AdvoCare Advisor Training: How to become Advisor Fast

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AdvoCare advisors make more money selling AdvoCare products per sale and unlocks earning potential from your team members. If you want to give AdvoCare business opportunity a try, then you must first ask how do I get to Advisor fast?

Well there’s two options, the all-in Advisor order which will cost you $2100 out of pocket but you become Advisor right away, with $2100 you purchased $3000 worth of retail order, that’s 15 purchases of 24 Day Challenge, if you know 15 people that you think would love to try the 24 day challenge then you can make $900 profit fairly quickly.

Or you could purchase & sell $3000 worth of retail products in 6 weeks.

or there’s the piggy back method, of just finding 1 person that wants to become advisor right away, having them purchase the all-in order from you, then you become qualified instantaneously after you sell or purchase $500 worth of products in that pay period.

But whats the best & fastest way to become Advisor? I give you the how and pros & cons of each method.

By becoming Advisor you also unlock two more ways to get paid in AdvoCare, the overrides & leadership bonus which are bonuses AdvoCare pays out based on the sales volume of your team members you recruited, these become your main income source as your team grows.

For more detailed explanation on how these bonuses work, you can check out my AdvoCare Compensation Plan post.

Also by becoming Advisor you earn 40% discount on products for life as long you pay the $50 annual renewal fee, which means each retail sale you make, you earn 40% commission. If you want to use the products long term, the cost of becoming Advisor should pay for itself since you only get 20% discount with the distributor kit purchase.

Hey but not everyone’s going to have extra $2100 laying around, so AdvoCare provides another way to get to advisor. You have to sell $3000 worth of retail products, or $3000 worth of sales in PGV or personal group volume. That’s the total group sales from anyone you recruit.

So essentially if you cannot purchase $3000 worth of retail to become advisor, you can sell that amount to get to advisor, the catch 22 is you have to do it within 3 pay period or 6 weeks.

Here’s the guide on how to work your way to Advisor the fastest.

Step 1: Purchase Distributor Kit

First you have to purchase the AdvoCare distributor kit for $79 plus shipping and become a distributor first.

Step 2: Must have Personal Volume of $500 every pay period

you have to generate personal volume of at least $500 every pay period (or 2 weeks) out of the 3 pay periods AdvoCare give you to hit the PGV of $3000 to qualify for Advisor.

Personal Volume is the retail value of all the products you purchase & consume, your retail sales, & all purchases & sales in your downline (under $500).

If any distributor in your team consumes / sells $500+, then his volume is considered your Group Volume.

The group volume will count towards the $3000 requirement for Advisor but it will not count towards the $500 personal volume requirement every pay period.

Step 3: Must Generate the $3000 Personal Group Volume in 3 Consecutive Pay Periods

This is what will make the run to advisor bit challenging, there is a time limit. You can’t just sell products here and there and make $3000 worth of sales over few months. You gotta hit that 3K in 6 weeks.

And every pay period (2 weeks) you have to have at least $500 in personal volume. So you gotta be selling or consuming at least $500 worth of products every 2 weeks. On top of that you gotta get some distributors on board that’s hopefully consuming or selling another $500 worth.

If you fail to hit the $500 personal volume requirement in a pay period, then your run to Advisor is over and you have to start over from zero.

If you fail to hit the $3000 PGV after 3 pay periods, then as long as you did at least $500 in personal volume then you can keep trying for the $3K.

What will happen is the your PGV from the first pay period will drop off.

So the second & third pay period PGV become your new first & second, and you get a whole new pay period to try to hit the $3000.

As long as you hit at least $500 in personal volume each pay period, you can keep the run alive.


Above illustrates the example, if you did PGV of $1000 in the first pay period, and $1200 in the second pay period, then you have done $2200 PGV in 2 pay periods, in the third pay period you have to do at least $800 to hit the $3000 to become Advisor.

Lets say you didn’t and you only did PGV of $750 in the last pay period.

So the total is $2950 PGV in 3 pay period, $50 shy of becoming advisor.

If you had at least $500 in Personal Volume in the last pay period, you can have another pay period to try to hit $3000, however the first pay period of $1000 PGV will drop off.

So now you are at $1200 + $750 = $1950 PGV

and you get 2 more weeks to earn $1050 in PGV to hit the $3000.

Piggy Back Method

There is another method to become advisor fast and that is to find someone to purchase the all-in advisor order.

When you find someone that sees the value of the AdvoCare business opportunity & someone that’s hungry & eager enough to get started right away, and they purchase the advisor order of $2100 from you because they get 30% discount, well they just generated for you personal volume of $3000 and that qualifies you to become advisor with one more condition and that is you have to also have the minimum personal volume of $500 that pay period as well.

So get someone to sign up all-in advisor order, and you have to either buy $500 worth of products yourself and/or sell products.

And BOOM just like that you became Advisor with only 1 prospect, unlocking the 5 ways to earn income in AdvoCare that you get to keep for life as long as you pay the annual distributor fee of $50.

The Pros of All-In Advisor Order?

besides not having to worry about pay periods and whether you made the requirement or not to qualify for Advisor, the all-in advisor purchase of $2100 has one additional advantage over working your way up to advisor.

Which is the fact that your biggest focus in AdvoCare business is getting All-in purchases from prospects.

In AdvoCare you cannot sell enough 24 day challenges to sustain a good income.

You need to generate $50,000 PGV every pay period to make $8000 monthly income.

You need roughly $20,000-$30,000 to earn $2-$3k monthly income.

In order to hit these numbers, its very difficult selling spark packs for $25.

Your primary focus in AdvoCare is to sell the solution of time & money debt that people have working at their jobs.

It is the business opportunity aspect of AdvoCare, the recruitment of Advisors that brings in the true revenue.

As each prospect that become advisor brings in at least $3000 in that pay period.

Name of the game is prospecting, if you find 7 people that wants to become advisors in a pay period, that’s $21,000 in personal volume, now if you can get some distributors below you to also get their own recruitment sales then that’s how the business can grow.

It will be challenging to convince people to purchase the advisor order if that is not what you did.

But when you yourself purchased the all-in order to become advisor then that becomes part of your story and a powerful selling point.

“Hey when I first got started, we also did the all-in purchase and it has worked out great”

and as top advisors like Wes Bewley will tell you, your story is what sells.

Again this is what I feel to be the most powerful benefit of going all-in right from the start.

But if you didn’t, its not the end of the world either. You also have a story of how challenging it was to get to advisor at first and how all-in purchase would of saved a lot more time and money.

AdvoCare Advisor Review

There is a path in advocare that can allow you to make $80K a year and up. I laid out the exact blueprint to get that income level by getting 40 distributors into your organization. You can read about that here.

The $80K a year is the ruby leadership level and it is income that can be life changing for most families.

Quitting your 9 to 5 job can bring many blessings that is truly priceless.

For a long time I chased after this dream to not have to work for anybody but work for myself on my own terms.

This is what drove me into looking into MLM opportunities like AdvoCare, Empower Network & other make money from home courses online.

I even had a membership blog for a little while that got 80,000 visitors per month, and 130 members each paying $10 a month.

AdvoCare has many attractive qualities but the difficulty level in my opinion is quite high.

Especially because I am not so much of an extroverted character in my community. I have a tight circle of friends and a small family because we moved over form Japan.

I am not part of any organization or any church.

I’m not a teacher, coach or any profession that deals with wide array of different people each day.

I worked in a small office with 8 other colleagues. And I was there from morning till 6:00 PM.

So its like how the heck am I going to find anyone that might be interested in AdvoCare?

Do I walk into Wall-mart and talk to strangers?

none of my friends or family was interested

It was very difficult to get any kind of momentum going and I began researching other way to get prospects or leads for AdvoCare

I didn’t like the idea of doing mixers at my janky apartment, so I decided to find ways to use the internet to grow my business.

Long story short, I found a coaching program that was teaching students how to rank websites locally and generate leads for local businesses.

First I thought I could use it for AdvoCare, but I was just messing around trying to learn the process and almost accidentally ranked a limousine site, and it started generating phone calls. I became hooked on this new business model where I don’t have to sell to friends & family. I can do business directly with local business owners that need my service.


The above site you are seeing is now making me $1000 per month. I became hooked on this model and I started ranking more sites in other cities & different niches.

Fast track a year after I learned this new skill of local lead generation, I am now working with around 25 companies that are all paying me pretty handsomely each month and I’m now making around $15 to $20K a month.

I quit my office job at the auto parts supplier company, effectively retiring at the age of 26.

Now waking up everyday to no alarm clock, continuing to grow my own business, making more money than lawyers & doctors and I feel like I’m just getting started.

The future is wide open for me and life couldn’t be more groovy ATM. I feel like I can actually go achieve my wildest dreams.

Few months back, the coaches of this program Tom & Dave, approached me to become one of their partners as I am now one of their successful star students, to use my AdvoCare blog to show other struggling advisors & distributors that there is a different business model out there that allows you to earn passive income.

This is true passive income because once the site is ranked, it takes very little maintenance but generates leads and makes money for you month after month.

I can go on and on about why I feel local lead generation is the best way to kill your job, not even comparable to MLM like AdvoCare, but let me just get you to this page for you to see for yourself.