AdvoCare Coaching: How to become a Champion Fastest

If you are looking for AdvoCare Virtual Coaching or if extra training is required for you outside their proven success system, then you are treating this like a business as you should and you should pad yourself on the back for having the fundamental mindset of entrepreneur.

The truth is, 95% of the people out there desperately need additional training from a mentor or coach in a direct selling business like AdvoCare or you really don’t stand a chance.

There is only so much hustle & grit can get you, if you are bouncing your head against the mall, somewhere down the line you are going to realize the amount of time you have wasted in the AdvoCare business could have been spent on a more stable source of income that would of done whole lot more for yourself & your family.

But you are still researching because you got a heart of an entrepreneur.

So read on.

In AdvoCare the term “Become a Champion” is harped around a lot and lots of rising stars have somewhere within their story about a mentor that believed in them and gave them additional insights or “training”.

Well this additional training has everything to do with why you are failing or succeeding in AdvoCare.

AdvoCare Coaching at Success School?


Certainly there is tremendous value at attending success schools, did you know that 83% of the people that make money in AdvoCare attends success school or AdvoNation?

Why is it so effective at increasing the success rate for you?

You have to understand in AdvoCare, how you really make money in this network marketing company is not through retail & wholesale commissions but through recruitment of new distributors into your organization.

At the Gold Leadership Level pin and above, which isn’t too far, your overrides and leadership bonuses become more than your product sales commissions.

That should tell you something about the true nature of the business opportunity.

And how can a brand new newbie that doesn’t know anything about the culture of the company ever stand a chance pitching someone to join the company?

Some things, especially Network Marketing, you gotta see, touch & feel to believe.

Is this company all that is cracked up to be?

If you have any single doubt in your mind, your not going to pitch people with confidence & certainty required to get them to sign up with you.

It took me a long time to get this, but I finally understood that you should be prepared to become a recruiter instead of vitamin salesman in AdvoCare.

I picked a different route, because I didn’t want to pursue my friends & family for recruitment.

So in summary, that’s why you hear distributors talk about their business tripling after they attend success school.

Attending the event made them more certain about the business opportunity, after meeting people that became successful with it, this filled them with excitement & confidence about their own business opportunity at hand, which carried over into their daily lives and they started to tell others with enthusiasm about the AdvoCare business opportunity.

They say a good attitude goes a long way.

& in AdvoCare business, it is true to every fiber of that phrase.

If you are not excited about it, can you expect others to be? Let alone invest their precious time & hard earned dollars to another “business opportunity” you are spitting at them?

If you cannot afford to attend success school in 2016, 2017, 2018 or any subsequent years, then you better buy the DVD’s, attend AdvoNation or find someway to get excited about AdvoCare.

At the end of the day, at these events they don’t teach you a magic formula to success or anything like that, its to increase the level of certainty inside the distributors, its a state / energy transference.

Great thing about state is that you can learn to generate it within yourself, more on that later.

AdvoCare top Distributor Coaching?


AdvoCare has these elite level diamond distributors that come out with very valuable coaching videos on youtube & other places.

I highly recommend the following individuals

Out of which, I really like what Dawn teaches about coming up with a daily prospecting requirement rule for yourself.

Meaning, you make a rule that says, you cannot go to bed without at least having talked to 3 people about AdvoCare for the day.

Even on Saturdays and Sundays.

Do this for 3 months, each & everyday and tell me that your business has not grown in that time.

Great energy & being able to communicate well & being a natural extrovert are all things that can help you but these things are all trumped by the mother of all skills: Consistency

This is what levels the playing field for all.

This is how introverts often times perform much bigger results than that cocky extrovert who think he/she is a sales god.

Someone that is persistent and consistent, will always prevail and that is the god damn truth in sales and all business and entrepreneurship.

Now I know what a lot of you are thinking, I am too scared to approach 3 people per day, “I just don’t have it in them”

If you are not leveraging the internet to prospect & get leads, then you will have to bare down, grit your teeth and welcome feeling bit uncomfortable for a while.

Ask yourself the question, what is more painful.

Staying at your current predicament any while longer or going through the discomfort of prospecting 3 new people for your business.

If the answer is the latter, then you might want to go redefine your why.

Why is it that you want to pursue business for yourself?

AdvoCare Coaching from Self Development Courses?


This is the missing piece for a lot of distributors out there…

Don’t just rely on AdvoCare distributors to spill their beans and give you all their keys to the kingdom.

Chances are they have gleamed from much more than people inside the company for their wisdom of success.

I know I have.

Here are some HIGHLY recommended, self development training that will speak to every soul embarking on a direct selling business like AdvoCare

  • Straight Line Persuasion System by Jordan Belfort (Formerly known as Wolf of Wallstreet) *This is a DVD Course*
  • The One Thing by Gary W. Keller *Book*
  • Sell or Be Sold and 10X Rule The Only Difference Between Success & Failure by Grant Cardone

I don’t want to overwhelm you with a long list of reads, so I picked my top 3 picks of what you really should get your mind on as you transition from an employee to thinking like an entrepreneur.

Attitude is everything.

And these guys will slowly rewire your brain to think like a real business owner should.

I especially love Jordan Belfort’s material when it comes to understanding the dynamics of selling and what makes a great sales person.

And its not what or who you think it is.

Forget the fast talking, high paced guy they depicted in the movies, the true Jordan Belfort was much more elegant in his approach to sales and he had devised a true art form out of it which anyone could follow, this system he created was so effective it was responsible for creating the biggest firm in wall street history.

There is something to be said about that.


My next favorite would have to be 10X by Grant Cardone

Make sure you get the audio book version and have Grant in your years throughout different times of the day.

It is like an espresso shot for your brains, it will make you jacked up and ready to go prospect like your life depended on it.

And that’s the attitude shift that just a little tweak in your focus can bring and it will bring major results in your productivity and efficiency.

He is the real deal and you need to get into his material.

These guys are running multi-million dollar businesses right now.

Not 10 years ago, they are not authors about business, they are the business.

Their coaching has known to influence and effect sales performances dramatically and you best believe it will also help your AdvoCare business.


Look, when you get into business for yourself like AdvoCare

The person to blame for your lack of results become narrowed down to 1, you.

Now as I run my own business, I see I have to be mindful of every little thing now.

Right down to what I eat for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

For example, carbs really slow my productivity down. I have found that I have a clearer mind when I omit carbs out of my diet, so that’s precisely what I have done.

I also have to watch out even the friends I hang out now, because their thinking can effect mine.

I also have to remember to continue to further my education in personal develop & business, because I realize my brain is like a sponge that absorbs not only just the good things but also the not so good things in my surroundings & environment.

Well I have control over my environment, so I have become more mindful of what I am consuming mentally on a day to day basis.

So I tell you, investing in mentors & coaching is a huge deal when you get into business for yourself.

That is exactly what all the top successful people have done to get to where they are at. They invested in mentors.

I am no longer part of AdvoCare, but I have learned a great deal about sales & marketing from this company and its amazing distributors.

It was time for me to move on though, because I found an opportunity that allowed me to serve more than recruit for my own benefit.

In my new business, I still get to work from home, set my own hours, and have virtually no limit to how much money I can make.

I also get to leverage the internet to make money for me while I go on vacations, unlike AdvoCare’s constant need for minimum personal group volume (PGV) and recruitment & helping your team members recruit their members.


I simply rank websites for local businesses and help them generate leads, and get paid monthly for those sites that I own.

Its a simple process that is taught in 5 week coaching program that can literally change your life.

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