How to get AdvoCare Leads Online? without Mixers?

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Maybe you are thinking of joining the AdvoCare business opportunity but dread the idea of hitting up your friends & family to join or doing house parties or mixers? Perhaps you already have and you exhausted your warm contact list and now need to figure out how to get more leads for AdvoCare Business?

In this blog I will go over the solutions to the #1 problem facing all new distributors of AdvoCare which is insufficient amount of leads or prospects.

My whole venture with AdvoCare has been one of struggle to say the least, like all the other interviews I listened to of top distributors in AdvoCare like Samantha Sagot & Michelle Bishop that just said hard work and no quit attitude was all it took to become successful, but several months down and countless hours spent on trying to prospect, I simply wasn’t getting anywhere fast.

I then started doing research and found that AdvoCare like all other MLM’s had pretty high failure rate. And the #1 reason why most people fail with MLM like AdvoCare is that people never learn how to generate sufficient leads for their business. Well thankfully I still had enough grit & perseverance to further my education on how to truly make it online because I was pretty desperate to quit my dreadful 9 to 5 job. So I kept looking, & I found some mentors that were making over 9 figures online by mastering the skill of local lead generation by ranking simple websites, these mentors literally changed the game for me.

I found out that doing mixers & 3 way calls were not the highest yielding use of my time.

Despite the fact that it is a core strategy & business model for AdvoCare, working full time and living in a small apartment in a new city with not that many friends & family around… I found it extremely difficult to keep the mixers going. Thankfully that struggle in hindsight was a blessing in disguise because it led me to finding a solution that allows me to generate leads with a website and have it monetize on auto pilot so I can build enough residual income to quit my job for good which I did in few months once I took the course taught by online business millionaires.

Let me just say that running my own online business is 10x better than I even imagined. I get to wake up and have the opportunity to continually raise my monthly income. There is no limit to my earning potential now, I’m not trading in my time for money instead I get to multiply my income. Being my own boss kicks serious butt.

And chances are if you’re reading this blog you want the same thing for yourself so let me breakdown all the mindset & strategy breakthroughs that allowed me to get to where I am at today.

AdvoCare Belief Statements

From AdvoCare Success School Rising Star Speeches and top distributor on youtube you often hear their belief statements such as

  • Have a no quit attitude (Jeremiah Captain)
  • If you have a big enough purpose, you will find a way to become successful (Samantha Sagot)
  • Fight for it, you can do anything you believe

I do think having great mindset is important but you have to also have the right strategy you are in for a ride with lots of frustration & confusion and not getting anywhere fast.

For me the strategy of House Party / Mixers was simply not working out.

I confess.

I could never get over the feeling of awkwardness when inviting strangers to my apartment to promote AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge when I myself never really used it to any benefit as I’m 26 years old Asian kid with pretty high metabolism already. I do like the spark so I was able to fully commit to promoting that product but again I struggled with promoting the business opportunity in person as well because I was still no where near the level of success I felt was worthy for me to tout AdvoCare business opportunity as the best thing ever.

House parties & mixers, I see more of like the moms doing them a lot more successfully than me, because they get together in that fashion regardless, like my mom joined moms club and zumba classes and they would always throw little get togethers at each other’s houses.


As for me, the only place I’d see my peers was at bars drinking beer and eating chicken wings. Was I going to bring my bottle water and packs of spark and try to convince them on Friday evening that they should go with the spark instead of the getting wasted that night?

Again I felt my peers were the wrong target audience, so I just didn’t see the mixers as a long term solution to continue to acquire leads for my AdvoCare business.

Pros & Cons of AdvoCare Mixers


  • Getting to meet people face to face (if you don’t mind it) which can be a more powerful rapport builder than over the phone
  • You can give samples of the products for people to taste & feel such as the Spark
  • You can present your story & purpose in a more meaningful, direct way
  • Thorough presentation with great visual cues
  • Answer any doubts or lingering questions right there on the spot
  • Get more warm contact referrals from the attendees


  • You are limited by your weekly schedule on how many mixers you can feasibly do, which limits your number of leads you come in contact with if mixers are your only strategy
  • Even doing 2 mixers every week and 8 people show up each time, that’s only 16 people to pitch to every week which I have found was not sufficient to grow not just AdvoCare business but any business online or offline (imagine only if you ran a supplement store and only 16 people showed up every week)
  • My warm contact list was not big to begin with, so I was having a difficult time getting people to show up to mixers in the first place. I’m 26 year old male, most of my friends aren’t facing obesity issues yet so the 24 Day Challenge is a tough sale to most of my peers
  • Its actually pretty time consuming to set up a mixer, from invitation to presentation set up and coordinating for everyone to show up, then doing follow ups. It becomes challenging when you already have a full time job

Why Generating AdvoCare Leads Online is so Important

I am sure some people do get successful with offline marketing approaches of mixers & 3 way calls and hitting up neighbors and asking for referrals which is how people build other MLM businesses like Cutco the kitchen knives company. And I can only speak from my own experience but I ran into a problem of exhausting my warm contact list very quickly and try doing mixers with people that weren’t even interested in health & wellness was a complete waste of my time. I felt like my immediate circle of influence was for the most part not my ideal target audience. I needed to branch out, but what options are left besides approaching strangers at the mall? Was I supposed to become an AdvoCare pick up artist, similar to pick up artist for women?

The problem with all these offline approach was that you could end up wasting a lot of time and the amount of leads you can reach is limited because there is only so many people you can approach personally everyday. But a website with targeted traffic you get to reach out to people that you want to talk to and people that are already interested in your offer, but whats even better is that they reach out to you.

Let me give you an example, when my mentor taught me local lead generation by building websites and ranking them at the top of Google, I started getting traffic and generating 5-8 leads per day for each site I built and all the different cities in Michigan which is where I live. With a mixer you can only meet around 8 people at a time and for most people its only feasible to do a mixer once a week maybe two if you’re pushing it.

By the time I do a mixer and hit up my warm contact list and get on 3 way calls, I have already built another website in another city that starts generating 5+ leads per day on autopilot.

The great thing about online lead generation strategy is that I can take a break for a month and those sites will continue to generate leads because once these sites are ranked they stay there.

Where as if you only stick to doing mixers / house parties then if you take a break for a month, your business is in jeopardy. You certainly may not earn enough PGV to earn your full commission for 1-2 pay periods.

I am not saying mixer are bad, but when you find a new strategy that allows you to leverage your time & efforts and all of the sudden begin mutliplying your results instead of trading in time for fixed amounts of leads every month, then the opportunity cost of doing a mixer and spending all that time into it becomes too great at which point you have to choose to do the ONE thing that yields the most results for you.

I’ll leave the mixer, warm contact list & 3 way call strategies for those that are unwilling to learn about building a business online. For a lot of people out there, they would much rather deal with people face to face only & there fear of using a computer or a belief that they are computer illiterate is stopping them from capitalizing on the greatest sales & marketing tool of the 21st Century: the Internet.

The truth is learning about building local lead generation websites is very simple. In my course I have seen even over 70 year olds learning this skill so there is no doubt in my mind that as long as you can listen to direction any one is capable.

Internet Lead Generation Problems with Most MLMs

So here is a problem with taking on the online lead generation strategy with most big multi level marketing like AdvoCare.

It becomes Over Saturated and Highly Competitive.

For example let’s say you want to rank a website for keywords “How to become a distributor in AdvoCare?”

so that people that are already interested in the AdvoCare business opportunity, lands on your site, you educate them more about the company and they feel compelled by your content to join with you because you described your purpose well and put various links that allows people to get signed up under you.

In Google there is limited spots, only about the top 5 will receive attention / traffic.

In most MLM’s like AdvoCare, Amway, ARIIX, ASEA, ACN, & on and on is that these companies already have thousands within their organization and out of which there are hundreds of super tech savy people that have much more experience in online rankings & SEO than you, and these guys are dominating the front page of Google and new comers with no experience have an steep hill to climb that almost makes it impossible. So really for most people that join MLM’s like AdvoCare there only option is offline methods like mixers & 3 way calls even though this method of prospecting has slower results that does not multiply with only set amount of leads you can get per week.

This is why I believe in AdvoCare the sponsors do not teach people about online marketing

  • It takes more specialized training
  • sponsors themselves do not have a clue
  • there is misconception that online marketing is only for the tech savvy people (which is not true), in my opinion it is a necessity for anyone wanting to own their own business in the 21st century
  • As mentioned over, the problem with Over Saturation makes for a high wall to climb for most novice online marketers
  • some sponsors may not even care if you become a ruby or diamond level distributors, they just want you to sell as much products as possible to friends & family so they can fill up their Personal Group Volume (PGV) to meet their pay period quota
  • AdvoCare does not want to alienate the people that are afraid of the internet & computers from joining, their slogan is “AdvoCare is for everybody”

AdvoCare products could be for “everybody” but certainly the business opportunity is not because let’s face it most people that try it end up falling short of their goal of replacing their main source of income. Ultimately that’s what we are after financial and time freedom.

Is there a better way than grinding out mixer after mixer, cold calling, approaching strangers at the mall & gym ?

And you can’t see yourself beating the top distributors AdvoCare Review sites that are pinned to the top of Google, including this site?


Nothing beats internet local lead generation because a website generates leads for you 24/7 for years to come, which really allows you to begin leveraging your hard work. At the end of the day, a website that ranks high in Google is valuable, but the problem is getting to the top is too difficult for most because you are competing with thousands of other marketers.

Local Lead Generation is the solution because it allows you to go into any city and rank a website fairly quickly because you are now only competing with local businesses and not on a national / global level like you do with MLMs. You are now competing with like 10 sites instead of thousands.

To use for AdvoCare?

You could rank a page for example like “Michigan AdvoCare Distributors”, “AdvoCare distributors in Boston”, “AdvoCare distributors in Chicago”

the good thing about AdvoCare though is that the online space is not that competitive because most people are not taught online lead gen methods.

But generating leads for AdvoCare is only scratching the surface of what is possible when you learn the skill of ranking sites locally.

My original intention was to learn how to generate local leads for my AdvoCare business but pretty soon I started building sites that got leads for local businesses like carpet cleaning, roofing, window replacements, garage door fix, towing & more and found unlimited potential with virtually no competition.

In 5 hours I can finish a site that ranks to the top and generates 10 leads daily for a local business that’s willing to pay me great money for those leads. So pretty soon I figured out that my time spent building these sites was far more productive than doing mixers & 3 way calls.

I also took what I learned from that course (video at the top of this post to find out more) and applied to my AdvoCare business which is why you were able to find this blog, as I now have the skills to rank sites on national level (this is high power stuff and its not that difficult as you may think)

however there just came a point where I was seeing far greater return on investment of my time & resources with the local lead generation business model than AdvoCare so I flipped this blog from AdvoCare advocate to AdvoCare Alternative Business advocate.


When you start getting monthly checks like that from a site that only took me 6 hours to build, then you begin to realize just how powerful and important having the correct strategy can be for a young entrepreneur like myself. Keep in mind this one client has been paying me this much every month now from 1 site. All I have to do is build more sites in other niches and other cities to multiply my income. Because once the site is built, it doesn’t need hardly any more attention.

The beauty of this business model is that I own all the websites and there is true longevity and security here because I own the websites, & local businesses aren’t going anywhere and neither is the internet. What was unnerving about AdvoCare business was that even though you have to treat it like your own business, at the end of the day, you are still working for a company. Let’s say you spend 5 years to build up to a ruby or diamond organization but then something were to happen to AdvoCare and they go out of business. That means all of the distributors that put their blood, sweat, & tears into this business will love their income over night.

I personally love having that control over my business and that security knowing that the websites I build today to generate leads for local businesses, are here to stay and it will pay me for years to come.


I built 1 site for a tree service owner that pays me $1,000 per month. This site took me about 6 hours to build and maybe around $120 of my own money / initial investment. But now this site will pay me $12,000 a year and in 5 years that’s $60,000 from a simple website that took 6 hours. I haven’t found anything remotely close online to match that kind of return on investment, so again

Strategy is so important.

You can work hard doing AdvoCare mixers or approaching strangers in public gathering and push the AdvoCare supplements…

Or you can spend that time building sites for local businesses that’s going to give you much more financial return as well as time freedom…

Hard work, consistency & dedication is important in any venture but if you don’t have the right strategy you could be falling far short of your potential and you may not even realize it.

To learn more about this awesome local lead gen model that replaced my job and AdvoCare business for me.

Visit here to learn more about my mentor & how you can schedule a phone call to see if you would be a fit.