The Best AdvoCare Business Plan, Fastest Way to Make Money

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AdvoCare Business Plan, the fastest way to the cash exposed.

Let’s cut out all the fluff and give you the realness of what it takes to become an AdvoCare success story

If you are dead set on making money with AdvoCare then you must prospect recruits into your business like your life depended on it.

There is two reasons why you should focus on recruiting and nothing else.

  1. The fastest way to boost your business volume in AdvoCare is to get recruits to purchase the all-in advisor order of $2100

Ok this is just the truth, people in the community like the beat around the bush on this subject but really that’s what any successful distributors are doing and have realized.

That’s when you hear rising stars talking about “I became intentional with my business”

What they are saying is “Yes I realized that in order to make money in this company, the focus has to be recruiting not selling products”


In any business plan review you gotta understand what your big ticket items are right? the big money maker

So what is your big ticket item in the AdvoCare business?

That should be answered by the question, How much does it cost to be an advocare advisor?

The blanket answer, the disarming answer is…

The cost to become an advocare distributor is $79!!!

But what you gotta understand is that the distributor kit is mere trip wire

Don’t think you landed a new team member when they just bought a distributor kit for $79… because if that’s all you did then you would be flat broke with this business

Think of a sales funnel, the purchase of distributor kit simply means that person entered into your funnel

Now it is your job to up sell them the all-in advisor order or get them to work their up to Advisor

Smart leaders like Dawn Funk make it very clear that your only job in AdvoCare should be to prospect all day long and try to get people into a 3 way call with her

Folks, this is a numbers game and you must become an exceptional sales person in AdvoCare to make it

Not in a sleezy way but a true sales person that inspires and motivates people

Successful AdvoCare Business Plan of Action

1 tip for you guys, keep it simple & stupid

and the following strategy is gleamed from top diamond distributors in the company

the 3 step to success in Advocare

  1. Prospect
  2. Set Appointments
  3. Follow Up

That’s pretty much your blueprint to success

With this system, you don’t even have to become an expert on the products or any of these other non-revenue generating activies

You focus on the ONE thing that matters to make money and that’s those steps up there

Setting a minimum number of people you will prospect everyday is a good idea to keep yourself in check

You are running your own business now, there is no time clock or a boss checking on your work, you have to keep yourself in check.

Setting appointments means you schedule a 3 way call with any prospect that shows interest. This allows your sponsor who has more experience & knowledge close the sale, and all you had to do was connect your prospect with your sponsor. This makes it so that you don’t even have to be an expert in sales in the beginning.

Follow Up, another overlooked skill in the art of sales & entrepreneurship. Some diamond distributors of AdvoCare will tell you that they were followed up for a whole year before they joined the MLM business opportunity

Most sales people follow up 2-3 times


But studies have shown that the closing ratio goes up several times over on the 5th to 10th contact

If you want to be extraordinary in business, Become a master follow up, follow through type of person.

Its not talent that makes it. Its the straight shooter that is able to stay discipline that takes the gold home for their family.

Don’t let the simple 3 step process of success fool you

If applied on daily basis, and you become dedicated to it, it will easily increase your chances for success by 10x

In fact, most people fail the business opportunity because they fail to stick to this discipline


For example, those that made it like Dawn Funk, that was working at school and running a cup cake business on the side with 3 children, used these principles to become a success. She had no free time but when there is a will, there is a way.

She stuck to her discipline of at least finding 5 people to talk to about AdvoCare everyday.

Even on weekends.

Even on days when she didn’t feel like working on her business at all.

She stuck to it.

And with that daily practice if you keep it up long enough can become a habit and it gets easier.

If you prospect that consistently, you are pretty much ensuring the inevitability of success.

That’s the kind of heart & hustle it takes to build your AdvoCare business.

Wind, Rain, Sunshine, Rainbows: You gotta prospect in any condition

AdvoCare is providing you an opportunity with amazing earning potential

But No One said it was going to be easy

This is why they say “We build Champions”

Anyone that’s making over $30,000 a year in this company truly beat the odds and is deserving of the champion title.

Cut out ALL the FLUFF

Another major mistake I see most new distributors make in AdvoCare is that they tend to begin focusing on all the wrong areas, the non-revenue generating activities.

They focus on getting the perfect presentation for their mixers.

They begin purchasing AdvoCare apparel & Business Cards

They watch motivational AdvoCare success story videos over and over again.

They learn the AdvoCare success system front to back.

They’ll even learn the entire product line to heart.

They would do all these things while avoiding the ONE thing that’s going to make them money.

& That’s talking to strangers about your AdvoCare business.

Perhaps because we were told from young “Don’t talk to strangers”, it is uncomfortable for most of us.

But what you gotta understand is that Strangers Have your Money!

In fact, Everything you want in life, a stranger has it.

It is impossible to build your business without approaching & meeting strangers.

Let’s get really real shall we?

The reason why 95% of people that join AdvoCare fail is because majority of people stay within their comfort zones.

Its those crazy 5% that are so desperate that the pain of their current condition is worse than the pain of being uncomfortable approaching strangers & facing rejections.

Or the exceptional few that like moving towards the edge & finding comfort in the uncomfortable.

I have grown to become great at sales myself because I knew that if I wanted to quit my 9 to 5 job and become an entrepreneur, I have to get great at sales.

& for me the pain of going to a job I hated everyday was unbearable so I was willing to go through any discomfort to get good in sales.

Look if you are not desperate for that success, you will not make it in AdvoCare or any start up business.

The faster you can realize what you really have to do in AdvoCare, the more likely you will succeed.

So go out there and wear your heart on your sleeve & take massive action.

“No thank you” is the absolute worse thing that can happen in the interaction

So get out there and make a habit of talking to strangers


AdvoCare business plan doesn’t need to be intricate, actually there is more power in simplifying everything down to few simple steps.

The bottom line is AdvoCare is a direct selling company and in order to be successful you have to prospect & follow up strangers all day everyday.

That is most direct & fastest way to earning income in this company.

If that thought makes you squirm and you’d rather stay at your current job then go do that, then AdvoCare is simply not for you.

I lucked out a bit because I met some mentors that were first in the MLM scene and then started doing something else entirely different, which was ranking websites for local business owners & getting paid for it as a service based business.

This meant no more selling to friends & family which was huge for me.

yes you still have to talk to “strangers”, but I found this new business model much easier for me because I didn’t have to talk to strangers about a “business opportunity”

I learned the skills to generate phone calls for local businesses, & I just had to find a hungry business owner that was willing to grow. And those guys are everywhere… so prospecting became much easier & more fun for me.

With AdvoCare I was constantly running dry or running out of my pool of potential prospects.

With this local lead gen business, the pool feels unlimited because there’s so many types of business in each city that rely on the internet for their customers, and soooo many cities in the US to pick from.

Trust me when I say, there is more than one road to Rome and some roads are more direct.

If you want one of the best chances of finally ending your job and work from home, then all the 5+ years of looking I have not found anything else that comes even remotely close to this coaching program.