AdvoCare: How to Reach Silver Leadership & Join the Leads Program

advocaregraphReaching AdvoCare’s first leadership level, Silver is a great goal to have for most people. The AdvoCare income chart above shows the average earning per each leadership level and at silver pin on average people are earning $12,803 a year, that’s roughly $1K a month check from AdvoCare, which is pretty good supplemental income. The Silver Leadership Bonus is 3% of BV or Business Volume of your adivsor under you which is half of their PGV (personal group volume).

Silver Pin is crucial in AdvoCare because it is a big confidence booster and gets that person out of the majority that fail & discontinue. When you get the silver pin you will have much better grasp of what it takes to move further up the ladder and the $1K supplemental income will inspire & help motivate you to keep going.

In order to succeed let’s identify the proper road map to get to the silver level.

First you need to do at least $1000 in PGV (Personal Group Volume) every pay period of 2 weeks, this is how much you or your team of distributors personally consume or sell in retail volume.

Here’s a breakdown of what all the different volumes mean and how it relates to the difference between Distributor and Advisor:

Personal Volume: Total sum of your consumption, your retail sales, order $499 or less from your distributors (not yet Advisors)

Group Volume: Orders $500 or more from your distributors (not yet Advisors), Advisor Orders only during qualifying pay periods (means that same pay period your friend hit the advisor level)

Combination of Personal Volume and Group Volume is considered your PGV or Personal Group Volume. This is your total volume sold or consumed that is outside of what your advisors do if you have any advisors.

When one of your distributor reach advisor level, that volume generated in that pay period will still register as your group volume however after that pay period, your advisor’s volume will now be considered business volume and it will never be considered group volume again.

Business Volume: This is total sum of volume produced by the advisors on your team (Overrides)

AdvoCare Silver

So in order to reach silver leadership level.

Again you have to have $1000 in PGV every pay period.

And you have to have your advisors on your team doing a total of $3000 in retail. Which is each Advisor’s PGV.


As you can see in the above picture, your $3K in retail from Advisors for Silver Bonus can come in various ways. This $3K can come from Advisors as wide as you want or Advisors 3 levels deep. Whether you help your Advisor friend get another Advisor and then you all help that new advisor get their advisor in the model on the left. Or you yourself get 3 Advisors and one of those guy or gal gets their Advisor. In AdvoCare business you get rewarded 7% Override for your Advisor’s BV (business volume) which is half of their PGV, 3 levels deep. Keep in mind this is 3 Advisor level deep, distributors do not count.

So let’s say its You -> Advisor -> Distributor -> Distributor -> Advisor

That second advisor is fourth level down but because he’s only your second advisor down, you still earn override from his PGV.

AdvoCare Leads Program

You get silver twice, and AdvoCare will send you a pin that you can put on your jacket representing that you have now reached silver leadership status

If you get silver 3 times during a quarter and sponsor 3 new distributors, it will put you in the leads program.

What is Leads Program?

When someone types in their Zip code in the AdvoCare website, then your profile will show up, allowing that person to contact you and sign up under you. This is definitely a great bonus that allows you to get Free leads from AdvoCare website and it could potentially generate good amounts of business for you.


For example I did a search for distributors in 48393 zip code which is Wixom, MI and I only saw 5 Distributors show up and 2 of the 5 were 1.5 hours away driving. I then entered a different zip code 48360 which is Lake Orion, MI and the search result was basically identical except one other person had swapped.

And both the zip codes are 1 hour driving apart, so this tells me there’s still not that much distributors in the leads program in Michigan at least. This is a good sign for new guys because it shows that AdvoCare is still not over saturated with stiff competition at least when it comes to the Leads Program.

Get AdvoCare Silver Leadership by Helping Others get it

AdvoCare rewards leaders, when you help one of your Advisors below you get their silver, you automatically get it as well.

Mindset shift?

I’ve heard of several people achieved silver when they shifted their mindset to helping others get silver.


Remember to be given the full 7% compensation for Override you must generate at least $1000 in PGV.

Thats the sum of what you and your group sells & consumes at the 20%, 25% or 30% discount level which is your personal volume plus the volume of your group that consumes or sells $500 or more, and they are still not advisor.

Let’s say you had PV of $400 and your group or GV generated $600.

Your PGV will be $1000

When you get those motivated Advisors and they understand that in order for them to earn the full 7% in Override they will also hustle to do PGV of $1000 every pay period.

Just find 3 such advisor and you get silver pin.

But that’s not all.


Let’s say you helped your friend Joe become advisor.

Now the stage is set for you to become silver leader, because all you need for Silver is to have 1 other Advisor on your team.

And then generate your personal $1000 in PGV, and help Joe earn $3000 in PGV.

So by talking to your friend Joe and asking him about who else would be interested in a business opportunity, someone that’s hungry and able to go get it. And he knows Jen who is a straight hustler.

So you and Joe talk to Jen, and Jen turns out to be all in and she wants to get started right away as Advisor so you have her sign up under Joe, and she invests $3000 in Retail AdvoCare products, well now you just helped Joe make $300 in commission and you generate $3K in retail through your own advisor, so you hit your $3k to get your Silver Pin!

So in this way you are rewarded for helping your team members succeed which builds moral within your organization and creates a fun & exciting environment where people are encouraging and helping each other.

I do belive it is possible to reach silver level by hitting up warm contact list and doing mixers. However if you really want to grow your AdvoCare business to Ruby Level & Beyond, you will require a lot more leads so learning about leveraging the internet is recommended.


The number 1 thing you can do for you AdvoCare business is to fill your pipeline up. What do I mean by that?

That means getting leads for your business and putting them through your funnel.

One example of getting people in the funnel is doing mixers, you will invite your friends that took interest, friends that already signed up as distributors and you have them invite their friends.

You then invite them over to your house and have them try out samples of Spark and other cool supplements. You are essentially building out your pipeline and entering people in the funnel.

Out of 10 new people that comes to your house maybe 4 will take interest in just the product itself. And 1 will buy the distributor kit that day to get started on the AdvoCare business Opportunity.

So you just gained 1 new team member which is great, however don’t forget about the 4 others that took interest in the products, continue to follow up with these people and educate them about the products. If they keep ordering than they may become interested down the road in getting the distributor kit or even becoming the advisor so that they can order at 40% discount.

And what about the 5 people that showed up but didn’t purchase anything that day? You need to still nurture these leads and do follow up on them perhaps hit their email up every so often.

Did you know that 80% of the deals are closed on the 5th to 10th follow up contact?

This is a concept of prospecting and then nurturing your leads. Follow up is something most people neglect it is costing businesses fortunes, don’t be that person that misses out on growing your AdvoCare business to new levels because you lack follow up. Not everyone will be ready to accept what you have to say on the first day or willing to purchase stuff on initial assessment.  People make buying decisions on many different factors we can’t possibly understand.

The problem is, we assume if the person is not responsive the first, second, third, fourth or even fifth time that they are not interested and they’ll never be interested. And we feel like we are bugging them and take their unresponsiveness personal.

Always keep a positive frame of mind and have full confidence in what you are selling & promoting and you can go far in AdvoCare. People will be drawn to your positive frame and they will begin to act in reflection of your confidence.

If you are certain, they become certain.

So the very first person you must sell AdvoCare to (and the most important person) is yourself.

When you become completely sold on AdvoCare and the opportunity within it, that full belief and conviction will translate over into all those that you talk to.

I believe the journey of becoming successful in AdvoCare will teach you great life lessons and will forever change you as a person for the better if you allow it.

You will get to meet some amazing mentors a long the way.

For me it was getting the right mentors that made all the difference, now I’m writing this blog article on 10:41 AM on a Tuesday because I finally achieved my dreams of running my own online business and freed myself from my 9 to 5 job, and let me just say life on the other side is a whole new reality of goodness that was worth every bit of the investment & learning curve I had to go through.