AdvoCare Return Policy, what you need to know?

What is AdvoCare Return Policy???

If you are unhappy with your AdvoCare Purchase, as long as the product is un-opened you can return it for a full refund. Just take your product back to the distributor you purchased from and they will process the refund on your behalf.

There’s some hater site called that claims that AdvoCare has a Hidden No Return Policy

and I have check into what they have to say and you find out that they are making claims on no grounds whatsoever

I’m not the one to be naive about companies policies & compensation plan but come on, if you are going to make big alarming claims, at least have substance or some specific stories…

After bit of browsing you find out that a lot of these sites are making these unfounded claims just to get traffic for their own benefit, so how much can you trust these sites anyway?

Haters gon hate

From my research, AdvoCare does check out as one of the very best MLM companies out there that’s trying their best to do the right thing and run a legitimate company & business model.

I do think the founder, Charlie Ragus that passed in 2001, had a positive vision for what the company can you do in the world.

My only gripe is that at the end of the day business is business and with multi-level marketing company like AdvoCare, unfortunately there’s people that lose money in the process of others gaining profits.

Specifically the AdvoCare cost to play ball, the all-in one advisor purchase of $2100 out of pocket purchase.

Yes any business should have start up costs and you can’t expect a 6 figure salary business without getting some skin in the game

but the downfall is that in a MLM you rely on the distributors to broadcast the message and not all of them will do it in honest & ethical ways

and its very hard to control / manage that

The problem begins when the distributors start making wild claims and setting unrealistic expectations on families that might not be in the most healthy place in life, families that are vulnerable and bit susceptible to any message that contains any glimmer of hope, and its a shame that some distributors work to capitalize on that

AdvoCare with their no questions asked money back guarantee allows for distributors to refund their all-in Advisor purchase as well, if you have not opened the box yet so again the company itself is doing the right thing

why I left advocare & never turned back

So this blog, was built so that I can grow my AdvoCare business

But I kept running into issues with the AdvoCare business model, mainly the fact that most of my downline will fail, around 95%

After a while, I was not cool with that anymore, & wanted to find something that I can feel good about & still able to make money from home on my own terms.

Through extensive searches through corners of the internet, I believe I found something 1000x better than AdvoCare or other MLMs

And that’s when I found my mentors Dave & Tom, that showed me how to make money by providing a lead generation service to local businesses

Fast track a year into the coaching program I was making 6 figure income and quit my 9 to 5 job, now I am one of their star students and showing other people about this awesome coaching program that can change your life

Now I feel at least 10x better promoting this because it has proven to work for me and countless others, and from someone that had to grind in the MLM space for years, I know with absolute certainty that this business model is so much easier and doable for most people, its not gravity defyingly hard like AdvoCare or MLM and that’s just the truth

so if you are getting frustrated with the AdvoCare business, you need to take a look at this alternative

catch ya on the flip side..