AdvoCare Advisor Salary: Unbiased Truth

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There are some crazy success stories about AdvoCare advisors that are making 6 to 7 figures running their business of “Changing Lives” and promoting their message of “You can do it too” “We build champions”

But what’s the truth about AdvoCare advisor salary?

Is it realistic to expect that you will be replacing your jobs with AdvoCare anytime soon?

Allow this unbiased review to set the expectations straight for you once & for all. (As I am not a distributor and do not sell any AdvoCare products)

I’m just a guy that’s been through the MLM scene been disappointed to heck, lost some money and now setting the records straight for those seeking quick pay day with AdvoCare…

It ain’t easy…

Now I’m doing something that got me out of AdvoCare, & able to run my own business online but more on that later…

AdvoCare Advisor Income Disclosure

Hey guess what! AdvoCare has to disclose their income so after you finish watching all the testimonials (yes it sounds very exciting), you have to check out what most distributors are actually making in this company.

This is a company that’s been around since 1994, they have well over 120,000 active distributors.

Yes a select few of them are bound to become really successful in the multi-level marketing model, so its not a fair assessment to just look at the testimonials of the select few that’s making 6 to 7 figures in this company.

you have to understand the true success & failure rate of AdvoCare…

Which is 95% of people that try MLMs like AdvoCare fail and lose on their all-in investment (for AdvoCare its $2100)

Then out of the 5% that do succeed to make bit of money with this company, here is the 2008 AdvoCare income disclosure to show you what majority of “active distributors” are really making. I could not find the 2015 income disclosure but I don’t see these percentages changing in any significant way since 2008


So most distributors (90%) are making around $685 to $2000 per year.

At $2000 a year that’s $166 per month

meh you ain’t replacing your day time job anytime soon with that.

Maybe that’s enough to cover your supplement costs each month

So why is it that you hear rising stars talk about being able to jump to higher income levels after they make their very first check and they act like if you can make $20 with advocare then you can go all the way and make $2000 per month in AdvoCare, “I did it! So can you!!”

clearly the numbers show that most people just get stuck earning few extra bucks per month in AdvoCare… 90% of them to be exact!

the beautiful thing about numbers is that they do not lie, and this distributor salary disclosure is coming straight from AdvoCare International

This is indeed unbiased truth

just stating facts

Is AdvoCare Ethical?

Is it ethical to convince families to invest in the AdvoCare advisor order of $2100

When they only have 5% success rate of making their money back?

and if they are that 5%, is it ethical to hype to them about the lifestyle of quitting their job and living the lavish life and all they have to do is step into the “advocare vehicle”? when in reality 90% of active distributors make around $60 to $160 per month?

For me I couldn’t feel good about those odds and giving people false hopes when the likelihood for people’s success to wealth is so slim, that apparently you have better odds at the blackjack table

Of course I do not totally regret my experience with AdvoCare, there’s still value I got out of it other than money. Like meeting some great marketers and meeting my mentor Dave especially

who taught me another route to running my own successful business…

I am 100% convinced that AdvoCare and other MLM’s alike is one of the hardest ways (for most people) to achieve success. I mean you really have to hit the pavement and grind for months and months and face countless rejections and isolation from friends & family and become that “advocare person” non-stop, it will definitely consume your personal relationships and life as I have seen happen to many distributors that become a success

AdvoCare advisor status sounds promising but it comes with a cost of few grand or if you want to work your way up to Advisor, you have to put in serious hustle & bust your ass.  I can think of so many other things that would pay more than the $2100 for the amount of hard work you have to put into becoming an Advisor. There’s no advisor kit or anything you just get products for that investment.

Most other advisor reviews online are worthless because they are all from the distributors trying to get you into their team.

What the heck is this blog and what do I write AdvoCare articles?

You see, one of the issues I saw right away with AdvoCare is that they only teach you very very limited way of prospecting for new business.

Through friends & family

This didn’t work for me because as a 24 year old at the time and working full time in a small office, I did not have big social circle.

So I looked for other ways to prospect online and became an expert in ranking sites and generating traffic through the internet to convert for my business, with Computer Knacks I get traffic of people that are already interested in AdvoCare all day long.

Completely hands free and the site goes to work for me 24/7 while I sleep

But I still couldn’t get over the fact that most of my sponsor in a MLM will fail

So I joined hands with my mentor Dave, and now I tell other AdvoCare struggles about other ways to make money from home

This is where I found something much more easier to do for most people, which is to rank simple websites in local cities and generate leads for local businesses.

The keyword here is: Local

because you don’t have to compete nationally, you can rank fairly easily with few extra knowledge and you have a business model where local business owners are desperately in need as they do not have time in their busy days to be fiddling with the internet

this is where you come in

I have built this local lead gen business myself and In 1 year I am making $15,000 per month with it.

So I feel extremely proud to promote this business model to other AdvoCare people that are still stuck not making any meaningful income at all

You can thank me on the other side

Go here to learn more about this coaching program that can change your life (as it did for me)