AdvoCare Incentive Trip: How to earn it & is it worth it?

AdvoCare is always coming up with new & exciting places to take their top distributors to. It is their famous AdvoCare Incentive Trip that is held every year. In 2016, it is to Jackson Hole, Wyoming

During this trip you get to dip your feet into some whitewater rafting, guided wildlife tours, mountain excursions

In the past years they have gone to many legendary places including Caribbeans in 2015, Hawaii, Italy & more

The members report a truly 5 star all-inclusive vacation all paid for with incredible array of delicious foods that warrant a 10 day cleanse after the trip.


But what makes these trip worth it for most distributor is the opportunity to connect with others at the trip and learn from more successful people than you.

It is without question that on the incentive trip you will be surrounded by killers

in the most positive way

Killers in business, sales, entrepreneurship & going after your vision & dream.

Its quite possible that on Incentive Trip of AdvoCare’s highest performing distributors, gathers a group of ultra passionate people possible more than any other gatherings out there.


Because It takes someone bit extraordinary to be that good in a networking marketing company.

The income disclosure shows that most people never make it past couple hundred bucks a month


Also just because you went to the incentive trip last year, doesn’t guarantee you a spot this year.

It is all based on performance each year, and the highest earner in business volume from each leadership pin level gets to go.

here’s how it works.

How to Earn 2016 AdvoCare Incentive Trip to Jackson Hole

As part of their compensation plan, the incentive trip is the 5th way of getting paid in AdvoCare, but it don’t come easy and the opportunity window to earn it is very slim. You better be on your A game and that’s the whole point. They are creating an environment with only top elite players gather and be exclusive & cool.

The incentive trip will take place on May 15-19

Your highest pin level as of August 2015 will determine which pin level you will be competing in for that year.

Become one of the top earners.

Your rankings will be determined by the Retail Volume earned by NEW LEGS through three generations from August 5, 2015 to February 5, 2015


  • Top 30 Emerald & Emerald 9 Star pin earners MAKE IT.
  • Top 30 Ruby & Ruby 6 Star pin earners EARN IT.
  • Top 20 Gold & Gold 3 Star pin earners GET TO GO.
  • Top 10 Advisors & Silver pin earners TAGS ALONG.

As you can see this gives new recruits of AdvoCare a great opportunity to mingle with Emeralds & Rubys

& Learn all the secrets to their success

Diamond level or above will compete separately for this trip!

by you best believe some real Diamond OG’s & bosses will show up

You know, those AdvoCare reps that everyone recognizes as they graced us with their good looking faces on many occasions in AdvoCare DVDs, Success School, AdvoNation, or AdvoCare Training Videos

Personal purchases do not count towards your retail volume in this promotion.

What’s very important to take note is that its the retail volume of a new leg.

So you can’t use one of your super legs that’s like your original one and its already got bunch of big time distributors pumping out volumes.

You have to begin the new leg during the qualifying time and help turn that new distributor’s leg into something special.

It becomes a team effort.

Incentive Trip Criteria & Rules

  • Incentive qualification is from August to February, 12 pay periods
  • Only AdvoCare Advisors in good standing are able to attend, you must not be under any probation, suspension or penalty, meaning you are the one following the AdvoCare Policy & Procedure requirements faithfully, & don’t be that guy that makes the mistake of setting your own product prices & pay the price with lawsuit & blacklist
  • You must register for the following year AdvoNation AND Success School… yea that’s pretty important info there. Better have them 2016 tickets already ordered!
  • Don’t manipulate the compensation plan by placing your personal orders under other distributor’s names or accounts! this is considered major breaking the rules & could result in some serious penalties on top of not being eligible for the incentive trip. I mean AdvoCare is pretty darn strict about these things, probably for the best for rest of the people attending, it make a special gathering of good hardworking people instead of cheaters!
  • Trip cannot be redeemed for cash
  • Commercial / institution accounts will not count in the incentive
  • AdvoCare reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the trip if things don’t go as planned

The incentive trip is a unique experience because every year as more distributors join the company, the competition to get qualified for the incentive trip get tougher.

So each year the people that get to attend become more and more elite.

I mean we are talking about people that put in some serious hustle & grind…

man even with my own business and sometimes pushing 12 hour work days, I bet some of these cats in AdvoCare got me schooled!


But its amazing how regular, normal, down to earth these individuals look.

Heh… but one thing is for certain, they are all full of smiles on these trips


They rep their AdvoCare Apparel well as well.


I guess its hard not to be excited about life, when you are surrounding with sharks, lions, breathtaking scenery & other AdvoCare distributors partying & enjoying the fruits of their labor

Its so awesome because you have to work so hard at it.

I mean they had to beat out over 100,000 active distributors in the company, sometime by the slimmest of margins.


One thing is for sure, people that has experienced the incentive trip wants to get back to the incentive trip.

I have searched the internet for negative reviews on the incentive trips and could not findĀ  a single one

In fact all the reviews I found were postive x10


AdvoCare incentive trip offers the ultimate experience of having fun & learning.

Its a complete immersion experience that can form new relationships for life & build new visions of what is possible.

You get to spend quality one on one conversations with Diamond, Emerald & Ruby Distributors.

The hurdles they have faced and what has been their ONE thing that has always gotten them their success.

And you get to do this while sipping on drinks on a cruise ship, zip lining through the rain forest, rafting down rapids, horse back riding in Italy & eating gigantic cakes that will have you reaching for your Carb-Ease.

I’m the type of guy that would be driven to go because I would want to pick the brains of the successful.

What’s their habits for success.

Is the incentive trip worth it?

Personally I feel if I consider the amount of work required to win these things, I would much rather spend that time building my own lead gen business and I believe I can buy an incentive trip many times over and get to bring whoever I want on it.

Knowing what I know now about ranking sites, and getting paid for it.. I would never bother with the grind of trying to be the top 30 distributor. I could grind in that time and triple my income, now that gives me all the motivation I need.

AdvoCare Business Alternative

Here’s what my site is about, showing struggling distributors another way to earn income that’s bit easier than trying to recruit people into a health & wellness network marketing company all day long.

I respect the grind

but the grind of a MLM company can really get the best of you

Stop thinking its your fault & because I was down on the same path of self-blame & feelings of unworthiness

but I never gave up on becoming self-employed

Now here I am age 26 retired from corporate ladder and cutting my own pay checks

all thanks to these guys and what they taught me

It might as well be called AdvoCare Alternative, albeit upgraded, sleeker & sexier.. the version 2.0 of network marketing companies if you will.