AdvoCare Success School Review, Should You Attend?

I blog about all things AdvoCare, as the 2015 AdvoCare Success School comes fast approaching in August 7th in Arlington, TX at the AT&T Stadium. I thought it would be appropriate to blog about my take on their extravagant conference that gets bigger every year.

Is it worth attending?

What can you expect to gain from success school?

Success School

Success School cost is $169.00 and you must be a distributor to attend. It is held twice a year and thousands of distributors gather to get inspired, motivated & educated.

You must be 18 Years & Up and its an all weekend event from Friday to Sunday held in gigantic Dallas Cowboys stadium with lights, camera & action. AdvoCare logo is seen everywhere from mascots, gigantic LED screens, Cheer leaders, Famous athletes like Drew Brees & More. AdvoCare reached the billion dollar mark and you can feel its power at the success school.  They really seem to go all out on this event.

2015 Success School Schedule


Success School Agenda as you can see is quite filled out. I wonder what AdvoCare Success School 2016 will hold?

So far from 2011,2012,2013,2014 it has gotten bigger every year.







You can expect to meet some of the leaders & founders in AdvoCare, which may give you new found confidence in the company that will certainly help your journey to promote this company.

The general message of AdvoCare leader is “you are a champion”. They claim that their compensation plan is proven & sound, the only variable is “you”.

They truly believe that AdvoCare is for everyone.

I like that their about personal empowerment, because their success is tied to the success of their distributors.

Yes the big stage, lights, camera & action seems a bit hyped up at first glance but you cannot deny that the people that are attending are real people with real stories, and there is tremendous value in learning from people’s story of struggle & triumph.

For me the highlight of the success school is when the various Rising Stars come up on stage and share their story.

AdvoCare Rising Stars

We all have our “story” and whether we turn our story into one where we triumph at the end, I believe comes from that part of us that is unwilling to quit, or settle for anything less than what we want out of life. However I don’t think its accurate to state that we are either this person or not, because these empowered states comes and goes, I think as humans we have multiple personalities and we ebb and flow between various states. What’s powerful about attending a live seminar like a success school is that you get state transference from these successful distributors which can leave a lasting impression on you that goes beyond the conference. Without getting too esoteric, its almost like there is an energetic components to the communication that’s bit more than the spoken word.

Why else would many distributors attend the success school twice a year, year after year?

I don’t think its the new strategies or information that they are after, but rather the feeling that attending success school can evoke within.

I do believe in the power of associating yourself with other winners.

Here’s some of the speakers that I resonated with.

Jeremiah Captain








One of my favorite speaker at the 2014 AdvoCare Success School was rising star Jeremiah Captain, who said something I really liked which was “I’m just a man with more passion than I am polished, I am more persistent than I am talented, & I have a no quit attitude” This is the type of attitude that we should be teaching the kids, but now most everyone wants their instant gratification. But with my own journey in transitioning from 9 to 5 laborer to owning my own online business, I see how our attitude shapes so much of our outcome in life. In my opinion, it is attitude that is king, the intangible that is worth more than any asset you may own. What’s interesting is that our attitudes can be shaped, molded and influenced by the books we read and people we hang out with. This is what I see is the biggest value that AdvoCare success school can bring you, its the attitude of these entrepreneurs that will impact you and inspire you to start thinking & doing different. One of my own biggest realization regarding to success in online business is…

Talent is overrated

It is consistency & persistence that is key

Even in sales, we think we have to be this ultra talented, super extroverted person with that elusive charisma to be able to influence and get people to buy into your vision but I am finding out more and more that is not the case, its the guys that put in repetition and embrace the no quit attitude that gets the wins.

We look at players like Kobe Bryant and think only special people with talent are capable of greatness because we fail to see behind the curtains the insane levels of practice & work ethic that these guys put in to their craft.

In regards to online business, MLM, Network marketing or selling AdvoCare online, the one skill that greatly affects our result is sales.

It is difficult to launch any business without having the ability to sell your product, service, business opportunity & vision to others. In my humble opinion, it is the fundamental skill that is senior to everything else if you want to become your own boss and live life as an entrepreneur.

This is scary and off putting for most people because our society makes us believe that sales & persuasion is some dirty occupation that utilizes manipulation, trickery & deception.

Let me just say that sales get a bad rep from the people that suck at sales that uses these trickery methods. Real sales & persuasion is being honest with people, speaking from the heart & empowering others to make great decision by helping them overcome their limiting beliefs about buying. Look when you fail to sell someone on a product or service that they absolutely needed than consider that its not only you that loses but that individual is worse off because of it. You owe it to your potential prospects to be a great seller. When you fail to convey your conviction and vision to other people, nobody wins. If you want to make a world a better place, become a great seller.

Martin Luther King had to successfully sell his idea of equality to millions.

If you are an AdvoCare distributor, you need to get good at sales so you can show people a better way to financial freedom & health.

Most people desperately need help in one of those areas or both.

The truth is we are all sales people, do you recall when you were a kid in order to get anything or get anything done you had to persuade your parents? Sales is becoming an effective communicator in which you get your way with people, its about becoming a person of influence.

It is not about deception, it is about authentically showing people that you are an authority & getting people to invest in you. It is absolutely essential for wealth & success with any business especially a MLM like AdvoCare. Consider what sales really is, consider Oprah Winfrey is an incredible sales person, you may know people that will take Oprah’s word and do everything she recommends. Or maybe its you.

Jeremiah was put in a situation where he had to get good. Here is a man that was a 15 round pick for Seattle Seahawks, basically a player that they didn’t need & would never use, as he was thrown out the door he saw professional athletes taking the AdvoCare products and one of the coaches took 20 seconds to share the opportunity with AdvoCare. Jeremiah was not receptive at first, he sat down with the coach, Joe Disney and another big time advisor Jeff Fisher, they sat down in Starbucks and told Jeremiah that he was a champion, and told him about the business opportunity with AdvoCare but Jeremiah blew them off and was not ready to puruse the business opportunity so he just kept using the products and went about his life.

The turning point came when he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to take a coaching job, but as soon as the plane landed the coaching contract got pulled from under him. He lost everything, car got repo’d and no where to stay. He was faced with a dire situation with 2 baby daughters and no source of income.

He decided to contact his coach / mentor to get signed up with AdvoCare for $79 for the distributor kit so he can start selling the products at 20% commission.

3 days in a row he didn’t eat because he was so broke, and he started working on his AdvoCare business like his life depended on it.

When you are faced with do or die situation, with a profoundly strong WHY & PURPOSE such as providing for your kids, a person can pretty much deal with anything that comes there way to get things done.

Now the emerald 9 star, Jeremiah Captain says when he started all had was $79 and EFFORT.

In the beginning he was so desperate for money, that all he cared about was getting commission so he didn’t work on the business side with AdvoCare, he simply started selling the products at retail and was not building a team underneath him.

He “accidentally” hit gold 3 star, his platinum contacted him and said he was the biggest guy in Nevada and Jeremiah was not even focused on building a team. This just goes to show how far you can go with determination and straight hustle alone. Its the power of taking massive imperfect action.

But when things really became real for him was when he went to the success school for the first time.

After success school, he now became convinced in AdvoCare’s business opportunity and he knew he had something rock solid that can help other people financially. This certainty in AdvoCare was the biggest gift for Jeremiah from the success school because it then gave him the confidence to go out and build his empire.

To become successful in sales, you first have to become completely sold on you and the product or service you are offering, if you are uncertain your prospects will be uncertain.

There is a phenomenon called law of state transference, that states that when you are sure about yourself that state will transfer to the other person and they will have confidence in you and your product or service.

Jeremiah says if you go to AdvoCare success school with question marks you are going to leave with exclamation marks.

To give you great insight on why anyone should spend their hard earned money to attend a Success School, because the confidence and transfer of attitude about AdvoCare you gain from the immersive experience alone can help you make much more money than what you spend on the plane, hotel, & ticket cost, probably many times over.

Successful people are not frugal with their money when it comes to investing in themselves, because they understand the value and consequences of getting mentors & continuing to learn & grow.

What Jeremiah teaches us is the stubborn, refuse to quit attitude that is the formula for building a champion.

Biggest misconception is that it takes money to make money.

Or it takes knowing the right people.

But the truth is, it takes Perseverance, grit & hustle

Your AdvoCare business will certainly require plenty of that.

Keith O’Brien








For me, Keith’s story is very impactful because as where he started from prior to beginning AdvoCare. He was an alcoholic high school football coach that was in financial ruins and had no hope. One day, after a long day of practice he stood in the washing room at the high school and he began contemplating where his life was headed if he continued on that path. Something came over him and he decided he had to change and do something different. The problem was he didn’t know what. He did the only thing he knew to do which was to pray.

A week or two after that, one of the parents of basket ball team he was coaching approached him about the business opportunity with AdvoCare which he knew nothing about. With nothing to loose, and hearing his close friend making good money with it he decided to give it a try.

His first check came from helping his friend with the 24 day challenge, he says he found a new source of intoxication at that point and that was helping people which made him feel good.

He then became very intentional about helping people with their health and finances, fast forward 9 month later he was turning in his resignation at the principle office as he was now making $10,000 per month with AdvoCare.

As a high school football coach you are not starting from a massive network or big qualification to be a business owner.

He states that he simply became intentional about helping people with their health & finances.

Keith shows the power of human will power and proves the truth that no matter how far we have fallen in the totem pole of life, there is nothing we can’t come back from.

Not everyone attending success school will be certain of themselves, this opportunity or their future. Even as the surrounding crowd holler & cheer, you perhaps might be feeling like an outcast unable to fully take in the experience. There’s parts of you that is still massively doubting & resisting.

However when you hear people like Keith speak on stage, you can feel the authenticity, despite his professional appearance you can hear the nervousness in his voice and the under current of charged emotions as he explains his personal story, you begin to feel your resistance starting to release and the rising star’s message may begin to sink in.

For whom is Success School for? Its for those top achievers but its really for those people that are just starting their AdvoCare journey and still dealing with massive doubts. The empowering message shared by the rising stars alone may be worth the expense to attending this event as you see ordinary people like yourself share their success, you become more sold on you.

And the most important person to sell is you.

Samantha Sagot








Samantha Sagot was going to school full time to become a chiropractor when AdvoCare came into her life. 2 years before she is giving her speech as a rising star in front of thousands, she was $200,000 in debt, 2 pant sizes heavier, & going to Starbucks at least twice a day. AdvoCare was brought into her life not for the business opportunity but because she was a holistic doctor and wanted to try the products & learn more about nutrition. She could not afford the 24 day challenge so she had to get it at discount, 6 weeks later she lost all this weight and people began to notice.

She then helped one of her friend get on products and received $60 check in the mail, which was a big deal for a full time doctorate student. She asked her sponsor how she can get more of those checks and was told to become an advisor to get 40% commission and so you can get paid in 5 ways, in 2 weeks she reached advisor level by helping 14 people get on products and she received $1000 check in the mail.

$1000 was heaven to her because she can start paying off debt, so she became certain that she wanted to keep going and those around her tried to persuade her it wasn’t going to work. We all have these people that doubt and stomp on your dreams. For Samantha, it motivated and fired her up even more because she decided that she was going to prove all of them wrong.

A month after that she made it to a success school and this is where she really caught the vision.

This is where she became clear on her purpose and her why.

She saw the potential of what success with AdvoCare can do for her and her family.

Samantha reminds us that it is crucial to have a purpose & why that is bigger than ourselves.

6 years prior her brother became addicted to drugs and she saw her parent’s shatter not just financially but their hopes & love along with it.

Samantha took massive action and take on the whatever it takes mindset to succeed with AdvoCare because she wanted to help her parents.

“Purpose is what leads you to anything” -Samantha Sagot

10 months into her AdvoCare business, Samantha Sagot had the 9 star Emerald. A year before that at leadership school she was only a 3 star gold with 1 distributor with her, in the 2014 success school she is a diamond distributor with 30 distributors in attendance

If the purpose burns inside your heart you will get it done. And I couldn’t agree with Samantha’s message more. Her speech really fired me up and reawakened me to my own purpose of freeing my parents & grandparents financially. So I truly thank her for the great reminder that we all need to hear.

I study and blog about success,but if there’s one thing that trumps everything else is to become clear and continue to remind yourself on your purpose. Why are you on this journey to become an entrepreneur and live life on your own terms?

Conclusion: Why should you attend AdvoCare Success School?

Truth is none of your sponsors make any money from you when you attend success school, yet why do they preach about you attending it?

Success school is where you catch the vision and learn how to build the AdvoCare business by learning the in & outs, becoming an expert about AdvoCare as you see the whole company & the leaders within it and hear their message.

Success School is not comparable to AdvoNation or Leadership School, because at Success School you get to meet the doctors, the athletes, & you get to hear everything need to hear to grow the AdvoCare business. The right mindset & attitude & belief, and quite possibly awaken a new found vision & purpose and as Samantha Sagot will tell you finding that Why and becoming very clear on it is the fuel that burns the engine towards success.

If you are not having the success in the selling AdvoCare products, perhaps you need to take a closer look at yourself and how your presenting yourself. The very first person to sell is yourself. If you are not speaking with conviction & belief, others will not have belief in what you are offering.

Success school is the immersion experience that instills that conviction in you.

For anyone striving to become success with the AdvoCare model, success school is a wise investment.

I personally have found a different online business for myself where I work with local businesses get leads by creating simple website and that a lone was enough to replace my 9 to 5 career in the automotive industry in Michigan & also walk away from MLM business all together.

But even in my new business finding out my purpose was the key as Samantha Sagot taught us.

And persistence, hustle & no quit attitude that Jeremiah have is what gives me the confidence to be successful on my own and quit my 9 to 5 job.

And story of Keith tells us that no matter how far down we think we have fallen, there is nothing we can’t come back from.

The opportunity to change our life for the better is all around us and there is no limit to the success we can achieve.