AdvoCare Emerald 9 Star, Road to Financial Freedom


Several months back I was searching for How to make money with AdvoCare, searching for fastest way to get to Emerald Pin by first learning about their compensation plan & how to get to Ruby Level. It has been a great learning experience to say the least. Fast track 6 months later I have quit my 9 to 5 job and working from home full time on my own business at age 26 and now my focus is on becoming a millionaire in few years before 30.

What took place in the last 6 months has been lots of personal growth & developing new skills and habits. AdvoCare was part of instilling some very important lessons that aided to my success and I’d like to share that with you.

Firstly, I am the type of person that wants to see the exact strategy towards a goal before I embark on any journey. So like you, I was searching on Google and trying to learn anything I can about AdvoCare Business Opportunity.

I saw that at the AdvoCare Emerald Level you earn $200,000 per year and at Emerald 9 Star you earn $276,000 and I found many videos of ordinary looking folks that were claiming to be Emerald Leaders.

I saw bunch of dads and moms that had full time careers when they started AdvoCare or full time college students that began the AdvoCare journey on part time basis, then claiming they made $6,000 in the first 6 weeks, and then fast track a year later they were Emerald pin.

At the time I was making $2,200 per month at my job at a Japanese Automotive Parts supplier company in Michigan. I had worked there 2.5 years at this point right out of college, got a raise after working there for 2 years for 2% which I guess is industry standard but that equated to mere $60 raise per month.

I was ready to find a new path.

I had some new job offer in Chicago but I really wanted to figure out a way to make money for myself instead of working my days away as an employee. I’m sure this is the dream most of you have, especially if you’re searching if AdvoCare opportunity is right for you.

Man so I thought what does it take to hit Emerald? let’s think big, How did advisors like Samantha Sagot get there in 1 year? and then a year after that become a Diamond distributor while she was going to school full time for doctor’s degree in chiropractic? Even if she was considered the fastest rising star of AdvoCare I still wanted to know what it took, because at that point I was really hating my job and I was willing to do anything / whatever it takes to become financial free from the corporate ladder.

I thought would my efforts be more better spent trying to climb up the AdvoCare leadership ladder?











The Road to AdvoCare Emerald

To understand how to reach AdvoCare 9 Star Emerald, its easiest to understand how we can first get to the Ruby level.

Here is what the top advisors like Tomny McTomiels teaches






To get Ruby which is $80,000 per year income level, you have to get 39 advisors on your team that generates at least $1000 every 2 weeks in retail sales volume or consumption, otherwise known as Personal Group Volume.

Ok let’s think about this for a sec…

AdvoCare’s core products that people tend to utilize on-going basis seems to be the spark / slam and the MNS (Metabolic Nutrition System) which is around $130 per month at retail. That’s little under $5 per day on supplements which sounds like a reasonable range for most people looking to take control over their health and sure seems more valuable than going to Starbucks and spending that amount easy on a cup of coffee with whip cream on top.

I can’t see that many people spending $10 per day on supplements, so to be conservative let’s say $130 per month is average AdvoCare user consumption per month, so this means they consume $65 every 2 weeks.

To get $1000 PGV per Pay Period of 2 weeks, you need $1000 / $65 = 15.4 so you need to find around 16 people to love the AdvoCare products and continue to take them on-going basis.

When you consider the fact that most people quit going to the gym by February of the new year after their willpower for their New Year’s Resolution wears out, then you most likely need to continue to introduce AdvoCare to more people and get them on the products, because lets be real, certain percentage will stop using AdvoCare after few months. So to maintain that $1000 PGV every pay period, all 39 advisors on your team has to be shooting for not 16 but more like 25 to 30 people on retail and they need to continue to promote AdvoCare, because you are not going to stick with the same 16 to 30 or more customers for years to come. Certain percentage will continue to fall out each year and they need to be replaced with more people that want to simply buy the products for their energy, muscle building, vitamin or skin care needs.

This is why you hear the top Advisors say that AdvoCare has become part of them.

In order to become successful you really do have to share it with as many people as you possibly can. There is no easy way around the fact that at certain point it becomes a numbers game. There is no secret success method with AdvoCare as it is traditionally taught which is doing 3 way calls & mixers & creating warm contact list. Unless you learn online lead generation which we will go into bit later, there is no way getting around the fact that at some point you have to approach strangers, introduce yourself to them and about AdvoCare.

The problem is most people were taught ever since they were little not to talk to strangers and there is fear around this, its safe to say most everyone is uncomfortable.

Don’t think for 1 minute that the top successful advisors in AdvoCare weren’t scared about approaching strangers because we all have this fear and it never really goes away.

I know the position you’re at, as a natural introvert myself, I too thought perhaps owning a business is not for me because I thought you had to be an extrovert to be an entrepreneur because when you own a business for yourself you have to be able to market & brand yourself and your service or product.

The insight I learned in my own journey, was that becoming an effective marketer or someone that gets people’s attention and makes people want to invest in you is not about being an introvert or extrovert at all despite populate belief.

In the beginning everyone faces struggles as entrepreneurs because at the heart of it, what drives and keeps your business alive is Sales. Without Sales, you do not have the revenue coming in to support your business growth. In order to get sufficient in sales, you need real world experience not just reading about it in a book and understanding it intellectually.

What I am getting at, is you need to be willing to face rejections and not be afraid to look foolish at times. As humans we have this awful fear about looking foolish. But sometimes you have to look foolish in the name of progress.

You may have heard the term “success is about going through series of failures without the loss of enthusiasm”

What creates an AdvoCare Champion is how much heart that person has.

You see, if you found a purpose much bigger than your personal self, you will have the fire to go through rejections without losing hope & motivation.

Or when the pain of your current life situation becomes so great, that facing the pain of rejection is less painful then you will succeed.

You see I learned from my sales mentor Jordan Belfort, the former wolf of wall street, that people don’t care about how good you are but all people really care about is how much heart you have.

You see you can go up in front of hundred of people for a speech and completely bomb it, but if people can see that you are trying your best and they see that heart in you, people will respect you.

Sales is not about the high charging, fast paced smooth talker you see on television, It is about you finding your purpose and a vision, because most people do not have their own so when you share your vision with others they feel moved, inspired and want to do business with you.

True sales is about being positive in the sea of negativity, an oasis of postivity in a desert, you uplift people’s states not bring them down, you’re not manipulating others but you’re speaking from the heart that inspires & empowers people to invest in you because you know with absolutely certainty that your product or service can help them

To reach Ruby Leadership Level, you need 39 people with $1000 PGV every 2 weeks, so that means each person need to get 16 people on monthly products so they need to persuade and close at least 30 people.

So you need 39 pretty serious, committed & driven individual similar to yourself with tons of heart and a purpose larger than themselves to go out there and approach their warm contacts as well as be willing to approach strangers to keep their business alive.

I don’t know about you but I can only think of 1-2 people in my immediate circle of influence that has any potential as far as having that doing whatever it takes mindset to succeed at something like this.

This means right off the bat, that in order to succeed in AdvoCare Business Opportunity you will be absolutely required to approach strangers any chance you can get.

This is active form of marketing that gets the fastest results.

There are passive forms like sharing your experience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc which may get you some success depending on how large your following but you still need to get these people to buy into the AdvoCare opportunity with you so you’re still required to speak to new people to grow your business.

Reaching Emerald leadership AdvoCare is basically reaching that Ruby Level and then building another Ruby Level organization below you with 39 advisors that are killing it with $1000 PGV per pay period.









AdvoCare Emerald is basically earned when you have at least $1000 in personal volume or more, and your Override is $2k or more in 2 consecutive pay period and you have at least 6 legs, generating at least $100 of the $2K Override. So in other words you are working with 6 advisors that all $3K in retail volume every 2 weeks. These advisors are considered your star legs.

In order to get 39 strong advisors to even sign up you will be required to go through hundreds of prospects and approach lots of people.

This is the reality that most people aren’t talking about. But you will hear time and time again from the rising stars at success school that to get to where they are at now they too had their own journey of struggle & hardship but because they had a burning a passion and vision they kept taking action.

Because most people would rather take the path of least resistance, which includes making excuses like “I’m not that type of person that can be in sales or persuade strangers” or “I don’t have enough time”, because its easier for them to make excuses for themselves then going out there and diving into the unknown.

If you thought you will join AdvoCare and talk to few family members and relatives and that’s as far out of your comfort zone you were willing to go, you might as well save yourself the $79 for distributor kit to join the business opportunity unless you simply just want the 20% discount because if it was that easy everyone would be doing it.

Look building up to Emerald which is making more money than most doctors out there, will only come to those that wants to succeed more than they care about their personal ego that wants to be loved & accepted by everyone. But you have to realize that this approval seeking need is dysfunctional, it is coming from that inner child that is still seeking external validation. If you think logically for a second… Why should you care what strangers think of you? if you knew that continuously taking that action will make you a multiple 6 figure earner, that will create a better future for you and your families with unlimited potential?

“Your personal finance is a reflection of your personal growth”

To become an Emerald earner, we all got some growing up to do.

We Build Champions

Understand that Champions cannot exist without adversary.

1 Complaint with AdvoCare is that some promoters of it make it sound bit too easy.

And the low entry barrier of $79 to become a distributor means many people will join that will treat AdvoCare business as a hobby and not as a real business.

This could explain the high percentage failure rate that is reported to be 95%.

And the problem is perpetuates because most sponsors & upline will only train you 1 method of prospecting which is to hit up your warm contact list.

I see few reasons for this

  1. Because making a warm contact list is something everyone can do
  2. Selling to friends & family might be the fastest way to getting few sales because there is already rapport
  3. This method takes zero sales experience & marketing knowledge

This is the level that most people are comfortable with, especially when they try the 24 Day Challenge and get fabulous results, and their friends are asking them what they did to achieve that so they were going to tell their friends about AdvoCare anyway and this makes it a much more comfortable experience.

Where as when you are trying to tell those family members not interested in health & fitness supplements, its 10 times more difficult.

Well this is the basic lessons in Marketing.

  1. First identify your target audience
  2. Uncover the pain points of the target audience
  3. Offer solutions for their pain

Its the fine balance of pitching to your ideal prospects as well as pitching to people that may not be interested at first but your job is to share your vision and get them interested because that person might not be interested in health & wellness but who isn’t interested in earning residual income?

Part of it is a numbers game, but the other part is the skills to effectively communicate with others and getting them sold on your vision.

My suggestion is to begin reading books on sales, I recommend investing in sales training programs by Jordan Belfort and Grant Cardone.

You will begin to understand how the skill of sales is vital.

Look when you are continuously facing rejection, instead of blaming them, maybe you should look in the mirror and see what it is about how your presenting yourself that is not making people to jump onto the opportunity?

In the beginning you are encouraged and motivated by emotion and excitement about the potential of reaching financial freedom with AdvoCare.

But this is not the fuel that you want.

These things can create the initial momentum to begin moving you in one direction but it will be up to you to continue to stoke that fire within.

You have to come to a realization that Nobody is going to do it for you. In fact, no body really cares if you become successful or not in this life. Now if we get really real here, most of your peers would rather see you stay at the same level you’re at.

So its about becoming a more responsible person, keeping yourself accountable to do the daily actions that you know need to be done in order for you to get to where you wanna go in life. And this takes tremendous amounts of personal growth, but it is the rite of passage for all those that become entrepreneurs that have lives other people wish they had, because these people were willing to do the things today that others aren’t willing to do, so that they can get the life others only wish tomorrow.

You want that long term, persistent & consistent “No Quit” attitude like the top Advisor Jeremiah Captain. That person that values his or her vision over anything else, over all the doubters and nay sayers that dismiss your journey.

My personal success story

I joined AdvoCare with all the desire in the world.

I had come to the point in my life, at the age of 25 after working the corporate job for 2.5 years that I needed a change.

I have seen over those years, my co-workers in their 30’s and 40’s talk about their daily routines in life and only topic of discussion at lunch was news, weather & politics. I saw a huge contrast between the AdvoCare speakers at Success School that had a glint in their eyes talking about being getting more out of life versus people simply going through the motions of life with no real purpose or goals.

This contrast was so stark and startling, it really began to wake me up and put a big mirror towards myself that was not living at my potential.

I was determined to make a change and to make AdvoCare work for myself.

I learned about the compensation model, how to become an advisor? how to reach ruby level? what is an emerald 9 star? and how to reach it?

I knew I had to promote this to more than just my warm contact list before I even joined, because long ago I did try Cutco which is selling kitchen knives and even that company did say that you can start with warm contact list but you are not suppose to end there.

I began talking about AdvoCare to my target audience, so people at the gym, people I played Basket Ball with, I even tried cold calling some gym owners to see if they would be interested in carrying the products. I talked about it on my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and other forms of social media but I never used these tools before hand so I did not have a big following to really make it work like Michelle Bishop did.

I did few mixers and I did have some success with that but I was not meeting my daily goals I had set for myself and I was desperately looking for ways to generate more prospects on a daily basis.

It was when I understood exactly how much successful advisors I needed to reach Emerald 9 star and then calculating based on my closing ratio and how many advisors actually become successful, that I began to understand the kind of numbers I needed to prospect on monthly and weekly then finally daily basis in order for me to meet my goals, that it dawned on me that I needed more skills in lead generation, prospecting & sales that I was not taught in success school or by my sponsor.

Then I started searching online for how to generate AdvoCare leads on the internet.

I came across some guys that were teaching how to generate local leads for local businesses. I thought this was perfect because I’m already trying to market my AdvoCare biz locally anyway, why not target the internet locally as well?

Little did I knew, that this course that teaches the skill of local lead generation was the vehicle itself that I was going to transfer over to and use as my main vehicle that was going to generate sufficient income on part time basis to quit my job once and for all. Now that I am working on this full time, it has the capacity to take me to 6 figure status in few month from $35K starting salary in previous job. And in few years I have the real possibility to become a millionaire before 30.

I am loving this journey of entrepreneurship of living my purpose, reaching goals & developing as a person, where everyday I have the opportunity to raise my monthly revenue and build long term relationship with awesome, local business owners.

To find out more about this course where you work locally with the plumbers, carpet cleaners, electricians, towing companies and more, by helping them get more phone calls from customers by creating simple websites that rank locally, then watch the video at the top of this post or go here.