting traffic & converting that traffic into the leadgen program.

This is a program where you the learn the skill of building sites, ranking them, generate leads for local businesses and get paid for doing so on a monthly basis.

How did I stumble onto this?

The AdvoCare Struggle

Because AdvoCare was simply not working out for me…

maybe you are also struggling with AdvoCare and wondering now if its a scam or a pyramid scheme, I have been there.

What is the success ratio anyway? Well for these MLMs its very slim 3-5%, then you gotta ask yourself, even if you become successful like them attractive rising stars, are you okay with the fact that roughly 95% of the people you recruit will lose on their investment, depending on how much time you invest in coaching that ratio might be bit better, but like most things to get higher levels of income it is a numbers game, and whether you want to admit it consciously or not.

Somewhere down the line, that top distributor has justified this reality that making it is very difficult and most people will fail.

Well at least you gave them the opportunity right?

If 10 families join your AdvoCare opportunity and 9 fail and lose on their $2100 investment but 1 family actually makes it and they start earning size-able monthly income from AdvoCare and it begins transforming their lives, then maybe you can look at that and say it was worth it because now that family can go on and do greater things & help several more families.

But what about the 9 that failed?

Are they lacking something that other successful families had? and these families are destined for a life of employment and suffering?

maybe they were full of talent but their life circumstances made the AdvoCare business 3 times more difficult than the average person, and when the odds are already 95% failure rate, you really cannot afford less than ideal life situation that causes the opportunity to be 3 times harder!

Such was the case for me I felt.

My Struggling Points with AdvoCare

  • I was working full time in an office with only about 4-5 other people so everyday for 9 hours a day I have virtually no chance to prospect
  • All my friends weren’t into health & fitness or anything to do with joining an opportunity without guarantee of success
  • small family due to the fact that we are from Japan and all of our relatives are still back in JPN
  • not enough training on how to generate AdvoCare online leads for myself using nothing but a laptop.
  • I did not have a breakthrough testimonial story or pictures with the 24 Day Challenge
  • Not part of any special club or group, your immediate circle of influence before you even join AdvoCare has a profound impact on your chances to success

There are more, but the point is, with AdvoCare I felt there are too many things that impact my success that is outside my control.

Like some people in high school were more out going than others, some people joined groups and liked to be the leader within those groups.

I’m just not that type of a guy.

My strength was always with computers, and I was always bit low key in High School.

Not that you have to be great with computers to be successful but when I first saw this opportunity I knew this was something that I could do.

It was something I could do without pretending to be someone I’m not.

I joined the program back in September 2014 and 1 year later became one of their star students.

I learned a new skill to make money with, just like carpentry or building a house. I put my head down and went to work.

I am now making more money than a lawyer and doctors.

And I also became a proud partner now showing other AdvoCare distributors that are struggling there is another path.

The opportunities with this model is huge, first of all every city in the USA has countless of different niches you can go into anywhere from Pool Cleaners, Carpet Cleaners, Roofers to Orthodontists.

Any service you need, what do you do? you go on the internet and do a search locally.

Well this program teaches you how to create a site that ranks at the top which then begins to generate traffic and phone calls.

You forward the calls to a local business, and after you brought money to these owners, they are more than happy to pay you to keep the leads coming.

Its really a beautiful business model where you are always under control.

I love it because I can make a sell every day of the week without talking to friends & family, and I also know that every sale that I make the business owner is going to benefit greatly from it.

It has been a long road, I face a lot of set backs, failed business opportunity after another, as AdvoCare was not my first roadshow at trying to become self-employed.

But all I gotta say now after I’m on the other side is that it was worth every damn penny and time spent on this journey because it made me stronger and it taught me a valuable life lesson and that is that no matter how many times I fail. No matter how low I get in my self-esteem and confidence about life, if I work hard and keep trying, eventually life yields and victories become possible.

This is why I am become a huge fan of fighting sports like Boxing and UFC because I love the strong mindset these guys and gals possess to become a champion.

I faced more rejections than most of my friends, which is exactly why I am now making more money than most of my friends.