AdvoCare Complaints: Is AdvoCare a Scam or Pyramid Scheme? Personal Review

Thinking of joining AdvoCare but you are wondering if this is a legit business?
Or maybe you just want to try the 24 day challenge and wondering if the products are all that its cracked up to be?

Welcome to computerknacks where I give non-biased, no BS, unfiltered review of AdvoCare Complaints

When looking for AdvoCare Complaints online, you will find some complaints saying the 24 day challenge never worked for them, or you may hear some complaints that the business venture with AdvoCare was a complete hoax or failure.

While you still hear others and maybe this is your close relative or friend having great success with the business opportunity and they are making financial headway. Some youtube videos of AdvoCare reviews will say “Omg AdvoCare changed my life”

When top athletes like Drew Brees and recent women’s World Cup soccer gold medal, the hat-trick Carli Lloyd endorses AdvoCare can it really be a scam?

AdvoCare Product Complaints

First of all lets take a look at some product complaints that’s floating around on the net about AdvoCare, because whether you are wanting to do the 24 day challenge or you want to start a business with AdvoCare you want to make sure that the product you begin taking or promoting is the best of the best. Especially as an aspiring entrepreneur you deserve to be marketing the best of the best out there.


Some of the common complaints you hear on 24 day challenge is that some people get frequent diarrhea.

This is due to the cleanse phase which is designed to detox and reset one’s metabolism, I have tried it myself and I did not experience the frequent diarrhea, personally I believe it has a lot to do with what one is eating during the 24 day challenge as well. AdvoCare does stress on the importance of complete lifestyle change and by no means do they claim that their supplements are replacement for whole foods.

Supplements only work when the diet is good, because we are inundated with less than ideal nutrition everywhere we go in the modern world. It is difficult to blame all of these AdvoCare supplement complaints to the supplement itself. Because sometimes the detox process makes someone more sick than before depending on their toxicity but its the body’s way of getting well.

While some see great results with the 24 day challenge, there’s some that claim they saw no results. It becomes very gray zone in my opinion because we are dealing with personal life choices and daily habits that is difficult to correct and it can have big influence on the outcome.

Considering how much poor supplements are out there in the market place today, AdvoCare does have independent testers that test their products and makes sure they are clean, safe & effective. At the same time, it is not the miracle pill that will take care of all your problems for you. You still have to put in the effort to change your lifestyle, eating habits & implement exercise routine or you are setting yourself up for a failure and AdvoCare will get another complaint written about them on the forums or review sites.

AdvoCare supplements such as omegaplex that gives essential fatty acids which is missing in most of the modern diet today, and their muscle building supplements like pre-workout shakes with L-Arginine in my opinion is higher quality than a lot of the competing brands out there.


In my humble opinion, when you are dealing with a system that tries to detox and change people’s lifestyle habits & patterns there will always be complaints because change will cause discomfort whether that comes in form of excessive diarrhea or tiredness, may vary depending on individual’s past habits & patterns. The ingredients contained in AdvoCare products are tested and can be looked up as certain vitamins, minerals & fiber that is designed to clean the system and fortitude back in the proper nutrition however it should be noted that proper diet is key and foundation for any of the supplements to work and therein lies the problem because that is a variable that is very difficult to control in all the people that try AdvoCare products.

Not too many people can go wrong with Spark or Slam if you are someone that’s already taking caffeine to boost yourself, you may find that these products are healthier alternative.

You also can’t go wrong with AdvoCare’s body building product line because they do use much better quality stuff than 80% of the stuff out there today.

I personally like the Spark and some of their post-work out shakes. To claim AdvoCare products don’t work because someone didn’t see success with their cleanse supplement is a bit unfair because cleansing is not an easy task and one should not rely on supplement alone to properly accomplish a true detox. In today’s world supplements do become necessity and AdvoCare might be a great option for you especially when you start getting the products at 40% discount.

AdvoCare MLM Complaints

Its no secret, AdvoCare is a multi-level marketing company or sometimes called network marketing company. (MLM company)

Meaning this company relies on its customers to market their products and grow their business. By setting up its consumers to become independent distributors, that can earn commission on each products they sell plus earning bonuses from the sales of people that are recruited.

MLM or Network Marketing Companies are one of the fastest growing types of business on the planet right now.


Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, likes network marketing because it allows anyone to become their own boss and has the support system that trains someone to become an entrepreneur. This is a man that has taught thousands of families across the globe how to become wealthy, by teaching them that it all boils down to mindset and limiting beliefs we have around money and how to make money.

The poor dad belief is the middle class American mindset of going to school to get the degree then getting a stable job at a good company with good 401K plan, getting a masters and climbing up the corporate ladder to manager position where you can potentially earn over 6 figures.

The Rich Dad mentality is instead of climbing up the corporate ladder why not own the corporate ladder?

Instead of working hard for money, why not let money work hard for you?

Instead of buying liabilities like houses, why not make investments that turn into more money?

The more you begin to study about successful entrepreneurs, you’ll begin to see that they think in different ways than what we’ve been taught in our environment growing up.

The big advantage of MLM or Network Marketing companies like AdvoCare is the fact that it gives you the vehicle to become an entrepreneur tomorrow without the insane overhead costs required to start a brick & mortar business.

By using the internet and leveraging off of AdvoCare’s large distribution and product shipment infrastructure, all you have to handle is customer acquisition and there  is virtually no limit to your earning potential.

Instead of trading in time for money, you trade in creativity, hustle & leadership skills to earn potentially much bigger return than your current job.

This is exactly the coaching program that I’m involved with teaches as well, called JobKilling. Below is my mentor Dave talking about me and my successes in this program. Join the list and you’ll get few more case studies to look at.

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Going from making $2,200 per month working as employer to becoming an entrepreneur to earn $13,000 per month in less than a year has been a great awakening process of the importance of working for your dreams not someone else’s.

Many others are doing the same in our group of Job assassins.

So how come we still see plentiful of AdvoCare business complaints?

Top 5 Reasons Why People Fail With AdvoCare

Here’s top 5 reasons, you can say recurring themes of complaints I hear and witness dealing with AdvoCare business model.


Reason #1: AdvoCare only gives you part of the strategy to becoming successful

When you join AdvoCare the biggest problem I see is that people are taught by their sponsors only 1 strategy for prospecting and that’s going after the “warm list” or list of your friends, family & neighbors.

Let me just say, I don’t care if you come from large families, you most likely will not have anywhere close to big enough warm list needed to really launch AdvoCare business to sustainable levels. Treat AdvoCare like your very own supplement company. What do you think will be your chances of success for this new business if you were only allowed to sell to your friends and family?

The biggest problem that small businesses face is obscurity. People don’t know you. & It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to market anymore because of the internet, all it really takes is commitment, hustle & creativity. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram are all free ways to promote and prospect for your AdvoCare business. You need to get out of your hometown and begin figuring out ways to market your business nationally, the most cost effective way I know of is using the internet & learning how to generate AdvoCare Leads online.

Wrong Approach & Expectation

Because it is possible for anyone to promote AdvoCare products and its business opportunity, the unfortunate side effect of that is you get some people that are promoting the business with too much hype by using buzz words like residual income or hands free money.

It gives some people the wrong impression that making great income with AdvoCare will be easy and effortless, something you can do on the side and treat as a hobby. But understand the statistics of MLM & network marketing in that there is 95% failure rate which mainly comes from the fact that people are looking for that short cut to success & wealth, and majority are still wanting to live in their comfort zones and not willing to put themselves on the line for the sake of progress.

This percentage of failure rate represents why majority will stay within the boundaries (walls) of middle class mindset and never break free into wealth & true freedom. The truth with AdvoCare is that you have to treat it like a business, not a hobby. Residual income does not mean you can afford to sit back & relax. Those that succeed with AdvoCare are those that continually hustle and prospect.

The key to MLM company is to continually fill up your pipeline with potential prospects, because not all of them will become your top advisors, most will flake out after they buy the distributor kit and realize they have to talk to strangers and learn to market themselves & their products.

I estimate 80-90% of the population are not willing to face the potential discomfort of social pressure, anxiety & rejection in order to progress towards entrepreneurship. As people we have this awful fear of looking foolish or we always want to be loved & accepted, but sometimes you have to appear foolish or be rejected in the name of progress. If you think building AdvoCare business will be easy and comfortable, you are definitely setting yourself up for failure.

Relying on your wholesale and retail sales too much

Building a business means you begin to learn about leveraging off of other people’s efforts. When you try to be the sole distributor by selling AdvoCare to most people at retail or wholesale prices, instead of building a team of advisors below you, then you are facing pretty tough up hill battle.

Ok this model will be possible if you have a highly ranked website and it gets tons of traffic of people that’s interested in supplement products. Or if you are a fitness guru and have thousands of followers on social media like Michelle Bishop. But still the challenge is that you have to keep selling your volume every 2 weeks or your pay check will become flat.

This is why you definitely want to mix your product selling with business opportunity sales because AdvoCare pays you 7% in override from the business volume of your advisors that you sign up. This is how you beign leveraging the efforts of others that turn into big payments overtime.

So you are encouraged to build several different types of relationship in AdvoCare. With your retail customers which will be one way relationship where they purchase supplements from you every month. And then you will have relationship with advisors that’s on your team and really encouraging and helping them build their business because the bigger they get, the more you will be paid in Override and Leadership Bonus.

This might seem like an obvious point for most of you, but a lot of novices do not fully comprehend the compensation plan and how rewarding the leadership bonus can become down the road. When you consider that its all going to be money that will continue to grow without taking too much time if any off your hands than you begin to realize one of the key to getting ahead, building residual income. Don’t mistaken it as easy but it is the x-factor that allows you to hit those entrepreneur numbers. As Robert Kiyosaki says “Let the money go to work for you” or in AdvoCare it would be: let your team go to work for you.

Invest in your team that means rounding up the troop to success school. Invest your time & effort in your team and they will go to work and make money for you. So you can be free to either go get more teammates or continue to develop your current teams, or ideally do both at the same time.

Over Saturation

This is a big problem facing a lot of MLM businesses, if you are wanting to use the best prospecting tool of all time, the internet and try to rank for keywords related to AdvoCare, you will find the top distributors with their strong websites on the front page of Google.

When you are dealing with a longstanding company like AdvoCare with veteran members, its tough for the newcomer to come in and take the top spots over them and you got people competing for AdvoCare keywords nationally and so successfully leveraging the internet becomes too difficult and technical for the average person, thus most people do not try at all.

Yet internet is undoubtedly the best place to run your start up business just ask my mentors. And it is how i operate all of my laptop based business. Nothing beats getting leads on autopilot, in my opinion its how you really get ahead because you are able to accomplish more in less time, whereas Active form of marketing that AdvoCare sponsors teach such as 3 way calls and mixers take lots of time and you can only get to talk to so many prospects at a certain pace.

However there is downside to the internet, while in the past without internet people promoted AdvoCare only locally, so chances were people around you have never heard of it. But now a days with social media like Facebook, there is more and more likelihood that your peers have already heard of AdvoCare, and worse case scenario is they were pitched by some novice and it forever left a bad taste about the company.

Not understanding how to up spell or insufficient follow ups

There’s marketing skills that the truly successful understand such as it is a lot easier to get the second sale than the first sale. This is a phenomenon you may have noticed in yourself and people, that are at first very resistant to buying anything, but once they decide to purchase something then they become very susceptible to purchasing more products and services.

Getting someone in your funnel could be simply offering them some of your products at wholesale, by giving your potential prospects AdvoCare at 20% discount just to get these people in the door, yes you could have tried to sell to these people at retail but by giving them a hook up and discount, you at least get these people to spend some money with you when otherwise they may have not had any interest in the Spark or Slam.

Now that you get them going at 20% discount, if they like the products they’ll keep buying from you and now you have a solid prospect that you could offer your upsells to such as the 24 day challenge package or distributor kit so that they can buy the products at 40% instead.

Maybe you get them into your email marketing funnel using mail chimp or Aweber and you hit them up every once in a while about the success you’re having with your AdvoCare business, because they have already bought from you they are prospects that are much more likely to buy more from you whether that be more products or buying into your business opportunity. And then once they buy the distributor kit, they go further into the funnel and they may possibly buy $3000 worth of products so that they can rise up to advisor level.

You see there are more skilled ways to acquire distributors and advisors than simply telling people about the opportunity and pushing the $79 distributor kit to them. Remember second money is always easier to get than first purchase or the fortune is in the follow up. I’ve seen many of the top distributors today reveal they were followed up 12 times in a course of a year before they joined the opportunity. Most sales transaction is statistically studied to go up in closing percentage exponentially after the 5th contact.

Failing to learn about how to become an effective marketer because you solely rely on your sponsor is recipe for failure, you need to take responsibility and learn everything there is to know about selling & marketing. Failure to grow and develop as a person is a major business killer.

Final Word on AdvoCare Complaints

To all those people that leave complaints about AdvoCare might be facing a big time burn out with MLM. It is not an easy model and when you look at the big picture it does seem to suggest that its a system where most people fail. Sponsors, advisors & distributors know this but even if 1 out of every 10 succeed that is 1 person that has become self-empowered and financially free, so it seems like a worthy cause.

One thing I have a problem with is some of the really hypey claims about AdvoCare and some of the testimonials which only happen 1 out of thousands because they were the top earner and got the rookie bonuses every 2 weeks, paints a picture in people’s mind that inside AdvoCare all you have to do is promote health products to friends and family and you can be raking in thousands of dollars every month. And that is just not true, for the most people it will take a lot more than your warm contact list to get this business off the ground.

You have to understand you are dealing with health supplements that cost on average about $130 in monthly supply for the average person using their popular product lines like protein shakes, slam, spark & few others. So even if you got 10 friends and relatives signed up, that’s at best $1300 in retail volume in 1 month out of which your maximum commission is $520 which is if everyone continues to buy at retail price, most likely that won’t be the case if you can get the distributor kit for $79 and get 20% discount. So you are looking at more like $350 check for acquiring 10 AdvoCare customers.

Well what most people fail to realize is that, to get those 10 customers, you may need to prospect and talk to 100 people. Maybe if you are really good with 20% closing ratio then 50 people.

First of all you are dealing with products that is not an immediate need based product, regardless of how great it is for health, I’m willing to bet that most of your family members aren’t that health conscious. Its not like carpet cleaning, tree service, plumbing, roofing where something happens and the customer is in need of a service. With health supplements you have to create that need in them by your presentation and persuasion skills, which takes time to develop properly.


This is why I love local lead generation, which is generating leads for need based service business like carpet cleaners, because people will always need their carpets cleaned, so you allow the business to come to you instead of chasing after it.

Plus you get to be in an awesome private facebook group where everyone is super encouraging and winning daily.

Go here to see what we are about. I’m now a proud partner of this program, showing AdvoCare burnouts a better way.