Drew Brees AdvoCare Spokesperson Legitimacy? Paid or Not?

National spokesperson of AdvoCare Drew Brees is he really an legitimate non paid endorser like Advocare & Mr. Brees likes to claim?

Drew Brees was ranked by Forbes as the #5 high paid athlete in the world.

His total earnings total to $51 million and out of which $40 million is from salary as professional quarterback and $11 million of that was from endorsement deals including deals with Nike, Proctor & Gamble, Verizon Wireless, Pepsi and Wrangler.

His Brees Dream Foundation contributed $17 million to charitable causes & academic institutions, through out New Orleans, West Lafayette/Purdue & San Diego communities.

So is he truly an unpaid endorser of AdvoCare because he is in love with the products?

Or is there more going on beyond the veil when it comes to these super star athletes that are so very supportive of AdvoCare?

Let me just start off by saying that I do not have any ill feelings or negative bias towards AdvoCare

My feeling with this company is… well…


Yes I tried their business opportunity and I struggled a lot, but those struggles taught me the lesson to become an entrepreneur today so can I really hate on AdvoCare?


I think people in the company is great and if you are looking to become your own boss, then they will teach you the right attitude & mindset for that, it’s just in my given circumstance, selling health products & multi-level marketing business opportunity to people was very challenging… to say the least.

That big resistance actually led me to do more research to discover a new business model that allowed me to finally quit my 9 to 5, opened whole new doors for me so I am forever grateful to all my experiences.

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So back to the subject at hand, Drew Brees.

Is he paid or not?

Well he is touted as someone that is completely unpaid by AdvoCare, & he has turned down million dollar contracts by other vitamin & supplement companies and chose to only endorse AdvoCare

When you look at the long list of celebrity endorsers like Michael Jordan with Hanes


Natalie Portman with Dior makeup & fragrance.

There is no doubt that these are paid celebrity endorsers and we don’t really expect them to only use these products…

But it seems with Drew Brees his level of dedication to AdvoCare is on a whole another level, why?

AdvoCare Endorsers are compensated?

Well it is obvious that Drew Brees & AdvoCare have a symbiotic relationship, the evidences are there

  • At the very least, many have reported that Drew Brees & his family does receive “product allowance” that allows them to get products for free
  • AdvoCare is also a contributor of “Drew Brees Foundation”
  • AdvoCare IS listed at Drew Brees main website as one of his financial sponsors
  • Drew Brees does indeed support other products like the Power Balance & Xango juice which is another MLM

It is unrealistic for us to assume that Drew Brees can afford to take off days off from his training to attend AdvoCare Success School and NOT be compensated in one way or another.

What about taking off weeks at a time, to shoot various commercials for Spark & AdvoCare Drew Brees Bar Products that’s coming out?

There’s a great video on youtube where we can take a look at his locker to find what products Drew Brees takes on a daily basis and it includes all of the following

– AdvoCare Slam®
– AdvoCare Spark®
– AdvoCare Rehydrate™
– Muscle Strength™
– Nighttime Recovery
– Post-Workout Recovery Sports Drink
– Catalyst™
– Arginine Extreme
– AdvoCare® Muscle Fuel
– Muscle Gain™
– OmegaPlex®
– Joint ProMotion™
– BioCharge®
– V16™

Try taking that on shoe string budget.

Drew Brees got started with AdvoCare in 2002, just his second year in the NFL and he definitely contributes much of his success to AdvoCare products, he states that he feels he gets more out of his workouts and is able to maximize on recovery.

Also these professional athletes put a lot of importance on the informed choice, the fact that all products are tested for 200 banned substances to reassure them that everything they are putting in their bodies is safe

It is possible that Drew Brees first discovered AdvoCare as a product user and the story goes that he was the one to approach AdvoCare, whatever the case might have been in the beginning, it is clear that the relationship between them have evolved over the years.

He was first just an endorser of AdvoCare but now became the national spokesperson, he has been part of this company for over 13 years now strong, attending the national success school and voicing his whole heartedly passion for not just the products but the company as a whole including all the distributors which he calls the heart beat of the company

Its almost as if hes an advisor or independent distributor himself, well lets just assume that he doesn’t have the time for that…

The evidences fully support that Drew Brees does get compensated in one way or another for his continual time & energy spent on promoting AdvoCare supplements.

Is that necessarily a bad thing?

If you get paid by a company that’s doing a lot of good for the world, does that make the company less legit because you’re getting paid by them?

I don’t think so.

Whether Drew Brees actually takes the products regularly is something I don’t think none of us will ever find out.

For example, another famous endorser of AdvoCare, Rich Froning who is the crossfit competition’s dominant champion

recently became endorser and started claiming he is taking all of these products but in an interview just few years prior, he stated clearly that he doesn’t use hardly any supplements besides some Vitamin C, and this was around the same time he made announcement of retiring from the individual competitions.

Lots of critics came out to say that this was just a business move to gain some form of financial compensation now that he wasn’t going to win any more $275,000 checks for placing first in the crossfit games.

When you begin looking at the revenue of AdvoCare now being in the billions, it should be drop in the bucket for them to pay off any celebrity endorser for their products and can you really blame them?

It keeps the culture & most importantly the products of AdvoCare relevant & exciting.

Whether we realize it consciously or not, we attribute our trust & affection to these celebrities directly to whatever products they are endorsing unconsciously


Seriously how much more pleasant does McDonalds sound right now when we see that sexy, cool, hip mother f*kers like Justin Timberlake goes in on that Big Mac

I just realized I’m super hungry and want some McDees right nowwww

I mean getting endorsers is smart

McDonald’s $6 million investment in Justin probably brought them billions of untold fortunes

Look at all the top companies, like Pepsi and Coca cola, everyone knows of these brands yet they invest billions each year in advertising, why?

Because they want to remain relevant

Being relevant is life or death to any business in today’s fast paced world of instant gratification

As AdvoCare’s distributor or advisor or any other MLM guys or gals looking to join AdvoCare, the fact that this company chooses to remain relevant by continually adding on new celebrity endorsers should tell you that this is a multi-level marketing that’s for real with real business sense.

Just the mere fact of us contemplating if Drew Brees is paid endorser or not, is grabbing our attention and raising interest levels. It all converts to money at the end of the day to AdvoCare and to the distributors

In AdvoCare’s success system, one of the main selling technique or points that is taught is to show Drew Brees testimonial & product endorsement videos that comes with the AdvoCare DVD inside the distributor kit

Like Justin Timberlake & McDonals, putting a household name, a face to a company that the prospect has never heard before, makes a huge difference on the perception of the company as a whole, and if their AdvoCare business journey is a fruitful one than it was all good

I mean what I’m saying is who cares if Drew is paid or not

We can simply appreciate the fact that AdvoCare cares enough to stay on top of their own marketing and not just rely everything on their distributors. Them bringing these guys in means more families have a better playing field in finding their own financial & time freedom

And AdvoCare does have a lot of evidence that suggest that their products are some of the cleanest on the market today and it is trusted by many organizations including the fact that AdvoCare is the only product allowed inside NFL locker rooms

Of course Drew Brees taking precious time out of his day to make commercials and attend success school means he also gets his back scratched by AdvoCare in one shape or another

This video should show at the very least AdvoCare is supporting Drew Brees Foundation with pretty sizable finances

His foundation provides cancer research for kids, scholarships & various athletic programs.

I do not see any issues with this

& chances are, he really does use the muscle recovery & sports performance products because its what does athletes need whether it is from AdvoCare or not.

AdvoCare Drew Brees Commercial & Contract?

The public will never know, I personally think they do have a contract, both of them scratch each others backs.

There is nothing wrong with paid endorsements, it is a common thing that is done to the brand image to the next level.

Companies pay out big money because it simply works.

if you are looking to AdvoCare for the business opportunity, you should be very appreciative of the fact that AdvoCare has enough power & influence to go after top athletes like Drew Brees even make them their national spokesperson.

Drew Brees was quoted in 2014 Success School stage in front of thousands, with large clear voice that he intends to make AdvoCare a household brand.

His focus & energy that is dedicated to this company shall bring many wonderful fruits for many independent distributor families across the US

And much respect for AdvoCare to continually making bold business moves to remain a relevant company, in the multi-level marketing scene they are shoulders above the rest.

I don’t know about you but if you want to me to spend the next 2 years of my life building a MLM business, it better be with a company with solid as hell foundation so I know all my blood sweat tears is not going into building a sand castle that can be swept away underneath me.

Yes there are many MLM companies out there you can join, but there’s only few that has the history like AdvoCare

New does not always mean better especially in MLM because there are companies like VEMMA that gets shut down by the FTC for venturing too close to being an illegal pyramid scheme.

And guess what all those poor distributors that spent years building their financial freedom has lost all their income streams.

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