AdvoCare Review: Why 95% fail, What does it take to win?


AdvoCare Reviews: Answering difficult questions most distributors or advisors generally want to avoid. The most raw advocare review on the internet!

  • What is a MLM (multi-level marketing)? Is it a scam or pyramid scheme?
  • Top 10 Reasons why people fail in AdvoCare
  • What is the common AdvoCare complaints?
  • How to sell AdvoCare online? (why you must leverage the internet)

Why you should listen to me?

First of all I’m not part of AdvoCare anymore so I’m not here trying to get you to join or anything. This is just an honest & unbiased AdvoCare review of why people fail & succeed in this company. And secondly I go over why I left, what I am doing instead which allowed me to build a 6 figure income in a year and allowed me to retire from my corporate 9 to 5 job at age 26.

What is AdvoCare?

The advocare wiki / wikipedia has decent info but to make it concise, its a multilevel marketing company that sells weight loss, nutrition, sports performance & energy products through direct selling model where customers can become independent distributors and sell the products at 20%-40% commission and you can also earn bonus from the sales of people you recruit into the business opportunity. It has been around since 1993.

Started by Charlie Ragus who was originally part of Herbalife, had a vision of making a difference in people’s lives, he believed in the MLM model and even though he passed in 2001, his vision carries on in the hearts of all the top distributors in AdvoCare who’s taken on the mission of providing people with solutions for wealth & health.

Does AdvoCare products work?

AdvoCare’s top selling product is the 24 Day Challenge package which comes with 24 days worth of products for cleansing & rebuilding the body along with regime of lifestyle change including meal plans & exercise routines. It does seem to produce great results for some.


I have found many bloggers that report their successful results on the 24 day challenge that were not distirbutors or advisor.

Whether Drew Brees is paid endorser or not, he still seems to heavily support this company along with several other famous athletes like Crossfit champion Rich Froning, which adds to the credibility.

One of their omega-3 fatty acid supplement, Omegaplex was featured on Dr Oz as one of the fish oil supplement that passed the test along with Life Extension & Super Omega-3 while 30% of the other tested supplements failed. Either the oil was spoiled or nutrition content was too low.

Even if you are not into sports performance, health or weight loss, you can sell their energy products.

In fact their biggest market share is the energy products, this includes their most popular product Spark, which is powder you put in some water, shake up and drink and it gives you 4-6 hours of sustained mental focus & energy.

I’ve tried it and I’m a fan.

There are many top distributors in AdvoCare that never had any weight loss success story to share, but they were able to share their love for the energy products to grow their business. In fact what most people in the USA is struggling with is energy.

So in this way AdvoCare strives to offer solution for everybody: weight loss, vitamins & minerals, amino acids (muscle building), energy & recently added skin care product line SYS.

But this blog will go hardcore into the business opportunity reviews of AdvoCare not going into detail on AdvoCare weight loss review, product review (like herbal cleanse, thermoplus, catalyst, spark), or muscle fuel review. I have a separate blog for the 24 day challenge review.

AdvoCare Business Opportunity

So you tried their products and you like them, and your sponsor keeps following up with you every month and at first you wanted nothing to do with it, but with time on your hands and money & time debt troubles, you begin to think.. just maybe it can work for me…?

First of all AdvoCare is not a pyramid scheme and here’s why

A pyramid scheme dupes people into buying false hopes of making money and the company itself doesn’t actually produce anything of any value.

Somewhere in the distribution channel, a company has to show an exchange of some tangible exchange of value, a product or service for money.

This is why in AdvoCare they are big of focusing on producing quality products with their scientific and doctor board with third party research lab that tests the products.

Also the common misconception people have is that if you join a MLM, only the people that joined much earlier reaps all the benefits.

This is not true, if you study the AdvoCare Compensation Plan, you will see that the leadership bonus & overrides for your sponsors and their sponsor only go 3 levels deep. And these bonuses you provide to your up line is only a small fraction which is paid by AdvoCare and not coming from your own profit margins so its very easily possible for you to out do your sponsor in time. The so called pyramid is not a fixed structure, where as in the corporate world with employee, regional manager, VP & CEO the earning potential is definitely fixed no matter how hard you work.

This is why MLM is becoming the fastest growing type of business in the world and its responsible for producing more self made millionaires than any other business in the world.

So what do I need to do to begin make money with AdvoCare?

You need to sell products & you need to recruit people.

Its a people business, you have to talk to new people, build relationships and help others succeed because the big checks come from building a strong team of distributors you recruited because you earn bonuses on others efforts: enter leveraged income

To get ahead in life, you need leveraged income. If you’re a cookie seller, you can’t make enough cookies in a day to get rich but if you begin franchising different cookie stores that make & sell for you while you earn a small percentage, then you can finally begin scaling your business out.

This is essentially what an network marketing or a MLM business opportunity provides, a business in a box without all of the overhead expenses of owning a store front or even worrying about creation of the product or distribution of it.

In AdvoCare all of that stuff is taken care of in Texas with two big distribution warehouses that ship your products to your customers on time, all you have to do is point your potential prospects to your very own AdvoCare store url page which you get when you purchase the $79 distributor kit, and AdvoCare takes care of the rest based on your unique customer ID.

Top 10 Reasons Why People Fail in AdvoCare

You try to search for reviews on AdvoCare online and you get bunch of distributor owned sites that’s endorsing the opportunity like its the best thing since slice bread, but we can’t ignore the statistics of majority failing this is what most reviews about AdvoCare do not want to discuss. Here’s the top reasons…


  1. Setting the Wrong Expectation: I’ve seen many top AdvoCare distributors say that they only have 1 or 2 people that are part of their business from their original warm contact list. If you expect to grow this business you will need to prospect beyond your current group of friends & family
  2. You didn’t attend any live events: 80% of the people in AdvoCare that make money attend success school & AdvoNation, these are live events where you get to see the AdvoCare culture in person from top CEO to successful distributors, this is where people catch the vision & get sold on AdvoCare yourself, before selling to anybody the first person that you have to sell is you. Model success in order to become successful and the #1 thing top distributors say that will grow the AdvoCare business faster than any other activity is to get your team to Success School. One moment can change everything, it can light that fire within that has been dormant for all these years
  3. You treat it as a hobby, not a business: this relates with #2 and #1, building a sustainable AdvoCare business is a lot tougher than it sounds on paper. You are going to have to go through a lot of rejections, people that doubt you, not to mention your own self critic & self-sabotage patterns. If you approach it with a one feet in and one feet out approach, you’ll give up on the first few signs of discomfort. You will lack the tenacity & hustle. We all have these types of inner struggle, but what separates those that come out victorious on the other side are those that have found a purpose. Why is it that you want to join AdvoCare? Getting very clear on that and reminding yourself daily is critical
  4. You lack resourcefulness: In order to run a successful business you must become a problem solver. If your warm contact list doesn’t work, don’t give up and blame it on your sponsor because that’s the only strategy they showed you. Get creative and find new ways to prospect even if its not taught officially at the Success School. The world of business itself is changing rapidly especially MLM & network marketing, if you’ve never considered running a blog to generate leads for AdvoCare or utilizing social media strategies effectively then perhaps its time to consider getting additional mentors that will teach you how if you’re struggling with traditional methods of 3 way calls & mixers.
  5. You’re not modeling other successful AdvoCare distributors: The fastest path to success is modeling after people that have already done it. There are top distributors that already paved the way, listen to them carefully and make sure to incorporate what they teach. Learning about the AdvoCare Success System is a good place to start. These are the tested & proven practical strategies that consistently produce results. This includes things like keeping your personal AdvoCare story short & concise, telling people how they will feel on products instead of going into the science, let your sponsors do the selling while you just set up appointments, showing people the Impact Magazine & giving out samples of spark.
  6. Lack of personal development: Here’s what AdvoCare distributors don’t want to tell you, but the truth is most people are simply not ready to become an entrepreneur. You are required to be self-motivated individual, there is no boss telling you what to do, when to do it, or what quota to hit. You have to set your own goals and follow through even when things get tough. There’s going to be things that come up in personal life that will threaten to take your attention away, are you going to have enough self-awareness & discipline to persevere? There is a saying that goes “your level of success is a reflection of your personal development” this becomes increasingly true when you get into business for yourself.
  7. Bad Programming from the past: Depending on your up bringing some people may have this more than others, but most people are taught from young age bad data that does you no good in business. Things like “Don’t talk to strangers” and “Don’t get too much attention”, which shaped your conformed behavior today so much so that people believe its who they are. “Oh I just can’t be like the successful leaders because I’m an introvert”. Look I always labeled myself as an introvert as well, but now I’m questioning whether that was ever the truth? because if I look back truthfully I can think of many moments in the past where I was an extrovert, when I was a kid explaining to my mother this cool thing I discovered, I was fully expressing myself and being an extrovert. Somewhere a long the way we get fed wrong data or we give poor meanings to the circumstances that occurred in our lives. “This happened so that must mean, I am a…Filling in the blank here.” The only way to break this self-imposed hypnosis is to become aware of it, whether that’s a thought or a feeling whenever it arises, and just be with it and accept it completely. Breathe into your body and feel those sensations, feel the fear or anxiety. When you’re able to Be with it and allow those feelings to be there, without trying to change it, you will begin to witness those things transform. “What you resist, persists.” “Feel the fear and do it anyway” There’s only so much reviews for AdvoCare you can look up before you have to get up and take action!
  8. You are afraid of failure: We all have this within us, we have this awful fear as human beings that if we fail we think we will somehow let those people we love down and we won’t be loved by them anymore. While some form of this fear can be good in driving you to succeed, to much of it can actually be counter productive and leave you crippled. Look in order to succeed, you have to fail many times. Give up the idea that you have to be good at everything from the start or that other successful people have always been good at what they do because it ain’t true. Fail faster so you can learn faster & succeed faster.
  9. Lack of Massive Action: To many of us live in the mental & theory mode and lack tremendously in the action department. Which is madness when you realize that nothing happens without action. Mindset is important but pure action always remains senior and trumps any mental exercise. Your AdvoCare business depends solely on your ability to take massive action with persistence. You can even have poor mindset & lack of knowledge at first, but if you take massive action you will still see success.
  10. Paralysis by Analysis: Perhaps the biggest thing that stops #9 and that is we try to analyze every thing way too much. Yes its important to do your due diligence but at a certain point you just have to Do It. You will fail every shot you do not take. Sometimes you just have to commit first & figure it out later.

You can learn as much from failure as you can from success. In my own journey of becoming an entrepreneur, I have witnessed my own limitations & character weaknesses that I had to confront, work on and overcome in order to reach certain levels of success, and I saw the same patterns in other people on the same journey. I have failed numerous times and in hindsight learned a lot from those experiences to bring you these top reasons why I believe lots of distributors fail, which isn’t usually discussed by AdvoCare reps but nonetheless I feel its important to become aware of these things, because sometimes when we are living our life, we are too much in it to see our own patterns, sometimes it takes someone outside of us to point it out.

Look if running your own business was easy, everybody would be doing it.

There is a reason most fail because no one can change you except you. No DVD, Seminar, Book or Coach can do it. They can show you the way and give you the tools, but its up to you to apply it and make the personal changes.

And I personally feel that you will not get to that point until you have suffered enough and becoming so fed up to the point where you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Selling AdvoCare Online?

What you will not find in AdvoCare are any teachings on how to do any type of network marketing such as creating blogs, email marketing, social media marketing like Facebook ads, twitter & instagram to build your brand. You may come across some blogs when you search reviews on advocare products, maybe you just enter few keywords like advocare 24 reviews, advocare cleanse review, advocare review by doctors, advocare customer reviews.. But you will find that these sites that write about advocare challenge reviews aren’t necessarily bloggers that’s trying to get people into the business, they are simply sharing their weight loss experience?

Unlike the once popular but now fizzled out MLM, Empower Network that had everyone start their own blog which quickly made it impossible for anyone new to succeed because there’s only so many spots at the top of Google search results, AdvoCare strictly teaches the traditional methods of offline active marketing methods which are:

  • Creating Warm Contact List and talking to everyone you know and try to get them on products or business opportunity
  • Hosting Mixers, which are home parties where you invite your friends & have them invite some of their friends for a quick presentation of the company & sampling of products, to begin expanding your reach or circle of influence through referrals
  • Doing 3 way calls, which is to invite people to join a call with your sponsor so that your sponsor who has bit more experience and confidence can help close the deal for you and it also brings in 3rd party credibility
  • Art of Sparking: top distributors teach this strategy of always carrying bottle of water with you and packets of spark so you can give people samples & start a conversation
  • Talking to strangers! hey distributors won’t talk about this much because they know most people are petrified about doing this, but the truth is strangers hold everything for your success in business

Now the more passive approach to marketing would be utilizing blogs & social media, where you have people that are already a bit interested come to you.

The advantage is that you spend less of your time with people that have no interest and more of your time with people that are already interested.

The disadvantage is that it takes some additional training, and the results are always going to be slow in the beginning for most people (unless you already have a massive social media (instagram) following like Michelle Bishop because of personal trainer background) And even after learning the skills to develop a high ranked AdvoCare website like Computer Knacks, the results aren’t guaranteed because there’s only so many spots on the first page of Google and so you will be competing with other network marketers.

This is why online marketing for AdvoCare is not taught. Everyone can go talk to their friends & family. But not everyone has the skills to build sites & generate leads online, because you don’t know what you don’t know.

Can these skills be taught? absolutely

It doesn’t matter if you’re 17 or 77, I have seen these skills taught to even the most computer illiterate when you have the right coaching program & mentors.

I would say it is essential to wield these skills for anyone thinking about AdvoCare or any other MLM.

Here are some of the advantages to leveraging the power of the internet for your business

  • One page like this blog post, can get ranked in google and generate leads for you for years to come without you putting additional work into it. You let the page do all the prospecting work for you while you sleep, eat & sip on margaritas
  • The ability to stack residual income: Just because there’s other strong network marketers, doesn’t mean there’s no hope for you. There’s literally still hundreds of keywords out there for AdvoCare that can bring you targeted traffic, because one beauty of MLMs like AdvoCare is that because new distributors remain ignorant to the power of internet, there is not that much competition online. Each keyword you rank for has the potential to bring you consistent leads every month, so even if you take vacation, your site is still prospecting for you, this gives you the ability to truly build residual income as you rank for more keywords.
  • You gain access to much bigger reach at very little expense: this is the inherent power of the internet itself. You can only reach local with your mixer parties, but with the internet your reach can be nation wide and the cost of getting that massive reach is much more affordable than any other mediums like TV, radio, etc

What is local lead generation?

For me, I tried the traditional method of hitting the warm contact list, going to people’s homes and doing presentations, trying to get warm referrals from people and even cold call approaches of phoning up gym owners or knocking on doors. It was very hard work and quite brutal at times, but I learned a lot about sales and do not regret the experience one bit.

For me traditional forms of marketing for AdvoCare was very tough, my social circle to begin with was not really about health & wellness at 24 years old my friends were concerned about getting drunk on the weekends, and I didn’t have any family members to work with either as all of my extended family are in Japan.

I was still determined to run my own business because I was deeply unfulfilled with my corporate 9 to 5 office job of $35,000 a year.

So I had to get resourceful and find other ways to prospect, I began searching online and came across group of coaches that were teaching students how to generate leads for local businesses like carpet cleaners, roofers, dentists

And one thing that caught my attention right away was that it was much less competition than online marketing for a MLM business where you are competing nationally. They were showing these students how to create simple drag & drop websites and ranking them in a city of 70,000 population to 250,000 population and there were many different businesses to pick from in each city and thousands of cities to pick from all over the world.

& they were showing case studies of students ranking in these cities in 2-3 months and turning profits, because of this complete void of any strong players in the local arena. I was originally interested in learning the skill to rank nationally for AdvoCare which they teach but I tried building a few local lead gen sites as well as I followed their weekly course, I then started generating phone calls & email leads for carpet cleaners & other niches I was in, unexpectedly & much faster than I ever imagined.

I heard the first phone call that came through was someone looking to get their first floor carpet cleaned, and I saw the business owner that I forwarded the calls to answer and take the order. As I saw the transaction happen, & I saw the business owner gain value from my efforts, I knew I had something on my hands.

That first call changed the game.

I got hooked.

Since then I have transitioned from the MLM world to running the local lead gen model and never looked back. I am now working with around 20 business owners, kissed my 9 to 5 goodbye, and wake up everyday excited to grow my business and make more money.

Because I struggled for so long in AdvoCare & other MLM’s, I know what that’s like and I feel obliged to share with others that there’s another route to financial & time freedom out there. One where you never have to sell to friends & family ever again, you never have to approach strangers & ask them to join an “opportunity” ever again, one where over saturation is a thing of the past, & opportunities lie everywhere.

Once you learn the skills, you can be of service to so many.

And you can bank checks like these:


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