AdvoCare Franchise Opportunity? Scam or Real?

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AdvoCare is a multi-level marketing company that has been around since 1994. When you hear stories about people making 6 figures in 6-12 months, it raises an alarm bell.

Remember when AdvoCare’s best distributors go on the mic, those results become very inflated because for all new reps in this company receive what is called a rookie bonus for the first year, the top 10 highest earning advisors can earn $10,000 every 2 weeks and down.

This can seriously inflate 10 AdvoCare promoters income to a very distorted number.

What are the serious numbers in this company?


They have to legally provide official income disclosure which no one really checks.

You will see that most people make way less than minimum wage in this company.

That isn’t to say that its a bad company or there is no opportunity here…

AdvoCare diamond or double diamond level income is serious business.

The diamond leaders may have been around in the company for a while and became very public figures in the company like publish a book, do speaking engagement, appear on official AdvoCare success systems training videos but nonetheless their hustle & grind is to be held at the highest regard & respect.

Truth is diamond leader is not the best way to measure the Advocare income scale in 2015 or 2016 & beyond.

When they began their own franchise like business in this company the rules were different.

Perhaps back then there wasn’t social media or much people using the internet for that matter…

Most likely there wasn’t a huge surge of MLM companies like we see today like Thrive, doTERRA, Le-Vel, Zija & on & on.

So maybe you got a entrepreneurial bone in ya, and you want to know if you can run AdvoCare franchise & run it like McDonalds?

Some similarities & differences from a Franchise?

Some Myths that make people think that running an AdvoCare business is like owning a franchise

  • The distributors you recruit into your organization, the less “leg work” or “grunt work” you have to do.

Actually, your not going to have to sell products day in and day out as you make your team bigger, because you will be living on the overrides & leadership bonuses, you still have to work hard at keeping your team in good shape by helping them recruit their team members. This means you will be required to get on 3 way calls with them to help close, or help them set up mixers, or get your team to a success school or Advonation

As your team grows the bigger your responsibility will become. AdvoCare business is structured in such a way that a lot of your downline will count on you, the team leader, to kick start their business as far as helping them close down new recruits in the beginning as they go from novice to expert salesman or gal.

There are certainly similarities of AdvoCare business to owning a franchise

such  as

you can expand your organization as big as you want in AdvoCare, at least horizontally & 3 generations deep.

So meaning you yourself can go out and recruit people into your business as many as you want.

And you will get compensation from their work and all the team members they recruit into their business till 3 advisor level down.


If you look at each big leg of yours like owning a Starbucks, then in truth you can begin to recruit as many big legs as you want.

However in AdvoCare it is recommended that you first stick with 3 legs to work with. And instead of spreading yourself out too thing and getting more legs, just focus on your 3 leg and help those team members grow their team and then helping their recruits as well for 3 generations deep.

Because this business is about building relationships and relationships can only be strengthened through time.

Quality time you spend with that person.

And there is only so much time in the day, so this is the reason why its smarter to limit the distributors you work closely with at least in the beginning.

At least till those distributors become very experienced and can be self-sufficient.

But the major difference between AdvoCare & a franchise is obviously the start up cost.

AdvoCare cost of joining the business is $2100 for all-in advisor order.

Where as to own a starbucks or McDonalds, you better be ready to put your ancestor’s will on the line.

Is AdvoCare Scam or Real?


Is the AdvoCare opportunity for real?

You can succeed but you won’t get there chilling by the beach & waiting for your recruits to do all the work for you.

The truth is, your pay period is every 2 weeks, and every pay period you have to produce pretty significant business volume if you want to keep your pay checks steady.

There is absolutely no leadership level you can get to and your annual income is set for life.

Much of your business volume is going to come from new recruits every pay period because an all-in recruit produces $3000 in retail volume.

So in short, to keep your pay checks coming as you rise up the rankings, you have to continually be getting recruits.

If you had #1 AdvoCare website that ranks in Google, then this process can happen on auto-pilot for you and then you could sit back and relax on the beach.

But if you’re 99% of AdvoCare Distributors out there, you are always counting down the days of each pay period and making sure you got enough recruits and your team members are getting recruits as well, because even slightly under performing could mean that you can drop in leadership level and miss out on a huge bonus percentage.

In AdvoCare, they do not believe in “recurring revenue streams”

they believe you have to work to eat.

And that’s the motto they’re sticking by.

If you’re ready to be a work horse for AdvoCare and bust your ass and get them new recruits and new sales, then be my guest. I know distributors that are putting in more hours than their previous job just because once you run dry of your warm market then you really gotta dig your heels and work hard to continue to prospect by getting referrals from all the people you talk to.

AdvoCare is a business that more harshly represent the phrase “if your business is not growing, it is dying”

More so than any other business out there because much of the revenue in Advocare is the actual recruiting itself.

This is the nature of network marketing.

You either continue to recruit people into your business, or watch your monthly checks plummet to below minimum wage levels.

But what about all the product sales?

Yes product sales can contribute to part of your income but when you begin doing the math on the fact that most people only spend around $125 on supplements per month, and the fact that its not something you can count on because most people do not stay consistent on supplements, then this means someone focusing on recruiting people is going to be at least 17 times ahead of you with 1 recruit

at the end of the day it just doesn’t add up or even compare to getting people excited about the business opportunity and you get them to invest in the advisor order

So AdvoCare is not a scam, but its one of the hardest businesses out there to succeed in and the statistics shows that.

Over 95% of the people the join fails at this.

I was one of them.


You know what, don’t be that person that goes from one Network Marketing company to another thinking that maybe its the product, or timing that’s causing you to fail in these companies.

or wrongfully thinking that its the lack of your personal skills or whatever.

These companies are very hard to succeed in because the only way to make it is you have to continually recruit.

And most of us do not have access to network of people big enough to support that kind of massive recruitment campaign.

Even if we did, then you have to face the moral question of, is it right to speak like this is the best opportunity ever to everyone you meet knowing that most people you recruited has lost on their investment and not made a dime in AdvoCare?

Can you continue to tell yourself that it was their fault?

I got sick of the entire business model period.

From the outside looking in, it was very hard to discern what was really going on.

I heard people say “we change people’s lives” and right after that you hear some inspirational testimonials of people that were able to do an 180 in health & finances and you think wow this is a godsend of a company.

But then once you’re in, and you see all the people struggling inside it, you see that the people that are successful in this company are standing on the shoulders of people that are still suffering.

I called it quits, and never looked back into AdvoCare

Now I’m running my own business and showing others there is an easier way to make money for yourself than recruiting people into another “business opportunity”