AdvoCare Bloggers, make more money getting leads online?

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Everyone that denies power of legit AdvoCare blog for their business should take second look at a lot of the top diamond distributors of this organization one more quick glance.

Ok unlike some of the other affiliate marketing MLMs, AdvoCare takes on the traditional approach of 3 way calls, mixers & in person physical meeting for prospecting leads, BUT that does not mean blogging with simple platform like blogspot or wordpress won’t work for you in building your AdvoCare business online!

Let’s take a quick look at why you want to start your very own AdvoCare Blog…


Reason 1: Stand out! Look Extra Sexy and Garner the love of hundred of followers ready to purchase your AdvoCare offer

AdvoCare’s fastest Diamond distributor Michelle Bishop shows us just how important it is to have online presence, she has 250K followers on instagram and her youtube video My AdvoCare Journey garners nice 50,000 views and its a personal 37 min video with lots of positive comments.

You don’t think she got few seriously committed advisors just from that video? and continues to get every month?

Folks online presence is important, sex sells but it is the heart that captivates & captures. Maybe you are camera shy like I am.

You can still tell a lot in a blog, with no face attached, people can still become addicted to your writing.


Reason #1: Expand your reach, grow your AdvoCare funnel by tapping into the power of the internet

There’s only so many people you can talk to on the phone or in person each day…

In AdvoCare the home party or mixers were created to save time from having to visit each person at their homes, by inviting prospects to your home instead, you can now reach 4-10 families at once.

But bare in mind AdvoCare was founded in 1993 and these practices were implemented before the internet was around.

In 2015, blogging & social media allows people to reach thousands with a touch of a button on their cell phone.

Let’s not forget the power of social media, for example adding your AdvoCare prospect on Facebook might be much easier & better form of communication to get than their personal cell number.

“Hey can I add you to friends on Facebook?” feels & sounds much less invasive than hey can I have your number?

Also in Facebook people can get a more personal glimpse into your AdvoCare (hopefully) healthy lifestyle, lets not forget that when you add new people into your friends list, each time they like or share your posts, your message become visible to their friends, so again your reach gets larger.


Reason #3: Generate leads & Make sales, while you chillax on the beach

True freedom comes from mastering the skills of online lead generation. The ability to get the leads for your AdvoCare business while you take a vacation is the best thing since slice bread.

It’s what separates those that kill it online to those that have to hit the pavement & knock on doors.

You have to divorce the idea that you have to sacrifice blood, sweat & tears for every dollar earned.

And get familiar with others that are leveraging technology to do the work for them.

Get this, one piece of blog article or one youtube video that continually gets traffic is going to work for you all day, all night, all year around, without you lifting a finger. Once you create good content and Google finds it, because Google loves great, unique, original content, then that one article which took you few hours to make can essentially bring you couple hundred to couple thousands of dollars per month.

Oh by the way, you can repeat the process to target other keywords to continue to build on the recurring revenue stream.

And there are many profitable keywords, a profitable key word is search terms that someone that’s ready to buy would be searching, often times involves alleviating some type of pain because pain is the biggest motivating factor to buy

  • AdvoCare Reviews (these people will be checking out reviews, with intent to buy products or join the business)

Now above search word is great, ranking for that on front page of google means you will get thousands of visitors every month that are already interested, and if you do a great job of reviewing and left a link for people to purchase from your AdvoCare store, then you have essentially created recurring income for yourself that is consistent, such keywords are gold mines but with one catch, because its highly searched term and too general its going to be pretty difficult to rank….

This is when Long Tail Search Words become important for you… and why blogging is powerful

So not everyone is searching “AdvoCare Reviews”, there’s all kinds of ways people search, some search very long terms like

  • can I really be successful with AdvoCare’s 24 day challenge?
  • whats the best tips to succeed with AdvoCare business?
  • best before & after advocare 24 day challenge and reviews

There are whats called long tail keywords, obviously those exact long tail search terms get less search volume than the very general ones, BUT the great thing about long tail is that if you have a blog article that have rich content, if somewhere in your article you have included some of these words then Google will look at YOUR article as the most relevant to that person’s search.

So in this way, you will be surprised with even couple blog posts but written really in depth, can begin driving some traffic right from the beginning, and you ask yourself, how in the world did these people find me?

Answer is simple: Long tail searches found in your in-depth content!

This is why writing long, detailed article is powerful and why blogging is king in lead generation.

Imagine there’s thousands of people every month searching all kinds of strange unorthodox long tail search terms in Google about AdvoCare, and you have built a blog with hundreds of blog posts and thousands of words each that describe AdvoCare in all the wonderful colors of vocabulary you can muster.

You will begin scooping up more and more of that traffic, which in turn will begin telling Google that your site with all these posts that are very relevant to people’s long search query, MUST BE an authority site!

so Google will begin moving you up the ladder for even the big general keywords like AdvoCare Reviews! or AdvoCare business opportunity!

& Trust me there’s tons more long tail profitable keywords out there, than I can cover with this innocent blog

This is how I built this site and other blogs in the past as well.


Above is a picture of my other blog that I have that have steadily gone up in traffic overtime as I kept blogging consistently because I enjoyed it. It displays the snowball effect of consistently writing unique content that picks up long tail keyword searches.

Its an educational type of blog and I built a membership section for $10 per month, currently I have 120 members signed up so making pretty cool $1200 recurring revenue stream from it, which is nice little supplement to my local lead gen business.

There is something about blogging that I love.

The more you blog, the more you can find your unique voice & more enjoyable it becomes because it turns into another avenue of self-expression similar to art or music.

Eventually getting people that admire your writing isn’t a bad feeling either :) & also the potential of recurring money while sipping margaritas on the beach is pretty rock star…

If you have not yet harnessed the power of a blog for your AdvoCare business, you are truly missing out.

How to Start an AdvoCare Blog?

ok so you became convinced you need a blog for AdvoCare business

Here’s step by step video I made to show you how to build your very own million dollar AdvoCare MLM blog


Pretty simple guys & gals, anyone can start blogging and its only going to cost you $3 per month for hosting and $10 per year for domain registration.

But the benefit is enormous.

Imagine being able to refer people back to your blog instead of your default AdvoCare store page with a few paragraphs of info about you

Imagine a whole blog chronicling, your journey through the 24 day challenge, transition to the business aspect, your experience getting your first check from AdvoCare or your account of your first success school experience.

With a blog you can make a stranger feel like they know you like a best friend without them ever meeting you.

So much so that they trust you and want to purchase from you!

I remember when I got my first dollar online, it was a $10 dollar sale that I made by doing exactly what I’m doing now. Blogging and getting people to know me even though my face was never attached.

In AdvoCare that one sale could be that super hungry Advisor that’s going to take your business to the next level.


Getting Leads online is as delicious as taking a bite out of that juicy burger after being on a vegetable diet for 1 month (I love my meats)

Until you taste the awesomeness of making a sale while you were sleeping, you’ll never know why I am so passionate about showing others there is more than one road to Rome for your financial freedom.

When you get to the point where you have multiple online properties that consistently turn profits for you month after month, year after year, with little to no maintenance.. Peace reins over your consciousness.

When you can wake up everyday, not have to go to your 9 to 5, and you can spend your days however you want…

  • taking your kids to school in the morning & picking them up
  • afternoon jog around town, all the parks are empty because people are at work
  • shopping on weekday noon and the mall is wide open and not busy
  • having more opportunities to tell your peers “I told you so”
  • catching the eyes of admiration from those around you

You will suddenly notice your heart is filled with joy

such is the power of the internet

and I am ever so grateful to have the online skills that pay the bills

The Truth Will Set You Free

You can take away all my sites right now

and I will build my online business back up again in matter of months

because no one can take away my knowledge

I will forever be independent financially, & never ever bow down to a corporation ever again.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You have already tried all the online marketing stuff and failed.

& you feel as if you are a lost cause…

Let me just remind you, that you are not broken or destined to fail. (I never dreamed I could be an entrepreneur yet I’m living it NOW)

There is simply just something you have not yet realized yet.

You don’t know, what you don’t know.

Someone said, You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.

If you are surrounding yourself with people that complain & make excuse… and you are seeking advice from those that are still stuck in the 9 to 5 matrix prison called a JOB. Then you will continue to be lost in ignorance.

Maybe its time you start surrounding yourself with winners. Those that are already successful and seeing the world in a different way, from a different point of view or “consciousness”

That new perspective is what you need, from there springs new learning & developing new skills.

The truth is there is many ways to make money for yourself without working for somebody.

What I’m doing now with online lead generation is just one of them, albeit one of the most efficient & effective ways I’ve found.

#1 Rule For Success is simple,

surround yourself with 5 millionaires and you’ll figure out a way to become the 6th.

Success breeds success.

The game changer for me was to surround myself with those that were killing it online. (self-made millionaire status)

From them I absorbed everything they know and modeled after their success, 6 months into it I turned in my resignation for my job, and 3 months after that I was making over $10K per month being my own boss.

From MLM struggling $35K a year office worker to online lead generating 6 figure earning champion!

Getting coached by Dave & Tom the 7 figure blogger & local lead gen mogul was the best decision I have ever made.

They are still offering this coaching program so all is not yet lost for you… Take a peep here