AdvoCare Distributors and AdvoCare Advisors, Listen Up…

How to become an Advocare distributor?

For $79 you can become a distributor for AdvoCare and get their products at 20% discount, you also earn the right to re-sell their products and make some money.

In this blog post, I will discuss all things about AdvoCare distributor & advisor. What is the difference? How to become one? Is it difficult? Will it be worth it?

So whether you want to buy products at 20% discount or you want to begin selling some of this on your own and make some commission, you first find an AdvoCare distributor that will become your sponsor & coach and buy the AdvoCare Distributor Kit from them for $79.

What’s included in the new Distributor Kit 2015?

  • AdvoCareDistributorKitGetting Started Guide Book, Online material for marketing training
  • 3 Boxes of Spark
  • 20%-40% Discount on Products
  • Right to resell AdvoCare
  • Free Debt Buster Program when you call & ask for it at any time when you’re a distributor

How much does it cost to become an AdvoCare distributor & keep it?

As mentioned above, you can become a distributor for $79 plus tax and shipping & handling. and only $50 annual fee to keep it for the 20% discount.

How long does it take to get the Distributor Kit Content?

Most people report getting the kit in 3 to 5 business days!

Should I become an AdvoCare Distributor?

I do believe it is worth it to become an Distributor for $79 even if you don’t want to bother trying to start a business with AdvoCare because you get 3 boxes of Spark which is one of their most popular products, giving you energy boost and mental focus that’s sugar free and loaded with vitamins & minerals, who can’t use more energy?

1 box of Spark at retail price is $22.95

So 3 boxes of Spark retail value is: $68.85

AND you get guaranteed 20% off on all future orders.

1 box contains 14 pouches, you mix a pouch in glass of water and boom you get that Spark Energy. My favorite flavor is mango strawberry.

Key benefits include:

  • Enhancer of mental focus & energy
  • fuels you with long-lasting energy
  • **fights drowsiness**
  • Over 20 Vitamins, nutrients & minerals
  • **Sugar FREE

So for 1 drink of Spark its $1.64 Retail Price, which is more affordable option than your Redbull or Monster, and healthier alternative as well

Actually many people get the distributor kit for the sole purpose of getting that 20% discount. There are no monthly minimums and as mentioned earlier only $50 annual fee to keep it active.

And if you order high volumes as distributor you get higher discounts.

Maybe you love the product and you start ordering them at discount for your family members, like the spark for mental focus for your high school or college kids that need to study! or the muscle formula for post work out, or slam for good sustained energy during the day, you can get up to 40% off retail price as a distributor depending on the volume you order.

Distributor Discounts by Order Volume

  • $0 – $499 : 20% Discount
  • $500 – $1499: 25% Discount
  • $1500 – $2999: 30% Discount
  • $3000 & up: 40% Discount

When you order or sell $3000 worth of AdvoCare products in 3 pay periods which is typically 6 weeks as each pay period is 2 weeks… You reach what is known as the Advisor Level.


At the Advisor level you permanently earn 40% discount on all AdvoCare supplements and you gain 5 different ways to make money with AdvoCare.

Believe it or not, it is not uncommon for some families to unknowingly reach the Advisor level solely from ordering their products for their family for weight loss, energy, skincare, multivitamins, & muscle building.

What is an AdvoCare independent distributor?

They are AdvoCare distributors that reached the advisor level (or business distributor levels of sourcing the products at 40% off retail) which is the price that these products leave the warehouse at. You can find these distributors in your area by going to the AdvoCare site and looking them up by entering your zip code.

If don’t want to deal with the hassle of first getting the distributor kit for $79 to get the 20% discount, you could contact these independent distributors that can get the products for you at whole sale price of 20% off retail.

You get support from team members when you become a Distributor

Keep in mind that if you do buy the distributor kit, and become a distributor, you will get to interact with your team members and your upline or your sponsor who will support you with any questions you may have about AdvoCare products or how to run a successful AdvoCare business.

How to pick the right AdvoCare sponsor? How to find AdvoCare Distributor?


Picking your sponsor is entirely up to you, there’s some famous sponsors out there that are motivational speakers like Jason Panell from Ohio who is a platinum distributor. When you watch his speeches on youtube at AdvoCare Success School 2013, you see someone that has stepped into their personal empowerment & now leading others to do the same.


Some sponsors talk about their faith in god & using AdvoCare as a vehicle to help others with finances & health such as John & Michelle Bishop do that you may resonate with. Let me just say that Michelle kicks butt she is seriously fit, very positive, & encouraging, I do think she is genuinely trying to help others, lead others into becoming greater version of themselves, in this regard she is a true leader that is worthy of respect.

You may find your advisor on your social media feed and this is someone you trust & respect.

Maybe that Advisor is someone that is operating life at a higher level than where you’re currently, well there is a great opportunity for you to reach up to them and pull yourself up to their level. Power of association, they say you are the 5 people you hang out with most. So find advisors that are positive and begin working with those people maybe enough to begin changing your patterns and head a new direction in life.

Power of having great mentors in life is crucial to success.

Successful people continue to read books & learn from mentors. It is said that average American read 1 book per year, while the top CEO’s read 5-6 books per month.

Maybe you want to find a local AdvoCare sponsor, someone you can build more personal face to face contact with. You can find independent AdvoCare distributors in your area from the AdvoCare site and entering in your zip code and reach out to them.

Or your sponsor may simply be the friend or family member that introduced you to AdvoCare.

Picking the right sponsor may be more important than most people think, because you will be under the coaching & influence of your upline sponsor and they could give you valuable insights that shaves months off of your learning curve and get successful with AdvoCare faster.  And it would also be nice to have that coach that keeps you accountable and also acts as your personal motivator.

What all sponsors will coach you on is to make a warm list of friends & family members, and share your success stories of the 24 Day Challenge to them to get people interested in trying it out for themselves, sort of like the ice bucket challenge that stormed twitter, people love challenges especially when there is a specific end goal in sight like “24 days”.

The idea is that when they try it out themselves and they see the positive effects of the AdvoCare products, they’ll begin telling their friends about it and you begin building your team.

Your upline will also teach you about importance of getting out there and attending local events, or hosting your own house parties which they call mixers and do in 3 to 5 way calls with your prospects and your representative or sponsor that can provide powerful testimonies of their success and their team member’s success. This gives what’s called the third party credibility and evidence of success.

Success breeds success and people are naturally attracted to those that are successful in life.

Now I’m not knocking on these method of promoting AdvoCare, because it does work for lots of people but when you implement successful online marketing strategies, it can take your business to a whole new level.

So this might also be a criteria you might want to look for in your Advisors, are they utilizing social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to build their empire? Do they have their own websites that get traffic and their converting some of these people to join under them?

Success leaves clues.

Study the successful AdvoCare reps, the ruby level & above and you may find that a lot of these people are leveraging the internet in one shape or another to get more people to join them…

Not saying you need to use internet marketing to be successful in AdvoCare but no doubt it has powerful implications because successful online campaigns goes to work for you 24/7 while you sleep, eat and sip margaritas. People all over can find your story, get inspired & sign up under you. & there’s a lot of people on the internet looking for their own home business opportunity.

You can continue to attend local live events, 5 way calls, mixers & house parties but all the while your pulling in leads online as well.

Perhaps being selective on the right sponsor that can teach you how to become an effective internet marketer can go a long ways.

What if I already signed up under a distributor, can I change my sponsor?

Advocare has strict policies around this, you will have to cancel AdvoCare for at least 6 months before you can re-do the sign up process under a different sponsor.

6 months is a long time so this may not be that great of an option, the opportunity cost could be far greater. If you feel that you got the less than ideal upline, don’t worry this will not make or break your business.

You will have to simply take more responsibility and take matters in your own hands. If your Advisor can’t teach you about social media, building a lead generation website, SEO or effective email marketing campaign for AdvoCare then take responsibility, seek out coaches that can teach you these things & they don’t necessarily have to be in AdvoCare.

Ok either you are satisfied with your sponsor or you decided to just learn from other sources and move on with it, now what?

You need to first reach Advisor level if you are serious about business opportunity with AdvoCare

If you are serious about earning income or possibly starting a new home based business with AdvoCare you need to get to the Advisor level to begin earning 40% discount on all AdvoCare products so you can maximize the commission and begin earning other cool bonuses that only come at the Advisor level.

How to reach Advisor Level?

You can immediately become an Advisor and start earning 40% commission for a $2100 fee.

or you can work yourself up to an Advisor if you consume or sell $3000 worth of AdvoCare products in 6 week time frame.

Keep in mind the $3000 is total group volume sold, meaning if you sell $1000 but then your relative that signed up under you also sold another $1000, then your total group volume is $2000, and if you have another friend sign up afterwards that sold another $1000, within the 6 week time period, you hit that $3000 mark to become an Advisor.

Keep in mind on your progress to become an Advisor the same discount rule applies so if your group did $1500 in a pay period (2 weeks) you can now purchase AdvoCare products from your distributor (sponsor) at 30% discount.

To qualify for Advisor you have to hit $3k in 6 weeks or 3 pay periods, and in each pay period you & your group have to consume / sell at least $500 retail volume.


Let’s say you are on your third and last pay period to hit that $3K and you didn’t make it. You were at $2950 and somehow didn’t cross the finish line, is all hope lost? Do you have to start all over again?


What will happen is as long as you generated at least $500, you can keep the run going however the volume from the first pay period will be dropped.

So let’s say you generated $800 in the first pay period.

Then you got few more people and did $1200 in the second pay period.

(Now you are at $2000, only $1k more to go!!!)

Unfortunately in the third period, you only generated $950!!

To  a total of $2950! Shucks!!! $50 short!

Because you earned over $500 in the last pay period, it keeps your “run to advisor” alive, however the first pay period sales volume of $1000 gets dropped.

So you start a new third pay period to hit that $3K but now it goes by the total of previous second & third pay period volume which was $1200 and $950 which puts you at $2150, so you gotta earn $3000 – $2150 = $850 in group volume in 2 weeks to get that Advisor status!

If you don’t make the $850, again the same rule applies, if you made over $500 you keep the run alive and the previous second pay period amount that turned to first pay period will be dropped and so forth.

Make sure to hit that $500 at least though because if you fail to do so, you will have to start over from scratch.

Sounds like a lot of work, is it worth it to become Advisor?

If you are really going to buy AdvoCare products for the long term it’ll be worth it get to Advisor level for that 40% whether you pay the $2100 to get it or you do group retail volume of $3000 in 6 weeks. Keep in mind as an Advisor you unlock two more ways to earn income which is Override Earnings and Leadership Bonus Earnings plus become eligible for Rookie Bonus & Incentive Trips!

In AdvoCare the products leave the warehouse at 40% discount, so as an Advisor you are getting the goods at straight 40% discount meaning your sponsor is no longer making any money from your purchases anymore.

Therefore you become an Independent Distributor

You run the whole show without any middle man! So not bad for $79 plus $2100 you get the infrastructure of the warehouse that manages your inventory and shipment for you with no overhead cost on you & you can run AdvoCare like your own supplement company.

So lets say you are already an Advisor and you help your friend that signed up under you become an Advisor, while she was working her way up to become an Advisor you were making commission on each of her sales which was the difference from your 40% discount to her 20%, 25%, 30% Discount as she grew her Group Retail Volume sales.

But when she finally becomes Advisor and gets to 40%, you no longer make any money from her individual sales, however you start earning Overrides from your team of Advisors which is 7% of the Business Volume (BV).

Business Volume (BV) is half of the Retail Volume (RV)

So when your friend starts kicking serious butt and builds a big team under her, that whole group business volume which is half of retail volume, AdvoCare rewards you 7% of that in royalty bonus. Which is not coming out of profit margin of the product at all.

And next is leadership bonus, which are bonuses that begin to add up to big numbers as you help others become successful advisors. What is cool about Leadership Bonus is that eventually it will surpass the Overrides, and you are getting paid for becoming a leader and helping other people build their business & achieve their dreams.

What if I don’t have that much time to dedicate to AdvoCare Business?

A lot of people may be in this area where they like the AdvoCare products but they got a lot of other things going on in life and they just don’t have that much time to put into this, is it still worth becoming an advisor?

Again overtime that 40% discount will add up to make it worth it, and lets say after the 24 day challenge you decide you like the products and you keep using them and your friends take notice of the changes they see in you.

You tell them about the AdvoCare products and your friend decides to try the 24 Day Challenge which is $200 so you just made $80, which is nice little change that could offset some of your monthly cost of your own personal AdvoCare product purchases.

And lets say this friend is someone that is motivated by the business opportunity at hand and has the time to go really hard on it.

This friend builds a team that consumes and sells $3000 worth of products every pay period. Well you make 7% of BV in Override which is $3000 / 2 = $1500 * 7% = $105

So you start earning $105 every 2 weeks.

But that’s not all, when you have over $100 in Override you get Silver Leadership Bonus which is 3% Bonus on the BV.

So $1500 * 3% = $45

So really you earn $160 every 2 weeks from that friend that puts in the time & effort into doing $3000 worth of retail sales within her group.

Next Leadership bonus is Gold which is $500 in Override through that same friend or sum of other friends you acquire and Gold gives you additional 2% of BV.

And then there’s more leadership bonuses down the line, as you continue to get more Advisors that are hungry to end their 9 to 5 turmoil.

As you can see as an Advisor it gives you incentive to introduce people to AdvoCare that are not just needing it for health reasons but those that are looking for alternative ways to make money separate from their corporate jobs where they trade in time for money.

And you get paid 7% of BV and other percentages in leadership bonus, so at the very least you could start getting small pay checks in the mail that allows you to continue to buy AdvoCare products at no cost and take your family out to eat more often.

My own experience with AdvoCare…

The experience with the people that referred me AdvoCare was nothing but pleasant, and the business model is legit and I know it works as these people were making pretty decent money with AdvoCare.

The problem I ran into was that I relied on my warm list too much, and because our family moved to the USA due to my dad’s job. All of our relative and grandparents are not here in the states but across the Pacific in Japan.

So my warm lead list consisted of my friends and co-workers, and a lot of them weren’t into health or building a business out of selling health & wellness supplements.

I’d try to give them the AdvoCare pitch while they would be smoking a cigarette or eating their burger, fries & coke, they would tell me “wow sounds interesting, very cool!” but it was a tough sell.


I did get few people to purchase the Spark, as most people that aren’t health conscious are into Redbull, monster or some other energy drink. And Spark does have noticeable effects on energy!

However selling few spark boxes weren’t enough, I couldn’t build enough momentum to reach advisor level, so I started rethinking my strategies to promote AdvoCare without the warm list. If I was dropped off in the USA yesterday and I had zero warm contacts, is it still possible to succeed?

I started getting creative, and started going to local events & really tried to get after it. I did meet many wonderful people a long the way and did have some success of getting few people signed up under me.

But it was a lot more challenging than I expected. Then I started looking online for ways to generate leads.

I was committed and determined to one day end my 9 to 5 job and work for myself. So I was willing to invest & continue to learn & do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Let me just say that I do still believe AdvoCare is a great company with good intentions and great people inside it.

What started out as a search on How to generate leads for Advocare Business, somehow led me to couple of mentors that were teaching people how to generate leads for local businesses.

What immediately caught my attention was the fact that there’s literally thousands of different types of local businesses out there and thousands of different cities, so I saw the potential everywhere with little to no competition.  I decided to give it a try…

These mentors taught me the skills that allows me to generate phone calls & email leads for local business, a skill business owners are willing to pay good money for.

I still have to market myself and let business owners know about me and what I do. Which I come to realize is a requirement to run any successful business, one has to become great at marketing his or her ideas, visions, product & services. This is true in all businesses whether you are talking about AdvoCare or local brick & mortar business.

But the main difference I saw now was that I can pick & choose from a vast variety of potential customers in need. Basically in every city there are plenty of us business owners that desperately need more customers to call them from the internet.