AdvoCare Mixer Party Ideas & Strategies

I learned a lot of great sales lessons when I was trained for AdvoCare mixer parties, in this blog I’d like to go over what is AdvoCare Mixer, why is it effective? & The key take aways and how it relates to you becoming that person of influence that get people to want to do business with you.

Even if AdvoCare does not turn into a long term financial solution for you, there is tremendous value in AdvoCare training for distributors about sales & marketing. I have personally found that learning about Mixers and doing them, has been a great experience for me that has made me a much more effective communicator and taught me some key principles of sales that is vital for entrepreneurship.


I want to breakdown all the things the top advisors like Jenny Donnely (pictured Above), is doing in their presentation that is so effective in getting people sold on the product, offer, business opportunity & vision.

What is AdvoCare Mixer?

A mixer is a house party promoting AdvoCare 24 day challenge, allow people to sample products like Spark, and show people about the business opportunity with AdvoCare along with various testimonials of people whose lives have been positively transformed with AdvoCare with a DVD.

key Take Aways of an Effective Mixer

  • First thing you do when people enter your home is to hand them plastic water bottle with Spark already made inside it so people get mentally focused & they start feeling the product. Tip: don’t ask if they want it, just hand it to them say “Here you go”
  • Treat your Mixer presentation like a conversation, look people in the eye & engage with them, smile & make them feel comfortable. A Mixer is all about them
  • Table with 24 day challenge products to highlight it and maybe some few extra products like the catalyst, but no need to put every single products from the catalog for display
  • Have a white board with 5 ways people can be in a relationship with AdvoCare already written up
  • A TV with AdvoCare DVD already in ready to go, to show the testimonial clips
  • Tell the people upfront the purpose of the meeting, “We’re here to explain to you about the products and the business opportunity” so that people do not feel like you are cleverly trying to sneak in the business opportunity at the end
  • Keep it Short & To the Point! This takes practice but an effective mixer presentation should only last 20 to 30 min
  • Begin the mixer off by showing the people some testimonial clips first from the DVD, so you get people interested in hearing about the products first
  • Then show 1 clip of celebrity endorser like Drew Brees
  • Tip on keeping it short: Explain what the product is going to do for them. No need to explain about the science behind it or the ingredients
  • If there’s people in the audience that’s doing the 24 day challenge ask them to give some feedback for the group on what its doing for them, third party credibility, plus it keeps the audience engaged
  • Paint a picture for them at the end (Cast a vision), ask the audience to imagine their life 2 years from now without AdvoCare and then ask them to imagine a different life with AdvoCare

There’s two very powerful things that a great mixer host does in the very beginning.

And that’s to hand people a bottle of Spark sample and to begin the presentation by showing off the testimonials first.

And Spark is perfect product to share for a sample because it produces noticeable effects right away and it produces mental focus which is exactly what you want when your educating them about AdvoCare.

Art of Sparking

This is a key strategy of prospecting in AdvoCare by carrying a bottle of spark with you at all times, because you never know when you will run into a potential prospect. And you just pull out your bottle and start drinking it in front of people as a conversation starter and as an easy way to allowing people to try out your spark as you will carry extra bottles and as a way to allow people to try a healthier coffee alternative with enthusiasm and excitement. When you promote spark & AdvoCare that passion and excitement has to come through in your voice which comes from you getting sold on the products yourself. To goal of that conversation should be to get 1 form of contact so that you can follow up with them, most people will be open to connecting on Facebook, and then you can invite them to your upcoming mixer.

Spark is an excellent product to promote because most people are coffee and pop drinker anyways and the energy drink is a billion dollar industry, which tells you most people have an energy problem, and so you can offer a healthier solution which will be spark which contains B Vitamins and other minerals that is actually beneficial to the body.

Getting Yourself Sold on AdvoCare First

You see when you understand and come to know that you have a great solution for people’s problem, then it becomes much easier to sell your product or service because you begin to communicate with your heart because you are coming from a place of genuine service and have belief that you can help and that you’re actually bringing people real value.

You see, for those that worry if AdvoCare is a Pyramid Scheme, there is one test that allows you to know for certain if it is or not. If the company is bringing genuine value to people through its product or service and receiving monetary value in return for that then there is nothing scuzzy about it. It’s when people are sold false promises and they spend money but never receive any value in return and all the customers feel that they were duped, then you must question the legitimacy of the company. When you check online, there are people getting real benefit from the 24 Day Challenge and products like the Spark does work well and lots of people love it. I do believe it is a better option than going to Starbucks.

I also appreciate the fact that the 24 Day Challenge comes with education on proper diet and fitness as a holistic approach to getting in better shape. So in that regard, the challenge will compel people to stick to a new set of daily food choices and exercises for a certain period which can develop into a habits and habits rule & control our lives.

At 24 days if these habits stick then that is life changing in of itself.

When doing a mixer you must remember that your belief and certainty about 24 Day Challenge, Spark, or the business opportunity is what will transfer off into others which is what compels people to buy into your message & offer.

A lot of the mixer training goes over the technicalities and the strategies which is obviously very important to know but the most important thing to know is that more than the information that is presented:

  • people buy into people with a vision because most people do not have their own
  • people are drawn to positive, uplifting people. I a desert of negative press & media, be that oasis of positivity
  • Be positive no matter what response you get from each participant
  • Have conversation with people with an intention of learning about their Why’s in life, their pain points, be authentic with people about your own challenges and they will open up to you
  • assess if AdvoCare will be that solution for them and present it to them

When you freely give your full undivided attention to people and listen to them, they will begin telling you everything you need to know, chances are you walked that similar path in your life and if you have something that you used to get yourself out of those challenges in life such as AdvoCare or other business models, you will have full certainty & clarity when you offer them solutions and that will come across in your tone of voice.

This is how you become a true professional sales person.

A sales person is not some scuzzy, manipulative profession even though sometimes it is depicted as that by people that are bad at it. The true sales person are people you didn’t even know were sales people, they uplift people’s states instead of knocking them down, they make people feel better even if they choose not to buy because they transfer their own states of optimism.

Get sold on whatever you sell whether that be the 24 day challenge or the business opportunity, to increase your success ratios a lot of times its not what you say but how you say them. When you become convinced that AdvoCare is the vehicle for you then that certainty will carry over to the other person, attending AdvoCare success school may help you get more convinced.

How to present your 24 Day Challenge or Business Opportunity during a Mixer

Here’s some tips and take away from top distributors.

When presenting your 24 Day Challenge during a mixer, you want to keep it brief:

  • Keep it short & simple
  • No need to explain about the technicalities such as ingredients or science behind it
  • Focus on describing what the products will do for them & how it will make them feel
  • Mention that there’s two phases to the 24 Day Challenge, the 10 Day Cleanse Phase and the awesomeness of AdvoCare’s core product the MNS (Metabolic Nutrition System) which is designed to now feed the body with loads of nutrition once it has been cleaned
  • Mention two key benefits people will experience during a cleanse phase and rest of the 24 day challenge, that their weight will go down and their energy will go up. Continue to tie in this aspect throughout the mixer.
  • Mention that the cleanse phase is gentle and uneventful because people worry about detox program being too intense and causes too much disruption in their daily lives
  •  Explain that Spark is there to give people mental focus and energy through out the day to supplement for their coffee and low energy that they may experience with change in diet
  • Omegaplex is healthy omega 3 oil, explain that good fats replace and wash away bad fats, it is a detoxer mobilizing bad fats off the body

This all great marketing lessons and learning about how to do Mixer has definitely improved my sales skills in my own online business.

Knowing the core strength of your products and knowing how to do your 3 minute elevator pitch, which is a term that comes from the need to knowing your pitch for your product or service in a short period something you can pitch to a stranger during an elevator ride.

You would be amazed how many business owners do not know how to do this. Chances are when you first begin, you will tend to ramble on and on about the technicalities when it is the core strength and benefits and then you have to give them an offer, some price or whatever commitment it takes from your prospects to get signed up. So many people struggle with giving out their price for example because they don’t want to deter away anyone.

For example if it is the distributor kit for $79, then you have to make that price be known and offer it for people because you will close 0% when you do not make offers.

How to sell AdvoCare at Mixer

So you’ve finished explaining about AdvoCare products, 5 ways to get paid, and different form of relationship people can be in in AdvoCare

  1. Retail Customer
  2. Wholesale Customer at 20% discount
  3. Hobby Advisor 40% discount
  4. Business Advisor 40% discount

Paint a picture or cast a vision for them.

Ask your audience to imagine their life two years from now if we pretend that AdvoCare doesn’t exist.

Where will they be in life?

Then ask them to imagine their life two years from now when they have AdvoCare in their lives or other product/service you offer and they are reaping the benefits of that product, then ask them to imagine their life two years from now.

Who will they be?

What will they be doing day to day?

How does their health, finance & happiness look like?

This is called future pacing, and it is a powerful technique to bring clarity on people’s two driving forces that influence every decision in their life. People either want to move towards pleasure or move away from pain. Some are more motivated by pleasure, while others are more motivated by pain. We do not need to know which one it is, but simply make both things known for them. When you ask them to imagine their life without the greatness of your service or product their challenges in life will continue and their situation may even get worse in 2 years, this brings out the pain in them, now when they imagine their life 2 years later after they get go all in on your offer and gain all the benefits this paints an empowering picture of pleasure and gives something to move towards and act on now to get there.

This is a technique used by psycho therapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioners, motivational speakers like Anthony Robbins to get people to take action.

For each person in the audience their picture of pain and pleasure will be different. Maybe for one individual its weight control, maybe for some its financial, or perhaps its time freedom, having the ability to work from home and spend more time with their kids.

The picture will be different but they all share the same feelings. It is these feelings you want to evoke with this exercise.

Because you need to make a logical and emotional case of why they should be buying your product or service.

And once you make this case known, at the very end in couple sentences explain again why they should be investing in your offer. Because people forget, so remind them once again and bring your solution at the forefront of their consciousness.

For example for AdvoCare and my online business share the same key qualities which is the fact that it is a vehicle that allows ordinary people to get to where they want to go in life, because it allows people to continue to increase their income with effort, not limited by the boss but only the hustle you put in. An opportunity to build residual income that means you can keep going ahead in life, because your not trading in time for income which is capped because there’s only so many hours in a given day.

Don’t be afraid to ask and make an offer

Through out your mixer presentation watch for nodding heads and people sitting at the edge of their seats, take notes of these people that are receptive and after your short & sweet presentation simply walk up to them and ask what they thought about the presentation.

Your goal for the conversation is to either get them to sign or book another appointment with more prospects, ask them if they know anyone else that might be interested in the business opportunity and ask them to invite that person to the next mixer.

You never want to end a mixer without someone else that you are talking to.

Mixer is both a prospecting and closing the deal, activity.


If you want to become successful at doing Mixers for AdvoCare business, you need to understand the principles of sales.

The top distributors are already doing these things even if they are doing it unconsciously.

I personally learned how to do a mixer before I knew anything about sales. It was after I started my own business that I started reading books and taking seminars on sales & marketing that I understood in hindsight why the top advisors were where they were at.

Look at some of their videos on youtube like Michelle Bishop and Jenny Donnelly & you will see what I am talking about.

These people are completely sold on AdvoCare as the best thing since sliced bread.

This clarity and belief in whatever you sell is foundation and absolute key to your success.

When your belief in AdvoCare is not at that level your results will suffer and you will struggle. Perhaps you need to attend a success school to get yourself more sold on it, or as Jordan Belfort says find something else to sell.

If you try to sell AdvoCare Spark and you don’t even believe in it, let alone take it yourself, then how enthused will you be when you offer it to other people? Even if you try to pump up your voice for the pitch, it will come across dis genuine.

However for a different person that takes Spark daily and it actually helps with their daily tasks and it broke their long standing addiction to coffee and wasting money at Starbucks, that person could say the exact same words but come across completely different by the different in tonality of voice, body language, eye contact & other subtle cues that our powerful minds & subconscious mind picks up on.

In Hindsight I understand that my belief when I did some of my mixers, 3 way calls, conversation with strangers were not at the level of some of these top distributors so this explains my results suffered and it felt like a struggle.

I did the 24 Day Challenge but I was never that over weight to begin with so it didn’t have that much of a profound effect on me, so I felt the business opportunity was the only thing I could promote however I was not seeing the success with that yet, so I felt bit unworthy to get people to sign up under me yet. This uncertainty affected my pitch and I was not able to come across full with certainty and clarity, granted I did get some sales but I am sure no where near what they could have been if I knew the mechanics about how causes people to buy.

I thought my only problem was not enough leads to my AdvoCare business, but there was also another factor and that was myself, I was not completely sold on AdvoCare yet.

On my search to finding out solutions to help my AdvoCare business I learned a lot, and among them was learning how to generate leads for local business. I thought this was the skill set I needed to start getting more prospects for AdvoCare however I discovered it was a whole different vehicle on its own that would lead me to quitting my job few months later as the income that I begin generating from this new skill replaced my job and replaced my need to pursue my AdvoCare business as well.

The big difference this time was that this was a service that I developed 100% belief in few months time as I started generating real customers for my local Michigan business owners and they started making more money from what I did, something clicked and I suddenly had this full certainty about my service and I began to see what that belief of being completely sold on your own product/service did to my pitch when talking to new prospects, taking my communication to a whole new level I never thought possible, affecting my body language, tonality & ability to influence.

To find out more information about an online course that teaches you the skill set of ranking websites on top of Google & begin generating phone calls with your own tracking number to a local business owner of your choice whether that be carpet cleaner, roofers, tree service, handy man, etc and you start earning certain % of the business you send them, a business model that allows you to go into hundreds of different verticals or niches and begin building a solid long term relationship with business owners, and you can scale & grow your business to whatever heights you desire without selling to friends & family, then you will want to watch the video at the top of this blog or go to this page to learn more.

It is something that is allowing me to live my life from a completely different perspective, from uncertainty about my future to having the knowing that I can now accomplish anything I want is a quite profound shift. It feels like a whole new reality. I am quite passionate about sharing this opportunity with other that may be struggling with AdvoCare or MLM, because I understand the pain points very well as I have been there many times.