AdvoCare Training: 10 Rules to sell like Wolf of Wallstreet

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how to sell AdvoCare like a true pro?

What do you mean you need extra training with AdvoCare?

You mean to tell me there’s more to becoming successful in AdvoCare then to tell friends & family about your 24 Day Challenge Results?

lets face the obvious facts

AdvoCare is a direct selling company.

They say you just have to make a list of your warm contact list and pitch to friends & family with no pressure.

but when you look at the actual people making money in this company, not just peddling few products for the sponsor’s overrides, then you will begin to see that in order to actually make money, you have to sell to strangers. There is no avoiding this simple fact.

You may have heard that some people are natural closers. For a long time, I thought I would make an awful sales person. I mean, I have always identified myself as on the side of introvert.

Yet what changed things around for me was coming across Wolf of Wall street, Jordan Belfort’s straight line persuasion sales training course. His words that struck out to me was that he can train you to become master closer regardless of age, creed, race, education or socioeconomic backgrounds.

In fact that’s how he built his legacy, training very average or below average high school drop outs how to close some of the wealthiest top 1% of the nation.

What is the #1 skill need to become successful in starting a business for yourself?

By far, it is the ability to close people, to get the sale. I will go over the top 10 rules of closing for your AdvoCare business as taught by Jordan Belfort, the wolf himself.

Across the board, when you hear the testimonials and success stories, the distributors that truly excel in AdvoCare learned to become great sales people.

Did you know that Warren Buffet regards art of persuasion as the most important skill for success in business?

Isn’t this true?

In order to be a a true leader and get other people to buy into your vision you have to sell them on your vision.

Whether you are starting a venture capital or trying to get your family member to buy the distributor kit off of you.

You have to effectively influence someone to buy into your idea.

Here’s the problem I see 90% of the new distributors of AdvoCare make.

Just because they hear from other rising stars that all they did was to share their success on the products and people bought from them and they became platinum distributor in 1 year, blah blah blah

Look they do bit of exaggerating on this.

The truth is, you will not make it in this business unless you become an expert at learning how to close people on the all-in advisor purchases of $2100

So in this blog post, I am going to assume that I’m already talking to those that understand this reality.

Perhaps you originally joined AdvoCare thinking that you could grow a part time income just by sharing others about your results but having a lot of difficulty actually getting anyone signed up under you when it comes right down to it.


I will go over some core principles of sales as taught by my sales mentor Jordan Belfort. Some of this should really strike a chord with you especially if you’ve had some experience in the field already.

It will certainly be a refreshing take on advocare training from the usual AdvoCare training center, usual tools found in Tomny’s file folder, usual training videos on youtube, or other documents you get from AdvoNation training events & facility.

Rule #1: You must become sold on the product or service

when you are going out promoting AdvoCare, make sure you inundate yourself with AdvoCare testimonials & success stories and get yourself sold on this company first. It is your level of certainty that comes across in your tone of voice and body language that gives buyers the confidence to invest in you.

This is part of the reason why so many people become a lot more successful after attending Success School or AdvoNation. The main reason is that their level of certainty goes up each time they attend these events..

Rule #2: You must have a vision & a big WHY

why are you doing what you are doing? if you do not have a vision or big enough reason why, then when the going gets tough you will not have enough fortitude of mind to push through the resistance.

In direct selling or sales, you are in business for yourself. There are ups and downs. Some days you feel cloud 9 because you finally closed a prospect, other days you are down because another prospect keeps blowing you off. When there are challenges, lots of internal resistance can come up. Are you going to have enough will power to not allow those negative mind frames to take you down an unfruitful path?

I recommend some sort of daily ritual where you review your goals & visions, it keeps your mind right and your Reticular Activation System of the mind focused & zoned in on the goal.

Rule #3: Building Rapport is showing them you’re an expert

The most common problem sales people make is that they think building rapport is talking to the guy about their kids or the prospects favorite hobbies like hunting & fishing. This is a big mistake in sales, and it will take you and your prospects wandering in the wilderness getting further away from the end goal of closing the sale.

Rapport is built by showing the prospect that you are an expert and you are 100% certain that your product is going to work for them. There are many times the prospect will try to bring in their personal stories and take you off the line of the sale, hear what they have to say but continually and kindly bring them back to the line and continue to build your case of why they need your product.

In AdvoCare the top advisors are already doing this naturally. They are not going to sit there and talk about your son’s soccer game for 1 hour, they will be direct at telling you how AdvoCare products & business opportunity changed their lives, and show you how quickly you could get started.

Rule #4: Never disagree with your prospect

When a prospect comes up with objection or opinion during your contact with them, never disagree with what they have to say. When you disagree with someone it turns their mind frame into defensive or adversarial. Sales or persuasion is like art, you may in that moment want to disagree with what they have to say, but instead in sales you disarm or deflect those objections by first agreeing with what they have to say, and then offering suggestions.

For example

Prospect: “How much does it cost to become an Advisor?”

You: “$2100”

Prospect: “That’s way too expensive”

(Wrong response) You: “No its not, its a perfectly fine price considering it retails for…”

(Right response) You: “Yea I agree, but let me say that when you consider that it retails for $3000 and you actually get the products that you can now flip for profits, its not so bad, besides you get 40% discount forever”

You see, essentially you are saying the same answer but one gets far more favorable response than the other.

It can give that person a completely different feeling for the whole encounter.

A great sales person makes the prospect feel like they understand, they care, they are looking out for my best interest, I want to do business with this person. Sales is not an argument you are trying to win.

Rule #5: Learn to Listen to your Prospect

Look I know the urge is great especially when you just got back from Success School to fire off your mouth piece and tell them everything you learned about AdvoCare and what a great opportunity it is, but corner stone of great sales is learning to listen to your prospects.

Everyone makes their decision on two factors.

  1. to move towards pleasure
  2. to move away from pain

some people are motivated by pleasure of what AdvoCare can do for them, some people are more motivated by getting rid of the pain in their life.

You will not know how that prospect’s brain is wired, so you should make sure to ask them, why they would want to join AdvoCare? What are they looking to accomplish? What is their big why? What problems are they trying to get rid of in life?

Its important to bring these things out of them because these are the things that is going to move them into making that decision.

Don’t be shy to ask these questions.

if you ask, “why do you want to join AdvoCare?”

they may say, “oh well I have been looking for some ways to make extra cash part time”

Dig deeper.

“why are you looking to earn extra cash on the side?”

keep asking why till they reveal their true motive

“well to tell you the truth, I am taking my 1 year old to day care everyday and it breaks my heart. I want to be able to spend my days at home with my kids”

When you begin to churn those emotions, you are building a bigger case as to what they need to make the decision now to do business with you.

and just by listening and getting personal, you separate yourself from 90% of sales people out there that’s just trying to sell them something. They will feel that this is someone that cares about them.

Rule #6: Expect the No’s

True master sales people are un-phased when the prospect says no.

This is what separates the wheat from the chaff, when you expect the objections, you are prepared to disarm them by breaking down their limiting belief.

This is what Jordan Belfort’s great sales system, the Straight Line System of Persuasion is all about.

People come with their own set of limiting beliefs that is holding them back from buying.

Your job is to disarm them, by coming back with sound logical case as to why their limiting belief is not true.

This is not to manipulate someone, although it can be used that way. It is to empower someone to make decisions in life that is going to benefit their lives. To breakdown those beliefs that have been holding them back in life.

for example their limiting beliefs may be

  1. The price is way too high. You would build a case for why over the long term you actually save more money by going all-in with the 40% discount and list other benefits of going all-in with AdvoCare such as you get to tell your own prospects that you also went all-in when starting advocare
  2. I don’t have enough time. You would give them a plan to prospect few people each day, show how even small efforts taken consistently can yield massive results in the long run. You can also show testimonials of other distributors that became successful with very limited schedules
  3. I’ve been burned by other MLM’s before. Tell them how long AdvoCare has been around, and tell them you will be there every step of the way (do not say these things if you’re not going to actually do this)

As you gain experience, you will come across the same objections over and over again, and you will become an expert at knowing what to say to each objections to disarm them and move forward in the sale. Each time you are taking out the negative and adding on the positive, until the scale eventually tips and the buyer sees no reasons not to buy from you.

Rule #7: Only pitch to qualified people

One of the mistakes all sales people make is that they waste a lot of time pitching to people that should not be pitched.

So in AdvoCare, you should not be prospecting people that have no business getting back into the gym or wanting anything to do with losing weight, or building muscle. Luckily there is spark that most people could use, but make sure you are not wasting your time pitching people that are barely getting by.

What’s interesting about AdvoCare is that they have several ways to begin doing business, at the $79 level to become distributor to $2100 advisor purchase to become independent distributor right away.

So screening for socioeconomic background is not as necessary as if you were a salesperson for a BMW.

Still it is important to have this lesson because if you could pick between low income to medium income neighborhood to pitch AdvoCare products, you probably shouldn’t be spending whole lot of time trying to sell supplements to those that are on welfare.

Maybe you will tailor your presentation differently as well, those that are in desperate need for financial help, you should probably offer the distributor kit business opportunity as the #1 thing that’s going to help them get out of the rut.

Rule #8: Manage Your State

In sales, two person could say the exact same words and have completely different responses.

They say 90% of communication is body language.

Another way of saying this is that most of our communication is taking place subconsciously, through the energy we are projecting onto others.

If we are in an dis-empowered state, do you think your prospect will have any confidence in you to invest in what you’re offering?

The most empowering states to be in, as a sales person, is certainty and clarity.

You are 100% certain on the product and company that is AdvoCare, this goes back to Rule #1: You Must Become Sold on the Product or Service

It is important to manage these states within yourself.

Sometimes you take few losses and you get your states knocked down.

It is important to become aware of these upsets and become a master at bringing your states back into alignment again.

Don’t let these states run you.

I still struggle with this everyday but it is a consistent practice.

Jordan says the most important skill to becoming successful by far is the ability to manage one’s state.

Success School will help anchor those states in, you now have to become master at bringing that state again of empowerment and feeling like you can conquer the world.

It is these states that you feel in the body that will transfer onto your prospects and influence them into making that decision.

Rule #9: Follow Up

Did you know that your closing ratio goes up 5 times after the 5th contact with prospect?

Yet most sales people do not follow up more than 3 times?

The fortune is in the follow up.

Your ability to follow up with clients is what will separate you from the average to the elite sales people of the world.

There’s many top distributors in AdvoCare today that admit that it took their sponsor 1 year of diligent follow up before they were ready to sign up.

Get creative with follow ups as well, don’t just call them over and over again. Shoot them texts, emails, even hand written letters. The more creative you get, the more effective it becomes, the more likely it passes their internal spam filters they have in their mind. Create different points of contact is another tip that will put you on leagues ahead of your competition.

Did you know that, studies found that using text messages during your initial phone call increases closing ratio by 300%?

Rule #10: Ask for the sale, Go for the close

We have so much negative stigma towards sales, that people have blocks towards asking for the close, making the offer, asking for the money.

Remember, nothing in the world happens without sales, your vision or dreams will not happen without sales.

Sooner you can get over the idea towards selling anything is bad, the better. If what you are offering to people will absolutely help that person then what is the problem?

Asking for the all-in sale, and coming up with logical case why they should go all-in right from the start will take courage but those are the distributors that become successful.

You will miss 100% of the shots you do not take.

The more offers you put out there in the world, the more money you’re going to make.

Its a numbers game.

Go for the close always.

If it is uncomfortable, it is okay, practice and keep doing it until it become natural to you.

To run a successful business you should be making at least 5 offers per day. 5 closing attempts.


So this is the top 10 tips of selling AdvoCare to everyone. I do feel that AdvoCare success system misses the mark when it comes to actual training of how to actually interact with prospects in the real world, in a way that tips the scale towards your favor and increases your success rates.

Let’s face it, sales is a skill that needs to be developed. AdvoCare will tell you to just approach your warm contact list which may not need as much skill as trying to sell a stranger, but if you want real income in this company you cannot just get there by selling to your grand parents and aunts only.

Look at any of the successful distributors and you will see that they have their own large network of distributors that were all strangers once before. There’s a lot of distributors that will flat out admit that they do not have much friends or family in their teams, but all new groups of people that they had to meet a long the way.

There is certain bit of personal evolution or development that will be required to get from Gold, Ruby, Emerald to Platinum.

You certainly have to become a great leader, but most importantly a person of influence.

And I have found no better training on how to actually become that person, than Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Persuasion System.

In this blog, I went over the main keys and if you have had experience in sales before all of this should be clicking inside you.

It is the same knowledge I use in my own business of local lead generation for local businesses.

For me the biggest problem I faced in AdvoCare was that I did not have enough prospects to pitch to on a day to day basis.

I was 25, my friends & family weren’t interested at all in these sorts of things, and I personally didn’t want to sell to my friends & fam.

So I chose to learn how to generate my own AdvoCare leads online, and came across few mentors that taught me how to actually rank sites and drive traffic to local businesses and get paid handsomely for it.


When you finally find something you love doing and you get paid great for doing it.

And you don’t have to work for anybody else.

You can work from home and begin your journey as an entrepreneur.

Life is pretty awesome, I must say.

Go here to find out how you can make your first $1000 per month without another mixer, 3 way call or selling 24 challenge to friends & family ever again.