Truth on AdvoCare Business Volume, Overrides, Leadership Bonus

What is definition of Business Volume for AdvoCare? (Otherwise known as BV)

The AdvoCare Business Volume is taking the sum of products sold or consumed, adding up the retail price of all those products and then taking half of that.

It becomes important when the people you recruit become advisors because you will stop earning commission on their product purchases at that point, as they moved up to 40% discount themselves.

How is Override calculated and how do you begin earning more leadership bonus?

How do you actually begin to grow your business volume like a rising star?

Is there such thing as hands free residual income when you get enough people on products?

Get ready for unfiltered, saucy truth about what actually generates revenue for AdvoCare Business.


Override is earning 7% of business volume from all your advisors throughout your whole organization for 3 advisor levels deep.

So if there is a distributor between an advisor, it will hop over that distributor until it reaches the advisor 3 generations down.

So if you signed up Charlie, and he became an Advisor, then the next pay period on wards, the retail price or value of all the products he personally consumes as well as sells people will be added up then divided by 2, to get his BV and you will earn 7% on that BV.

So lets say he purchased $200 worth of products at retail value.

and sold $4000 worth of products at retail value.

That’s $4200 worth of products in retail price which gives you $2100 in advocare business volume for this order, EVEN though he spent 40% less than $200 for his own products because hes an advisor with 40% discount.

Therefore, business volume ALWAYS goes by the straight retail value of products sold to people regardless of their discount level.

so for that pay period you will earn 7% of Charlie’s BV, which will be $147!

Well guess what?

You now qualify for the 4th way of getting paid in AdvoCare’s compensation plan, the Leadership Bonus!

The first bonus is the silver leadership pin level which is additional 3% on BV, when you earn at least $100 in override.

Because you earned $147 in override from Charlie, you get additional 3% on the $2100 BV which is $63

So for that pay period, Charlie’s efforts & product consumption made you $210, and if he keeps up his efforts you will continue to earn that and more as Charlie grows his business and grows his business volume.

Leadership Bonus

Silver Leadership = 3% of BV, $100 in Override

Gold Leadership = 2% of BV,  $500 in Override

when one of your leg earns at least $100 in override, that’s a star leg

Gold 3 Star = 2% of BV, is when you got 3 legs with at least $100 in override

Ruby Bonus = 2% of BV, 3 legs with at least $1000 in override

6 Star = 2% of Bv, 6 legs at at least $100 override

Emerald = 2% of BV, $2000 in override

9 Star = 2% of BV, 9 legs at at least $100 in Override

Diamond = 4% of BV, $4000 in Override

Platinum = .25% , $8000 in override & 18 legs at $100 Override

So when you get to platinum that’s total of 19.25% of business volume of your entire organization you can earn in leadership bonus.

Whats interesting though is that AdvoCare only pays out leadership bonus once per business line, for example if your are ruby and one of your leg reaches gold 3 star, that person will earn the leadership bonus up to gold 3 star which is 7% bonus on BV on all their legs, and you earn the remaining 2% bonus of ruby leadership throughout his entire organization, even though the full ruby bonus is 9%.

Now it may seem like you went down from 9% to 2% by helping your teammate reach gold 3 star, but in actuality earning all the 2% from that larger organization of gold 3 star actually makes more money for you than earning bigger 9% on smaller leg.

AdvoCare has figured out an algorithm to always reward you for helping your team members move up in leadership bonuses.

It is a system where you get rewarded for actually encouraging people to reach higher levels than you.

Earning 9% from one smaller leg versus 2% from more people in a big leg, is that earning smaller percentage on bigger leg is more stable long term income because that advisor you have on your team is someone that’s really serious and will always be generating volume for you even if you take a quick vacation break.

Remember you are still earning flat 7% of BV in overrides from the whole organization.

So business volume becomes your greatest leveraged income, because eventually you begin to earn from leadership bonus than your overrides itself.

This is why when growing your AdvoCare business or thinking of growing one, its always important to remember that its actually building your team up and helping them reach success that is most important for that long term residual income.

Average income for sliver which is only $100 in override is: $11,685

Average income for gold is $36,845

Average annual AdvoCare earnings for gold 3 star is $40,516

Silver Leadership is Most Important?

And it just goes up from there but they say that the most important leadership level to get to is the first one, the silver leadership which earns on average $11K a year.

At silver you have to have BV of approximately $1500, so doing retail volume of $3000 every pay period (2 weeks).

Conservatively speaking if all the people you sign up use spark which is around $125 for monthly supply, to do $3K in 2 weeks, you need about $6K monthly purchases of spark, which is 48 people if all those people just purchased their own spark for the month.

Now most likely some of the people that become customer of products or a recruit will have family members in the house hold so it might be less than 48 people.

Many top advisors do make silver sound easy because if you recruit someone to the business and have them go All-in and purchase $3K worth of products in retail value to become an advisor, well you just earned silver bonus for that pay period.

But keep in mind it is only for that pay period, unless you continue to recruit other people to go all-in, you will not continue to earn that silver bonus. At someone point you need the people that go all-in to begin selling their products to as many people they can find, in order to reach consistent group of people that buys and sells advocare of around 50 people and up, before you can say your efforts with AdvoCare is paying off.

The point is when I hear leaders come out with training saying you can hit silver in 1 day by recruiting someone to become advisor, it is bit misleading for the newbie, because they think can get that $11K per year income by recruiting one person.

Yes you may qualify for silver for one pay period but with one person that’s part of your team, it will not be lasting.

Again silver is your group doing retail volume of at least $3000 every 2 weeks.

In order to truly be silver level.

The model of getting to silver quick heavily depends on continuously getting people to go all-in with you, and having that person find other people to join the businesses.

At the end of the day, the main source of revenue for multi-level companies is through recruitment. Particularly recruitment of people that go on the all-in offer.

AdvoCare Complaints

Part of the reasons for complaints in AdvoCare is that some distributors choose to hype up the idea that anyone can succeed by simply putting their mind to it.

I was unfortunately not one of them, so I went to a different path, ditching my AdvoCare business cards.

Even though I like some of the people in AdvoCare and how much I want to believe in this company’s integrity, the question remains, does the company really care for everyone to succeed or do they care about more people to go all-in and that’s their true way of turning revenue, by recruiting as many people as possible on the high ticket $3K deal, knowing that 90% to 95% of them will lose on their investment.

I am sure most people begin with good intentions, but once you begin to depend on those monthly checks of those leadership bonuses, which comes from high business volume, which is:

$3000 retail volume every 2 weeks for the first silver leadership bonus

Then $14000 retail volume every 2 weeks for gold leadership bonus

to hit $500 in override

$14000 / 2 = BV of $7000 * .07 = $490

So when you hear distributors becoming silver in few weeks, and then gold after couple months.

Then it goes to show that only way to hit those kind of number of $14K in retail volume every 2 weeks that fast, is to recruit people and have them go all in on the $3K advisor order.

Lets be honest, what kind of budget would most families spend on supplements per month?

Maybe $250 per month max?

$14,000 * 2 = $24,000 (remember because its $14K per pay period which is 2 weeks)

so $24,000 / $250 = that’s 96 families or people that take the AdvoCare products consistently every month

That’s a pretty large number of people that get convinced & 100% sold on the products for long term, that is not really conceivable to be achieved in mere couple months.

Again AdvoCare states officially that they are product focused company, yet the rising stars they bring out to show how fast you can make money in this company did not get there by selling people how great of a supplement advocare brand is, but by recruiting people for the business opportunity.

So there is, in my opinion, discrepancy in their message.

I have even seen many official distributors put in their AdvoCare business presentation powerpoint or their business plan presentation that getting to silver leadership is as simple as finding 1 person to join the business.

What they forgot to tell you that you have to continue to recruit people every 2 weeks if you want to maintain that silver leadership, until your teammates can start generating their own couple thousands in sales every 2 weeks.

If you are joining AdvoCare thinking you can earn nice $2k per month monthly income because you know few people that would be interested in the product or you know few people that will go all-in, then think again.

Getting silver bonus 1 time is pointless, remember you have to generate that volume every 2 weeks.

To get to those kind of income, you will need to become a person of influence that can sell people on the business opportunity and get people to go all-in on that $3K investment, knowing of course that some will lose on that investment unfortunately.

I hope this blog post is not coming across too harsh or anything.

I’m not here to bash any of the top distributors, if their intention is good then how can we blame them?

Is it their fault that most people can get hyped and make a decision to try to change their life but pretty soon the excitement wears out and they fall back into their old patterns? similar to inactive gym membership by February after New Years?

There is a saying, you can only lead a horse to water…

Only thing I’m trying to do is take out some of the hype and give you some real expectations so you can prepare to take the necessary actions to become successful if you choose AdvoCare.

And the truth is, yea you can reach silver overnight by getting 1 person to go All-in, but make sure you have to sales muscle to go out and get 2 of those all-in sales every month if you want to maintain that silver level income of $11k per year.

Residual will be built once you get your own team of hungry people that will go out and get their own all-in sales.

Majority of AdvoCare revenue will come from the all-in sales.

So this is why all top distributors are biggggg on getting everyone to success school, because the real money is not in finding people that want to be on the products.

Its about getting their team to recruit people to join the business opportunity and invest the $3k to become Advisor and continue to do so every month.

No new recruits = End of AdvoCare income

In order to become fully convinced that recruiting people is a good thing, you would have to go to some place like Success School.

Because if it was just about the products, the best way would be to simply take them at your home to have all the first hand experience you need.

But to recruit someone, hmmm maybe this isn’t the best analogy, but its like missionary work for a religion. Your not going to simply go out and get people to join your religion without you being 100% convinced it is the right thing.

This is a touchy subject, I am aware of that. Where most AdvoCare business reviews by distributors don’t want to touch on.

AdvoCare changes lives. Is their main message they want to get across, and it is clear that they do by countless number of distributors that are now earning full time income with it, but what is not discussed is not everyone that is recruited has succeeded.

There are lots of people that go all-in and for whatever reason decide to quit, so portion of the revenue is generated by people losing their money.

This is different from like a pizza shop, everyone received their pizza, there is always an exchange of value. No one loses their money at Pizza Hut. Everyone gets a slice for their money.

Yes you could argue that you are getting $3,000 worth of products, but would that person ever spent that kind of money for supplements if there wasn’t business opportunity attached to it?


Business Volume is how overrides & leadership bonus will be calculated against.

It is merely half of retail value of products consumed or sold by the Advisors on your team.

When distributors talk about rising in income level from silver to gold and etc, keep in mind that the first level of silver is $6,000 retail value of products sold in 1 month. Gold is $14,000

Considering each product range from $30 to $250, that’s quite lot of people you need consistently buying the products.

The truth is when distributors talk about actually earning money fairly rapidly in AdvoCare it is done through recruiting people and having them go all in on the $3K investment, not just few times to build their 3 advisor teammates, but continuously over and over again to maintain those monthly sales volume for their gold, ruby, emerald & beyond qualifications.

In order to become success in AdvoCare you have to go for those leadership bonuses. (which go up to 19.25% bonus on BV)

To get those bonuses you have to grow your business volume.

and in order to truly grow your business volume, you need a team of people that will go out and recruit people and close the $3K advisor purchase orders.

That is the true nature of the game, not getting enough people on the products monthly and calling it quits.

But continuously recruiting more people to join the organization.

Knowing that only some will actually make their return on investment.

But if you could change the life of 1 person at the cost of 9 others that lost on their $3k investment, then perhaps it is for a good cause.

At least you are trying to make a difference in people’s lives.

For me, I battled with the concept of recruiting people continuously for my income.

I learned a lot from AdvoCare and gain an understanding of how the MLM business model works, but eventually through personal struggles I found a new path to make money from home which didn’t include recruiting people to another business opportunity.

If you are still unsure about AdvoCare, or perhaps you are frustrated like I was, investing all your time and not feeling like you get a return.

Then perhaps you should look into local lead generation model, which was the business that finally worked for me.

Its about learning the skill set of generating leads for local businesses and then providing that skill & knowledge as a service based business to your local business owners. & getting paid monthly for it.

You can join the newsletter above and you will get some case studies on how to make your first $1k per month without recruiting another soul into something, or selling to friends & family.

A business you keep for yourself & have full control over.