AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge: Getting Fit Physically & Mentally, What I learned about Habits

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I did the challenge, here is the realest AdvoCare 24 day challenge review, everything you ever wanted to know about it.

Will you soar like an eagle afterwards?

What is it that you will learn?

Tried similar things & failed?

I learned a bit more about myself through this process, a bit more about my emotions & how habits operate & control our lives.

Because I believe changing your body or body image (same thing) requires a psychical, mental & emotional shift.

Our bodies are personal, & which means all facets of ourselves is closely tied to it.

oh yea, unlike other advocare 24 day challenge reviews, I go in deep…

Twenty Four day challenge is not about popping vitamins, running 3 miles, eating bland, low-fat food.

It’s about changing you.

You’ve failed in the past but you’re still lookin’…

Its that fighting spirit within…that creates true champions after all. (plug for the AdvoCare slogan, & I don’t even sell it)

Change is gonna come… (above is arguably the best song ever made imo)

You can feel the soul, the passion, the pain in the heart

No sane person wants the experience of rejection, as it is never a pleasant feeling as it is happening. Its quite real & painful.

But in hindsight you can see some of that turned into muscle of the heart.

The many admirable human characters that we look up to such as determination, will power, fortitude, perseverance, grit, hustle, clarity & focus… all of these qualities come from not living “the dream” & being successful but from the failures and the hardships.

It creates that depth in character that is very authentic and can’t be faked.

“You are not your past, but the resources you gleam from it.” -Jordan Belfort

If I can say I had one success in life, one major turning point was killing my 9 to 5 job, and if there’s one thing I learned in attaining that success…

it is that persistence and becoming okay with failures & never giving up, pays off.

My AdvoCare 24-day challenge endeavor taught me the power of focus, sticking with something till the end, & building strong empowering habits.

So if you are feeling doubtful about AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge or trying out their business opportunity, what have you got to lose? That fear or doubt should be the very first indicator for you to go do it.

Don’t allow time for your fears & doubts as they love to feast on the attention you give it. Instead, make a decision and head in that direction. Nothing is a waste of time if you fully commit to something, at the very least you will learn a lesson or two about yourself…

What is the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge in a nutshell?

It’s a 24 day diet, supplement & exercise regime designed to help you lose weight and increase energy levels.

In this process you will learn about proper nutrition & dieting such as eating whole foods, replacing junk food with healthy snacks, drinking plenty of water & utilizing various AdvoCare supplements for cleansing, nutritional support & muscle building.

Its designed as a lifestyle change program.

This is perhaps why 24 day challenge get complaints, most people would be willing to adopt a exercise routine for 24 days or supplements, but a complete lifestyle change? I have to restrict my sweets? Nottt so fastttt

Lifestyle change is suited for those that are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

What makes 24 day challenge most powerful for me is the group support you get from your sponsor & other distributors on the team and the fact that this challenge helps establish new habits.

We’ve all heard that habits take 20 to 30 days to stick, and that we are creatures of habit so developing new healthier ones can be life changing.

I spent majority of my life unconscious to my destructive habits, and that includes eating junk food when bored.

I tried for a long long time struggling to break free from these hellish dis-empowering habitual physical, mental & emotional energy drains.

From my studies on various books about habits & how to change them, basically a habit is triggered from some external or internal cue, which sends the person into a looped response pattern physically, mentally, and/or emotionally and then the brain experiences getting a reward at the end.

Sometimes the cues line up and next thing you know, its no longer you running the show, but the pain body takes over and you’re replaying that addictive behavior you know consciously will do you no good or won’t resolve anything but you do it anyway, whether that’s the habitual negative self-talk or other self conscious behaviors, I’ve allowed these habits to drag me down time after time and then my excuse was, “well I’m just having a bad day”

Until one point I got sick and tired of being sick and tired.

It was time to wake up, take control as best as I could, and begin to take responsibility.

I was becoming more aware & more conscious

What was triggering me into these habitual patterns?

Are there underlying emotions tied to these habits?

I began reading books on it and became a scientist of my own self.

I believe this background gave me a solid foundation to take on the 24 Day Challenge successfully.

At least in my experience, changing my body or getting into business for myself, has been a physical, mental & emotional process.

24 Day Challenge Cost

How much is the 24-day challenge? $195.70 (Retail Price), keep in mind if you bought the distributor kit beforehand for $79 you get 20% discount on the challenge & all future purchases. The distributor kit comes with spark and slam which is $58.90 retail value.

So $195.70 at 20% discount is $156.56 plus $79 distributor cost, so that’s $235.56 for 24 day challenge plus 1 more box of spark & slam, and 20% discount on all future purchases, I would say is the better deal.

It’s actually a discount because the retail value of all those products in the 24 day challenge & distributor kit is $254.60

Here is what the order form looks like, you can pick different flavors for your box of herbal cleanse, 2 box of spark, 1 box of meal replacementAdvoCare-24-day-Challenge-cost-order-form

The high light item of AdvoCare is MNS, the Metabolic Nutrition System

This is basically to flood the body with high levels of nutrition after the 10 day cleanse phase is over.

AdvoCare claims to have hired the top scientists & doctors for this stuff (I would hope so, after becoming a billion dollar company)

apparently the famous doctor, Dr. Stanley Dudrick, who came up with intravenous feeding supports & backs AdvoCare products, he was the first one successfully feeding someone nutrition through the veins and that person showing normal growth. He showed that individual components of nutrition can be isolated and properly formulated to feed the body just as normal foods would.

So what you get as far as products with the 24 day challenge is various products designed to assist you in first cleansing the body and then reloading back up with nutritional (vitamins, minerals, healthy omega fats) supplements.

In the fast paced modern world, supplements do play a role, sometimes that meal replacement shake or MNS can help you kick that habit of munching on unhealthy alternatives which doesn’t feed you nutritionally so you are still left craving something afterwards, which leads to overeating.

Power of Habits

There has been many books written on the power of habits and how it shapes & pretty much control our lives. Although it can be difficult, it is possible to transform bad habits into good ones, and that process in itself can be incredibly empowering for an individual. It is estimated 40% of our daily activity is auto-pilot habits (I would venture to say that its much more than that).

Based on various books that I’ve read including The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, to break a bad habit you essentially become aware of what those ques are, and instead of trying to stop cold turkey you replace the dis-empowering response with a more positive & healthy response and check after that if it has satisfied your craving mind, if it did you were successful at finding an alternative and you make sure to repeat that action instead till that new action becomes a habit in 20-30 days.

For example if you have a bad habit of eating junk food at night, you first identify the cue which could be perhaps you’re bored at 8 pm or you’re feeling empty, you see it could be for any reasons other than being hungry. You then try out different alternative actions when you become aware of that cue, so you try out different hypothesis. Perhaps you will put on a good movie with the wife (if the cause is “being bored”), if it then stopped the craving you now found a solution. If it didn’t you’ll try other alternatives like perhaps replacing the junk food with healthy snacks like fruit or vegetable dips, and see if that stopped the craving. In this way you keep trying out different alternatives till you find something that satiates the craving mind.

24 Day Challenge Meals?

Here are some 24 Day Challenege tips so you can maximize your results & success rate.

  • Create Meal Plans for the whole week so you can shop clean foods accordingly, it helps you stay on track, having that grocery list before you step into the store can save you from purchasing junk. You can use Meal Planners Notepad for few bucks on Amazon
  • Find an accountability partner, grab a friend or family member to do the 24 day challenge with you
  • Take before and after pictures & measurement, when you see the results after the challenge, it will fire you up to keep living the healthier lifestyle
  • Avoid starting the challenge if major holidays are on the way… When there’s Thanks Giving around the corner or big vacation coming up, starting the challenge might not be the smartest idea, don’t put it off forever but its better to have that 24 days for focus with as little temptations as possible
  • do not cheat & don’t give up: When you go off these junk foods, there is almost a withdraw effect similar to medication & drugs. You will be tempted to slide back to your old patterns just for a day. Don’t do it. What makes the challenge so effective is as much about overcoming unconscious patterns as it is about doing all the physical stuff.
  • Eliminate all processed foods
  • Don’t skip meals: The lesson here is that eating smaller portions but more frequently per day, by incorporating snacks between your breakfast, lunch & dinner (every 3 hours), keeps your body in burning fat mode, keeps cravings & hunger at bay, & regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Avoid Grains: I have personally noticed fat around the waste going away without doing anything when I eliminated all grains from diet (rice, bread, pasta,etc even whole wheat whole food stuff) this is not taught officially in the 24 day challenge, but I’ve done a lot of research into this subject personally and there’s a lot of research coming out now saying all the grains have been genetically modified and compromised, to the point where our bodies can’t digest them properly, so they build up in the system. I feel much better after eliminating carbs, my energy level has gone up and mental focus & clarity is better as well. I highly recommend trying this out during your 24 day challenge, you may be amazed at what you will find. Sweet potato is a great alternative
  • Stay connected with your AdvoCare Team: Ask for guidance from your sponsor, and your teammates. Creating multiple points of accountability is one of the greatest things you can do to ensure success, we all have that part of us that don’t wanna let our peers down, take full advantage of this.
  • become a distributor, this may give you additional purpose as to why you need to successfully complete the 24 day challenge, so that you can have the results people will admire and you can use yourself as your own testimonial which will be powerful in helping others and growing your business
  • Get creative with your diet: the big mistake most people make is they make diet this dull, boring, bland experience that you have to endure & suffer with. It’s like inviting a guest over you can’t stand, how long will that party last? wipe out all those distasteful concepts about diets, eating proper nutrition you can actually make more tasty meals by getting creative (& learning how to cook a bit lol), food is big component for pleasure in most people’s lives, so its important to find healthy alternatives that you will look forward to if you expect to really make a lifestyle change for the long term.
  • You may need extra Spark: during the cleanse phase and max phase as your body begins letting go of the excess weight, you may experience dips in energy, but we got things to do during the day, so you may require extra Spark from time to time to get through the busy day. You get 28 servings from the 24 day challenge, so that’s around 1 spark a day.
  • Exercise & Drink Lots of Water: for all the obvious reasons you should get a good sweat going at least 2-3 times a week. I used to neglect this with excuses like I didn’t have time because I thought growing my business was more important, but my mentors taught me that actually becoming physically fit helps your business, because a fit body creates a fit mind. And I’m now waking up to this fact as I see my productivity & focus increase as I discipline myself to exercise. Guys & gals its important.

Meal Ideas?

some great meals are recommended in the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Daily Guide that comes with the program.

You can find the PDF version: here

Some of my favorite clean meals where I feel great afterwards are the following:

  • Salmon & Asparagus
  • Steak & Sweet Potato
  • Romaine lettuce salad with lots of tomato, salt & pepper with olive oil
  • chicken stir fry with various vegetables like: Green Pepper, mushroom, okra, Jalapeno, tomato, garlic, ginger (my special recipe?)

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Movie

Watch above video for explanation on the two phases of AdvoCare 24 day challenge, reference your guide book for further instructions.

Day 1-10 Cleanse Phase: its really not bad, most uneventful, you may feel low energy at times, you can compensate for that with spark which is neat

  • 1 Spark a day
  • Herbal Cleanse (fiber drink designed to clear the digestive track)
  • Omegaplex (healthy fat replaces & detoxes the body of bad fats)

Day 11-24 Max Phase: Started lifting weights and felt pretty great, slowly the new routines were becoming easier to do

  • Meal Replacement Shake can replace 1 meal out of the day
  • MNS (core nutritional supplement) includes omegaplex, probiotic restore, multivitamin, & other vitamin & mineral formulations
  • 1 Spark a day

There’s also companion products that you can purchase that goes well with this challenge:

  • Catalyst: Amino Acid supplement designed to fuel the muscle with what it needs, recommended to take these before and after work out
  • Thermoplus: Herbal formula that stimulates metabolism & key botanical extracts that helps suppress appetite
  • Carb-Ease Plus: Herbal supplement that helps anyone that have very tough time resisting their craving for sweets & high carbohydrates

I used the catalyst because one of my goals is to definitely increase muscle tone

You also get a CU 24 DVD which stands for Can You 24 Day Challenge, it includes 7 workouts that are 24 min long each, some of the exercises are done by independent distributors.

I went to the gym instead but if you don’t have a membership, this DVD will be great alternative for you.


so this is the 24 day challenge in a nutshell, designed to break old habits and establish new healthier ones with clean foods, good supplements, & exercise.

I believe the power is in sticking to something for over 20 days which establishes new patterns of thinking & behavior in the subconscious mind.

Just like remembering how to ride a bike was difficult at first, expect it to be challenging for first few weeks. The big mistake people make when they experience the struggle & resistance at day 5 or so, once the initial excitement wears off, they think its going to be this rough forever so they say to themselves,

“wow there is no way I can continue on like this forever”

so they quit

Not realizing that if they just buckle down and grit through it, when they get to day 20 and on wards, it gets easier and easier and eventually becomes as natural as riding a bike, because the brain has formed the new neural pathways & you developed the subconscious associations with the new behaviors.

In my experience with 24 Day Challenge, it established couple new great habits for me, that’s enhancing not only my health, but my mental game with business & positive self image.

  • Getting exercise in at least 3 times a week
  • Removing grains and high carbohydrates
  • Eating clean (when you see the difference it makes in how you feel & operate, you keep going with it)
  • Replacing unhealthy snacks with the good stuff (I like plain yogurt with honey and putting raspberry & blue berry in it)

I discovered that these habits help the brain function better, which provides that reward to sustain the healthy habits, so there is a positive feedback loop that spirals upwards towards all the good stuff like higher self-esteem & better physique. Exercise actually begins to feel good for the brain.

This is also how you begin to develop new self image about yourself. Which begins to shift your character. And Character determines destiny.

What message are you telling your subconscious when you start something and quit 7 days in?

Taking control over your habits, is true self mastery.

Never quit attitude is what it take to drop inches off the waist, build stronger character with depth, & building an AdvoCare business should you decide to become a distributor.

The statistics say that over 80% of the people get introduced to AdvoCare through the 24 Day Challenge, its almost an initiation process to see if that person has the inner character of discipline & perseverance to become a difference maker.

Despite what you’ve been told, the AdvoCare Business is not for everyone.

To make it, that person needs to be self-motivated individual, which can be the big challenge for most people because they’ve been an employee for so long doing things when others tell them what to do & when to do it.

We all have these limitations, these ingrained ways of being that limit our capacity in life. Its those people that grind it out, that just wants it bit more than the next person, that will put up with all the bullshit and actually overcome their own governor switch and truly excel at the highest levels because they can now relate with others that are struggling and show them the way out.

So don’t resist your limitations & challenges, instead embrace them, take responsibility & face them head on, and jump over them like an obstacle race with swagger.

Success in business or fitness is a byproduct of self-development.

And true self-development is not found in books or seminars.

Its found in the obstacles in your life right now.

The fears that come to rob you of your courage & will to act at most inopportune times like grim reaper, or the outer circumstances that seem to conspire against you.

I credit my mentors that got me out of my 9 to 5 job all the time for my current level of success. Running a business from the comfort of my own home building websites for local businesses & making more money every month is better than I ever dreamed.

But like the saying goes, you can only lead a horse to water.

I had to develop my own fortitude & grit in the process.

At some point, you have to do the walking & take responsibility, no one can do it for you.