How to run a successful AdvoCare business?

I watched through so many AdvoCare business success stories & researched how all the top distributors become rising stars, and begin distilling what is takes, the core principles on how to run a successful AdvoCare business.

Is there a secret to AdvoCare success that is kept from new recruits?

Your sponsor may tell you exactly how the compensation plan works or where the next incentive trip is, but have they let you in on what it takes to actually make it in this company? (not just selling few 24 day challenges to your friends & family)

Granted you are like me last year, dying to find a way to make money from home so you can quit the life sucking prison called job..

Then making few extra dollar here and there is not enough for you… you need to actually find a viable, long term business?

As someone that went from struggling $35K a year employee to making $10K a month being my own boss, I know where most people go wrong and how to avoid the common pitfalls.

Allow me to take all the hype out of AdvoCare business opportunity and let me give you some sobering reality on what it actually takes to earn any substantial income in this company.

For those of you that are still on the fence…

Hopefully I can clarify if this MLM supplement business is doable for you.

AdvoCare Business Review

AdvoCare is one of the biggest multi-level marketing companies that’s utilizing the direct sales method of distributing products, meaning it is the consumers that sign up and become affiliates of the company that sell to end users. These are what they call independent distributors or business advisors. You get paid 20%-40% commission on selling products, also you can earn overrides (commission from your team) and leadership bonuses from the sales of your team, so in order to make money with AdvoCare, you are required to recruit others into the business opportunity.

This is not a pyramid scheme where no matter how hard you try, people that joined before you or people at the top always make more money than you.

No, actually it is very easy and possible to pass your upline or sponsor in AdvoCare. The individual is only limited by their own drive and determination to succeed.

Corporate america is more of a pyramid scheme because people’s earning income is fixed by their position in the company. The sales manager does not make more money than VP and so on.

This is why a MLM or network marketing companies is birthing more self-made millionaires than any other business today.

Having the potential to raise your monthly income, every month is a beautiful thing and it inspires you to work everyday as you begin to see your freedom increase. When there is significant pay off for the work we put in, then work becomes incredibly fulfilling & enjoyable.

I worked in corporate job for over 3 years and my salary stayed the same that WHOLE time at $2,200 per month.


However when you get to go to work each day with the opportunity to raise your monthly income, its a whole new dynamic. Work becomes enjoyable because you are actually seeing progress, you begin to see yourself actually going places in life.

Hesitant about the word MLM?

It gets a bad rep from people that fail.

Coincidentally the same reason why MLM or owning your own biz is awesome which is becoming your own boss, is the same reason people struggle so much.

When we are employees there is a boss that keeps us accountable, & different metrics and co-workers that ensures you get to work on time and finish your duties everyday.

This is protection for most people, when you become your own boss you have to become self-motivated and self-accountable which is challenging for many reasons.

Can you stay productive and on track when you are the one that has to come up with your own list of things to do that is most important in growing your business?

Another reason people fail with these MLM opportunities is that they treat it like a hobby.

People dabble with it, because most people aren’t fully committed and what seemed like a good idea at first gets lost in the many daily activities and pretty soon activities like prospecting for your AdvoCare business gets put on the back burner.

If you think it’ll be easy, think again. In order to build substantial recurring income that can replace your day job, you have to put in some hard work into the AdvoCare business. The problem is most people severely underestimate what it takes to actually start your own business.

So one of the best thing you can do is to fully understand what it actually takes become successful in AdvoCare.

Understanding compensation plan and how the business works is good and all, but unless you are determined to undertake the work that lays ahead then you will soon join the majority group of new distributors failing in AdvoCare.

AdvoCare Business Plan to Success

I’ve studied the top performers in AdvoCare and distilled the top daily tasks that can ensure your success against the odds.

Spoiler Alert: Success in AdvoCare requires Hard Work, I will be covering the actual grunt work required to succeed which is not always shared by top advisors or AdvoCare Success System.

Different distributors may have slightly different strategies but the essential actions required to grow this business remains the same.

It can really be boiled down to two things

  1. Prospecting
  2. Following Up

Diamond distributor, Dawn Funk, among other top distributors have simplified what creates a champion time and time again for their organization.

Power of 3 Super Simple Strategy

  1. Pick a number of people you are going to share the opportunity with consistently, everyday: Remember that you are the CEO of the business, that means you have to keep yourself accountable. So pick a number and ensuring you hit that target everyday will ensure that your business continues to progress forwards. Because remember when starting your business, if you’re not consistently taking your business forward everyday then its regressing. Small wins fuel your motivation, stagnation is death because it seeds doubt. So pick a number for yourself, Dawn started off at 5, she recommends most of her teammates to do 3. Its a people business, and lifeline of  the business dependent on your ability to prospect leads.
  2. All nibbles are funneled to your sponsor. If you get some of these people interested, then you actually aren’t required to close them yourself, you can simply tell them “will you be free on X date, I will get my sponsor on the phone and he/she can tell you more about it, they already helped tons of people” In this way you build 3rd party credibility also your sponsor has more knowledge & belief that comes across in their tone of voice, so you don’t have to be the expert in the beginning, you can leverage off of your upline’s experience. In fact this is how most recruits are brought into AdvoCare are through these 3 way calls. This is a system that works and for good reasons. All people want to do business with people that they can trust and that are experts.
  3. Plug into the team and those that are having the success you want. This is about building your own self-confidence and belief about the company and business. The more certain you become, the more confidently you will prospect and speak about AdvoCare which will give you more success which feeds into positive loop, this is why sponsors are big on getting their new distributors to success school. Its to get that winning attitude and mindset shifts which can be everything when you are starting your business and the only person to count on is yourself. Other than success school which is held once a year in Texas, there’s also AdvoNation which comes to various venues across US at different times. You may also consider plugging into team calls or getting to different mixers that your team is doing. By doing so, you will get more personal stories and its those stories that sell. Not everyone will resonate with your particular story this is why it is extremely beneficial to know many stories can relate with all the people that you will come across.

Dawn says You are in business for yourself but not by yourself, there are people there to help you, especially your sponsor. Stick to these three steps consistently and success becomes inevitable.

In the book The ONE Thing by Gary Keller, it talks about doing less is more in business. It is by defining that one thing where by doing it will actually cause other things to become unnecessary or less important. By limiting your duty to one singular thing, it gets the job done more effectively in that one area that matters most. This prevents overwhelm like creating AdvoCare business cards, having that perfect mixer set up, having ALL the tools like Impact Magazine, etc which all helps marginally but its not the ONE thing. In fact worrying about all these extraneous things will often times cause nothing to get done. We are not as brilliant as we may think that we can handle everything at the same time and do everything that the pros do from day 1, it is better to strip everything in the beginning and get down to the Essentials…

That ONE thing for AdvoCare is Prospecting. (Talking to people about AdvoCare)

If you can just get yourself to share the business with at least 3 people per day, and you do this on a consistent daily basis you will inevitably succeed.

Also keep your conversations purposeful.

Lets not get it twisted, we are here to grow our business not make friendly conversations that go no where.

Make sure you have a purpose, either you get their contact info or you get them to commit to a 3 way call with your sponsor. Have the end goal in mind. & Don’t be afraid to make an offer. What is it that you are offering? Join as distributor for $79? Start the 24 Day Challenge for $240? or go all-in for $2100 or $3000 in products and begin building a business together? If you never ask for the sale, you will never get it. Sometimes being upfront & frank with people is the best way, you may not always get their interest but they will respect your honesty.

More offers you make to people = more money in your pocket

The Follow Up…


Follow up comes up as close second, so basically its just creating a  record of all the people you contact, try to get their number and do follow ups even when they weren’t interested initially. Many top distributors say all the time that they were initially uninterested but because their sponsor kept following up with them, that they finally joined after the 7th contact.

This is again where most people fail.

Most people do 1-2 follow ups and that’s it. But statistics show that closing percentages goes up exponentially after the 5th to 10th follow up.

Don’t be the average and get mediocre results, be the extraordinary that is willing to follow through.

My advice is maybe follow up first couple days, if no response move it to once a week, then once a month.

Top advisor Jeremiah Captain was followed up once a month for a whole year before he joined, now he is a diamond distributor. So never underestimate the power of follow up.

There is a saying that says “The fortune is in the follow up”

True winners follow through till the end because they know in their hearts that what they offer is great for people.

Having the right expectations

Dawn Funk lays it out straight in one of her training and its something all new distributors or business builders for that matter should hear.

  1. Expect Rejection

Setting up false expectations such as building avocare business will be simple as talking to friends & family, will be setting you up for failure.

Just because you think its a great idea, doesn’t mean your friends and family will. Expect that most of them will reject you, the key is to not take that personally and keep moving.

To get the Yes, you have to remember that you will have to go through many No’s.

Dawn Funk who is now a platinum distributor will tell you that in order to get to where she is at today, she had gotten over 1000 No’s.

She even admits that some friends defriended her on Facebook and left her nasty messages.

Out of all the family members she has talked to, only her sister is doing AdvoCare with her.

She was a teacher, and out of all the colleagues, there’s only 1 person that’s taking the products.

So you see, she had to expand far beyond her warm contact list.

If the pain of rejection & going outside your comfort zone is too great that you’d rather face the discomforts of your current life circumstances, then you will never be able to endure the journey to success with AdvoCare.

People will judge you and you may even get some haters in the progress.

This is when remembering your purpose and why becomes so crucial.

2. Expect that it will Take Time

AdvoCare is not a get rich quick scheme.

The business is built upon shear effort & hard work

Committing yourself to talk to 3-5 people daily about AdvoCare

Collecting contacts, and doing follow up for up to 1-2 years on everyone you come across

Expect to pitch over 200 people before you can say you made a valiant effort

There is no secret formula, success depends on how many offers you are able to consistently make to get people into your contact list or funnel, and then it your duty to continue to follow up.

These are all great business skills that continue to help me acquire new clients for my Lead Generation business which is what actually finally killed my 9 to 5 job.

Studying top advisors in AdvoCare and reverse engineering their success has been really helpful as well.

On top of amazing mentors that literally handed me the business model that allow me to get paid online for the rest of my life. Its hard not to be super excited about life and my future.

As they say, AdvoCare is simply a vehicle that allows people to do earn income & help people, fortunately for me there is more than 1 vehicle out there.

One thing is certain, to transition into a new lifestyle of running your own business, you will need healthy dosage of grit, perseverance & hustle. But let me tell you, life on the other side is worth every darn minute of it.