AdvoCare Testimonials: Income Disclosure Success Stories

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AdvoCare Testimonials: how accurate are they in portraying your likelihood of success in AdvoCare business?

It is important to understand that the nature of “people you know business” means that some distributors start off their career in AdvoCare in a more advantageous position than others.

Here is AdvoCare Income disclosure with full review on what kind of effort will be required for the average person to actually build a sustainable income level with AdvoCare.

Biggest reason new businesses fail is not intelligence, lack of information, or economy. Its lack of taking massive levels of action required to get it off the ground. Its severe under estimation of what it actually takes to build a business.

buckle your seat belts, because the ride is about to get a bit jerky.

There are some incredible AdvoCare Income testimonials like Tomny McTomiel, who was a high school football coach making $35K a year struggling to make ends meet with his family when one of his athlete’s parents came up to him and told him they were going to make $90,000 in a year with AdvoCare, he was reluctant at first but inquired and got on products, he tried the metabolic nutrition system (MNS) and he says in 40 min he had more energy than he knew what to do with.

He joined the AdvoCare business opportunity in 1997 with his wife Dianna and they became advisor in 10 days, sharing the products to people they knew. They had strong work ethic because they were in desperate times financially.

Now get this, they earned $140,000 with AdvoCare their first year.

They earned $550,000 their second year, and $875,000 their third year.

And their fourth year in AdvoCare, they earned their first million dollars in a year. From then on they earned consistent 7 figure incomes.

Now they have earned $34 million dollars in their journey with AdvoCare.

Their most recent monthly income was $330,000.

Other AdvoCare income disclosures include:

  • Ryan & Ashley Shepherd (Tennessee, Former Corporate Jet Pilot): $609,112 earned in 2 years & 3 months, started on 6/14/12
  • Jeremiah Captain (Oakland, CA Former Coach / Arena Football Player): Earned $219,180 earned in 2 and a half years, started on 5/08/12
  • Dusty & Ann Hammock (Alabama, Former Pastors / Ministry): Earned $629,866 in 4 years, started on 08/11/11
  • Rodney & Tomita Creech (Indiana, Former Basketball official): Earned $627,475 in 4 years: started on 11/15/10
  • Zach & Rachel Vassar (Texas, Former coach & stay at home mom): in 3 years earned $400,000
  • Zach & Krysta Huckabee (Texas, Former youth pastor / stay at home mom): Earned $229.969 in 2 years, joined in 06/12/13
  • Providence & Becky Tucker (Missouri, Former gym owner): Earned $577,721 in 5 years started their journey in 06/7/10
  • Tanner & Kaylin (Student Teacher & Stay at Home Mom): Became stay at home parents in 6 months as they shared products, Earned $220,000 so far in 2 years
  • Gabriel & Lizzy Tavarex – TX (Former Corporate America Worker, Stay at home mom) career earnings of $249,104 in 6 years, started in 10/31/09
  • Tj & Missy Houske – Lebanon, IN: Earned $416,535 in 3 years
  • Eric & Abby McMaster – Colorado: earned $512,707 in 3 years after being laid off from corporate america
  • Al & Lindie Pulvirenti – FL (Fireman) earned $72,227 in 3 years
  • Greg & Glenna Foster – Tennessee (Corporate America & full time ministry) earned $177,051 in 3 years

These advocare business success stories are inspiring, but it is important to see that AdvoCare does put income disclaimers saying that these AdvoCare income testimonials are substantially in excess of the average results achieved by majority of distributors achieved in the same period.

AdvoCare income potential is there.

But what is the actual odds of getting there?

Is AdvoCare Right For Me?

The common thread I find in a lot of AdvoCare business testimonials is that they got to a certain point in life where the living conditions became lower than their standards in life.

“I had to sent my little 1 year old in day care, and hear the most important moments from somebody else”

“and that was not okay”

Tony Robbins says that we may not always get our wants but we will always manage to get our standards in life.

Many of the successful AdvoCare independent distributors went through a period of immense pain and struggle before they were able to give the business opportunity their full attention and effort.

In this sense I do believe succeeding in AdvoCare or any other multi-level marketing is actually much tougher than staying at your current job if you are living a relatively comfortable life.

The difficulty level is certainly tougher than my current online business of generating leads for local businesses.

But I’ll get more into that in a minute.

How can I succeed in AdvoCare?

Well, how prepared are you for social rejections? are you doing AdvoCare to get approval from friends & family?

In order to withstand some of the ups and downs of sales business you need to get in this business from your own will and ideally you have a purpose to not only help yourself but others as well such as family, not joining so you can meet all the sexy independent distributors lol.



because lets face it sales is not easy, the reward is great but if it was easy everyone would be doing it!

AdvoCare is sales business. It is direct selling. Similar to Cutco the kitchen knives company or multitude of other multilevel marketing companies out there like Herbalife, Forever Living, Avon, Shaklee, Amway, Arbonne, NuSkin, Nature’s Sunshine, Isagenix, doTerra, & list goes on.

They like to make claim that it is “people you know business” because they know that most people are deathly afraid of talking to strangers, but when you want to get to those elite Advocare income levels in 2015, you better be prepared to talk to strangers and build relations with new people. You think you can earn 6 to 7 figure income just from the volumes purchased from your current social circle?

Again they do not make this blatantly obvious because they need their bread & butter of the business, which are the average folks that get into it but don’t necessarily have that fire in their belly, so they dabble with it but they’ll never make it in the business side.

They say AdvoCare is for everyone but it clearly does not work for everyone (the business), because around only 5-10% make it.

My biggest problem with AdvoCare was the fact me working full time at my 9 to 5 job, living on my own, and not a huge social circle of co-workers, friends & family because I was living in a new city on my own, meant I was only reduced to only few limited option.

  • approach strangers on the street
  • or learn how to market myself on the internet

I chose the internet route, which led me to a new business model that allows me to run a business without selling to friends & family.

So is AdvoCare right for you?

Well I will say that certain people are in far more advantageous situations for AdvoCare than others.

Studying successful distributors of AdvoCare, I will list off some of the common themes I found

  • Former Job or life circumstance required extensive relationship building with many people over the years
    • Teacher & student’s parents relationhships
    • Coaches & athlete’s parents relationships
    • Personal fitness coach & client relationships
    • Parents relationships with other parents
    • very established figures in the community, well connected like Pastors, ministers of church, etc
    • leaders of various organizations

Does not mean it is not possible if you don’t have these connections but it makes it much more difficulty.

Again AdvoCare income model is structured around people you know and referrals from those people you know.

and the AdvoCare income structure is simple, push products. To produce as much AdvoCare business volume as possible every pay period of 2 weeks, through the efforts of your team and yorself.

This is only possible when you you have a big reach of influence through friends & their friends.

Their pay plan or compensation plan is structured in such a way that you must recruit people into the business and help those people recruit more people to build a solid income with AdvoCare.

Most like to claim sharing great, amazing products is how they build their business but everyone once they join will soon realize, actually the ultimate focus is recruitment.

That is how you are going to really get paid in this company.

It’s easy to get lost in the AdvoCare income success stories and be on cloud 9, but until you actually get grounded to reality and see in practical terms how you can start making your first $1000 per month consistent business, you will just be lost in la la land with very little chances of actually making it. Here is quick advocare business review in practicality


A lot of the advocare training out there like to illustrate the picture that you will only need 3 advisors below you to build a solid, successful team but question is how many of the advisors you sign up will actually have their own connections and their own will & drive to begin adding on to your business?

Because in order for you to have enough business volume from 3 advisors, they gotta be elite people, the top 5%, so that will tell you that 95% of the time, people you bring into your business will fail.

You that means if you bring in 100 people into your business, you will have around 5 people that have made it.

So that is about 1 out of 20 will make it.

To get your first 3 solid advisors, you must get 60 people to join the business opportunity.

Now you may get silver leadership pin or gold way before this level, but remember in order to have good substantial income, be prepared to aim high and not underestimate the efforts that will be required.

Let’s say, you close 5% of the people you talk to, into business opportunity.

Platinum Distributor, Dawn Funk says what made her successful was prospecting 5 people daily.

So 5 people daily for a whole month is 150 people

out of which you have 7 people that will join your business.

In 3 month, you have your successful Advisor on board that will go on to become a strong leg for you and provide residual income for you and your family.

This is the effort that one should be prepared to take on when approaching any MLM company, the more people you talk to the more your business will grow.

I think the biggest problem people make is when making their AdvoCare business plan, they far underestimate the number of prospects its going to take to actually earn consistent $1-2K a month income.

This is something that’s a bit difficult to see from the outside looking in.

Only after joining AdvoCare, did I truly understand how difficult it was going to be.

My Story on How I left AdvoCare and found my 6 figure income doing other things


I’ll be honest compared to some of the success stories that I’ve seen in AdvoCare, my life circumstance was no where near as bad as some of those people dealing with broken marriages, mountain of debt, no time with their kids, supporting a family on shoe string budget, addiction to substance & more.

I was 25 years old, not married, no kids, living on my own, no debt, had enough to pay the bills & have little extra for entertainment as well.

I was becoming accustomed to this life, although everyday was repetitive & boring, I just kept telling myself, “someday I’m going to move and do something great”

What was happening was that I started looking up to business mentors that were making money on their own terms and growing in wealth each & everyday, I knew there was a reality possible for more freedom and my desire for that life began to grow and so my standards were rising.

The more I looked to that reality and those mentors that were living it, the more painful my current life situations became. Spiritual teachers say desire is the root of all suffering and it is true but in some cases it might be fore the good?

We are human beings and its about experiencing the full range of emotions from the negative to the positive. Happy times are great, but immense growth has occurred most in the dark times. So to say I don’t ever want to experience struggle but to stay comfortable & content, is to say that you never want to grow. What happens to a plant that stops growing? it welts & eventually dies.

When I was convincing myself I was content at my $35,000 salary I was not growing or making progress, consequently I was much less happy than when expansion & growth is happening.

So even success with that journey of finally ending my 9 to 5 job and becoming my own boss, I had to go through a period of becoming very fed up with life circumstances that pushed me into obsessive, freak-like massive action mode.

I believe its during those period that there is what is called a breakthroughs.

Yes we do always get our standards in life. There is a certain self-image that has been created about myself and things I knew I need to get handled, got handled immediately and things that I just wanted but was not really part of who I am, got put off and delayed, until there was enough pain caused by that thing I was putting off.

For example I have always been in A student in math, so I kept up with that self image and always did the necessary studying and reviews to ace my tests.

I was raised in a household where both parents went to college and so it was absolutely no question that I had to get to college & graduate and I did.

My father worked a corporate job and so I did just that.

When I really begin to study myself, I see that I have been modeling myself to others all my life.

Human beings are always being influenced, we are not some stagnant & concrete persons, we are more like a verb in action, always changing.

Sometimes we require a wake up call, that invokes us to raise the standards for other areas of our lives.

For me, it took working in a corporate job for 3 years at $35,000 annual income and only getting a $60 raise per month after working there for 3 years.

At that point there was enough frustration that blew up like a bomb inside, it was almost like I was able to channel those emotions into massive action of focus & determination

but what also helped was finding mentors that I could model as well, mentors that let me know that making money from home was possible.

My dad could only teach me what he knows. He was never a business owner or entrepreneur.

So I had no point of reference for such reality or such possibility existing for me.

This is why it is so important to continue to seek mentors in life, I believe in every year of life from financial, relationships, fitness, health, nutrition, & spiritual

and surround yourself with other successful people, if you join AdvoCare you must surround yourself with other successful distributors, go to success school and advonation

If you join the lead gen business, then you have access to the private facebook group with constant reminders & evidence of success





And some of my success


Why did I succeed with this business and not advocare?

Well just very briefly the biggest reasons I think are:

  • Don’t need to sell to friends & family, I can prospect local business owners and there’s thousands to pick from all across USA
  • I don’t have to manage people, just websites
  • Return on investment in time seems much greater because websites once they rank they bank without additional maintenance so its extremely scalable

I like this opportunity because anyone with a laptop and internet connection can build these simple click and drag websites, so the playing field is leveled. Whereas not everyone has strong social circles like some of those distributors that became platinum.

You can look up more case studies of successful students and schedule a call to see if you will be a good fit for the program here.