AdvoCare Apparel: Bittersweet Memories, Why I left AdvoCare

As I head off to the gym today I realized I was wearing AdvoCare clothing, the AdvoCare Apparel I once wore for prospecting.

My always go-to & favorite was just the simple black & white AdvoCare t-shirt, We Build Champions


and of course, since I live in Michigan, you gotta have the hoodie to go along with it…


There was a time where I wore nothing but AdvoCare clothes, & accessories from back packs, to shaker bottles, hats, wrist bands or more. I was completely immersed in the culture

And I loved it.

I met some wonderful people a long the way, but as I finished my work out today I also realized it was my last scoop of the AdvoCare post work out and I did not, renew my distributor license this year…

It is bittersweet that I have chosen to leave AdvoCare business & products all together…

It all started with this video…

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Let me remind everyone that I was always trying to become an entrepreneur for as long as remember, and AdvoCare was not my first MLM

I first tried Empower Network, that was selling blogging platform and talked about how anyone can make money online by “Blogging Daily”

I then did a Google Search of Empower Network at the time and came across a very interesting site that was ranked at the top for all the big dog keywords like “Empower Network Reviews”


The site was called lazymlm and it was ran by a dude named Dave

I don’t normally stick on blogs but for whatever reason his site & writing struck out to me, so I joined under him

But unfortunately soon realized that in order to actually succeed in Empower Network you actually had to rank on the first page of Google, not just write blog posts about your daily mundane existence & expect to get anywhere duh…

soon realized it was ridiculously competitive and I very quickly threw in the white towl

Fast track half year later, a friend approached me with AdvoCare business opportunity because I started taking some of the work out products as I had a full time gym membership at powerhouse at the time.

I liked the Spark to get through the day at my 9 to 5 as well

Hey my friend was making like $300 per month after getting few people on the products

and I was weary of another MLM but it seemed like AdvoCare was different from Empower Network in that it relied heavily on building relationship locally with people you already know

So it didn’t seem to have the high difficulty barrier like Empower Network where you had to be that 1% incredible online marketer like Dave

Even though my friend wasn’t sexy & charismatic like some of the AdvoCare advisors out there…


Once I bought the distributor kit for $79, I was reading everything I could on AdvoCare and watching all the training videos of their success system.

I was pretty darn determined to make it work this time…

I bought AdvoCare business cards and of course all the swaggy apparell I could get my hands on.

I started going out to public with black & white hoodie, wearing it like a proud jersey and also started drinking Sparks in public, even making it in front of people in the locker room of Powerhouse gym just hoping someone would ask me what I was taking.

It was during the winter time so Success School was still long ways away, I was still working 9 to 5 in Novi, MI where I worked as billinguial sales contact in the automotive field for auto parts supplier company from Japan

Yea you could say I was getting burnt out especially after getting a $60 monthly raise after 2 years of working there

AdvoCare was bringing back new life into me as I got excited about the possibilities of one day telling my boss to screw off… I cut my own checks!~

My strategy was simple

  • Share the AdvoCare opportunity with people I come across daily by telling them what I’m up to and the kind of money other people are making in it, and how helpful Spark is for the afternoon zombie times
  • If they showed interest, set up an appointment with them to talk to my sponsor
  • Allow my sponsor who’s been to success school and has little bit more experience than me do the closing

What I will say is back then I was lacking bit of discipline and that’s another big challenge about multi-level marketing or starting your own business, you have to be the master of your own time and what you get done each & everyday

I would prospect like 4 people 1 day then zero the next day, and really push myself and prospect 5 people on Saturday but I would neglect those activities on Sunday

It wasn’t until I found great distributors like Dawn Funk that was teaching her success method of picking a number and sticking to it did I understand the importance of consistency.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a lot harder than it looks

My Struggle & Eventual Farewell

I really struggled with prospecting enough people each day to keep this business going.

& I was increasingly becoming more desperate to find a new career because the 9 to 5 office was seriously soul draining

that desperation probably isn’t conducive to successfully enticing someone to join a business opportunity with me

but at the same time I was getting sick of approaching someone with ulterior motives, I’ll be honest

With Empower Network at least you were hiding behind a computer and you never had to face anyone and face rejections and feel & see their reactions when you go into the AdvoCare pitch

Don’t get me wrong I had some success but also plenty of awkward moments

Most times it felt like I was trying to convince someone that wasn’t interested in anything like that

Maybe I just didn’t have the social circle around me that were prime for AdvoCare…

I was always bit envious of the stay at homes because it seemed that they had the perfect audience

A lot of excuses like these started creeping into my mind and before I could reach success school and reinvigorate my spirits, I would be ending my journey with AdvoCare

It began when one day from big fit of frustration after a no call of potential prospect that was suppose to do a 3 way call, I started researching online again if there was better way to sell AdvoCare online instead of all this offline efforts

I always had a knack for computers

Then for whatever reason, I remembered about Dave and his Lazy MLM blog

Was he still doing Empower Network? I wondered…

Next thing you know I’m on his site and watching some new videos he had been posting about local lead generation

I signed up to his newsletter and started watching all the case studies of this program, so many people seemed to be succeeding. I got super jealous.

It said Free consultation so I scheduled a call with them and got on the phone with the coaches of this program.

And he started blowing my mind by sharing me what he was making currently with his local business clients like Dentists, Chiropractors, Roofers, Taxi, Limousine, etc & started sharing me some case studies of some of his students, one was some 24 year old kid that was making six figures now, traveling the world and living like a “rock star”


I want that.

Perhaps due to little bit of desperation on my end as I listened intently to Tom in the parking lot of my past employer, I signed up on the spot.

It has been exactly 1 year and 1 month since I got into this coaching program

I still attend the weekly calls which is on every Tuesday and Thursday

I am part of a private Facebook group of like-minded entrepreneurs


I actually stuck to something this time because I started seeing results in 3 months after joining…

And did I mention that I am now retired from the corporate ladder

Making 6 figure income working with local businesses of Michigan

And I am becoming an expert blogger because I’m being mentored by the 7 figure blogger Dave himself?

You know, the original gangster that brought me into the MLM sphere and took me out of it…

I have become one of the lead gen program’s success stories

and now proud to become one of their partners promoting the coaching program on my own AdvoCare Blog, Computer Knacks

so that I can show other AdvoCare distributors / advisors that could be struggling to make it to gold 3 star or beyond

to realize, actually there is more ways to make money from home than having to use another company’s vehicle

Once you gain the knowledge & skillsets of local lead generation, you become your own company & cut your own checks

& its incredibly simple that it almost feels like cheating, compared to how difficult AdvoCare business was for me

So one year later, I have now drunk the last scoop of AdvoCare post-workout recovery.

I bid my final farewell to my AdvoCare experience

It has been bittersweet

I have learned a lot about marketing & commitment from all the hardworking distributors of this company

I will always remember when I got my first check and my first sign up

Do not regret any minute of it because it taught me a lot

Now I have a new perspective

The realization that actually there’s many ways to make money for yourself without working for anybody

You could do AdvoCare, or plenty of other MLM’s out there with equally good compensation plans

Or you could buy some cleaning equipment and open up your own house cleaning business

Build simple sites & generate leads for local businesses and get paid commission JK style

Write blog articles, rank & bank

whatever you do

its really your self-discipline of being a consistent producer that’s going to free you forever

In this regard, I can’t say enough good things about the Jobkilling program because it contained that whole package with the mentoring & simple easy to follow instructions

It blows my mind

because I have been working full time for the past 3 years at a job I hate, making $2,200 per month

I’m now closing new deals every week that’s going to bring in $1,000 month

You realize… its not difficult at all to make few grand a month on your own relatively quickly when you have mentors that make $100K a month teach you the exact process they use to make money…

I believe 100% there is no such thing as self-made

only mentor-made people out there


Took few months to get my first check but now I’m landing new business every week and its pretty damn exhilarating

Take a close peak at this opportunity by clicking here