Jeremiah Captain: AdvoCare Marketing Strategies

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Jeremiah Captain was a rising star at AdvoCare success school in 2014, he is a big inspiration to many AdvoCare distributors because his message is clear and simple.

$79 and Effort was all he had.

Jeremiah Captain is an emerald nine star distributor and he shows us that it is possible to become successful in AdvoCare without online marketing skills

He has a video on his youtube channel with his Rising Star video that has 17,000 hits on it but he didn’t even put a link up to sign up for his team, nor did he put anymore video on his Youtube video about AdvoCare.

There’s mostly old videos of football training on his channel and no link to join under his AdvoCare team exists.

The only way to find it is to actually Google his name and his AdvoCare store page will come up with his story and a link to sign up.

In his rising star video he states

I’m just a man that has more passion than I am polished.

He might be the proof that you can succeed in AdvoCare without skills on the internet…

Jeremiah says, “I’m more persistent than I am talented.”

“I just got a no quit attitude.”

The fact that he was able to climb up to an Emerald without having any network marketing skills shows the versatility of AdvoCare.

There is more than 1 path to Rome.

His story is inspiring to those that feel like internet is not their thing.

But let me just say that if you are thinking about AdvoCare you should keep an open mind for online marketing techniques because that’s how I was able to retire from my 9 to 5 at age 26 and run my own business that grows in revenue every month without a limit, which all became possible when I found the right mentors


Folks there is money out there, whether you use the active form of offline marketing like cold calls, mixers, approaching strangers, etc

Or you use passive form of marketing like ranking websites, email newsletter list, social media posts, running paid ads with Google, Facebook, etc

or better yet using Both forms of marketing because you understand that leads are the lifeline of a business, and one should incorporate as many sources of leads as possible.

but underneath all of these strategies there is an under current for success for both me and Jeremiah.

And I feel it comes back down to what goes on in our heads.

Jeremiah Captain Story

He was a NFL Seattle Seahawks reject, drafted at 16th round he was a player that was not needed.

During his brief stay, he saw professional athletes taking the AdvoCare products and first he got on the products only and became a distributor for the 20% discount, not interested in the business.

There was no future for him as a player so he decided to become a  coach, and flew out to Las Vegas but right when the plane landed his coaching contract got pulled underneath him and he was out of a job, his car got repo’d and he had two baby daughters to feed.

This seems to be a common theme, a right of passage for new entrepreneurs.

They realize they don’t want someone else to be responsible for their pay checks anymore.

For me it was after working for 2 years at a firm and my raise was 2% which equated to a $60 raise in monthly income.

I knew I could do whole lot better on my own.

For others, its suddenly losing your job like Jeremiah where you begin to wonder what’s more risky being an employee or owning your own business.

We are certainly told by the mainstream that owning your business is whole lot more risky

but what do you tell those people (I know a few) that’s been working at a firm for over 20-30 years and suddenly get laid off?

But if you build a solid, sound business for yourself for the next 20 to 30 years, no one can take that away from you.

If you provide genuine value & service to people than that is a business that will bring returns even when during economic recessions.

It can be a business that you can keep in your family and pass it down to your children.

That is something I really love about running your own business, I am in full control of my own paychecks and it is a building act that grows in every aspect each and every day.

As an employee, all your efforts is to build someone else’s dreams not your own.

When making that transition from employee to entrepreneurship.

There is a common theme that rings true for all those that have made the walk.

At least in the very beginning, you must take massive action.

Jeremiah says he was working on his AdvoCare business like his life depended on it.

Because he was homeless with two daughters to feed.

Anyone he saw, he attempted to get Spark in their body.

Are you able to embrace this type of mentality? Where you are way past beyond being held back by fears of rejection or looking silly, its either do or die.

This is what I like to call the Entrepreneur Hustle.

I will come back to this realization time and time again, the most important qualities for success whether you choose AdvoCare as your vehicle or the local lead generation model that I’m doing.

Its Grit, Hustle & No quit attitude.

My sales mentor Grant Cardone (author of the 10X Rule) makes the point that new generation that were raised in middle class America is in serious trouble because the hunger & drive that was present in Americans of the past is not there anymore.

Startling statistics came out recently which stated that an immigrant is 5 times more likely to become a millionaire now than an American.

We are living on the illusion of the past, that all we have to do is go to college and get a good job and retire with 401K plan and life will be dandy, but that is not panning out for most Americans now.

At the same time, we are fed this spirituality, law of attraction type of garbage that states success can be attained if we just let go and let god. Look I’m all for proper mindset, and there was a time I too fell in the trap of this new age type of thinking where we are suppose to let go, sit back and allow things to happen but make no mistake about it, this is a trap and it has caused me to regress in life not progress.

Success is about being hungry, staying motivated, setting a vision & purpose and then taking massive action persistently. Grant Cardone recommends we take 10 times the action of what we thought in order to attain that success.

Good things happen when you take massive action and you are able to move past failures without the loss of enthusiasm.

I am convinced that no quit attitude is just as rare as talent and it should be nurtured and treasured as such.

Some people have it and some don’t and once you lose that spark, its sometimes gone forever.

I have seen this with my friends and colleagues.

Jordan Belfort says there two types of people in this world, those that get what they want and those that don’t.

I don’t know about you but as long as I am alive I want to be that guy that’s always chasing after his dreams.

I never want to lose that spark, that zest for life.

Chances are if you are reading this article, you also have big vision for a better life and it is that vision that drives you to search for a vehicle to get you there.

Let me just say the vehicle is there, you just have to enter it, turn the key and press on the gas pedal

Active Marketing with AdvoCare

So lets say you have that determination like Jeremiah, & his success story has really motivated you to go take some action.

AdvoCare is a multi-level marketing company, which means in order to build your financial wealth in this company you have to get other people signed up on products as well as other people on the business opportunity.

It turns out Jeremiah reached success with the Active form of marketing which is what they teach you in AdvoCare this involves:

  • Creating a warm contact list of friends & family members, hitting up all the people you know first for the opportunity as well as getting referrals from them to build your pipeline of potential prospects
  • 3 way calls: Getting on the phone with your prospect, with your sponsor that way your prospects gets a third party credibility to try to close someone on the business opportunity
  • AdvoCare mixers is essentially a house party where you can give people sample of the products like Spark and do a presentation about the company, products & business opportunity

Above three is the main 3 marketing strategies AdvoCare teaches, this is considered active marketing because you are doing the approaching, it takes the most amount of guts but yields the fastest results. Other forms of it include cold calling, approaching strangers, knocking on doors… Some people may cringe even at the thought of that because as humans we have this big fear for looking foolish and getting rejected.

But when Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street, got indicted to go to prison, there was a period of a year that he had to wait, after he came off all the drugs, he built a mortgage company within that period into a pretty big company, and how he did that was knocking on people’s doors and selling them a better mortgage deal that could save people money. Completely legitimate business that offered real value for people.

You would think a person of his stature, with a past of making millions per week would be too good for that.

But he says “I was knocking on doors till my knuckles bled.”

Jordan Belfort is person that had a talent for selling, made some poor decisions in his life (as we all do as humans) faced the consequences of those decisions (experiencing the very lows) and was able to come back from all of that. He has this come back story that is inspirational to many and he is also very good at sales training which is what allowed him to coach young high school drop outs and make them killers on the phone during his Wall Street days.

He wrote a book in prison that became a best seller and Martin Scorsese made a movie about it starring Leonardo DiCaprio.


I’ve only seen the movie once, didn’t think it was all that great to be honest, I don’t glorify the sex, drugs & partying in the movie either.

It was only after I began my journey to become an entrepreneur and I was struggling with sales myself, that I discovered about Jordan Belfort and his Straight Line Persuasion system that outlines his strategies to close a sale. He has now become one of my important mentors and someone I look up to, not for his past but for the person he is today which was to take an awful situation and turning it into good by taking the lessons from it and becoming a successful motivational speaker.

He has valuable insights about personal empowerment, one of my personal favorite quote of his is:

“you are not your past, you’re the resources & capabilities you gleam from it.” -Jordan Belfort

He has definitely aided in my success and it just goes to show you the importance of having mentors in your life.

Sometimes when the student is ready it seems like the mentors just show up. I have had this happen on more than 1 occasion and it feels like destiny because its hard to image where I would be in life if I didn’t meet those mentors a long the way.

Each mentor had a profound impact.

The most influential mentors I have to say are the ones that taught me the local lead generation model which is sort of hybrid of active & passive form of marketing.

Active Marketing

First of all passive marketing is where your prospects come to you instead of you pursuing them.

Maybe you share your experience with AdvoCare on your social media and you have few people ask you about it.

Or you rank a website about AdvoCare and you have leads come to you.

This skill is powerful because you get to deal with people that already have interest in your product.

(higher quality leads)

and when you utilize the internet, such as ranking various online properties like a website, it allows you to generate the high quality leads on auto pilot 24/7 while you eat, sleep and sip margaritas by the beach.

The problem with online marketing for MLM’s is that it gets over saturated very quickly as thousands compete for the first page on Google.

I tried different MLM’s in the past and that was the problem with each one of them, the top SEO guys would rank at the top and make all the money and new comers had very little chance.

but I always knew I wanted to build an online business because I believed so strongly in the power of the generating leads online because it is the highest leverage work you can do.

You can write an article that ranks on top of Google and it can generate leads and make money for you on auto pilot.

If you only do Active marketing you have to constantly go out there and chase people down and there’s only so many people you can approach everyday.

If you incorporate online lead gen techniques you can start multiplying your leads which equals more sales.

Local Lead Generation vs. AdvoCare?

Jeremiah Captain success story tells you that you can become successful without a website or any online marketing abilities by straight hustling.

yeah I do think its very well possible, but for me I always wanted to use the internet for my lead generation as well, even if it was supplemental to active forms of marketing taught by AdvoCare.

In the process I found out about local lead generation which is building a simple website for local businesses and ranking it one the first page of Google then forwarding the leads to a local company and having them pay you for the leads.

The beauty of this service is that

A.) its a service a lot of local business desperately need because most of them don’t have the time to mess with computers or the internet.

B.) it is easy competition, unlike trying to rank with thousands of competitors for MLM, you are only competing with handful of local business owners that mostly don’t know what they are doing.

C.) untapped potential as there are hundreds of different niches from carpet cleaners to dentists, and there are thousands of cities to pick from

I did meet some awesome people in AdvoCare like Jeremiah that gave me great mindset shifts and I learned a lot from doing some of the active forms of marketing like mixers and 3 way calls, but at the end of the day, it was this local lead gen model that catapulted me to becoming my own boss.

All because I was trying to diversify my approach, and I didn’t just want to stick to one approach to growing my business but wanted to learn how I can sell AdvoCare online.

I am glad I kept looking because I really love providing my services to local businesses and building great relationship with them, also there’s nothing better than waking up, checking mail and seeing all the new leads I generated while I slept.

If you’re interested in learning more about this sick laptop based business where you become a super hero for local business owners, then click on the big purple down below and you can schedule a Free, No obligation strategy call with one of my mentors to see if you will be a good fit for the program.

You can either learn the skills and apply it to your AdvoCare business or supplement your AdvoCare biz with side income streams by making sites for local businesses, it’ll help you either way, for me it completely replaced AdvoCare.

The name of the game is investing in yourself, always be open to learn new things so you can improve & diversity your skills so that you can become an expert in an area people will pay good money for, for years to come. If you were in with AdvoCare, then I know you are someone with a vision that want more out of life, you are going to love what my mentor has to share with you.