AdvoCare Business Tips by Charlie Ragus, Founder

The founder of AdvoCare business Charlie Ragus was an expert marketer and visionary. His principles are held by the AdvoCare leaders / owners till this day.

Current VP of AdvoCare Ron Reynolds say that the company does their best to follow the guiding 10 principles that Charlie Ragus came up with when he first began the company in 1994.

What kind of person was Charlie Ragus, and what would be his top tips in becoming an expert at selling AdvoCare products & business opportunities.

Charlie Ragus Biography


Charlie Ragus Wikipedia page doesn’t exist so I have gathered from various sources online including AdvoCare wikipedia to get a good glimpse of who he was and what his life was like.

Charles Edward Ragus was born in Oct 6, 1942 in Columbus, Mississippi he was the only child and spent his early years in Shreveport. He graduated from Fair Park High School and went to Northwestern State University in Louisiana on an athletic scholarship.

In his junior year, he married his high school sweetheart, Peggy Ursery and graduated with business degree in 1965. He played for Kansas City chiefs for a brief period after college, and then he began a career with Fidelity Union Insurance company & by age 27 he was a regional vice president. He also dabbled with family real estate business and thereafter he found his true calling in direct sales joining Herbalife in 1983.

He became one of company’s top distributors in 1989 at age 47. In 1989 he also founded a company called Omnitrition which he sold to retire but he was not quite ready to retire his ambitions, in 1993 he came out with a new idea, he wanted to set the new standard for direct sales industry and offer the best nutritional supplements out there. He created AdvoCare international, which would become his legacy. The name came from him telling distributors “I am an advocate who cares for you.”

Since the company’s inception it has grown to be one of the most popular Multi-level marketing / direct sales company in the world. The number of active distributors in AdvoCare is upwards of 60,000 to 100,000 since 2003 it has sold well over 350,000 distributorships. It is now worth over a billion dollars and they are growing rapidly every year with the goal of becoming a household name.

Charlie famously said, “I didn’t get into this business to be a vitamin salesman. I got into this to change lives”

And the company still follows this premise and goal with the motto “we build champions”

The culture of AdvoCare is very much still following the 10 principles laid out by Charlie Ragus


There is a culture of self-empowerment inside AdvoCare, the change it has made on some of the top distributors in this company seems to be more than just health, weight loss, money or more time with family. There is a increase in self worth and self esteem reported by some of the rising stars that have been at the lowest of the low points in life prior to AdvoCare such as struggling with debt & addictions.

For these individuals AdvoCare came into their life at the right time and hats off to them, they used it as a vehicle to become more responsible in life, taking care of marital problems, overcoming addictions & paying off debt. In AdvoCare they even have a system called the Debt Buster that plans and schedules automatic payment to help pay off debt with the earnings one makes with the company.

Its not just the 24 day challenge testimonials that AdvoCare prides itself in but helping resolve financial & time debt for families facing difficult circumstances in life, that makes their distributors really excited about going out there and sharing the AdvoCare business opportunity to everyone they come across.

How did Charlie Ragus die in 2001? Its shrouded in bit of mystery because they never made it public, only told it was due to natural causes. Many speculate Charlie Ragus cause of death might have been heart attack but no one really knows. Charlie Ragus quotes “I want to change lives” still lives on in the hearts of AdvoCare leaders & distributors to this day, now AdvoCare is mega successful as one of the best MLM opportunities out there and a lot of its success can be credited to the founding principles of Charlie Ragus who was a brilliant man & marketer.

Many people that were close Ragus claim they’ve never met anyone more passionate and compassionate person. He was a true leader of men and the credit for continued AdvoCare success goes to his authentic desire to create the best direct selling company out there by pulling from his own experience of becoming a top distributor in Herbalife as well as all the current leaders of AdvoCare for continuing with Charlie Ragus approach to direct sales.

Charlie Ragus Teachings: AdvoCare Business Tips

Most talk of his principles and his vision for AdvoCare but lets not forget that Charlie Ragus was an expert marketer, he defeated the odds and became one of the top distributor in Herbalife back in the 80’s.

Before cellphones, email & social media.

Charlie Ragus really believed in the power of 3rd party credibility.

That is why in AdvoCare you get taught the 3 way call method of closing a potential prospect.

This is why it is relatively important to pick a great sponsor to get you into this company because the right sponsor will help you close deals by getting on the phone for your potential prospect.

You could be a complete amateur in AdvoCare, not know much about anything and still get sales. All you have to do is tell people you have joined a new exciting company and if they show any interest ask them if they would like to schedule a quick call with his or her sponsor to find out more.

Once they agree to a call, you can get on a 3 way call and connect that new prospect with your sponsor and they do all the explaining, talking & selling for you until you get more experience, knowledge yourself by going to success school and getting your own stories of success.

By getting on a 3 way call, whether the prospect consciously realizes or not, they feel good just by hearing another person giving confirmation and validation. It builds trust and a good sponsor will come across as the expert / authority on the phone, just because they will have confidence since they’ve been doing it for much longer time, so their confidence will help establish confidence & trust in your prospect where as if you are a newbie you may not yet have that confidence yet, and people can tell these things.

We all want to deal with the expert.

In direct sales that involves recruitment of new distributors I do believe the 3 way call success system helps resolve that 1 major stumbling block that most sales person have when they first began and that’s lack of confidence or certainty for the product or offer.

This is again why top distributors believe in the importance of taking their whole team to success school, because it builds that certainty in AdvoCare.

Make no mistake about it Charlie Ragus was a master marketer.

He also knew the importance of focusing on selling the true needs & desire of people instead of the simple product.

For example, why is Apple so successful? Because they created a brand that people attach other intrinsic value to instead of just hardware and what operating system and cpu it carries. Whether that would be social status, feeling of luxury, its these things that drive the true buying decisions of customers.

What AdvoCare does so well is to sell the vision of what being on products can do for customers or the vision of what the business opportunity can do.

I promise you that most people aren’t buying AdvoCare supplements because of the list of various ingredients contained inside.

They are buying because of what they think they will feel like after a 24 day challenge, or a spark drink.

They are becoming distributors not so they can change lives of their neighbors, they want to become distributors to get rid of debt, to stop sending their kids to day care, to provide for their family, to quit their awful job they hate, to become successful so that they can stop feeling so worthless, etc

These are the true pain points that has to be uncovered in people to really drive their buying decision.

Charlie knew this when he said “I am not a vitamin salesperson but a difference maker”

Yes that is a noble wish, but he’s also a smart marketer in understanding that the biggest success is going to come by tackling the biggest problems facing most families today and that’s the finances and time debt from going to work 8 hours a day 5 days a week.

So if there’s any AdvoCare business tip you can take away from Charlie Ragus

Its to go out there with the intention of uncovering people’s biggest insecurities and issues in life that is keeping them up, and see if you can offer a solution to those problems, people will always make time for things that they feel can truly help them solve some of their biggest issues in life, people will always be willing to invest their money into these types of solutions as well.

By digging in deep it will certainly trigger them and get their attention at least, they may be unsure if AdvoCare will work for them however so this is when things like 3 way calls or mixer parties help establish that credibility which is so important in sales as well.

Will AdvoCare work for me?

I believe Charlie Ragus had the best of intentions. This company does indeed provide that vehicle for people to become financially independent and secure. You will get their lots of hard work, make no mistake about it, its direct selling company that will require for you to be very extroverted, prospect countless amounts of people, relentless follow ups and recruit anyone and anybody into the business because the true income for AdvoCare is made by not product sales but through recruitment into the business opportunity.


To become AdvoCare advisor you need to either pay $2100 out of pocket or produce $3000 PGV or personal sales or consumption in retail over 6 weeks period. So by convincing someone of the business opportunity is how you can actually gain headway into earning good commissions, overrides & leadership bonuses not by selling Spark packs for $30 and making 20-40% margins. In my AdvoCare Compensation Plan article I exposed this truth clearly using numbers, specifically the need to generate upwards of $30k to $50k PGA or revenue every 2 weeks to ever make sustainable income that allows for one to quit their job and still be able to support their families.

My point is that MLM business opportunities like AdvoCare is 95% failure rate for a reason, its incredibly difficult for most people.

You will face plenty of adversaries along the way from your closest friends & family doubting you & questioning your business, “its a scam!” type of comments as well as all the self doubt and negative talk you have to face inside your own head as well.

And if you struggle being a people person and being out going then the opportunity is many times over more difficult for you.

Also because its a people you know business and warm contacts & referrals are held as pretty much the best and only way to prospect for this company then if one has very limited social circle to begin with then one faces incredibly high obstacle.

Direct selling simply didn’t work out for me because in hindsight I cold never get 100% committed and behind the idea of making a sales pitch to my close friends & family, also working my way through their friends & family with warm referrals which I can get through sympathy but just could never feel right in my own skin doing that knowing that most of the people that are recruited will fail and while knowing most people simply do not have the fire to make it, that whatever it takes mentality

& without that fire you can be rest assured you will not succeed with AdvoCare.

The unfortunate thing is most people you come across on a daily basis that is stuck in their routine of being an employee and have found enough comfort within their routine

I felt I had absolutely no one to approach about AdvoCare, and so prospecting for clients was a huge issue for me.

This is why I started searching online about how to generate leads using the internet.

Little did I know that this would become my main area of expertise & focus, and a year later I would be making 6 figure income from the mere $35K a year salary I was making at my previous job.

My self esteem is going up each day and I enjoy going to work for myself with the opportunity to increase my income day after day because my sites that rank in Google, go to work for me 24/7, they produce leads and I get paid for those leads because that’s how my clients are doing 300-400% increases in revenue


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Those that have a lot of issue selling to friends & family like I did.

Those that want to work from home and not have to do mixers or 3 way calls

Those with small social circle and its really difficult to find leads for the AdvoCare business.

Newsflash: You need to have much more eyes balls looking at your product or offer, you need more reach.

Obscurity is the biggest problem facing local businesses today.

What has more reach than anything these days? The Internet

Specifically getting on top of important keywords like what this site is doing for major AdvoCare keywords.

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