Who is Danny McDaniel? AdvoCare Top Advisor Secrets


How to build a big AdvoCare business like that top platinum distributor Tomny McTomiel & live like a king?

is the rest of us already doomed because its already 2015 and Tomny & wife Diane McTomiel joined back in 1997?

They are at that platinum distributor level making 7 figures in AdvoCare, what is their secret?

Their success is definitely no accident.

Success leaves clues & there is something to learn from their success.

Now is the time to uncover some of the things they are doing that you might not be aware of and it could be costing you big time.

AdvoCare is a multi-level marketing company that allows new distributors to surpass their sponsor.

Multi-level means you get paid on the effort of others that you sign up but this only goes 3 generations (of advisors) deep.

So its not some infinitely deep, one giant pyramid where the OG’s make all the money.

Its not a mafia system or the corporate ladder you call JOB… yea I said it.

What the hell is Tomny McTomiel’s secret to success?

Is it because he joined back in the freakin 90’s that he’s so successful?

Did he actually get hired by AdvoCare or something?

I was visiting University of Michigan the other day because I was hanging out with a friend that’s going to the Ross business school for his MBA.

All the kids I talked to said they were there for CONNECTIONS.

There I was squirming in my entrepreneurial shoes because I know as well as Tomny McTomiel knows that Business is NOT about hoping for the right connections to “put you on”.

or some special set of circumstances like the false premise of joining a MLM in the very beginning = success

Ready for the truth?

No one is coming to save you from your shit predicament in life.

No ones going to Put You On.

If you are hoping for AdvoCare’s multi-level direct selling vehicle and all the successful distributors inside it to carry you on their shoulders, or hold your hands to a 6 figure passive income then take some ice cold water & slap it across your face.

Wake Up!

Don’t be that girl in Hollywood getting drunk in the club & claiming she’s there to network & build connections.. bullshit!

As Ronda Rousey would say, Don’t be a DNB (Do Nothing Bitch)

Road to entrepreneurial success in AdvoCare, other MLMs like Beachbody or Any other type of business is like climbing a big mountain.


At the bottom of the mountain there’s lots of people that are talking about the mountain, the climb & how great the view must be at the top, maybe even taking a picture of the mountain.

When you get to the first base camp, there’s slightly less people… there’s people staying in the inns and mostly satisfied just enjoying the nature & drinking whiskey at the bar.

As you begin hiking up the mountain with a guide, there’s less and less people around as you climb higher up.

Until eventually you get to a point where the guide says this is as high up as I can go, from here you have to take the journey yourself.

And this is the gift because it allows you to develop the capacity to become self reliant.

Once you reach the top you gain a whole new perspective & insights, which you can bring back & share with others.

Such as there is other ways to earn a living besides working for somebody else & being a slave.

Don’t kid yourself, the true reason why Tomny is now a platinum distributor is because the man grinds and works hard.

He faced his fears and made that climb while others stayed at base camp, making excuses and sedating their experience with distractions.

Its not because he joined the company early, he’ll tell you that there’s only 1 person that’s still active from when AdvoCare first begun in 1993.

What does this mean?

It means AdvoCare ain’t rewarding anyone with favoritism or pads on the back for being one of the originals.

People confuse multi-level marketing compensation plan of earning revenue from efforts of others as somehow free handouts or get rich quick schemes, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Direct Sales is difficult and uncomfortable for most people.

For most, its more comfortable to sit at your 9 to 5 job doing what you’ve been told for the last 10-20 years then to actually go out into the world, learn a new skill or two and go talk to strangers and inflict bruises on your fragile ego when people say No to your offers.

Hey if it was easy, everyone would be an entrepreneur… why would anyone go face that roller coaster ride of starting your own business if your life was already comfortable.

Facing your inner doubts & fears is never a pleasant experience.

If you’re completely satisfied with your current life situation, then I’m happy for you. AdvoCare or the local lead generation business will not work for you.


Because you will not have enough fortitude to continue when the going gets tough, basically its really simple..

if the pain in your current life circumstance is so great that it overshadows the pain of having to prospect & face rejections, then you will succeed.

if not, you will quit at the first sign of discomfort.

Who is Tomny & Diane McTomiel?


Tomny began his journey from humble beginnings in Prosper, TX making $35,000 per year as a high school football head coach, working 80 to 90 hours a week, with whopping $130 in their checking account. No credit card & no family to borrow from.

Their sponsor introduced Tomny to one of the products that “changed his life”, he ran home and told his wife that they are going to be multi-millionaires because he was feeling like superman and he thought everyone should be on these products & saw that vision.

They sold their way to Advisor in 10 days by retailing the products. (Selling $3,000 worth of products)

Destroying the old myth that says it takes money to make money.

Nope, it takes straight HUSTLE & GUTS to make money

And the story goes that they got their friends, neighbors and people in the community on the products and they were making $6,500 of income in their very first month of business, which is quite unreal.. I’m willing to bet that part of that income was rookie bonus though… either way its damn impressive.

Now they are living the fruits of their labor, they have that multi-million dollar income, large home, but most importantly freedom to live life how they want to live it.

Such perks include:

  • being able to go on vacation anytime they want, wherever they want, they let their kids pick the destination with no limits
  • their kids beginning to reflect the strong values of leadership in Tomny & Diane that was fostered by their journey in AdvoCare
  • Being able to be present in their kids lives
  • Large brick, luxury home with under ground swimming pool in the back yard
  • taking afternoon walks in an empty park on a weekday just the two of them, while the kids are at school and everyone else is stuck in a cubicle


I think why Tomny & Diane is such great role models for people is they simply seem like just ordinary people, very down to earth in their mannerism & tone of voice.

And I think that’s part of Tomny’s personality, he is one of those very practical guys with real world strategies to share, that is very easy to follow. Perhaps some of that is his football coaching background coming through.

The reason for their massive success is that they have truly taken on the leadership roles in the company.

They have many videos educating people about the business opportunity, compensation plan, prospecting, closing the sale and anything in between.

At the end of the day, these guys execute.

Coaching videos from Tomny McTomiel on youtube seems to have the most relevant info, I mean since 1993 there could have been any number of independent distributor that could of stepped up to the plate and made videos, blogs & educational content for people but surprisingly there’s not much.

It’s only Tomny with the most content out of anybody I’ve seen, offering true value for Free, which is why I believe he is now become the go-to figure for AdvoCare coaching and advice, sort of becoming a guru like figure.

Its not that he has above average abilities & talent for AdvoCare…

The man simply Executes!

Uploading youtube videos as one of those avenues, even though last video was uploaded 5 years ago, its still great stuff that others haven’t contended with, yet I feel there is opportunity here for someone new to begin dominating the AdvoCare youtube space.


Some of Tomny’s videos include

  • How to become an Advisor
  • 3-Star Gold Training
  • Practical tips on how to become successful in AdvoCare
  • How to reach silver leadership pin bonus
  • AdvoCare marketing plan & compensation plan
  • More

You don’t think people do their due diligence before joining anything these days? Even though they may have heard about Advocare from a friend, colleague or some one that goes to the same gym.

They’re going to go home and look up AdvoCare on youtube and what do you know?


There’s Tomny McTomiel with all this wealth of information about how to become successful in AdvoCare, you see him as the expert, while your friend looks like the novice, and now you want to join under Tomny instead.

He starts getting pass up leads & sales.

The multi-millionaire, business & sales guru Grant Cardone says the biggest problem facing business owners today is obscurity.

People don’t know you.

And your competition is not the next guy trying to sell a different MLM product or AdvoCare slam, spark, muscle recovery supplements…

No, its all the noise out there today in this digital, internet age.


Its the soft porn culture of boob thumbnail pics, Justin Bieber gossip, & the latest Miley Cyrus meltdown newsfeed that you are competing with today.

And only way to break through all the noise out there is massive action.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Uploading Youtube videos are all free, they are prospecting gifts from the gods.

Starting an AdvoCare Blog with bluehost coupon code is like taking a candy from a baby, basically you have the means to reach the world audience and scoop up leads for just $3.50 per month and you get to create your very own site with an unique domain name.

Imagine having a full out blog where readers all across US can come & read about your journey in AdvoCare and feel like they know you like their best friend and now they want to buy from you more than anybody else.

That’s bit of an upgrade from the generic AdvoCare store page you get from the $79 distributor kit, don’t ya think?

You don’t need to spend another dime on the next business course or attend another AdvoNation or Success School, buy AdvoCare apparel, or AdvoCare business cards, or even Impact Magazine or spark samples.

You just need to execute.

Beat social media to the death.

Broad cast your story by using any and all mediums of communication and be relentless and bit reckless with it.

How do I build multiple blogs that rank high in Google and generate tons of leads for any business I want?

Offer value to the internet by writing unique content that’s

  1. Real
  2. Relevant
  3. Raw

This is the 3 R’s rule of successful blogging taught by my millionaire blogger mentor, Dave

Google loves fresh, original content.

When you put in the reps of consistent good content, Google will take notice.

And you too can begin supplementing all the offline prospecting efforts of mixers, 3 way calls, & endless meetings at Starbucks with cool, sexy prospects coming to you because they dig your brutally, honest content.


With extra side of sex appeal

Tom Blizerian, the king of instagram knows this formula well, as his content consistently displays the perfect concoction of sex, guns & partying, bordering on the side of being too explicit and morally unjust.

Haters gon hate, but you can’t deny his massive popularity & influence.

His content is Real, Relevant & often times too Raw

Which is exactly why it raises massive interest.


What Tomny McTomiel shows us in his book, Only Believe

He gives all distributors hope that success is possible to anyone that believes & follows with massive action.

Inspiration is like an air tank and you are about to go down into the deep, dark ocean. You better keep a good supply of it on hand.

Conviction that this will work for you is critically important, everyone knows this. But I say also be introspective & intelligent in your actions.

Begin to study the successful, & you will see that the McTomiels are always 1 step ahead of the game.

With this book, they are again establishing themselves as the true leaders in AdvoCare, and further separating themselves from all the independent distributors out there.

They aren’t merely hitting the pavement everyday and doing the active form of marketing taught by countless advisors but they are supplementing it with all of these intelligent passive forms of marketing like uploading Youtube videos and publishing a book.

They are producers, while vast majority are consumers of their content.

They are cutting through the noise, and solving that #1 problem of obscurity

Now if anyone does decent research of AdvoCare, they will come to find out about Tomny & Diane, that is a true testament of their work ethic but also implementing right strategies, this is not often talked about for regular distributors… could you say its a bit of their secret to success?

If you want to be average, by all means take the same training as everyone else. But if you want to be extraordinary, at the end of the day its SKILL that carries the day.

To become successful, you must begin modeling after those that are at the highest level.

Look at Tomny, Michelle Bishop, Dawn Funk, Samantha Long, & countless other rising star of AdvoCare

They are lighting that social media up like Fourth of July fireworks.

When you go to follow them on any of their outlets, there is commotion, excitement, party going on.

It makes you want to join in on the fun.

They are building a culture of their own, and culture dictates people’s behaviors.

I mean can you imagine having 260,000 followers on Instagram that follow your every move in personal & professional life like Michelle has on her account?

That is the kind of influence that strong leaders have. & Money follows attention.

And these guys deserve their spots.

Because again they produce great content. A picture can tell a thousand words. A pic still counts as content, and they know how to post great ones that captivate people’s imagination.

When is a good time to start my own AdvoCare blog or social media?

If you think you need to wait until you are a rising star before you can produce content, you are misguided and ill informed.

The common misconception is that you have to first become an authority to write a book, publish a blog, or upload youtube videos.


You write the book, the blog, or upload the video to BECOME the authority.

What am I suggesting?

If you want to reach success in AdvoCare, you must carve out a special identity inside the company, stand out, and establish yourself as an authority from day 1.

The true brand you are building in this company is your name & face.

Again in my opinion, its not enough to just become an authority that teaches people the basics like “how to reach advisor”.

In order to get attention, you have to become attention worthy… duh

It goes back to what my mentor Dave teaches about how to build a multi-million dollar blog, in a world where there’s more and more new bloggers entering the game everyday.

The bottom line is you need authoritative, educational content like Tomny McTomiel’s Relevant content, but nowadays you need to go the extra mile and put creative energy into excelling in Realness & Rawness because…

“we do not pay attention to Boring Things…”


In the above video my mentor Dave goes over how to actually separate yourself from the MLM herd of sheep and be that purple cow that you can’t help but to look at.

According to Dave’s findings in a book called Brain Rules by Dr. John Medina, There’s certain ques that all brain automatically responds to, due to its ancient, survival instincts

  1. Can I eat it?
  2. Will it eat me?
  3. Can I mate with it?
  4. Will it mate with me?
  5. Have I seen it before?

So how can we, as marketers, take advantage of this towards leveraging our level of influence?

For example…

“In a shark tank world, take your daily dosage of spark & MNS so that you can walk the world strong, fit & ultra sexy catching admiring looks from the opposite sex while fending off glancing blows of haters with a winner smile knowing that you are in full control of your destiny! Join our AdvoCare team now!”

Might be much more captivating than the simple “Join our MLM opportunity” statements you see on countless low quality blogs out there with the same copy cat content with nothing to captivate the 5 survival instincts.


Tomny & Diane McTomiel kills it with their AdvoCare business and rightfully so. They are authority, leader figures in the eyes of new innocent prospect searching & researching about AdvoCare for the first time.

Yes they’ve been in the company since 97′ but so have tons of other independent distributors and you never know about them.

And the person that’s searching don’t have a clue… therefore what makes you an authority is not how many years you’ve been in the business or not even how much money you make currently in AdvoCare…

Its your unique, educational content containing the 3 R’s (Relevant,Real,Raw) that will establish you as an authority.

One of the biggest lesson I learned in a business seminar called Write a Book & Grow Rich, was that you do not wait to become an expert to write a book, you write the book to become the expert.

In a world full of noise & digital distraction, the window of opportunity for grabbing a person’s attention is slimming down, yet when you are able to wield some greater skills to produce quality content that captivates the survival instincts & pulls on the heart strings, you have the opportunity to stand out that much more.

The market place will always pay those that got great skills.

Make sure you are not the sheep, hitting the pavement, becoming a cog wheel of a giant machine that is AdvoCare International.

Have enough discernment to see what the top guys are doing and question why new distributors are only taught traditional direct selling strategies.

I don’t know about you, but I rather develop skills others don’t have so I can get paid with or without AdvoCare.

Skills that allow me to cut my own paycheck.

True self empowerment is knowledge because no one can take that away.

Therefore true financial empowerment, is having the knowledge & skills to accumulate wealth under any circumstance.

Knowing that I can rebuild my wealth even if I was to lose everything and had to start from scratch. Now that’s power.

If you want that kind of next level training, to stand head & shoulders above the average distributors.

Then do the right thing and take a serious peek here.