Become a Distributor Selling AdvoCare? Pros and Cons

I want to run through the true AdvoCare distributor / advisor pros and cons, if you are looking for how to become distributor so you can sell advocare online or offline, then please read some of the former member’s unbiased AdvoCare reviews and continue to read up on this site. Because it will give you the insight as to whether the path of make money with AdvoCare is right for you. Before I go over selling AdvoCare pros and cons, let me go unlift the veil of what you are actually selling in AdvoCare and its not spark packs or 24 day challenges…

It was certainly bit different after I joined AdvoCare, then from outside looking in, I have a confession to make, I’m not that extroverted and I hate the idea of inviting strangers to my apartment for mixers and having to set up 3 way calls. So I looked for all the ways I could sell AdvoCare online, you name it I’ve researched them all, selling AdvoCare on facebook, amazon, ebay, wordpress blog.

I was looking for ways on selling the spark & 24 day challenges online. What I didn’t realize till months after becoming advocare advisor was that in this company you do not make money by selling products.

First of all the top emerald & diamond distributors don’t do much product selling at all, majority of their income comes from Overrides & Leadership Bonus, which is a small percentage of your organization / team members sales. You do not start earning life changing income until your organization is doing at least $30,000 to $50,000 every 2 weeks. At $30K monthly personal group volume (PGV) you are around gold leadership pin earning around $3-4K per month, at $50K PGV you’re around $8K a month.

You do not hit these kind of numbers by selling sparks, you get there by your entire team focusing on getting advisor recruitment.

The money is made through the business opportunity, because when you get someone all-in for the AdvoCare income structure and they want to start marketing AdvoCare as independent distributor themselves, then they have to first purchase the distributor kit then either spend $2100 out of pocket or generate Personal Group Volume (PGV) of $3000 retail in 6 weeks.

That is the big ticket sale that all top elite AdvoCare rising stars are after and what they help their team members understand.

Everything else is just a simple trip wire that gets people into the funnel for the recruitment. Whether that be the distributor kit, 24 day challenge, spark. Its all designed to eventually get that person interested in the business opportunity.

When you look at some of the marvelous AdvoCare income success stories of gold distributors & up, those that make more than the average AdvoCare income, those that defeated the odds of the notorious MLM & advocare success rate of only top 5% success rate or failure rate of 95%, then these are guys and gals that truly understood the pay structure or compensation plan of AdvoCare.

A novice will look at their pay plan and think wow I get to make 40% commission on my 24 day challenge sales! Not bad!

What you gotta realize is that in order to get to Ruby Level & Up, you have to get there with overrides & leadership bonus because there’s only so much supplements you’ll be able to sell per day, think about it. Unless you are a giant supplement company that people know about, and your in wal-marts and GNC’s you really don’t stand a chance running a successful supplement store with AdvoCare, especially because thousands of distributors are out there.

Even at 40% profit, there is simply no way you can sell enough $20 to $100 products to friends & family, and expect to make any sustainable income.

I know its a bit harsh but its the damn truth.

From the outside looking in, they tout the business opportunity as this wonderful “everyone can do it” type of pitch and all you have to do is share your results of the 24 Day Challenge with people and you can earn money!

There’s no doubt you can earn few extra dollars, by sharing few 24 Day Challenges to your friends & family but then now what…

You’re still no where near making a $1000 or $2000 per month.

You are setting yourself up for failure with this approach.

Know what you are getting into.

This is a recruitment business knowing that most people you recruit at least 90% of them will fail & lose their money.

Think about it, lets say you are in a city of 100,000 population.

You get 5 people to become distributors under you.

And if all 5 downline succeeded, they would also need 5 distributors of their own.

So now that’s 25 more people that needs to join.

For all 25 to succeed, we need 125, then 625, 3125, 15625, 78125, 390625

you get the point.

I’m not saying it should be easy and everyone should be able to succeed. But statistically when 95% are failing then it begs the question, are you really changing lives or causing more damage than good in the process of getting paid?

Keep in mind leadership bonuses will depend on your overrides, which is mere 7% of business volume or BV and BV is half of retail.

If you are selling few sparks here and there for $25 and selling few 24 day challenges for couple hundred bucks and that was the only way to earn income with AdvoCare, you’d be in trouble.

Lots of hard work and you’ll be making pennies for your efforts.

How to become successful or make good sustainable revenue with AdvoCare is through getting people to sign up for the advisor level regardless of whether you think they will succeed or not.

You have to be bit desensitive

83% of the people that make money in AdvoCare went to Success School

why is it that distributors start making more money after Success School?

You see this time and time again, and long term platinum independent distributors still go to Success School each year.

Why? its not like they are sharing completely new material each year…

Well its to get their team members sold on the company & the business opportunity of AdvoCare, because when you become convinced about the income opportunity then they will tell their friends & family about it and that in turn will mean more recruits or more $2100 all-in advisor order sales or distributors that will work their buts off to do $3000 PGV in 3 pay period.

Now the sponsors or leaders, know & realize that majority of people that do become advisor will not make it in this company. Becoming successful in MLM is a challenging task, its constantly getting over saturated and its a people you know business so depending on your existing social circle, you can have completely different success rates from the next distributor.

Again the focus is to share the business opportunity to as many people as possible, and get them to invest in the opportunity. If your team is not getting new recruitment each and every pay period, the income plummets.

So this is why it is crucial to keep everyone on the team motivated and certain about recruiting people in the business is the right thing to do.

The problem is that not everyone that invest their hard earned dollars into becoming an advisor will succeed.

Pros & Cons of AdvoCare Business


  • people you know business, advantageous for those with big social circles
  • AdvoCare is now becoming strong brand name with endorsers like Drew Brees
  • AdvoCare auto ships products for you
  • comp plan that rewards bonuses on people you recruit, leveraged income & opportunity to make hands free residual income
  • stood the test of time, been around since 1994
  • opportunity to meet great marketers
  • success school & advonation helps coach your team
  • great product selection from weight loss, energy, athletic performance & now skin care
  • big ticket item, the advisor order of $2100 means you earn $800 in commission


  • business opportunity could become over saturated over time
  • you are only taught to go after warm contact list, online marketing is not taught
  • 95% failure rate
  • disadvantageous to those with small social circle
  • mixers & 3 way calls, not so great for introverts
  • supplements are more expensive than similar products on the market
  • you have to have at least $500 PGV every pay period to qualify for the full override and leadership bonus
  • to keep business afloat you have continually recruit

For me the last point was the kicker for me…

Before I joined AdvoCare I thought 100% this was a viable business for me, all I thought I was required to do was to sell supplements to those that needed, those that were buying them anyways every month. What could be the harm in that? if they are getting great products they were happy with and I was simply their distributor.

What I didn’t realize till I joined was that the sponsor as well as folks at success school hammered in the point that in order to reach higher levels of leadership bonus which is how you really begin to build your AdvoCare business, you have to “get intentional” on your business which means getting intentional on trying to recruit anybody and everybody you meet about the business opportunity of AdvoCare.

If customer wants the products, get them on it but follow up with the business opportunity offer down the road.

I started doing the math on what it takes to get to gold 3 star leadership levels, the amount of revenue or PGV that has to be generated every 2 weeks. I realized that I was not going to get there anytime fast with product sales a lone.

In fact, this is the reality that most successful independent distributors did not make clear at first, they were hitting their big numbers through getting more recruits because each recruit is worth around $3000 PGV.

The more recruits you get per month the better, in fact that’s the true goal for all distributors.

The problem is most of those recruits will fail with the business opportunity because there’s just many variables that make this business opportunity not so good for most people.

This is when you wonder if AdvoCare is a viable business for the long term.

In any multi-level marketing, it is a law that there has to be an exchange of product/service for money that is driving majority of the revenue.

Yes AdvoCare is within the guidelines because with the out of pocket $2100 Advisor purchase, you are actually getting $3000 worth of retail products so there is that proper exchange of values there, however one could argue that those products were only bought for the business opportunity therefore this is still a lo to people everyday losing on their hard earned dollars to this company.

Their statements that this company is for anybody and everybody is not true in most cases when you see the true statistical failure rate.

Let’s face in multi-level marketing is real tough.

Unless you are ready to work harder than your current job for a long long time to get the business of the ground, you shouldn’t even give it a try.

Why I chose a different path

I am all for working hard, grinding, hustling to making money on your own terms.

In fact I have left my 9 to 5 job over 6 months ago and I am self-employed at age 26.

I am now making more money than lawyers & doctors.

And I got there with hard work, discipline & dedication so I appreciate all of the AdvoCare distributors that are going out there and making it happen.

There are some great people in this company, it is not their fault that some people have to lose money in the process, as long as the business opportunity was presented truthfully and without hype then who is to blame?

I had gave it a shot but honestly it was tough to find anybody to talk to about AdvoCare given the fact that I was not part of any organization, church or group. I worked in a small office and limited social circle, who the hell was I going to pitch?

Out of sheer desperation I searched the internet for how to generate leads for AdvoCare business online

Came across some unorthodox mentors that were teaching their students how to kill their 9 to 5 jobs by ranking sites in Google

saw some of their case studies and give it a shot


I loved the idea of being able to make money from home using just a simple laptop and internet connection.

With no requirement for doing 3 way calls or mixers.

It also solved my #1 problem and that was that with this skill set I can prospect any business owner I want across the country, and I didn’t need big social circle of friends & family which I did not have.

So I gave it a shot, thinking at the very least this skill of ranking sites would help with getting leads for AdvoCare.

Little did I know, a year later I would be working with 30 local business owners, making $15,000 per month and becoming a proud partner of this coaching program, now ranking this AdvoCare blog in Google using the same skill set to show other distributors that there’s a better way.

If you’re struggling in the MLM space, you owe it to yourself to give this coaching program one honest look.

Take a peek here.