AdvoCare International: I bid thee Farewell

Thank you AdvoCare International L.P. for all the wonderful memories & lessons, but time is finally here to cancel my distributor / advisor license and truly begin my own business.

In this raw blog rant I’d like to go over:

  • The important lessons I learned. Honest AdvoCare International Review
  • Why AdvoCare business opportunity is difficult for people like me
  • What is the reasons for quitting
  • What I am doing now instead

I’m bit of an introvert and I don’t have large social circle like some uber successful distributors that started off with lots of connections due to their past profession. (teacher, personal trainer, athletics coach, etc)

Plus my immediate family & I moved from Japan, so all my extended family of uncles, cousins, grandparents are out of the question.

So to put it simply, relying on warm contact list was not an option.

I was working full time 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, so I had to get up at 7:30 AM and got home about 6:20 PM everyday.

Eating dinner, etc that only left me couple hours each day to prospect for AdvoCare international lp business.

My friends weren’t interested in health or wellness multi-level marketing, so what choice did I have to try & recruit?

AdvoCare success school teaches you that this is a “People you know business”

The coaches told us that its not about setting up tables & booths and trying to pitch AdvoCare to cold prospects, but its all about your warm contact list and going through them to reach more referrals…

Well what the hell do you do when you have no warm contact list?

So I started looking online and honestly that’s when I found a new vehicle for me that started my evolution out of the entire multi-level marketing & network marketing scene and into the new domain of well… let this video do a bit of explaining for you…

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Here is my journey of departure from AdvoCare, & becoming the independent business owner I am today earning 6 figures online.


The immense frustration with AdvoCare prospecting led me on a quest to learn how to leverage the internet. It led me to find a new vehicle that nails few of the same great perks of AdvoCare bbb business but with few extra shiny qualities I’m grateful for everyday.

Local Lead Generation Biz, This Program is similar to AdvoCare in this way:

  • No more boss, you manage your own time & destiny
  • provide great value for clients/prospects
  • Know & Feel like you have the greatest thing since slice bread for your prospects
  • You could only work locally which means you’re not competing nationally
  • Great support group & comradery
  • Great Leaders & Sales, business, entrepreneurial training
  • That feel of victory when you earn your first check that’s NOT from your current employer
  • That feel of freedom when you walk into management office and put in your 2 week notice

It is different from AdvoCare in this way

  • No more selling to friends & family, you learn the skills to provide service for local business owners.
  • NO need for a warm contact list
  • You leverage the internet, & utilize websites to bring in residual income. Not team members like in AdvoCare organizations
  • You deal with local business owners that need help, instead of prospecting leads that have no interest
  • You own your actual properties & assets that you set your own prices for, you have 100% control
  • Weekly group calls where the two mentors Dave & Tom personally answers any of your questions, they are multi-7 figure earners that have killer strategies
  • Once you learn the skills you have a means to pay the bills on your own and earn great income for the rest of your life, no one can ever take it away from you. Because the knowledge goes between your ears and that’s where it stays.
  • No more reliance on AdvoCare international for your checks, or checking up on AdvoCare international revenue or their plants in Richardson or Plano, TX to see if your careers is safe for the next 10-20 years
  • No cool AdvoCare international basketball tournament or Success Shool events, shucks. but pretty groovy once a year intimate meet up of fellow jobkillers in Las Vegas! woot!
  • no more shipping products
  • no more worrying about leadership bonus or if you have enough business volume to qualify for bonus, advisor or rookie bonus, no more calculating overrides & studying advocare compensation plans

This is my opinion but the prospecting process is much much smoother than my luck with AdvoCare. With access to endless motivation in the private facebook group its not hard to keep going with it until you get your own wins.


With AdvoCare I felt like I was bothering people.

With local lead gen, it feels that I’m doing them a favor by giving them my time of the day.

Hey but this isn’t a rant to knock down AdvoCare, some might fair better with them.. maybe if you have incredibly vast social circle that would be interested in fitness

There’s just different vehicles out there and one might be more suited for you than others, that’s all

I do not regret my stay with AdvoCare I learned some crucially viable things.

Thank you to all the wonderful people at Success School & AdvoNation to show me what true determination & passion is

The list of things I learned during my journey with AdvoCare is countless, but if I had to limit to just few top most important things its this

  • how to find my purpose & fuel that driving force within me
  • how to become an great marketer or (sales person)

Most people squirm at that word “salesperson” because we’ve all had our fair share of run-ins with “salesy” people that annoy us, but let me just say if you want to run your own business it is imperative that you become great at sales, I don’t care if you’re running a brick & mortar business, mom & pa restaurant

You still have to sell something, to bring in revenue

& without revenue. You have no business. Period.

Without the ability to sell or drive in revenue, you cannot work for yourself and you will always need to be employed by others.

Being a great sales person means you become an effective communicator who’s compelling to others

This can be being great on the phone or face to face or writing great content & becoming a multi-millionaire blogger like my mentor Dave.

But lets talk about face to face or phone sales, because that’s relevant to AdvoCare biz and bit in local lead gen biz as well.

salesperson gets a bad rep because there’s so many bad ones out there

And we don’t like them because they make us feel worse as a consequence of dealing with them, whether that’s feeling of mild annoyance or irritation

but a great salesperson makes you feel good or better as a consequence of dealing with them

They are present, attentative, & very much an expert in their field clearing away doubts you may have, clearing away your own limiting beliefs that hold you back, & empowering you to make the right decisions that you know will be good for you and your family for the long term.

Ever buy something that you had to stretch a bit financially and you really hesitated, but you did anyway because of that great person at the store made you feel right, and after you purchased it you just knew you made the right choice and felt empowered and proud of yourself to take that ballsy decisive action?

We all love feeling this way after our purchases. We may not realize at the time but it was that expert at the store that helped you tip the scales towards that buying decision. & for whatever reason you just feel great after your encounter with that person.

We all want to deal with this kind of expert.

I mean people pay thousands of dollars to attend Tony Robbins seminar so they can feel that feeling of getting excited about life and highly motivated.

Of course people are drawn to positivity like that.

Well when you become a great sales person, you become an oasis of positivity and the world is a desert of negativity.

So naturally you bring people’s states up, now does it always go smoothly like that, no but I am finding out I’m becoming more so like that everyday as I continue to grow my business and I suspect that’s what top platinum distributor Michelle Bishop meant when she said she made a shift in her approach, from trying to sell AdvoCare business opportunity, to opening up the ears of her heart to listen to people cries for help and just focusing on helping others as her 1 and only primary intent.

I have deep respect for all the people inside AdvoCare that’s killing it.

Looking at the business opportunity it just feel much tougher than what I’m doing currently, because you really have to become that inspiration for others and that’s not an easy thing to do.

You have to continually go out there and talk to new people and build new relationships, not to mention nurture and grow all your current relationship with all the distributors you signed up.

I mean you have to have that extrovert in you and bit of thick skin or you’re going to struggle.

For me, I just build websites, rank them and it continues to generate money for me every month and I don’t ever have to touch it. It ain’t got no emotions, I don’t have to worry about tending to its emotional & psychological needs like crowding everyone to go to Success School.

And I don’t have that pressure of being that leader & champion for others, but I still make a big significant impact in the lives of my clients who are your local business owners.

So I see the beauty of the AdvoCare business as well, especially when you are able to touch a family’s life and they are forever changed because you had enough courage to share with them the AdvoCare biz opp and they are now making couple grand a month and they were able to retire from their jobs and turn their family around, and you get to meet them at Success School…

I mean that MUST be an incredible experience & feeling

That is partly what I’m trying to do as a proud partner now of this local lead gen coaching program, I’m showing other people like me that are struggling with AdvoCare, that sometimes there’s other vehicles out there that’s more suited for you.

Why you should make your stake in the internet

hey lets say you’re already committed to AdvoCare, and you wan to see it through to the end before you try anything else.

You got financial & personal relationship commitments you’ve already made and you’re a guy or gal of their word.

I understand that very well, because my transition was also difficult.

So if you want to succeed in AdvoCare here’s what I can recommend.

You need to begin establishing yourself as the expert in the field from day #1.

I made the major mistake of thinking like I didn’t have enough success to treat the business like I was the expert at it.

As a natural consequence of that type of thinking, all of your prospecting efforts will be underwhelmed to greater extent.

I understand the concept of you must crawl, before you can walk and sprint.

But the question is, how long are you supposed to crawl and depend on the backs of your sponsors?

Don’t expect free handouts in this business, not even from your own sponsors.

They’re busy and most likely if they are successful they got a lot of shit going on in their life to be able to baby you.

So how do you get up and running as quickly as possible? because you becoming the authority or not in AdvoCare is life or death in the business.

Take massive action on both active & passive marketing.

Let me explain

Active Marketing is direct approach and it yields the fastest results so this is things like cold calling, approaching strangers on the feet, knocking on doors, reaching out to people on Facebook via private message, hitting up your warm contact list, etc

Passive Marketing is you creating a blog, writing facebook posts about your AdvoCare journey & success with 24 Day Challenge, tweeting, posting regularly on instagram, publishing Youtube video, publishing a book like Tomny McTomiel

You are not actively pursuing anyone, but just letting your message known out there and having people come to you

The second approach takes longer to see results but once it starts producing results, it can compound because prospects can come to you for month after month and you don’t have to do much extra work at all.

Passive marketing is content creation.

The big mistake people make including myself is misconception that you have to first become an expert to publish content. This is not true

You create content to become the Expert & Authority.

There is a business seminar called Publish a book & Grow Rich by Gerry Roberts, the one that coached Tony Robbins & more behind the scenes, backed up by famous marketer Bob Proctor


I actually attended one of their seminars in which they teach you the exact process of becoming an authority by writing a book. & I saw case studies after case studies of people that would be considered by normal standards to be “not experts” become the expert after they wrote their book, and they saw huge increase in their incomes when they gained the status of “published author”

it blew my mind, because that title seemed more powerful than a Doctor’s degree

When my mentor Dave, did some serious self-reflections on what made him successful. Making 7 figures online being able to purchase a huge mansion that would make any mortal man or woman green with envy

He defined it as his ability to produce content

Specifically his dedication to blog consistently, post youtube videos, & write copies for his email list

Guys & Gals, Never underestimate the power of what mere $4 per month for a wordpress blog can do for you

I am also going to be earning multiple 6 figures with this innocent little blog, and helping a lot of frustrated AdvoCare distributors along the way.

and that’s separate from my main business of generating leads for local businesses, where I’m already earning 6 figures.

What is the commonality to myself, Dave & all these other dudes & dudettes that’s successful?

They honed in on a particular niche and became an authority in that field.

That’s it.

Why do you think people say follow your passion and successful people like Steve Jobs say it too?

Remember human beings share similar characteristics but we come with very diverse qualities, experiences & interests.

There’s is no reason why anyone on this Earth shouldn’t have at least 1 thing in life they are very confident & knowledgeable in, and it usually falls in the category of their passion.

We can’t all be experts in every field out there.

So we will always need Experts in those areas.

And they will always be compensated for their expertise.

But the defining realization you have to make is that it is important now more than ever, if you’re embarking on an entrepreneurial journey to begin seeing yourself as the expert in what you are doing.

Sometimes your mind will tell you “well its not directly aligned with my passions” or whatever you conceive to be your passions currently.

So its sometimes important to put that word “passion” on the back burner as well, because that could be a limitation unto itself, something formed from the past & with handicapped perception of the world.

For example, at first I didn’t think I will like the business of generating leads for local businesses like carpet cleaners.

Just didn’t sound full of “passion” for me.

But as my mentor Tom told me to watch out for that word passion because it can limit you, I took his word for it and decided to give this business a try, little did I know there are many facets of this business that speaks directly to my passion such as empowering others to make decisions, & becoming a strong person of influence. Since one of my passion has always been self-development. This business is bringing about those exact things I used to read in books like being assertive and decisive.

& There is no better feeling than influencing the final decision maker to do business with you, and you get that couple grand check from them. Because you have broken down their limiting beliefs and established trust with someone over the phone, whom you’ve never met face to face.


This was the first check I got for closing over the phone, its one for the books, an experience I’ll never forget.

& the more I do, the more of an expert I am becoming.

Change the Neural Pathways of your Brain, Become a person of Influence

I’m loving this journey of honing in on few skillsets and becoming the best in the game for that field.

Because its the skills that carries the day & pay the bills.

This is why I look up to the UFC fighter Conor McGregor so much because he is amazing at establishing himself as the expert in the sport, influencing others to believe in him, painting the vision to audience all around him that he is the greatest of all time, & commanding top dollars for anything he is involved in.


“I am a specialist in the octagon, I have a PhD in human movement & hand to hand combat” -Conor McGregor

And we believe in Conor whether you want to hate on him or not, there is no denying that he is being authentic when he makes these bold statements. And the chances are, his opponents begin to buy into this frame as well, and that becomes his ultimate edge.

That is exactly the type of man/girl of influence you have to become in your own particular field.

Where you are so sold on your product, offer & yourself, so unequivocally certain that you begin to melt away even the toughest guards that people have against you and dismantle their objections & limiting beliefs.

What can give you that kind of divine self-confidence?


Whether it is phone calls you have to make, if you are trying to become expert closer on the phone.

Or you writing a book or building an authority blog in your field.

Consistency & persistence in action & thought becomes conviction.

Conviction changes your body’s physiology, you build new neural networks and you begin shifting in energy and body language.

It changes from conscious competence to unconscious competence.

You begin to talk like an influencer without thinking about it.

Like Conor McGregor of your field, unapologetic & compelling.

You are believable by your prospects because it is not an act anymore, no effort is exerted, you authentically became that person.

& you are freer to now express who you are from the core.

No one can question that you are the expert.

And watch as the tables turn

and the money begin to roll in.

Because we all want to deal with experts. “Shut up and take my money!”

In business, Become the expert or die.

your destiny & family depends on it.


Faster & sexier than AdvoCare? You betcha..Get on the new whip and lets ride.

Click here to start becoming that expert.