AdvoCare Discounts: Save up to 40% & Make Extra Cash

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If you are buying spark, 24 day challenge or muscle fuel every month, make sure you are getting the full 40% AdvoCare discount.

Or you could be burning a hole right through your wallet.

Here’s how discounts work in AdvoCare, & how it is linked to their multi-level marketing business building.

20% casual distributor Discount

when you purchase the 2016 distributor kit for $79, you can now get AdvoCare products from that distributor for 20% off retail. You simply go to his store page, and you get the discount because you purchased the distributor kit to become casual distributor.

You are not required to sell any products to keep the 20% discount.

There’s no minimum amount you have to sell every month or anything like that.

You simply have to pay the annual $50 retainer fee to keep the advocare distributorship.

Different Levels of AdvoCare Discount


There’s different levels of discount when you become a distributor for AdvoCare.

This is how this works.

If you purchase or sell between $500 to $1499 worth or retail value of AdvoCare products within 3 pay period, then you move up from 20% to 25% discount, which you keep for life.

(1 pay period = 2 weeks)

If you purchase or sell $1500 to $2999 worth of retail products in 3 pay periods, you earn 30% discount.

If you purchase or sell $3000+ retail products in 3 pay periods, then you bump up to 40% discount and you become an Advisor which also unlocks 5 ways of getting paid with AdvoCare.

Again once you hit advisor, you do not have to sell any minimum amount to keep that 40% discount, you have it for life as long as you pay the $50 annual fee.

AdvoCare Retail Price is too Pricey?



Here’s the kind of difference having advisor discount can have on your AdvoCare product purchases.

Muscle gain, which is their protein powder supplement, retails for $79.95 for 25 servings, but with advisor 40% discount you can get it for $47.97

That’s pretty significant $31.98 in savings!

So AdvoCare muscle supplement is 2.3 lbs at $47.97 if you have the full discount.


Here is a popular whey protein supplement that sells for $57.99 but you get 5 pounds!

That’s $11.60 per lbs

AdvoCare Muscle Gain is $20.85 per lb

If you’re ordering retail then forget about it, the prices not comparable at all.


Above is a list of ingredients in the AdvoCare Muscle Gain, most of it is really Whey protein, they have included some amino acid isolates in there which is a plus but so does the Whey Gold Standard brand. Not to mention you can purchase L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine separately fairly inexpensively at any whole foods store or online.

It also includes Ascorbic acid another very good supplement for weight lifters as it improves joint health, but that’s also dirt cheap to purchase separately.

This is why AdvoCare takes a lot of heat for their supplement is way over priced, maybe it is for good reasons, once you start breaking down price per pounds, and all the ingredients.

Either way, if you are going to use Advocare products long term then you better get the full 40% discount or you might find yourself without a home or a car pretty quickly.

Can I purchase AdvoCare in Retail Stores?

If AdvoCare is more expensive than regular supplements, how could they ever compete?

You certainly will not find AdvoCare in retail stores like GNC or wal-mart, and its for good reasons.

Not just the fact that it would have difficult time competing with other brands on the shelf but AdvoCare’s main fuel towards their success is the business opportunity of this company.

That’s right, AdvoCare cannot afford these retail stores like the GNC’s to set their own prices, because the business opportunity for all the independent distributors must be protected.

AdvoCare is very stringent on their rules of only being allowed to sell your products at a certain price even if you are selling to friends & family.

Simply put, if you do not have any AdvoCare distributor discounts, then you must abide by the rules and purchase at retail price.

Because if some people start setting their own price, and started selling to anybody & whoever at whatever discount they pleased, then that would hurt the business opportunity for others because people would go to that person instead to get their products, without needing to become a distributor.

If AdvoCare gets no new distributor sign ups they will come to a screeching halt and so will all the successful distributors in the company.

So no you will never find AdvoCare products in retail stores.

You will only be able to purchase them through your local AdvoCare distributors.


AdvoCare discount is sort of a necessity if you want to use their products, just to get the prices down to a semi-competitive level to other supplement brands you see at wholefoods & GNC.

If you have friends & family that could use a 24 day challenge or some spark, for the price of just $79 you can begin selling some of these products yourself and make little bit of cash on the side.

That’s a definite plus and it could go towards covering your supplement costs every month.

Its as simple as directing people to your very own web page you get, where people can just purchase the products online from you and AdvoCare distribution center will ship directly to them.

So as distributor you don’t have to have warehouse like a regular supplement company. You use AdvoCare’s infrastructure, this is why they will sometime call it, “business in a box”

AdvoCare does have their own line of unique products & programs, like the 24 day challenge and spark that could spark enough interest in people you know for them to give it a try and purchase some for you.

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