Promoting AdvoCare on Facebook, How to get massive reach & grow your business


If you want to grow your AdvoCare business in 2016, you better be doing something more than just offline methods like 3 way calls & mixer parties. People that can dominate more space on the internet gets more stable growth in their AdvoCare business.

This is what the top players are doing, and most new distributors that are only taught to go after their warm market is seriously losing out on a lot of opportunities out there.

I speak from experience, because I am someone that turned internet into my 24/7 money making slave, and now I reap the benefits of working from home and living the life of being my own boss at age 26.

When it comes to getting leads or prospects on the internet I know a thing or two more than the average, and this is what has always separated me from the competition.

I mean look at what I’m doing with this blog, I am ranking for some of the top AdvoCare search terms and I get prospects now visiting my site while I sleep. You don’t think If you had more internet presence like this it can help your business?

You bet your ass it can.

And you’d be stupid not to.

I mean internet is basically a portal that can connect you with all the customers you need to make you a millionaire. And I do not say that jokingly, I say it literally because its exactly what my mentor Dave did to become a self-made millionaire in his early 30’s, retired from his pharmacy job which he hated and now bought a huge ass mansion for his family.

Now he is coaching me to do the same with this blog & other sites like it.

You see this is the edge that you need to separate yourself from the 332,320 other distributors out there that are spewing the same hashed AdvoCare message over and over again.

In this other post, I talked about importance of building your blog asap for AdvoCare.

However building a big blog like Computer Knacks that begins to gain momentum & traffic will take some time.

And making a blog rank does have its learning curb to it.

This is why its important to master the Facebook game.

Much shallower learning cub, faster to implement & more immediate results.

I would say you definitely need to do both though. Why handicap yourself when both mediums are pretty much free to use.

But man Facebook is a damn important one. Especially in people to people business like AdvoCare.

Facebook has already surpassed Google in terms of sites most visited by people using the internet on a daily basis.

I am guilty of this myself, if I am on autopilot mode and I open a browser, I immediately start typing www.faceboo….

Yea I’m not proud of it

I don’t know what it is, something about being able to see what your peers are up on a daily basis has a powerful magnetic pull to it.

And that is exactly what you are going to use to promote your AdvoCare business like a true gangster

How to Maximize your Facebook Posts


Using Facebook to grow your AdvoCare business is a great idea, and so here are some crucial steps as to how Facebook posts work.

Have you noticed that when you’re looking through your newsfeed, you are always seeing posts with a lot of likes, shares & comments?

And on occasion you even get to see posts from people that aren’t your friends?

This is because Facebook ranks different posts based on their algorithm, and the posts that have high scores will be shown to a larger reach of people. As facebook has deemed it as a worthy posts that people find valuable.

This is called EdgeRank.

Without boring my readers I’m going to explain very quickly & simply how it works

  • There is Affinity, Weight & Time Factor in Facebook
  • There’s Affinity Score with posts by your close friends that you engage with regularly on Facebook. Like your brother or your close best friend.
  • Weight score is increased by people liking, commenting & sharing your post. The more activity your post gets, the bigger your reach becomes. Facebook is going to grab your post and put it on the newsfeed of more of your friends and even friend’s friends.
  • Lastly, Time is also a factor. Facebook / Social media moves fast. Meaning a post that is 6 hours old is already cooked and it’ll begin to fall off from people’s newsfeed.

What can you learn from this algorithm?

your goal is for your AdvoCare post to get some activity & traction from your close friends & family so that it can become a post that begins to reach more people.

The key to making posts like this is to not be all about what you can get from people but focus on what you can give to people.

Whether that be motivation or inspiration or comedy relief, when you make your posts about giving people value, they tend to do better with the weight category because those are posts worth of likes, comments & shares.

Sharing your inspiring weight loss journey with the 24 Day Challenge is a great start.

Possibly with before & after picture if you’re brave enough but people appreciate honesty and your posts will begin to reach more and more people.

You will get people wondering about what you are up to.

And that is a great way to increase your social circle online with Facebook.

Next make sure you are not posting these inspirational posts at 12 AM midnight.

By the time morning rolls around the post has decayed and it will not gain the traction like it would if the post was made during busier times on Facebook.

Manipulate the Edge Ranking?

Here is some ideas for making your posts reach more and more people each day.

Form a group of other AdvoCare peeps possible in different states, and make a private facebook group.

Have each one of your these friends like your posts when you want certain post to get more reach.

Whether you are trying to get a real inspiring message out or you want to pull in some prospects.

If you have few people helping you by liking your post, & commenting on it.

Well you are going to “artificially” boost its edge rankings, and it will gain traction to reach more people.

We are doing this with our own online business and having great success with it at getting new prospects.

Facebook is powerful if used properly, and if you become bit crafty with the type of posts you make on it.

Don’t just make the same ol’ messages that people have heard before.

A little creativity, honesty & sense of humor goes a long way to getting you more action on your posts.

And action on these post is critical in expanding your reach.


If you want to become a Ruby Distributor and beyond. You have to become someone of massive reach & influence.

There is just no other way around this.

You want to make 6 figure income in AdvoCare?

You need to reach more people.

Forget about sticking to your warm market and going through them.

I find that this type of thinking can limit you and rob you of your opportunities.

Leverage the internet and get more people to notice you.

And it doesn’t have to be all about “you hunting them”

You can eventually create so much magnetic attraction on your online presence that your prospects come to you.

Then you change the whole dynamic of AdvoCare business and you really begin to understand what it means to have consistency & longevity.

You gotta master the game and become a good marketer first.

Go here to learn how I quit my 9 to 5, without ever having to sell to friends & family.


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