Advocare Compensation Plan Explained: Get to Ruby & make $80k a Year

I’ll explain AdvoCare’s Compensation Plan and exact plan to get to $80K a year income which is referred to as Ruby level. How do you get paid in AdvoCare? Is the 40% commission or compensation real? How does Override & Leadership Bonus Work? How do you succeed with AdvoCare comp plan system?

As you research this health & wellness company AdvoCare that’s been around since 1993, if you found this article chances are you’re hopeful to find a means to make extra money online & possibly one day being able to retire from your hourly wage job and fire your boss. Tell corporate America to kiss your behind? (trust me I know the feel)

I was in the same shoes as you and have looked into many things online to one day achieve my goal of running my own online business & escape the rat race, well I’m here to tell you it is possible (more on that later) & life on the other side is like a whole different reality that was worth every minute of the struggle.

You’re here because you feel that AdvoCare could be that vehicle for you, perhaps you were approached by one of their reps, & before diving in deep you wanted to do some extra research.

Maybe you tried something like this in the past & it didn’t pan out so you’re more careful? (I have been there) I commend you for doing additional research and not make decision on hype & emotion, because knowledge is power as they say…

I’m here to tell you that it is possible to succeed with AdvoCare pay plan, but you want to see exactly how their compensation plan works so that you can decide for yourself whether this is a pyramid scheme or “get rich quick” scam. Most importantly you want to see the road map, an AdvoCare Compensation plan review if you will, how to succeeding in this company? What does it take?

Let’s first get you educated!

Getting Started with Advocare: So you can buy AdvoCare products at retail if you simply want to use the products & that’s it, however if you want to begin selling, you have to get the Distributor Kit.

  • The Distributor Kit = $79 which include full box of AdvoCare Supplements including Spark and Slam. And some basic business supplies.

So this will be your first initial business expense with AdvoCare. Pretty affordable to get started.

Compensation Plan: 5 Ways to Earn Money in AdvoCare

  1. Retail Profits: Up to 40% (The stuff you sell on your own to others that just need the products at retail price)
  2. Whole Sale Commission: up to 20% (selling to others that want to sell with Distributor Kit at wholesale price)
  3. Overrides: Earn income based on organizational volume (7% of business value, more on this later)
  4. Leadership Bonuses:  3% – 19% on your complete organization
  5. Incentive, Paid Trips and Paid-Period Bonuses

So if you buy the $79 distributor kit you can begin selling AdvoCare products and start earning money, here’s how your profits look like:

(left side represent the total amount you sold or your group sold in a given pay period which is 2 weeks)

$0-$499 = 20% commission

$500-$1499 = 25% commission

$1500-$3000 = 30% commission

Over $3000 = 40% commission

How to become an Advisor? What is an AdvoCare Advisor?

If you want to run AdvoCare like a real business, you need to become an Advisor level, which allows you to make 40% on all sales, meaning you get to purchase AdvoCare products at 40% off retail price.

Option 1: You can buy your way into becoming an Advisor at $2100 plus $79 start up.

This is the fastest way to Advisor & Fastest way to the profits.

  • The first initial order is at 30% discount, so you will earn 30% when you sell those products. From thereafter you make 40% on everything you sell. Your Advisor Sponsor (the guy or gal that you signed up under) will collect 10% off of your initial shipments of AdvoCare goods but after that’s gone, your sponsor will no longer collect profit from you and you just make the full 40% profit.

Option 2: Working your way up to an Advisor

More affordable option for those that do not have the money for the initial investment. Your Advisor Sponsor will collect more from you in the process.

You have to purchase, sell  or generate Personal Group Volume of $3,000 worth of AdvoCare products within 3 pay period which is 6 weeks since 1 pay period is 2 weeks.

Personal Group Volume (PGV): The total retail volume sold by your group!


This includes anything you sold or anything that distributor below you have sold.

In order to qualify for advisor…

For Pay Period #1: You have to earn at least $500 in PGV

For Pay Period #2: Earn at least $500 PGV again to move on to the next pay period, if you fail to meet $500 PGV minimum then you will start over from Pay Period #1

For Pay Period #3: You must now reach your $3000 PGV mark, from the sum of pay period #1 and #2.

If you fail to meet your $3K in Pay Period #3, if you at least earn $500 in Pay Period #3 then you get 1 more pay period shot at becoming Advisor, but original pay period #1 drops off. So now you have to try to get to $3K mark in the new pay period from the sum of past pay period #2 and #3.

If you fail to meet $500 in the new pay period, you have to start over from pay period #1, but as long as you meet $500, you can keep the current run towards Advisor alive and just have to earn enough in the last pay period to hit that $3K & Qualify for Advisor!

Bonus for Rookie Advisors

Keep in mind, AdvoCare offers first year hustlers some cool bonuses. (Valid for 1 year after joining)

Every pay period (2 weeks), the top AdvoCare rookies get below bonuses based on rankings

  1. $6,000 Bonus
  2. $4,000 Bonus
  3. $3,000 Bonus
  4. $2,500 Bonus
  5. $2,000 Bonus
  6. $1,500 Bonus
  7. $1,000 Bonus

So top 7 rookies get paid bonus every month. Note: You must be an Advisor & Must have attended one of the Success School or registered for one of the up coming Success School to get to compete for the Rookie bonuses.

I’m an Advisor now what? 

When you become an Advisor, you now have an opportunity to begin making some money with AdvoCare, & chances are if your reading this article that’s what you want!

You can begin selling AdvoCare to anyone and make retail profits…


Once you become an Advisor you can now go out and start selling AdvoCare’s top selling product the 24 Day Challenge which comes with DVD & 24 days worth of products for $200.

The core product is MNS which stands for Metabolic Nutrition System that’s designed to enhance metabolism, burn fat, cuts cravings for fats, sweets, high carbohydrates, while feeding the muscle.

The other popular product is Spark, which is nutrition for the brain, helps with mental alertness & focus.

These top two products, The MNS & Spark, have on-going usage for your average customers beyond the 24 day challenge.

The retail price for month supply of MNS & Spark is: $134 (that’s $4.47 per day), which isn’t too bad if you consider that 1 trip to Starbucks will cost you just the same or more.

So as Advisor you will earn 40% for every product you sell to your retail customers.

In practical terms, you can buy a box of Spark for little over $12 and sell it to people at retail price of $21.50

you just made around: $8

They do have other cool products including: AdvoCare Catalyst, herbal cleanse, apparel, thermoplus, rehydrate, shakes, fiber drinks, slim, muscle fuel, clear mood, vitamins, leptilean, & more. So as you can see you will be able to find at least 1-2 things for anybody.

You can sell at wholesale price

You can hook up your friends & family at wholesale price if they sign up under you for $79 but they do not have interest in becoming an Advisor (40% off) or they simply want to work their way up to an Advisor.

So they can purcahse AdvoCare products at 20-25% off Retail from you, and you make around 20% for each sale assuming that you have become an Advisor. In this model, you’re sort of acting like the middle man allowing people to buy from you at discount from retail price while you still make your wholesale commission.

New Orleans Saints NFL quarterback, Drew Brees apparently takes lots of AdvoCare products since his debut in 2001, & they claim he is just the lover of the products and not endorsed or paid by the company, anyways when asked in an interview he says “What AdvoCare don’t I take?” laughing out loud. He likes the O2 Gold in the morning before workout, muscle strength, muscle fuel. After workout Drew takes post workout recovery and then throughout the day when he’s in meetings and coming up with game plan he says “I gotta get my Spark” with a smile. After practice he takes Rehydrate & rehydrate gel. Then daily vitamins he goes to coreplex, omegaplex, join promotion, Bio-RQ. Finally before bed he takes night time recovery.

That’s a lot of products for one person, there’s some in there that I have not tried yet. Seeing that there’s so many application for these products for an athlete, it may not be a bad idea to begin marketing & distributing AdvoCare product to a high school football or basketball team, or better yet get a whole college organization hooked on it, & your looking a big time commission check even if you sell them at wholesale prices. AND what if you got some of the kids to become an Advisor? Like I tell all the people pursuing MLM’s out there, the opportunity is there but do you have the commitment, follow-through & creativity to make it work?

Overrides & Leadership Bonuses

When you begin building your own team of AdvoCare Advisors & Distributors, each person that sign up under you that begin to sell the various supplements, you earn override bonuses (7%) from each of their sales, and when you start developing a bigger team you begin earning leadership bonuses that will begin to supplement your monthly income & eventually out do the Override bonuses. So the incentive is there for people to become “champions” or leaders that can grow a big successful team. You may need to start practicing motivational speaking & how to effectively coach others to build their network.

How to reach Ruby Level in AdvoCare, why you need it if you want to change your financial life.


Ruby is a key level in AdvoCare because this is where you make $80,000 a year income in overrides and leadership bonuses, and this level of income from an online business could be life changing for most.


They promote working through 3 people at most to be most effective, so to build that $80K a year income, above chart shows the size of organization you have to build. By becoming a leader and helping your teammates get 3 people.

The total amount of teammates is 39 people, for the simplicity of calculating override we will round this number to 40.


40 Teammates, and we will assume each person in this team has $1000 in retail volume in 1 pay period (2 weeks) either through consuming their own products or selling to others.

So there is $40K in Retail Value generated by the whole group shown in the above chart in the ruby model per month.

The overrides are calculated at Business Value (BV) which is half of Retail Value (RV) so BV = $20,000

Your Override Calculation in Ruby:

Override is 7% of BV: $20,000 * .07 = $1400 in Override

Silver Leadership Bonus is earned when you have over $100 of Override, yes the $1400 meets this criteria

Silver is 3% of BV: $20,000 * .03 = $600 in Silver

Gold Leadership Bonus is earned when you have over $500 in Override, yes the $1400 meets this criteria

Gold at 2% of BV: $20,000 * .02 = $400 in Gold Leader Ship

Gold Three Star Bonus is earned when each Advisor below you is earning you over $100 in Override, so that’s $3000 in retail volume from each one of your three Advisor’s group. Because Override = 7% of BV which is $1500 ($3000/2), and 7% of $1500 is $105. This is called a Star Leg.

Gold Three Star Bonus is $400 bonus

Ruby Bonus: You need 3 legs and over $1000 in override

With this current model we meet this criteria because we have the 3 legs and $1400 in Override, the Ruby Bonus is additional $400

So the total in Leadership Bonus Alone = $1800

Silver Leadership Bonus: $600

Gold Leadership Bonus: $400

Gold Three Star Bonus: $300

Ruby Bonus: $400

Total in Leadership Bonus: $1800

Your leadership bonus is over your Override of $1400.

Grand Total: $3200 in 1 pay period

So in 1 month (2 pay period) that’s $6400

multiply that by 12 month, and you got $76,800 yearly income

When you add your own retail sales, wholesale sales & bonuses to it, surely you will be at that $80K a year mark.

So this model is explained as the goal to shoot for those wanting to build a business online with AdvoCare. By learning to effectively work with only 3 people and teaching others to get 3 and work with 3, you can build an income that can potentially replace your 9 to 5 Job.

AdvoCare Incentive Trip Compensation

The new 2015 AdvoCare Incentive Trip is Caribbean Adventure!

Where 140 AdvoCare Distributors can partake in a once in a lifetime adventure with fellow like-minded go-getters.  You know back when I worked for corporate America, my company never took us on cool trips like this. So I think AdvoCare is a pretty cool company to be able to create that incentive for people to excel and earn a reward where you can meet other big shots in the company.

They say you’re the 5 people you hang out with the most.

I truly do believe in the power of association with top producers in life and in business greatly helps the individual reach new heights.

Obviously they do not take everyone to these all inclusive 5 star trips, 140 distributors are chosen based on few criteria, this does not go by total earnings because then the new members would have no chance.

  • Top 40 Emerald
  • Top 30 Ruby & Ruby 3 Star
  • Top 20 Gold & Gold 3 Star
  • Top 10 Advisor & Silver Pin

So as you can see there’s a nice mix of some new comers and veterans. You will get to talk to and learn from the big players. Networking is powerful and there is tremendous value in learning to have great human interaction with great people because you will learn from them not simply about AdvoCare strategies but you will be around these people’s energy and their positivity which can accelerate your personal development.

Because at the end of the day AdvoCare is a people’s business, you have to sell others on your vision for a better future, so positive attitude is everything in building a strong AdvoCare network.

And for those that think they can never be that positive happy-go-lucky guy, well maybe its time you reassess that old belief, because I used to think the same way until you begin reading books like Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman and you start practicing positive attitude because its important if you want to become successful in all business, you will begin to see that it is possible and it will begin to impact your life & income in meaningful ways:

AdvoCareCompensationPlan AdvoCareIncentiveTrips2


And I’m not gonna lie, those AdvoCare trips look like a helluva lot of fun.

For me its not the 5 star meals, seeing the great Caribbean Ocean, or feeling the warm ocean breeze that I crave… It’s those great people in AdvoCare that fearlessly go after their dreams & work hard to accomplish them, those people that want more out of life & squeeze every opportunity… Those are the people I want to make connections with and associate with.

I want to trade success stories with them and learn about the different challenges they went through because we all have “our story” the big difference about people on the AdvoCare Incentive Trips is that those stories will have an empowering finale to it, instead of the dis-empowering, “I blame the world” type of stories we hear too often.

Conclusion on AdvoCare Compensation

Once you grasp AdvoCare’s compensation plan, you will see that its not a get rich quick scheme, but rather a system of pay where you will be rewarded for becoming a leader, not just a marketer. Overrides will scale proportionally at 7% as you grow your network however the leadership bonuses are quite nice in that you begin to gain just as much as your Override this is basically AdvoCare encouraging you to become a leader & rewarding great leadership.

Because it takes more than just bugging your friends & family for commission at that stage, you have to become a person that can motivate & inspire others to reach for their dreams, & you essentially have to become a role model for your own organization of AdvoCare distributors.

Yes AdvoCare products are great, but in my opinion the true value lies in the people. People are willing to invest an arm and a leg for a vision and positive attitude, because they do not have their own. In the struggle of life & constant barrage of negative media, people are starving for uplifting messages.


AdvoCare has the compensation plan in leadership bonuses that can take you to  a 7 figure earner. When its all said and done, this company is paying 60 cents for every dollar they make, back to its people which is a lot higher than most companies out there.

But as you can see in order to get to Ruby and beyond, you have to have a pretty big influence, at one point you will exhaust your warm contacts (your mom,dad,brother,sister,relatives,friends,neighbors) and you will have to go out to the world and become an effective marketer.

To influence & persuade people to join that were complete strangers to you.

There is nothing wrong with persuasion & influence, in fact without it our financial world will come to a screeching halt and businesses would collapse.

AdvoCare gives you the vehicle to run your own business which are the products & infrastructure to deliver the products to customers, which you gain without any overhead expense, but it does not give you a guarantee ticket to success.

At the end of the day, it will be up to you entirely whether your AdvoCare Business succeeds or fails.

And the success of any business is the flow of customers or leads.

To reach financial headway in AdvoCare and first reach Ruby Level, you will need additional skills, outside of just making a warm contact list and hitting them up. You need the skills to go out there & grab the attention of people that’s looking for a change in their life.

People that want to quit their 9 to 5 job and make money from home online.

Where do these people go to search for their solution? You guessed it, just like how you found this article, they search online in search engines, YouTube or social media. There are literally thousands of people everyday searching for the same solution you’re after, and that I was after for months researching about different MLM companies and trying different things.

Its these people you must begin capturing into your funnel for AdvoCare business opportunity, because lets face it your warm contact list will only take you so far, and unless you want to go door to door, you will have to learn to leverage the internet to capture your target audience & educate them about AdvoCare!

Local Lead Generation?

If you understand that running any business whether online or offline, the lifeline is the flow of customers or leads. Then you will realize that to run a successful online business or to build Ruby Level AdvoCare, and finally work for yourself and fire your boss. YOU MUST MASTER LEAD GENERATION.

This was the breakthrough that allowed me to finally see success online & quit my 9 to 5. Think about it, leads are targeted customers that already have credit card in hand ready to purchase a product or service, when you master the skill to capture leads, you essentially gain the ability to cut your own paychecks.

By leveraging off of my mentors experience & knowledge I too was finally able to learn the ability to pull income from the internet.

So if you want to earn Ruby or even Diamond level compensation plan in AdvoCare, you will need bit more help than calling up warm or cold contacts, you need to stick a straw in the big bucket of internet traffic and begin funneling some of that traffic into your business.

Learn how I did just that to kill my job and make 6 figure income here.