AdvoCare Lawsuit: Distributor Termination? Blacklisted Advisor speaks out!

Kudos to you for doing your due diligence, before joining you want to uncover some AdvoCare complaints? you want to see if there’s any dirt that can be uncovered, is AdvoCare a scam?

In much the same way, I too have searched online to try to see both sides of the coin. And I’m one of the most thorough researchers when it comes to investing my own time & money into a business opportunity.

There are compelling success stories online from real people putting up videos and blogs about their journey to financial freedom with AdvoCare, but I’m the type of person that makes decision based on logic not hype, after weighing in the risk & reward, and the decision to purchase is made when I see that the reward vs. risk is heavily weighed towards my favor.

When I searched for AdvoCare lawsuits, I did come across few sites that had people posting regularly about their unpleasant experience but I also take these AdvoCare complaints with a grain of salt because I am not into the blame game of people play, trying out a new business venture then failing on their own accord because of their lack of discipline, now they blame the company for their shortcomings. I have no time for whiners & complainers.

However I did find some real court cases between AdvoCare and newly terminated ex-distributors and their stories reveal bit more interesting insight about this company.

Look I’ve been there in the trenches and know just how hard building a MLM business can be, and have seen countless people that join these companies that have no business in them because they lack skills & determination.

And then they turn around and complain about the system, when in fact they were never fit to try out the vehicle in the first place.

What I’m trying to say is…

You will find complaints with all MLM’s out there but you need to take it all in context.

If the complaint is coming from someone that’s never actually tried AdvoCare, but basing their opinions based on past MLM’s they’ve tried, how much validity does their statement hold?

I have seen twitter, facebook and blogs dedicated to AdvoCare Complaints, I think one was actually titled or something like that.

I believe there’s some people that will always look for the negatives in life whether it’d be in AdvoCare or their close friends & family or their partner.

When you train your brain to always look for why something won’t work or why something is wrong / unethical, the brilliant mind will come up with evidences why your attitude / opinion is correct.

As I scanned through all the complaints on AdvoCare that I could find on the internet, I would say large portions were symptoms of this sickness in attitude.

Haters gon’ always hate.

I was personally impressed with lack of dirt I could find with AdvoCare, a MLM company that’s been around since the early 90’s, I would’ve expected a lot more issues under the hood, but for the most part I saw a company that has steadily grew in popularity over the years with big increases in revenue and number of distributors in recent years.

I would guess that most average person that is researching for reviews on AdvoCare will A.) Find a genuine positive review about this company or B.) run into someone that makes a cookie cutter review on AdvoCare only to find out that they’re simply trying to get traffic to their own business and they actually never tried AdvoCare (but the non internet savy person may not realize this)

I personally had a positive experience with AdvoCare, although it was not the final vehicle that allowed me to become self-employed, 6 figure earner online. AdvoCare was certainly a catalyst by instilling in me the vision of a life where I cut my own pay checks (unlimited earning potential) and time freedom. I also met some amazing people inside AdvoCare that breathe & live this empowered life full of zest for life & spark in their eye. Which is what originally drew me into the business opportunity.

I’m not here to talk bad about the company because I know it has worked for many families across USA and it will continue to help many more individuals take control over their life physically & financially.

At billion dollar revenue mark and being around for over 25 years, its one of the most secure MLM’s you could join. Not a start up company that might be gone tomorrow.

I’ve heard too many terror stories of people that put all this time & energy into a new MLM company and having all of that work get taken from them when that company goes under due to unsound business plan & failure to innovate new product / solutions.

AdvoCare as a MLM opportunity has at least stood the test of time and its continual growth shows there are some smart people in charge.

AdvoCare Lawsuit

It does appear that AdvoCare has been involved in some lawsuits.

What caught my attention are some people were claiming that AdvoCare was involved with terminating long time distributors for unlawful reasons.

Some of the legal battles were won by AdvoCare some were won by defendant.

Here’s a video of a man that claims to be an AdvoCare distributor for over 10 years and his membership was terminated, which meant he lost all of his income he had built.

I saw some other videos as well from other distributors, some even showed copies of the court documents in which AdvoCare was suing for large sums of money.

What did these individuals do to get themselves on the black list in AdvoCare?

I’ve cross referenced their stories from various outlets and there seems to be a common theme on what these individuals have done to really upset AdvoCare, and its not because they started earning more money, After all there are platinum distributors like Tomny McTomiel  or Jenny and Bob Donnelly that’s making big time income and they’re not on the witch list, actually AdvoCare seems to parade around these people with professionally done testimonial videos that goes on official DVD’s, helping them gain even more notoriety and influence.

And then there’s new diamond distributors like Michelle Bishop and Samantha Sagot who are young and fastest rising stars the company has ever seen. (Michelle was the youngest diamond and Samantha the fastest to hit diamond, both are in their 20’s)

Try convincing these people AdvoCare is not a legit company…

The people that were sued by AdvoCare knowingly or unknowingly started selling products at their own prices to friends & family, which is against terms & polices.

You have to sell AdvoCare either at 20% discount to distributors (wholesale price) or you have to sell at full price (retail price) to people without distributor kit.

AdvoCare states that if people begin selling their products at discount at whatever level that individual decides, that sort of price cutting practice will hurt the brand image.

So for example if someone is at the advisor level and decides to open up a store online and decides to sell the products at 30% off retail since advisors get the products at 40% off retail so they can get the 10% commission, you can see how this will hurt the playing field for all other advisors & distributors trying to make it because if this online store was to get some notoriety or first page on Google, more and more people that need products will go to them than the rest of everyone that’s selling at full price. This could potentially create a price cutting competition that will severely cripple AdvoCare’s business opportunity.

The accused individual’s major complaint is that they feel the fact that AdvoCare does not allow distributors to set their own price, reveal that AdvoCare is not really a business that relies on its products for revenue but preying on individual’s to get sucked up in their business scheme pay the all-in price of $3k to become advisor, and compensation plan that takes 1 sale and turns it into more recruits & product sales from friends & family, so on and so forth, so really its the business opportunity that is the driving force behind AdvoCare’s success not its products, and these individual’s make the claim that true product oriented companies all across the globe do not fix their prices, such as good year tire, proctor & gamble, etc


Above is an counter argument provided by former AdvoCare advisor that was blacklisted / terminated

why he/she believes “protection of brand image” reasoning behind controlling the price is a mere cover story

Do they have a point?

Again I see both sides of the coin here.

One person can be part of AdvoCare, attend the success schools, only have marginal success and still think this is the best company in the entire world.

While someone in the same circumstance can decide to take a completely different stance on the company.

It gets challenging to decipher which faction is telling the truth and which faction is a bit delusional.

Personally, I do see the need for AdvoCare to desperately want to protect the prices of their products because their whole business model does indeed revolve around recruitment, that is the nature of all MLMs. And the business opportunity operate within the 20% – 40% margins that is only possible when the final retail price is protected.

In order to provide ordinary people with opportunity to make money by selling the products, the prices need to be controlled in some fashion or only the select few will be able to compete.

Which brings to light the question why AdvoCare is not selling their products in Walmart, Wallgreens, Trader Joes, Vitamin Shoppe, etc

The reason why Good Year can allow their distribution channels set their own prices is that the company does not rely on new recruits for their revenue but purely product sales, whether their products is sold locally at 1 branch $5 cheaper than average is not going to make any difference to them or other branches in other cities or states.

Where as with supplements & the sale of new business opportunity, 1 person selling the product at their own price online could take away or hurt the business of many people within the entire distribution channel. Especially when you create your own shop online and it ranks in Google.

With online e-commerce site becoming easier and easier to set up for most people, this is a concern facing AdvoCare at ever alarming precedence than 10-20 years ago.

I wouldn’t want to be fighting the fight with 500 lbs gorilla like AdvoCare in any court cases.

Look I see their motives and reasoning behind going after these individuals, and my heart goes out to those facing these litigation.

and those that have been persecuted feel unjust & undeserving of such punishment (we’re talking fines in the millions), understandably they would look at AdvoCare in a whole new light. The deal is when you purchase the distributor kit, you are agreeing to the terms & conditions which state that certain guidelines have to be followed to distribute their products & AdvoCare takes these guidelines pretty seriously.

Could it be a case where they want to make an example out of these individual?

hmm I would hope that is not the case & if it is, I see that back firing on them as these individual release videos and websites that attract a lot of negative attention to the situation.

One strange thing I noticed was one site that was ranked high in google that discussed these lawsuits about AdvoCare has disappeared from sight. Either these individuals were forced to take their site down or it was attacked & taken down.

I would have more cross reference data and evidence to show that these lawsuits I was studying were indeed real, but at this point in time, I just cannot find that material online anymore.

Anyway I am here making a neutral stance on this matter because I come from the understanding that people will take away their own meaning from any company or business opportunity.

That being said, it brings up a notion if AdvoCare is indeed like owning your own business or its only pretending like it. Because if you truly own your own business, you are the one that exercise control over the price of your products and no one can come take away your business either. True business owners are building something long term that can be left to their children.

Yes the attitude & mentality of some of the successful people in AdvoCare is entrepreneurial and there are a lot of good people in this company, yet you have to question if you are truly the business owner you say you are or simply a recruitment officer for another company not your own?

Right or wrong is a judgement call that has to be made by each individual. I’m not here to make that decision for you. The ability to have an open mind, see the situation from different angles & be discerning of your own conclusion is truly valuable skill that can come handy here.

Personally having dealt with few Multi-level marketing companies in the past, it is easier for me to see through some of the hype around it as you recognize the same patterns and see the business model for what it is, and that is that the big part of the business for these companies is to rely on new recruits that go all in ($2100 to $3000 investment) and to have them push their products into the market place by going through their warm list.

Yes most people will fail in the process, but for AdvoCare each recruit equals additional product sales even if the individual does not succeed.

And people do not have a fair opportunity either in a MLM, someone with lots of influence like a well known personal fitness trainer already have much bigger head start versus someone with very small social circle.

I was one of those people with very limited influence, at 24 fresh out of college with most of my peers that drank heavy on the weekends and smoked pot, they were definitely no where near the universe of ideal audience that needed weight loss supplements.

It is possible to overcome those limitations but it requires more skills that is usually not taught by your sponsors or at success schools.

and these facts get lost in translation when AdvoCare reps tell you the business model is for anyone & everyone.

I personally have no regrets in trying out AdvoCare, I actually learned a lot about marketing & being an entrepreneur from the great distributors inside this company, and it was the challenges I faced in AdvoCare of not having enough leads that pushed me to become a local lead generation expert that I now do full time, making 6 figure income working from home on my laptop. (not saying its easy but its doable for pretty much anyone)

Its those skills I utilized to rank this AdvoCare site with original intention of getting AdvoCare leads online but as I found a new business for myself I have slowly transitioned this site to show people an another way.

Did I have doubts when I first joined AdvoCare, yes I did.

Just like you, I looked up all over the internet to find any dirt on the company and I came across some of those complaints you see time & time again in any MLM business you look up.

At the end of the day I was willing to take a chance because I was sick and tired of my 9 to 5 dead end career making $36K a year, which was $2,200 monthly income and I knew I could get there if I just got started with something on the side and in AdvoCare I saw the clear numbers of getting $15,000 PGV every pay period and becoming a Gold 3 Star which was going to get me that $2K monthly income enough to replace my job, and I saw stay at home moms do it, I thought if I worked hard enough I will succeed as well.

Hey but things don’t always go according to plan.

And sometimes life has a way of showing you something much more colorful than you expected from unexpected ways & I’m ever so grateful for it.

The most important lesson I learned was the importance of taking action.

You see I didn’t know at the time if AdvoCare was the real deal or not, I have a tendency to over analyze things and sometimes this is to my detriment.

Paralysis by analysis.

I haven’t weighed in all the positives & negatives yet, but it just got to the point where the pain of my current life circumstances were so great that I just simply ditched all the analysis to the side and I went for it.

It was when I finally committed to the intention of changing my life, that things really did begin to take place.

I saw a shift take place in my ability to stay focused & determined. My productivity went up.

“The teacher will show up when the student is ready.” heard that somewhere.. and that really seemed like how it went down.

I soon came across books & mentors that would soon change my life for real.

I finally realized the truth in why all those successful people I looked up to talked about the importance of getting mentors in your life.


Especially when you get these outstanding mentors that hold your hand and teach you a new skill set that can get you paid for the rest of your life.

My tip is this. Sometimes you won’t figure out everything by reading through others experiences, sometimes you just have to take action and let the experience teach you (let the chips fall where they may).

What’s cool is, before you know it, you could have accidentally integrated some cool lessons & skills that’s got you operating on a whole new level without you being aware, with new levels of income to boot.

Sometimes I pinch at myself for living a life where I no longer have to check in to a boss go to a dull office from 9 to 5, its truly a blessing.

I’m so grateful to have taken the action to try out AdvoCare even though I didn’t find success with it, it was definitely the catalyst that spurred me onto a whole new life path.

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