Stay at home mom with AdvoCare? Business Opportunity Review

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Can stay at home moms do AdvoCare or can working mothers become one by joining this supplement / weight loss MLM?

How doable is it for you? What does it take?

What kind of income can you expect on part time bases, & can you sell AdvoCare online & run a home based business with it?

These are big questions weighing heavy on potential AdvoCare prospects, especially moms that want more time with their children.

Running your business from home allows you the time freedom and eventually financial freedom as you build your residual income.

ex-AdvoCare Advisor turned local lead generation mogul that earns 6 figure online from laptop business tells all!

Little background on myself…

I have lived the life as an employee trading in time for dollars everyday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

I have seen years fly by, and despite consistent, hard work my income remained the same and I was deeply unfulfilled.

What 4 years of college got me was not a life anywhere close to my dreams, and I had a burning desire to escape the rat race & build income for myself.

Running my own business has always been a dream of mine, but I never knew what it would be.

Often times I felt inadequate for such a life, but I kept that desire alive and the discomfort at my regular job pushed me to continue searching for a way out.

AdvoCare was one of those options that showed itself to me, when I felt I needed it most, so I took it as a sign and ran with it, but sometimes things work out in interestingly unexpected ways that turn out much better than you expected and now I want to share that journey with other like minded people such as stay at home moms that may also be looking for business opportunity from home.

I no longer run an AdvoCare business, because I found an alternative business that allows me to earn 6 figure income from home and never have to sell to friends and family. Nothing wrong with AdvoCare, I learned a lot from the company and now I can talk about this company in unbiased way because I’m not trying to recruit you or anything.

I’m simply sharing my perception and some of the struggles I experienced in AdvoCare & in MLM (Multi-level marketing) business in general. Whether you find success in AdvoCare or something else, let me tell you that when you finally have that breakthrough of earning enough income that can replace your 9 to 5, life on the other side is incredible.

This journey has a lot of lessons, and by sharing it, I hope it provides some short cuts to success for you.

I want to get to the bottom of this. & Explore what it takes to make money with home based business with or without AdvoCare.

I will give honest review of AdvoCare business opportunity and discuss openly some of the challenges & how to overcome them.

AdvoCare Business

AdvoCare is a company that sells energy, weight loss, muscle gain & vitamin supplements.

Their biggest market is the energy supplement, with their top seller item being Spark & Slam.

These two items serve as replacement for Coffee and more unhealthy sugary energy drinks like Redbull & Monster, which most people drink on daily basis.

The next biggest would be their weight loss supplement, the top seller being the 24 Day Challenge, which sells for $240 to $300 that has within it a cleanse & metabolism & nutrition phase designed to reset your body’s metabolism and take inches off your waist. It also comes with diet & exercise regime and this is the product that most people sell to new customers.

It gives people chance to see real changes in themselves and when they do, they become long term customers, establishing belief in the company.

The premise of how AdvoCare expands their business is as follows.

People get on the products, they see results, they get excited about the results, their peers take notice & ask what they have been doing, & they share about AdvoCare and so they get their friends to try it as well, and they purchase through you because AdvoCare is a MLM (Multi-level marketing) company that only sells their products through their independent distributors which are their customers that bought the $79 distributor kit. And so when your friends purchase from you, you earn some commission for that.

This is why you will not find AdvoCare being sold at Wall-Greens or Wal-Mart, it is so that AdvoCare empowers their advisors to make the money.

How easy is it to sell AdvoCare?

People come to you and are already interested because they are CURIOUS about the changes that’s been occurring with you.

Above is the ideal scenario, the easiest sell with very little persuasion because they are your close friends that trust you and you are simply sharing the what caused the physical changes, and you speak about the 24 Day Challenge with excitement because you went through it and experienced it working for you already.

Your friends & family may get interested and may purchase the 24 Day Challenge from you as well and you will earn few bucks from it, but is it realistic to assume that you can build substantial recurring income in this manner?

This is a MLM, which means multi-level marketing that allows you to earn commission on not just your sales but sales of other people you recruit which are called Overrides in AdvoCare.

For more info on how Overrides work, visit my AdvoCare Compensation Plan blog post. Its basically 3.5% of all sales of your advisor & distributors you bring on, or help bring on for your team, for 3 levels deep.

So You -> Distributor (first level) -> Distributor (second level) -> Distributor (third level)


The thing to understand is, your business depends on recruiting others to join in on the business opportunity as well.

And a good portion of AdvoCare income comes from people going all-in on the business opportunity which is $2100 to $3000 investment.

Which allows that person to become an Advisor right away which is 40% commission level on product sales, unlike the distributor kit for $79 which is only 20% commission.

And will all people that go all-in succeed? Unfortunately No

In fact, statistics show that majority will throw in the white towel.

So this is the drawback of MLM that doesn’t sit right with some, at one level you have to accept and be okay with the fact that a lot of people you sign up will fail and lose on their investment.

And the other problem new AdvoCare distributor face is how do you prospect?

Your sponsor will tell you to create a warm contact list of friends & family that could use the health benefits or financial opportunity.

The challenge is, some people feel very uncomfortable approaching friends & family especially when you haven’t fully seen the results of the products yet or if the business opportunity will work for you or not.

I personally do not have big family in the US as all of my relatives are in Japan. And most of my peer groups are not health conscious so going after my warm contact list was a struggle.

Even with large customer base, the warm list can only take you so far.

I feel that the problem most distributors face is they are inadequately trained on how to prospect and grow that list, because if you only rely on your family members and your close friends, you will eventually run dry and there is no way to grow this business to substantial income.

Stay at home moms that are part of various clubs like moms club, zumba, yoga, etc are actually pretty ideal, as they will come into contact with many potential prospects daily. What’s even more powerful is if they actually get the positive changes from 24 Day Challenge, you can be a walking testimonial and feel good sharing it because you actually tested for yourself and saw the results.

Here are some prospecting ideas:

  1. Do mixers, (a house party where you invite people that may be interested and you give them presentation about AdvoCare and sample products), ask people in attendance if they know someone that would be interested, even if they are not, and continue growing your warm list
  2. Ask referrals from friends, family, co-workers
  3. always have sample of spark ready to give to people that are looking for pick me up energy (principle of giving value first)
  4. wear AdvoCare apparel, people may ask you about it
  5. approach strangers (at the gym, kid’s sports games, etc)
  6. Join Local clubs and groups of people that would be interested in health, fitness & building second source of income
  7. market yourself on social media (twitter, facebook, instagram) Platinum distributor Michelle Bishop had massive success with instagram, catch 22: she already had pretty big following because she was a personal trainer
  8. Blog (advanced & competitive)

There’s lots of coaches that suggest that the most important thing you can do to ensure success is to set a # of people you will talk to daily about AdvoCare and stick to it like your life depend on it.

So even as a mom working a full time job and kid’s extracurricular activities to tend to, if you don’t feel like you can realistically find 3-5 new people daily to talk to about AdvoCare, then you may think twice before going all-in on this company.

On one level, it is a numbers game. The more you prospect the more likely you will succeed. You will need to face rejections and fight through it despite different fears & limiting beliefs you may have. It’s the rough aspects that makes a champion, MLM is by no means smooth sailing. You have to be hungry to the level you do not care what others think and be prepared to alienate some individuals.

Do I have to become a salesperson?

What’s interesting about the AdvoCare compensation plan is that it really encourages your sponsor to help you acquire new distributors below you because they get to earn leadership bonuses that adds up.

So in the beginning, when you don’t have the track record, knowledge, presentation skills or belief yet, you can actually just refer the potential prospect to your sponsor and have them close the sale for you. Actually this is the preferred method for most AdvoCare teams.


You notice someone that might be interested in weight loss or business opportunity.

You chit chat them about how you started doing the 24 Day Challenge and they also offer business opportunity.

That person shows their interest.

you simply say “well if you want to find out more, I can get my sponsor on the phone for you and he can answer any questions you may have, or help you get started.. he/she has helped tons of people already”

And you simply do a 3 way call with your new prospect and sponsor,and your sponsor can do the heavy lifting for you as they explain about AdvoCare and hopefully your sponsor has had success with the company so that their belief will come across in their tone of voice, and it also creates third party credibility.

Make no mistake about it, at some point, you too must become a leader and become a visionary that inspires people with messages of hope if you want to truly become successful in AdvoCare.

This belief is instilled within you over time as you rack up the small and big victories and attending success school and advonation.

AdvoCare Success School 2015 was just held few weeks ago, August in Arlington, TX in a large Cowboy football stadium you get to listen to real AdvoCare distributors that became successful as well as the owners, CEO, & famous athletes that all share their message of hope, “you can do it too” message, there’s live music, tons of excitement in the air and lots of advisors claim attending success school was their turning point because that’s where they catched their vision and become sold on AdvoCare as a company that provides that legit vehicle for people to gain control over their lives.

Even long time successful distributors continue to go to Success School because it strengthens their belief in what AdvoCare is about, and it is this belief that motivates and inspires people to go out there and prospect, and that belief that comes across in how you present and share the message with people. It will come across in your tone of voice and body language.

This self-belief is what must be developed in all people wanting to run their own business and be their own boss.

Even if I didn’t find success in AdvoCare, the principles to success taught by this company is what became essential to my own success.

If I can break it down its as follows.

  • Invest in yourself
  • Create a vision or purpose (define why you want to do what you say you want)
  • Follow a system that works (practical skills & methods that others used to become successful)
  • Massive Action (Hustle, “Get to work”)

During success school, there’s different rising stars that come up on stage and they share very inspiring messages and when you really distill their message at its core, they are all talking about the same things defined above.

Success leaves clues.

I learned the importance of these core values from inspiring rising stars like Jason & Ty Miller, Ricky & Magen Reaves.

Ty Miller who successfully became stay at home mom with AdvoCare, shares her journey of how AdvoCare first found her because she was just interested in getting fit, and then as she saw good results physically, she slowly go into promoting it and it slowly turned into a business for her and now she has time freedom with her kids and exclaims passionately that AdvoCare has been a true blessing for their families.

Let’s not forget behind that gentle smile, there is a fierce woman that worked really hard to get to where she is at.

If you have the guts and determination to face rejections but prospect daily anyway by talking to 5 new people everyday about AdvoCare, then you also have that shot at making it in this MLM.

There is still plenty of people out there that has not joined this company and each year there are more and more new emeralds and platinum distributors and as the brand gains more awareness through endorsers like CrossFit’s Rich Froning, Drew Brees, Carly Lloyd & more. The stage is wide set for that one very very driven mom to realize her dreams of becoming a stay at home mom.


AdvoCare is a MLM business that requires you to sell products but more importantly recruit people into the business.

There are some factors that increase chances of success in AdvoCare

  1. Having large warm contact list to begin with (large friends & family base), or you’re person of influence (personal trainer, gym owner, etc)
  2. You are already part of various groups & clubs (mom’s club, zumba, yoga, passion groups, non-profit organization, etc)
  3. You are good with people (its a people business)
  4. You have a big purpose
  5. Because of your important purpose, you have the determination to get it done despite what others may think of you
  6. You are faced with extreme desperate circumstances
  7. You come into contact with many people in your current working conditions

You see the truth is, most people do not have big enough influence or circle of friends & family to become successful by simply sharing with warm contact list alone. Most people will need to venture way outside their comfort bubble and begin talking to strangers about AdvoCare & hustle till the cows come home.

Be prepared to give everything you got for at least 90 days before you can legitimately say you gave it your honest efforts.

In that 90 day period, expect to experience less time with your kids & spouse.

Be prepared for the nay sayers that tell you its a “pyramid scheme” or scam

Be prepared to approach your friends & family and getting rejected by many of them

If you come into contact with various people at your current work, be willing to take full advantage of that and talk to everyone about AdvoCare. If you do not, then prepared to make time after working hours to approach anyone by getting creative

The goal should be to at least approach 3 people daily about AdvoCare for the next 3 months.

Make a list of everyone you contact, get their phone numbers and follow up with them as well.

Your drive and commitment has to be so strong that people have no choice but to listen to you

Make room in your schedule for doing at least 1 mixer per week. 40 min to an hour

If you are prepared to give it your all & sacrifice a few things, then there is nothing stopping you from succeeding in AdvoCare

Personal Story

The biggest struggle for me was to prospect.

I didn’t have large family base because me and my parents moved to US from Japan.

And My social circle consisted of people that could care less about weight loss or energy supplements

I think it would of been a different story for a mom that’s got a large family in the US and lots of friends because she’s part of mom’s club, zumba and bunch of others. And she has no issues getting her friends to join with her.

I personally feel I lucked out, because in my search to find a better way to get leads for AdvoCare

I found mentors that were teaching how to rank simple websites and generates leads local businesses like carpet cleaners, roofers, garage repair & more, and then getting paid handsomely for it

I originally thought this skill of ranking sites locally will help my AdvoCare business but it has completely replaced my AdvoCare journey as I developed the skill to provide service for local businesses all across US.

The great thing about this business is that there’s many different types of businesses that can use my help in each city and there’s many many different cities in US. I can do all of this from the comfort of my home or anywhere else as long as I have high speed internet and laptop.

It solved for me the 3 main problems I had with MLM

  1. I don’t have to sell to friends & family anymore
  2. I don’t have to deal with the problem of over saturation
  3. I own the business 100%, don’t have to worry about the MLM company getting shut down by FTC and losing all of my hard work over night

This is a coaching program where they teach you the skills that can get you paid for life time, because as long as we are alive, there will always be local businesses and internet.

If you are interested in finding more about this coaching program that allowed me to finally retire from my job at age 26 and build a 6 figure income in 6 months, click here.