What AdvoCare Distributors Don’t Want You to Know…

Rising Stars & Top AdvoCare distributors like to claim you can bust your ass and earn a trip to the Bahamas or make 6 figure income in the first year. At success school you may see them talk about reaching Emerald in their first year in AdvoCare, and they tell you, you can do it too.


Because AdvoCare products like the 24 Day Challenge is life changing, and everyone loves a spark!

And maybe you got some great results with these programs yourself, you studied the AdvoCare Compensation Plan and thought wow, at Advisor level I can earn 40% commission! That’s pretty awesome right?

Here’s what the top distributors in AdvoCare haven’t told you.

Recruiting New AdvoCare Advisors is the name of the Game

In order to make money in AdvoCare, you have to recruit people into the business opportunity as the top priority.


Because when you convince someone they should give AdvoCare business opportunity a try, then they have to either spend $2100 on all-in Advisor purchase or work their way towards it by generating $3000 worth of retail value revenue in 3 pay period or 6 weeks.

With the all-in purchase the independent distributor earns around $800 and becomes your sponsor.

It is not the 24 Day Challenge or the Spark that they are looking to sell, these products are just trip wires to get people into the funnel, the ultimate goal for any distributor is to do enough follow up once they are on the products to again approach them for the business opportunity.

Here is what I mean…Lets do the math

You hear Advisors doubling their income after success school, reaching Ruby Level Leadership in matter of weeks which is a 6 figure income leveladvocaregraph

In order to keep the Ruby Leadership Bonus of 9% additional on your Business Volume (which is half of retail value of all the products sold by your entire organization or team), which is on top of the 7% override you earn on your business volume.

You must have around $40,000 in revenue from your entire group every 2 weeks.

yes you heard that right. $40K

24 Day challenge sells for few hundred bucks, Spark sells for $30, and most people into health are only willing to spend $120 per month on supplements.

24 Day Challenge is a bait


Who doesn’t want to have that killer body and increase their sex appeal?

24 Day Challenge is where most people that joined the business opportunity began their relationship with AdvoCare.

Yes it produces results for people, but for the purposes of AdvoCare business, let’s call it for what it is. It’s a clever trip wire that gets people into the funnel of prospects to turn into Advisors. So is the AdvoCare distributor kit that people purchase for $79, yes the advocare distributor benefits are nice getting products at 20% discount but again this is the bait, getting casual distributors or people purchasing products from you at 20% discount is NOT where the money is made.

And to make big money in few months? forget it. It is just not possible to get wealthy selling supplements at commission in a short period of time.

There’s already hundreds of supplement company that’s trying to do the same, that have much more competitive prices and much higher budget in Advertising. You are entering a market full of sharks.

So how is it possible that you see successful AdvoCare distributor reviews of people seemingly making good money in this company and living “life of their dreams”?

It is through recruitment.

More specifically its the “all-in” $2100 AdvoCare distributor cost to become Advisor that generates the revenue to keep these distributors at Ruby, Emerald or Diamond Leadership AdvoCare distributor levels.

Don’t be fooled for a second that these guys are selling nothing but sparks & muscle fuels to many different customers to reach their $40K sales every 2 weeks.

The 24 Day Challenge is a simple bait to get prospects interested enough to get them to try the business opportunity, & not always because they feel for you… but a lot of times because they have to.

AdvoCare distributors know that they have to continually recruit people in order to feed their families, pay for the big home, cars & live the AdvoCare lifestyle.

Remember when we talk about “Leadership Levels” in AdvoCare such as Ruby, Emerald, Diamond… These are not set in stone. Its not like you climb up the ladder and once you reach those leadership pins you stay at that annual income level.

You have to generate revenue every 2 weeks to even maintain or keep the leadership bonuses of each respective levels.

There is no cruise control, recurring revenue in AdvoCare. You have to keep recruiting and make sure your team members understand and they are also recruiting as many people into the business as possible.

Whether they see you succeed or not, unfortunately is not as important as keeping their leadership bonuses every 2 weeks. They have to hit their numbers or they know that they will take a hit in their income.

MLM Business is Not So Nice

The problem I have with this is that everyone knows that most people fail in multi-level marketing (MLM) and AdvoCare is no different. Majority of the people will lose out on their $2100 investment. Like myself and countless others.

The failure rate is 95%

Most distributors fail and the successful ones have to continue to recruit people in knowing this fact.

I don’t think its even these distributors fault, I am sure all of them joined AdvoCare with the best of intentions. To help others. To serve others.

But once they start making the money inside AdvoCare, and becoming dependent on their pay check every month, you get to a point of no return.

It is truly not their fault that their business causes majority to lose on their hard earned dollars.

It is the unfortunate nature of multi-level marketing.

When you are talking about making good money in a MLM, it is not so pleasant picture, its messy, the AdvoCare vehicle that’s reaping in great income is leaving behind a lot of damage & wreckage in its wake.

My income doubled or tripled after Success School

The impact success school has on people’s income has been documented and known within the community. This is why AdvoCare teams round up their troops and go each and every year despite the fact that they already know the business model through and through.


Because by going to success school, the participants whether they realize it consciously or not, is strengthening the case that AdvoCare is good for anyone and everybody. And that the business opportunity will work for everyone.

You will hear “If I can do it, you can too” or my favorite “the only thing stopping you from success is you”, “you are the variable”

Not to be a critical nancy here but the fact remains that 95% of the people will fail, and the sad reality that in order for you to make money in AdvoCare, it will come at the cost of unsuspecting families loosing their money for your income. This fact is put under the rug, & you are now entering a bubble where only positivity is allowed.

I have seen distributors that say, “My income doubled in 2 pay periods!” after attending Success School.

Honestly I am happy for the success they are seeing, I respect the hustle and hard work. Nothing against these guys, I truly feel they have the best of intentions.

But when you look at the consequences, I am just not a big fan of MLMs.

Their income doubling, means instead of doing $10,000 in sales every 2 weeks, they started doing $20-$30K.

You cannot sell supplements in 2-4 weeks to hit $20K revenues. At success school in their minds they became clear that AdvoCare business opportunity is the best solution for two major issues plaguing most families today, and that’s financial & time debt.

So that’s what they began focusing on in their business.

This is what is meant when top distributors say “I became intentional with my business”

What that means is they became aware of how to really make money in AdvoCare, its not through selling 24 Day Challenges, MNS, Spark, Omegaplex but its through selling people on the dream of financial wealth & time freedom, but in order to give this dream a chance they must first invest $2100 into the business. Or have them hustle and do $3000 in sales over 6 weeks.

But all independent distributors will try to get you to go all-in.

When distributor’s income double in short period, they have increased their all-in advisor purchase sales.

If 80% succeeded and got return on investment on the $2100, I would say this is a wonderful business.

But the fact that 95% are failing and losing on their $2100, to me that is not a sustainable business model that I want to be part of for the long term.

No disrespect to the current distributors that’s killing it, because everyone knows it takes a lot of hard work & dedication to make money in AdvoCare.

I am simply telling the truth about the nature of MLM’s and how the business model actually works.

What is Local Lead Generation?

I have tried the MLM businesses and it just wasn’t for me.

for one, prospecting was very difficult because I did not want to sell to friends & family.

& after realizing the true nature of other people losing money in order for me to gain, wasn’t something I could be proud of or look myself in the mirror and feel good about.

I ventured off and found my mentor Dave that was on the same boat, he had a very successful MLM business with Empower Network making over $30,000 a month. But he walked away from it all because he just couldn’t come to terms with 95% of his downline failing for his income.

He partnered with a professional local marketer, Tom and started doing local lead generation for local businesses.

I started getting coached by them over a year ago, and basically I learned how to build simple websites & rank them in Google like seen below.


Dave is a true pro at ranking sites, he’s one of the best on the internet, so when you learn his skillset you can literally go into any city in the world and out rank everyone in matter of 2-3 months.

Once the site is ranked, it will start generating phone calls, and you use a tracking phone line that you can choose to redirect the calls to one company in the city.

After you send a few phone calls their way, these business owners become really eager to work with you.

You get them to pay you a small percentage / commission from your lead and boom you are now making nice income from 1 site, now you repeat the process and rank more sites in other niches and cities.

An AdvoCare distributor might need to come in contact with 30-50 people to make $1500 per month, I am making $1500 per month from 1 client, 1 website. That feeling you get of making the first sale is incredible, I wrote about that experience here.

I now have over 30 sites that’s generating monthly income for me, and I am making well over $15-$20K a month, the best part of it all is

  • No more selling to friends & family
  • Working with local business owners that love & appreciate your service is 10x better than new recruits losing on their investment
  • unsaturated market because in local, there’s hundreds of niches in each city and thousands of cities across US to choose from, because its all done through the internet you can work from home but target any state heck even other countries, I am in Michigan but I am now working with companies all across US. So even as more students join the program, there is still wide open markets and opportunities everywhere
  • true recurring income streams. Once the site is ranked, it can be left a lone and generate for you money month after month for years to come. This allows you to scale your business to whatever height you want to take it
  • I am in 100% control of my money. I do not share revenue with any entity outside of myself.
  • I am in 100% control over my products, which are the intellectual properties (the websites) that make me money each month
  • You get awesome coaching about how to properly run a business like a true entrepreneur, this is priceless because I know that the internet can disappear tomorrow and I will still have the rock solid mindset to go into business for myself and never have to work for anybody ever again

Oh and getting texts like these are just part of that fun


Knowing that you are truly helping everyone that you do business with, is priceless.

Makes me feel real good about what I am doing and I’m only getting started.

I have now become one of the coaching program’s success stories.

Dave & Tom have made me a partner of theirs and I am proud to be one of the select few that is now bringing in more students to the program through this AdvoCare blog.

As a former MLM struggler myself, I know the frustrations in that path very well, so I work on this blog to show AdvoCare distributors & AdvoCare advisors that there is a different way to make money for yourself and your family. And it doesn’t have to be as difficult as other MLM opportunities you’ve tried in the past.

You can visit this page to get started on this amazing coaching program.

Its not another business opportunity where you are pushing products for a company. Its a coaching program where you simply learn a skillset that can get you paid for the next 20-30 years & beyond because local businesses & the internet is not going anywhere anytime soon. Its like similar to having other skills that people get paid for like carpentry or building a house.