AdvoCare Independent Distributor, How to kill your job?

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AdvoCare Independent Distributor,how to become one? & how does one succeed with AdvoCare compensation plan? How becoming AdvoCare advisor finally led me to quit my 9 to 5 job when I learned the skill to generate leads online. I killed my job without 3 way calls or mixers, here’s how I did it.

Life on the other side: Working from home on my own terms and now having the possibility to become a millionaire by age 30, where I wake up every morning excited about life, versus dreading to face another long day in the office doing repetitive tasks with zero passion.

Cannot even begin to explain how great of a shift it is to go from a laborer to entrepreneur.

Let me explain to you guys my journey to entrepreneurship.

It all started after I got an annual raise at my previous company of 2% which I guess is standard, but because my starting salary was $35K a year, this raise only increased my monthly salary by $60 after taxes. I knew at that point, I had to figure out a way to leave the company that I was working for nearly 3 years and find a new path for myself.

I always fancied the idea of owning a business for myself and becoming my own boss. But the problem was I didn’t know how I was going to accomplish this. I was always passionate about health & nutrition so with my research I found the AdvoCare business opportunity. I saw very ordinary people claiming success with it and in early 2014 I saw that this company was seeing exponential growth from previous years even though its been around since the early 90’s so I decided to give a shot as I had nothing to lose.

I found out that I needed to first become an AdvoCare independent distributor, so I made the investment to become one.

Understand that all AdvoCare products leave their warehouse at 40% off of retail price.

Being an Independent Distributor means you are getting the products straight from the warehouse at 40% discount!

It simply means you are at the advisor level.

There is no more middle man. Most people that buy the distributor kit at $79 get their advocare supplements at 20% discount, which goes up marginally as you order more products. For example if you order more $500 in a pay period (2 week) you bump up to 25% discount and you stay there forever as long as you pay the membership fee of $50 per year.

But there is still the middle man, you’re still getting the products through your independent distributor that is earning commission off of your product purchases.

Here is how the discount is broken down:

$0-499: 20%

$500-1499: 25%

$1500-2999: 30%

$3000 plus: 40%

If you want to become a distributor you can buy $3000 worth of products from your independent distributor which seems to be the route most people are taking, because you get all those products for use or to sell. OR you can pay a one time fee of $2100 to become an Independent Distributor or advisor level right away?

Should I become a Independent Distributor?

If you decide that you really love the advocare products like Slam, Spark, Meal replacement shakes, or post and pre work out shakes and plan to use it for the long term that 40% discount will really add up and make up for the initial investment you have to make with AdvoCare to get it.

Look if you intend on using AdvoCare and you’re an avid gym person or even if you are wanting to transition to healthier lifestyle, most people invest in protein shakes anyway and you need to do it consistently enough to make any impact, you could figure that you will go through $3000 worth of products easily thus, if you buy it in bulk (all at once) from your AdvoCare Advisor you will then earn the 40% discount on all future orders!

If you are interested in business opportunity with AdvoCare it is critical for you to become Independent Distributor as quickly as possible so you can start getting paid in 5 ways and maximize on their compensation plan.

I am going to give unbiased review about their business model so that you can decide if you should become AdvoCare’s independent distributor or not?

AdvoCare Success Story

As someone that has been an AdvoCare advisor and been to success school, I’ve heard many varying stories of AdvoCare.

I have always been passionate about studying success, whether that’d be reading up on Warren Buffet or Robert Kiyosaki, I want to always surround myself with success and successful people.

I have learned that the people that succeed with AdvoCare are those people that have found their higher purpose.

Do not let the laid back music and testimonial videos on AdvoCare DVD’s fool you into thinking that building AdvoCare business can be part time or it will be easy.

If there’s any AdvoCare complaint I have, it would be that some promoters hype this opportunity up as something that can be worked on part time as a hobby and you can quit your job from it in few months. When you look at the testimonials of people earning thousands of dollars per month on their first few months, it gives you some skewed perspective on AdvoCare.

First of all these are people that are straight hustling, some of them are earning the Rookie Bonuses that account for their big numbers right off the bat.

Rookie Bonus is applicable to new advisors for their very first year

Every 2 weeks the top rookie advisors can earn the following bonuses











Out of the thousands of new rookie advisors out there you have to be in the top 7 to earn this bonus, and people that do consistently earn them become the testimonial stories you see on the DVD’s. So is it an accurate portrayal of what the average person can expect with AdvoCare?

You tell me…

People that will get to the top are those with higher purpose.

You have to understand that you will have to face rejections, but you have to have a purpose big enough where you don’t care.

or your current situation is so painful that you rather face the pains of rejection so that you can crawl out of your current situation.

If you are not at this do or die level of urgency when starting your own business, you’re simply not ready. You need to get clarity on your WHY & purpose, and you need to begin feeling the pain of staying exactly where your at for years to come, and feel that pain thoroughly, so that you act regardless of what anybody says or what your doubtful, fearful self talk is telling you.

Your purpose may be earning enough to feed and support your children, or they want more time for family. A strong purpose is usually something that involves somebody other than yourself.

My purpose that keeps me driven is to one day retire my parents.

I am only 26 so I can not speak for those of you with children but I suppose for most parents, their children will be part of their strong purpose.

You see the realization I had with my own online business, was that when I was feeling burned out or stress, its not that I was doing too much, it was the fact that I had lost sight of my purpose.

You see when your purpose is big enough and it burns in your heart, you start taking action on things you were once previously afraid of. Those things that was hold you back. You start doing whatever it takes to succeed because now you are a man or a woman on a mission.

You start using words like “I will” or “I must” instead of “I should”

It will do you a lot of good to keep a reminder of your purpose and re-identify your purpose daily.

Maybe hang a picture of your kids above your computer monitor, or make the decision to write out your purpose every morning and night.

What I like to do is actually get out a pen and paper and write down my purpose and goals down everyday. Once in the morning and again at night.

It’s important to write down your goals but make sure you write down the WHY. Why do you want the things you say you want. This is very key to uncovering your purpose.

Is it possible to succeed with AdvoCare?

Yes, you will find that AdvoCare is only growing in recent years













You will see in the above chart that AdvoCare is growing much more significantly now.

I think this is due to few things

  • More and more people, especially middle class Americans, are waking up to the fact that they can’t rely on the old program anymore of stable job and relying on 401K, with the recession stirred and woke a lot of people up. There is a need now for people to start finding ways to supplement their primary income, people are getting desperate & hungry like the old days.
  • Great job by AdvoCare to build brand awareness, bringing on board people like Drew Brees and other famous athletes really took AdvoCare to whole another level from this special niche MLM business where most MLM companies stay to more mainstream brand. They are now airing TV commercials, sponsoring Major League Soccer games & more.
  • AdvoCare coming out with new products, meeting more needs, solving more problems. AdvoCare Skin Care products like SYS standing for Supplement Your Skin is recent addition. AdvoCare’s workout supplements like post work out shakes, etc can meet a lot of people’s needs that were already buying protein shakes anyway, but the fact AdvoCare’s workout shakes are independently tested, puts it in a more elite group of supplements. So they are doing a great job of differentiating their products from the market place and coming up with more products to serve more needs.


Is it too late to join AdvoCare?

AdvoCare is a MLM company and a lot of people have misconceptions around a Multi Level Marketing, they think that the people that join first will always make more money and there is no chance for people that join after. That’s actually an illegal pyramid you are thinking about.

AdvoCare is a distribution model where it allows you to become an independent distributor, almost like getting a franchise of a supplement company. Your earning potential is not limited. As long as people continue to buy vitamin supplements, protein shakes & coffee you’re in business. And as more and more people wake up to the fact that they can’t rely on their retirement, bank or corporate company any more for their future & finances, there will be a need out there to earn income in other ways.

Multi Level Marketing & Network marketing companies are among the fastest growing companies in the world at the moment.

The problem with a lot of MLM companies and their business opportunity is that the market place gets over saturated really quick, meaning too many people join and too many people begin competing online to get leads. Such was a case with Empower Network which was a very popular network marketing company that promoted the business model of make money by blogging.

The problem with network marketing model such as Empower Network is that pretty soon you have literally thousands of people competing for the same keywords online like “make money online with empower network” and as more people joined the harder it becomes for the new people and their chance for success went down everyday. This is called over saturation and its what makes most aspiring network marketers fail despite their consistent, diligent work ethic. Because there is only so many spots on Google’s first page, you can see how when the people competing for that first page goes up from 1000 to 2000 to 10,000 the likelihood of that new person to get to the first page goes down exponentially.

I do not see AdvoCare suffering from the same fate as of yet.

One of the reason for this, being they do not teach AdvoCare distributors to market their products by using the internet.

I see good & bad sides to this.

This is good because if using the internet was the only way to get people to join AdvoCare then pretty soon only the AdvoCare veterans that are expert at SEO & online marketing will be dominating and making all the money because they will hog up Google’s search results, YouTube searches & other with their large AdvoCare websites with lots of content that they’ve had much longer time building than you.

AdvoCare instead teaches you to go after your warm market which is promoting to your family, friends and close associates. Some people don’t have a problem with this approach, while there’s others that are completely against it.

This ensures that everyone that joins can begin promoting AdvoCare without facing steep competition because everyone’s got friends & family that most likely have never heard of AdvoCare. Teaching someone to become effective marketer online requires mucwill require much more specialized training.

This makes an environment that is bit different from other network / MLM marketing companies where you see over saturation of people gunning for the first page of google and its very cut throat competitive. Since most people that join AdvoCare are simply using offline tactics to get people to join them such as prospecting warm contact list, doing mixers & 3 way calls.

I personally did not find success doing the offline methods, I always felt awkward about trying to persuade friends & family about the business opportunity because I wasn’t having success with it yet, and I was always skinny so I never needed the 24 day challenge so I couldn’t really sell people on the weight loss benefit side.

I was in a situation where all I could really talk about was the potential business opportunity but I found out that selling that alone was bit difficult for me because I was still working the 9 to 5 and not 100% convinced about the AdvoCare business myself.

Despite my doubts, I plugged a long but I was faced with the problem of running out of warm contact list & potential prospects.

I started looking online to figure out if there was a way to market AdvoCare online and generate leads for it.

Because I was pretty determined to quit my 9 to 5 one day and work for myself. I had already invested the $3K to become an Advisor, so I was committed.

AdvoCare leads

In my quest to figure out how to generate leads for my AdvoCare business, I stumbled across a video where some guys were teaching a course on local lead generation where they were teaching ordinary people how to create simple websites that ranked on Google and generated leads for local businesses like carpet cleaners, plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc

I thought this would be perfect for generating leads for AdvoCare because it was local so there’s many different cities just within 1 hour driving distance of me in Michigan where I can rank a local site about fitness supplements, that I can get traffic of people looking for the nearby Vitamin Shoppe and then educate them about AdvoCare so I made the investment to further my education in how to become a great marketer because all the business entrepreneur books I was reading at the time pointed to the importance of becoming an expert marketer.

So I knew I needed extra training other than hitting up friends & family. I wanted to figure out a way to promote AdvoCare to only those that really needed it, and not force the products or business opportunity on people that weren’t even interested.

What great marketers do is, identify their target audience, identify their problems and offer a solution to that problem so you are more of the person that offers solutions and help people. I wanted to be someone of service to people, and help make other people’s lives better.

Little did I know that my online training about local lead generation would lead me to walking away from the AdvoCare business AS WELL AS my 9 to 5 job, once and for all. And become someone that works from home and not only that be excited to go to work every single damn day because I now have a system where I can perpetually increase my income and feel good about it because I’m helping local business owners that desperately need help with online marketing.

I went from earning $2200 at my regular 9 to 5 full time job that I got right out of college to finally replacing that income with my online business in 4 months and then after I quit the job and started doing the online biz full time, I doubled my income in 1 month, and every month my income continues to rise because now I’m no longer trading in my time for set income but I’m spending everyday increasing my residual income, which is the opportunity you have with AdvoCare and the local lead gen business. To find out more about that AdvoCare alternative business model, check out the video at the top of the post.

It is a whole different reality when you own a business for yourself where you can continue to increase your own monthly income by simple daily actions, you owe it to yourself to make this your reality.