AdvoCare Tips For Success: Be SEXy & Cool

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How do you become successful in AdvoCare?

Well if you are talking about successful tip for 24 Day Challenge, its simple… stay disciplined on your diet, avoid carbs, seriously it works. Also doesn’t give you the mid day sleepiness. I’ve cut out all carbs for the last month and the fat on my stomach that would never go away is shrinking and my 6 pack is beginning to show.

Their cleanse & MNS is cool but I just still don’t think its as powerful as fixing your diet straight up.

Getting fit & healthy is all good & all but who wants to talk about making money??

They key is to be sexy & cool like Conor Mcgregor


Sexy & Cool is the key to success?

Let’s reverse engineer one of the elite diamond distributor in the company Michelle Bishop


Very good looking with plenty of sex appeal.

Someone most girls out there would aspire to, gains massive 250K followers on Instagram, actually had massive following even before AdvoCare because of her professional body building & personal trainer career.

Because of her massive reach and as someone of a role model already, once she began AdvoCare it was game over. She sold products through her social media accounts and became one of the company’s fastest rise to Diamond.


And if you go to success school, you see elite athletes on stage like Drew Brees & Rich Froning

and what’s shocking is all the rising stars come up and they are all photogenic as hell

Man, is the secret to success in AdvoCare to just be sexy and cool?

If you think about it.

They say all the time, its a people business.

So these attractive people must have an advantage over those of us that are unfit and not as good looking?

What I have found about MLM / Network Marketing

Its my firm belief that AdvoCare is one of the best MLMs out there that you could join and give a serious shot.

They are freaking on top of it when it comes to building their brand name and gaining momentum each & every year.

They get new sexy celebrity endorsers

They have big foot ball stadium national conferences

with cheer leaders, fireworks, executives in suits, business women dressed to the T

I mean they are as legit as they come when you are talking about the Network Marketing space.

Does your looks matter when building a MLM company?

Well if you are doing the offline method of prospecting like face to face meetings at Starbucks, mixer parties or random conversations with strangers, then I would say yes it does matter to a certain degree.

Remember you will be reppin fitness, weight loss & athletic performance company

does the following image jive with that?



But is it impossible to do the AdvoCare business if you’re not looking like a swimsuit model?

Well I have seen plenty of successful distributors that weren’t in the tip top shape

This is actually one of the most commonly asked questions for new AdvoCare distributors

I’m not even at the right weight how can I promote the products

And top diamond distributor Jenney Donnelly had the perfect tip / solution

It can become part of your story

“Look I’m trying this new AdvoCare company, and doing their 24 day challenge, I’m on my way to getting fit, just lost 3 lbs in the last 2 weeks and I’m really excited.”


you’re in.

You are positive, enthusiastic and people will be intrigued to know what you are up to.

I almost feel you could even have the advantage with a story like this because you become whole lot more relate-able than someone on a swimsuit magazine

Real Success Tips 101

Yes being attractive can play a role, but gifts like that is trumped any day of the week by hard work & hustle.

Michelle Bishop, as good looking as she is, first gained a lot of success just from her existing social base but eventually she too began to struggle.

She dug deep, and switched up her game plan. Instead of trying to recruit and sell products, she shifted her focus on opening her heart to people and listening to them & what their deepest fears & needs were, and then sharing her story and offering the AdvoCare opportunity.

She says when she shifted her focus to sincerely trying to help people and be a strong role model for people, she became unstoppable.

Nobody could reject her.

How can you reject someone that is sincerely trying to help you and listens to your woes & concerns?

So you see… Even photogenic & attractive people like Michelle went through her trials & tribulations in AdvoCare

Its not for the feint of heart

Your looks can only get you so far

Good looks & talent is overrated in success

its whoever can take the most amount of action that leads to success, more consistently than the average person becomes successful

AdvoCare Success System

The biggest tip for success is to follow what other success people are doing & have done

In AdvoCare the blueprint is already laid out for you in their success system

Its very simple, and its designed in a way to work for introverts & newbies. People that are extremely shy and scared about direct selling.


  1. Give your potential prospect a sample of Spark and show them the Impact Magazine

This is doing a few things: first of all #1 product in AdvoCare by far is Spark, The #1 problem people have is not obesity believe it or not, its their energy problems. Most people are coffee drinkers so when you give them spark and it begins working on them they will feel the product versus just hearing about it, this is major key to establishing connection to the brand. Also The Impact Magazine is another strong rapport builder because inside it the prospect will see all these famous athletes endorsing AdvoCare along with personal success stories from all different background, allowing the prospect to realize that success is possible for them

2. Schedule a 3 way call with your sponsor & prospect

Ok so once you get the interest, you say “I would like to schedule a 3 way call with you so that you can talk to my sponsor and ask him/her questions, they’ve been in AdvoCare for a while and they have amazing success with it, they’ll be able to help you out.” and so this takes the burden off of your shoulders as someone new you do not need to be doing the closing. Let your sponsor do it all, & they will gladly do it because your success is their success. This also builds 3rd party credibility. What not to do during a 3 way call? Over talking lol

Allow your prospect to talk and your sponsor to respond accordingly, your job is pretty much done at that point, just put your phone to mute and allow your prospect and your sponsor to have a conversation.

That’s it

oh and last step

3. Follow Up

Can’t stress this enough, people will not always close on the first contact or second.

Studies find that closing success goes up dramatically on the 5th to 10th contact

In AdvoCare the true professionals follow up for a year

once a month

Actually a lot of diamond distributors say they were followed up for a year before they decided to give the business opportunity a try

and now they are making multiple 6 figures


So yea to become successful in AdvoCare, its whoever can repeat the simple success system more diligently & persistently than the next person, have the most chances to reach success.

Maybe looks might give you 3-5% advantage…

But actually it can be trumped many times over by hard work

When you see all the attractive rising stars on stage, don’t let their shiny looks fool you into thinking that the ride was easy for them

They will all briefly say things like “I dug my heels in and went to work”

Every success AdvoCare distributor went through some hard times of struggle and they were in the trenches getting rejected left & right not just from strangers but from those closest to them.

They went through it all with nothing but a strong heart & plenty of self belief

In a direct sales business when it rains it pours

There is no secret to success but to become obsessed with it

You better have a strong vision and a why because when things get tough, that’s whats going to keep you alive and in the game

Never Give Up

AdvoCare Business Alternative?

I graduated with a bachelors degree from Michigan State University

and I was working for a Japanese Automotive parts supplier, in a bilingual position

And I was making starting salary of $35,000 a year

Some told me I should be satisfied that at least I have a real job

but I never was

I knew there was so much more I could do

When you work for 2 years and get a 2% raise and that comes out to be $60 more on your monthly salary…

to be honest. I got pissed.

Well long story short, after that took place I spent the next year and a half trying everything under the sun to make money for myself and never have to rely on a corporation ever again or a boss telling me what to do

From AdvoCare, to various other MLM’s to finally Local Lead Generation taught by Dave & Tom

I took massive action in all those opportunities

& what actually broke me through

was the coaching program by Dave & Tom

Its interesting that Dave was once one of the highest earning guy in a big MLM back in the day called Empower Network

but he ditched it all because he didn’t like the fact that 95% of his downline were failing

So he started lead generation which was supposedly much easier than network marketing

sounded to good to be true but I gave it a try, and I became one of their star students only a year later making 6 figures online

-My Life Will Never Be The Safe

if you’re struggling in AdvoCare, you need to give this coaching program a shot.

I’m now one of their few proud partners