Arbonne vs AdvoCare, Which Company to Pick? Unbiased Review

Have you been wondering about which company to go with? Arbonne or AdvoCare?

Besides the products, there’s certainly many similarities between the two companies, including their compensation plan and matter of which a distributor builds the business.

In both companies you will rely on recruiting people into your organization to get anywhere financially, you will also rely on throwing mixer house parties where you invite as many friends & family as possible to introduce the business opportunity to other people you know.

These companies are fairly close, but there’s some key differences that may sway your decision to one or the other…my advice? choose carefully because with either business it will take a lot of time to build and time is something you can never get back.

No it is not a Scam or Pyramid Scheme, here’s why…

Yes in both companies you will have a sponsor that will benefit from the sales & recruits you make, just like your new recruits will benefit you as well.

This is why people commonly mistake Multi-level marketing as a pyramid scheme and a scam, and that’s pretty much all you see if you try to look up any complaints.

But bare in mind just because a company allows bonuses for recruiting others into the business, does not automatically make it a pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme is a system that dupes people into joining a system with false promises and the system is designed to scam people out of money and structured in a way that the people at the top gain all the benefit.

In Network Marketing, you are not stuck where you join.

If the company is structured correctly like AdvoCare & Arbonne, it gives equal opportunity for new recruits to climb up to the top.

In AdvoCare, new recruits in today’s time is progressing faster up the rankings than 10 years ago.

So that also dispels the myth that people that join earlier in these companies have added benefit.

That idea certainly holds true in any business because there is always concern of over saturation but for AdvoCare & Arbonne, the potential for success has not dimmed in all these years and there’s new distributors that are still becoming massively successful.

Both Companies Have Longevity

Keep in mind AdvoCare was born in 1994 and Arbonne was born in 1980.

Yes these companies have stood the test of time and should be judged as relatively stable MLM companies to join which is definitely a solid plus you gotta look into whenever you join these companies.

You don’t want all your hard work to disappear over night just because FTC deems the company as illegal pyramid operation like they did to VEMMA in 2015.

Oh the agony those distributors are feeling is unimaginable

Difference in Compensation Plan in AdvoCare & Arbonne?

hey if you want specifics of how the comp pay plan works, then be my guest and do a quick google gander.

But I’m here to tell you what makes these company’s comp plan different? & more important how is the money really made in these companies?


Well I’ve done my fair share of due diligence on both companies, definitely extensive background with AdvoCare but I have also done my homework on Arbonne as well. Including watching a 34 min presentation by Arbonne’s one of executive national vice president, Christy Dreiling, which is one of the highest rank.. why did I pick her video to watch?

idk she looks like Natalie Portman to me who’s like my favorite actress but I digress…

(man I can’t help but to think looks kinda matter in people to people business of MLM, like all the companies I’m reviewing there is always this youtube star that’s got a very photogenic face touting to be one of their top distributors, I mean is it coincidence or are they being endorsed?… what the hell…)

In summary, Arbonne’s comp plan is near identical to AdvoCare really…

Here’s the deal in Advocare you can make up to 40% commission on product sales, in Arbonne up to 35%, but this difference is really of no consequence because you are not going to be selling products in these companies to make your money.

Think of selling products as just pocket change that will buy you a movie & dinner once a month.

If you are really looking into these companies as a business opportunity

then please understand the real money is made on what is called overrides

which is earning a percentage of what your recruits consume, sell or whomever they recruit sell or consume, up to 3 levels or generations.


Boom… Yes its the MLM model but do not fret, it does not signify a pyramid scheme just because its shaped like one

But the point is when you are able to earn overrides on what other people are consuming or selling, then when you get down to 3 levels, your total volume that you earn overrides on can become enormous, as long as people you recruited are committed and grew their own team, and you two were committed to helping those new recruits grow their own team.

And of course those new recruits have to get their own team as well.
This is how the company grows, perpetually.

It seems like it would get over saturated fast though if everyone had to recruit so many people to become successful.

Well Arbonne has been around since 1980 and still majority of people have not heard of it, it is no where near household brand name.

And that is because when your team is growing, not all the recruits will successfully follow through with the opportunity and make their team grow.

That’s more friendly way of putting it, but most people just down right fail and its not always entirely on that person’s fault.

I personally think the odds are extremely stacked against you in AdvoCare or Arbonne.

But I also believe if someone is stubborn enough to succeed and willing to face any amount of adversity, social rejection & failures

Then one will eventually succeed in either of these companies.

How bad do you want it, at the end of the day and so for me the best gauge to decide which company to go with has to come down to the products.

Product Differences?


Arbonne prides themselves in having all natural product that is gluten free, Non-GMO and 100% natural ingredients with no chemical preservatives. They also seem to stack more impressive scientific research behind their products.

AdvoCare puts more focus on their weight loss program like the 24 day challenge

& their athletic performance supplements endorsed by NFL quarterback Drew Brees

So you see a lot of high school coaches as part of AdvoCare success stories

Arbonne does have weight loss products as well, & with their emphasis on being all natural & gluten free it might just be more cleaner option than AdvoCare, because AdvoCare’s product does contain some ingredients that’s questionable to use long term such as sucralose the artificial sugar that’s getting a lot of bad rep at the moment is in their spark product & more

Aside from weight loss, Arbonne really does seem to shine in the beauty & skin care product lines including makeup lines & fragrances that many think is superior to other major brands because of their all natural, non-chemical approach.

It reminds me bit of doTERRA MLM

A lot of distributors of Arbonne claim that the biggest selling tool is the product itself, many have recruited people by first giving them sample of the skin products, and they call back because they want more of the product.

This is a very positive sign of a MLM company, a company that has very strong core products that is bit irreplaceable in the market place and delivers consistent customer satisfaction and lives up to the hype. This makes the role of the ambassador much easier because you can just present the product samples & get peaked interests.

AdvoCare’s product that spikes interest?

Spark & 24 Day Challenge.

Downfall of 24 day challenge is you are asking for the person’s full commitment for 24 days in an area where most people’s focus wilters after 4-5 days.

Spark is easy enough to present and have people drink, but just an energy drink that gives some buzz might not be the game changer that’s going to pull people in.

Where as a great skin care product can cause instant effect and women are crazy about their skin anyways, perhaps much more than being few lbs over weight.

So I see Arbonne as much more marketer for some people over AdvoCare.


The conlcusion is this.

Both companies are pretty identical in how you grow the business through your warm contact list and throwing mixer house parties and both companies pay structure is similar as well.

If you want big checks that can replace your 9 to 5 job, you need to become a massive recruiter that is always pushing to be more extroverted everyday.

Meeting strangers & branding yourself, putting yourself out there. If these things shackle you with fear, then do not bother with a MLM, I know it sounds harsh but its the truth that will save you lots of money & time.

The Reasons Why I’m not involved with AdvoCare or Arbonne

  1. I dont like selling to friends & family
  2. Its really difficult to find prospects if you are not as extroverted or well connected in the community like some of these reps
  3. I don’t like the fact that most of my downline will end up failing, because success rate in these companies is less than 5%

If I don’t like MLM too much anymore then why do I make blog posts about this on this site?

Well for me, after years of searching and trying different MLM’s what worked was local lead generation model.

Which means I learned the skills of ranking websites in Google, and this skill allows me to offer a service for different local businesses like dentists, chiropractors, limousine driver, tree service guys, hvac companies & more.

This is what I do day in and day out, when I’m not writing blog posts on this site.

And its what allows me freedom now as I quit my 9 to 5 job 6 months ago and started working on my business full time.

I became one of the star students and became a partner of this coaching program that now gets earn small commission for referral people into the program.

Keep in mind this coaching program only recruits people after a consultation phone call with one of the mentors and they hand pick someone that’s the right fit for the program as they like keeping the success rates very high.


We have a private facebook group that is filled with countless success stories on a daily basis, really makes MLM’s look quite silly in comparison.

But without getting too much into it, if you are on the fence about joining another company where you have to become their foot soldier to sell to your friends & family, why not learn some real skills and go help local businesses in your town or city?

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