AdvoCare distributor receive $1500 checks after leaving AdvoCare?

Or shall I say former AdvoCare distributor receives $1500 checks after he begins his own online business.

The world of multi-level marketing is not easy, it is very cut throat competitive and the biggest problem I found was finding enough prospects each day.

When you first join these opportunities it is all full of excitement and you feel jacked up because you feel that you can pass it on to everyone you meet and they would love the idea.

I mean who wouldn’t want to make money from home selling AdvoCare products and kiss your 9 to 5 goodbye?

And with great momentum you go out into the world feeling optimistic about the future.

And then real world happens.

You tell your closest friends & family and people you thought will be fully supportive responds blankly, “yea I just don’t have the time”

Over time you come to realization that not everyone out there is actually looking to try something new & different, a lot of them are comfortable where they are at and they are not actively seeking for help or life advice.

Actually a lot of them were doing just fine, sure there is better lifestyles out there with more freedom like some of the top AdvoCare advisors are living, but they also grinded their asses off to get there.

You look around and begin to think well gee, these people around me definitely don’t have that fire within their gut to make it in this business because you, yourself is seeing how difficult it is.

Most people were simply not ready to jump on an opportunity that may or may not work and drop $3000 all-in to become advisor or $79 advocare distributor kit for advocare distributor benefits of 20% discount but then that might be the last order you get from that person, because they are not that driven & passionate about fitness either to able to continue to spend couple hundred bucks every month on pre-workout or post work out recovery. Was that advocare distributor cost hardly worth it for them??

Yes the Spark drink is cool but some friends still found coffee irreplaceable & in some cases cheaper and stronger?

Like I said this business is not easy, it is a vehicle for those that have great fortitude and determination.

But be prepared to face rejection from friends & family.

And the question might loom, am I actually being of service to these people that I know deep down inside that they will not make it in this business?

At some points I just gave up on trying to get some people to invest in $3000 all-in purchase because I just had this feeling that it just wasn’t the right thing for them. They weren’t hungry enough or desperate enough…they would dabble with it and quickly give up when they find out the true difficulty levels.

Was I allowing my limited perception hold me back or did I really save those people from losing on their investment?

There’s only so much warm contact list you can think up before they go dry and now you are left with few prospects to ask for more referrals but then the challenge becomes: convincing yourself that this is a viable strategy towards financial freedom when you, yourself is struggling hardcore.

I just wanted to do the right thing.

The very thing I joined to do that thing, started to feel heavy on my chest for me.

I got tired of chasing people down and feeling like these people wanted nothing to do with me.

I started thinking, what if I posted flyers all over town with brief info about make money from home opportunity with AdvoCare type of headline and find an advocare distributor near you type of deal with my number next to it.

So I was going to do just that, but somewhere a long the line my thinking shifted.

Man this is going to take me forever to post these flyers up all across town.

Would the internet be more effective?

My pre-conceived notion was to stay the hell away from the internet because its just going to be super competitive and only like the top 3 dominant guys are getting results.

And because AdvoCare has been around since 1993, there is just no chance for anyone new to climb up to the top.

Yet I was so desperate I decided to do some researching, what if I went local with the internet?

So I started searching how to generate leads locally for AdvoCare.

I went through myriad of network marketing articles and blog posts.

You know those articles that are titled like AdvoCare scam? Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

and you look and its just some guy that’s writing the same exact review for hundred of other MLM & network marketing companies only to get people to opt into his email list and whatever that entails thereafter

Yes I understand I’m sounding quite contradictory right now because this is what I’m doing with computerknacks and I do use email lists because I’ve been taught by gurus over and over again that its the most important thing to successful blogging but honestly I don’t really like them that much.

Especially when the site itself doesn’t have any content of what the guy or gal is actually offering. You mean to tell me I have to sign up to the list just to find out what you are offering?

And then going through the hassle of getting emails every week for months before I get tired of it and have to click to subscribe… so much hassle!

I put it all on the table as far as what exactly I’m offering here on this little blog.

anyway we’ll go into that soon..

So as I was browsing through the internet and reading up articles after articles about AdvoCare distributor reviews, top earners, platinum AdvoCare independent distributors like Michelle Bishop, Tomny McTomiel, Dawn Funk & more

I noticed that these people were leveraging the internet for their business yet I found it kinda strange that none of them were talking about it, or training on it as an actual thing distributors should do to prospect…

I always knew the internet held a lot of power if you knew how to wield it.

As I was looking up different articles online about how to become successful with AdvoCare, I came across many blogs by AdvoCare distributors that was ranked at the top of a lot of search terms… I became envious of that kind of exposure and presence.

These guys must get automatic sign ups every week…

and I knew this was true because my previous MLM was Empower Network which was all about blogging as the only way to generate the leads for the business, and these guys prided themselves as the new aged MLM that didn’t require you to do mixers, 3 way calls or stalk people at Wal-Mart.

They said, “just blog daily and make sales”

it sounded awesome so I joined, only to realize that blogging about fear of spiders or what you will do for Halloween this year ain’t gonna get you any leads that would ever be interested in joining an online business.

You actually had to rank on the front page for high searched, targetted keywords like Empower Network Reviews.

And then came the next realization.

All the top spots are hogged by a blogging god with so much authority content on his site that there was no way you could ever catch up, he went by the name profit pimp aka millionaire blogger

This unassuming father of two was making multiple 7 figures blogging on wordpress that costs $4 to maintain every month.

I remembered his blog Lazy MLM because it just stood out from the rest of the pack, and it was pinned to the top #1 spot for all the strong relevant keywords.

Mind you, at the time Empower Network was the hottest new MLM out and there was hundreds of thousands of people competing for those keywords, and this millionaire blogger was slaying every single one of them.


Not just his rankings but his actual blog posts were full of wit, swagger, distinction & full of information & insights. Most of the info he was providing regarding how to rank for keywords was free right there on his blog.

It was the Giant and the Goliath. He had youtube videos, 3000 word blog articles, opt-in pages with irresistible offers & even his own lingo, making him stand out from the rest of Network Marketers that were writing essentially copy cat content from everybody else.

His site was far superior than the rest, and that #1 position was well deserved.

When I realized how much of a beast this blogger was and his impeccable work ethic & skills, I gave up on Empower Network because it was like getting in a cage with Mike Tyson in his prime. Just a straight animal that I had no chance with.

Same reason that got me to try out Empower Network, which was his awesome content was the same reason that got me out of it haha.

But so here I was fast track couple years later, I was still struggling with no raises at my corporate job and getting real sick & tired of making ends meet with $2200 per month salary. Not to mention being stuck at hum dry, awfully dull work place for 9 hours a day.

I was still fiddling with yet another MLM opportunity, selling AdvoCare supplements!

And I was headed in that same direction again of throwing in the towel, and I hated myself for it. Facing pretty dark times where I felt maybe I will be an employee for the rest of my life.

When the going got tough you must get resourceful and that is what I did.

I looked up this blogger again to see what he was up to, was he still killing it with Empower Network?

I went on his Lazy MLM site and I was surprised to find that he was no longer in Empower Network, but he was now a coach, teaching other people how to kill their jobs by generating leads for local businesses.

Him and his partner made a coaching program teaching simple ways to rank in Google, and they were showing off all these case studies of successful students finally ending their job. They went into great detail why it was far more easier and effective than MLM, Network Marketing & Affiliate Marketing.

That brand name really caught my attention because at this point I was willing to do anything to finally make my own money and never answer to a boss ever again after those assholes gave me a 2% raise which came up to be $60 more per month after working there for 3 years, and they acted like it was a big deal.

Anyway I started watching their case study videos like below

and screenshots of their private facebook group with people making money building websites for local business owners…here’s one of em’.


I was triggered in a big way because I knew he was teaching his skills to all these people and I remembered how dominant he was in Empower Network.

And so It made total sense to me that what he was teaching to people, they could go out and replicate it in the local space like carpet cleaner or roofer, and suddenly it is whole different playing field than going to war with 1,332,532 network marketers gunning after the top spots with killer skills.

Would you rather be a big fish in a pond of little fish or big fish in a sea full of sharks?

I knew what they were teaching was going to be solid because how good he was at his lazy mlm blog making over $30,000 per month but he ditched it all because he realized his downline was pretty much all failing so he wanted to do something where people actually have a chance at succeeding, which really impressed me & said a lot about his character & his integrity.

Actions speak louder than words.

I scheduled a call to find out more about this program (I’ll get into why I’m now a partner of this coaching program & promoting it through this blog in just a second)

I got on the phone with Tom, the other coach of the program. The one that actually brought the local lead gen model to Dave so they can team up and really take it to the next level leveraging Dave’s expertise at ranking in Google.

I still very much remember talking to him over the phone. It was September 2014, I got the call during working hours so I had to tell him “can you hold” and step outside the office place, go out into the parking lot and go into my car to begin our conversation.

What I remember was that he was very giving of his time in answering any questions or doubts that I had.

And I brought many questions, which came from my analytical background and past history of already failing multiple times at multi-level marketing.

He told me he had been doing the local lead generation model for the past 6 years and now making $40,000 every month from all his clients.

You know how when you talk to someone, you can tell if that person knows his shit or not, just by their tone of voice and way of expression?

Well Tom just came across as someone that had a lot to teach as he told me about various clients he had that were all paying him every month handsomely for years now for his websites that he never really had to touch.

I joined on the spot.

Today I can proudly say that was the single best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

It ended my journey with AdvoCare and MLM’s for good.

First couple months, I kinda went real slow with it which I now regret, but I still started getting leads & results.

From December of 2014 I started to go really hard, in June of 2015 I was making $3000 per month because I had built like 10 sites and 4 paying clients.

I had enough to quit my job!!!!

that was a feeling I will never forget.

I remember the nervousness & excitement all rolled up into one as I put in my 2 weeks notice.

And once I quit my job, and now I had full time to work on this local lead gen business, my income really started to take flight.

I went from $3000 to $13,000 per month in little over 3 months.

You can watch my success story video here:

And now I have proven to myself this program works and the effectiveness of it at getting additional income rolling for you regardless of your age, race, creed & life circumstance even if you have limited time, you can still make it work as I did with only couple hours to work on it each day…

If generating leads for local business doesn’t sound groovy or you don’t feel its your true passions then think again because I originally thought that as well.

There are many components inside this process that WILL speak to your passions.

Whether that’s creative writing, being creative artistically with the sites or dealing with people & raising their states, building long term relationship with owners of businesses, and being that cool guy that saves family business & their livelihood.

For me it was that journey of becoming an entrepreneur that was most exciting. Becoming someone that makes decisions for himself, someone that is self-reliant, someone that is able to go out into the world with confidence and able to get other people to pay for his time & skills.

Just that transition into a stronger version of myself has been so thrilling and rewarding.

It has been the ultimate self-discovery and development path, far exceeding any books you could read or seminars you could attend.

It has certainly raised my standards for life and continues to sharpen me into a better individual each day I work on this business.

Its also nice to have your idol, the famous millionaire blogger congratulate you as well.


Because I look up to these individuals so much, their praises only pushes me on to work harder to continue to show them more success I know I am capable of.

I get it now why it is so important to get mentors, not just because of what they will show & teach you but their mere presence in your life keeps you accountable and makes your ego strive not just for him or herself but to make these figures proud.


Mike Tyson had Cus D’Amato


Ronda Rousey has her mother


Luffy has Ace, for anyone that follows One Piece :)

Already an AdvoCare Distributor?

I can only speak from my experience, since I could not sell AdvoCare 24 day challenge fast enough to climb up the advocare distributor levels to get up to Gold 3 Star income and beyond I don’t know what kind of work load you are faced with to keep that income steady every month.

I do know that they require minimum PGV (personal group volume) every month or you become unqualified for leadership bonuses.

And many of the top distributors say that because its a business one should work hard at it every month, but I don’t know if I agree with that 100%, I certainly am getting into business for myself because I want to run my own life and not have the business run me.

Do you get to a point in AdvoCare eventually where you have so much stable advisors below you that you don’t really have to do anything and the money keeps coming in?

I can’t tell you if that’s the case or not.

I know with the this lead gen model, once the website is ranked you really don’t have to touch it, because unlike managing people, websites have no emotions so they continue to go to work for you night & day.

When you deal with people, I certainly think you have to continually manage the team & provide support as their sponsors to help new recruits, etc.

Right now I love working on my lead gen business, but I know that if I was to take a vacation for couple month my business will continue to provide for me while I am away. Speaking of which, I bought plane tickets for May, going on a Eurotrip with my friends.

This is the kind of life quality improvements that bring a smile to my face and comfort to my heart & soul.

I can take time off whenever I want. Although I love working hard, it is very enjoyable at times to reap the benefits of my hard work.

Why is this opportunity so different from AdvoCare and why it clicked for me when my past several MLM tries failed?

  • There’s soooo much more opportunities for prospecting. There’s hundreds of different types of local businesses out there that need great web presence and thousands of cities to choose from worldwide (When you finally grasp this, you will be struck with a realization that this is gold mine)
  • Weekly group calls where Dave & Tom give invaluable insights & answers any questions you may have (you are now associating with multi-millionaire entrepreneurs that started from nothing)
  • Incredible Facebook Private Group where fellow Job Killers share their breakthroughs & help each other / even partner together on projects (It might sound too good to be true, what? Facebook can be source of inspiration & motivation and not series of baby mama drama and recent cop abuse videos? No way…)
  • Dave’s godly knowledge about ranking websites become yours (remember he was the guy that was pinned to the top for Empower Network at the height of their popularity with literally hundreds of thousands of competing network marketers), this means you now possess great power inside these local markets and you can blow competitors out of the water. Once you get the skills, its like taking candy from a baby. can you spell Unfair Advantage?
  • Tom’s killer sales strategy & instincts become yours (this guy has a talent for closing deals, he has background in car sales and over 7 years experience running his own business and making multi-7 figures) he also has tremendous experience working in so many different local niches, and can walk you through how to handle objections from business owners and how to put deal together so that it shaves your learning curve to a ridiculous degree, because Tom has already figured this model out. It feels so easy at times that I’m in awe of the process continually.

Nothing against AdvoCare, and their business model.

But I personally love the fact that I never have to approach a family member or friends ever again for another business opportunity or products. Never have to worry about going to advocare distributor login and checking my PGV to see if I qualified for the silver leadership bonuses.

I love prospecting only people that require my services, which are the local business owners with clearly struggling web presence.

And I love not relying on any company for my checks, not my old employer nor AdvoCare International.

I essentially write my own checks (business owners sending me $1500 checks NEVER gets old, that adrenaline of closing deals? NEVER gets old, #flexinternetego)


(From Landscaping company)


(from Limousine company)


Now after displaying to my coaches Dave & Tom, that I am a success story.

They approached me with an opportunity to spread the word for this lead gen coaching program using my AdvoCare blog, Computerknacks.

And that is exactly what I am doing today, utilizing skills taught to me by Dave, I have built this enormously powerful site that ranks for a lot of AdvoCare keywords which is how you found me :)

I have built my own version of Lazy MLM and a strong beacon of light for those that may be lost at sea, in the dark cold waters of endless MLM drama

I know how cold & bitter that experience can be

The best thing I can do for you is to just shine my light of success, just follow that trail and there is no reason why you cannot succeed either. I am not ashamed to say I failed at Empower Network and AdvoCare, because I never gave up on the dream.

“Success is a about going through series of failures without the loss of enthusiasm”

Being open minded about other possibilities to make it on your own, can do you a lot of good.

Sometimes its much less flashy, less hype

humble, real, integrity & blue collar work ethic and here to stay for the long term

That is how I would best describe Dave & Tom and their Job Killing Program

Take a serious peak here by clicking here.