AdvoCare vs Beachbody: Unbiased Review

Beachbody vs AdvoCare?

Unbiased review from non distributor nor coach.

Which compensation plan is better? How to pick the right company.

Spark by AdvoCare vs. Shakeology?

Beachbody 21 day body fix / ultimate reset vs. AdvoCare 24 Day challenge?

I go over both companies methodology in weight loss & health, their business model (comp plan), what types of products each offer, and more because if you are thinking of getting into either of these companies to earn residual income, you better love it to pieces. There’s definitely similarities but also subtle differences, which can ultimately help you decide to go with one or the other.

Here is quick overview of the difference: Beachbody vs. AdvoCare 2015

AdvoCare Founded in 1993       |      Beachbody Founded in 1998

AdvoCare Startup Kit: $79        |      Beachbody Start up: $39

Advocare Commission: 40%     |     Beachbody comission 20%

Above shows surface level differences, you may think that in AdvoCare you will make higher income because of the higher commission but it is not so black & white. In both companies you are rewarded for growing a strong, large team that sells the products, that is where the real money is made not necessarily how much profit is earned from each product sales.

Both companies provide compensation plans that allows someone to earn money from the sales effort of people they recruit.

Both companies have people that make $30,000 per month and up to 7 figure a year type of income.

These types of incomes are built on establishing real relationship with people and becoming someone that can inspire & lead others.

It is not a get rich quick scheme or pyramid scheme, rather its a distribution channel that allows customers to become their own independent distributor that can act as the CEO and build their own distribution network of people they have recruited.

More you recruit, the more your income grows with leveraged income. Earning a percentage on the effort of others, sort of like owning a franchise like purchasing subway joints.

Its not a pyramid scheme because these companies actually sell products.

At the end of the day, the true test is if the company is actually turning its revenue from a sale of product or service. (Not false promises to make money.)

Then it is a not a pyramid scheme.

Other misconceptions are that the people that join these companies first reap all the benefits. This is not true.

While it is true that your efforts will help your sponsor, and it will help that sponsor’s sponsor…

It only goes 3 levels deep, meaning rather than one giant pyramid, its more of a circle


your earning potential is not limited by your sponsor, in fact in both companies you can eventually pass your sponsor in income.

Now the corporate world of CEO, Vice President, Regional Manager, Employees

Yea you can work your but off but you’ll never earn like the CEO, is that more of a pyramid scheme?

While MLM does have its own challenges, & faces plenty of ridicule because it is still relatively new form of business (all things new are not understood & ridiculed), it is producing the most millionaires than any other type of business out there today.

If you are into health & wellness, weight loss & fitness MLM, then you may have come across AdvoCare and Beachbody.

In this blog I will compare the two and my thoughts on which one you should pick & why.

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge vs Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

The beach body has couple of weight loss programs.

There is the 21 day fix which is based on 7 day, 30 min workout program with portion control meal plan by using these color coded plastic containers.


Their theory is that simplicity is the name of the game in weight loss. So for 21 days you do the work outs and you eat a controlled portion based on “if the food fits in the container, you can eat it”

No counting calories

For example you are  supposed to eat 4 red container (proteins) per day but only 1 blue container (healthy fats), what this does is to begin to retrain the person in eating proper daily intake of each food category for optimum metabolism & health, this helps people begin eating the variety of foods they require daily.

Then there is the Beachbody Ultimate reset which includes their companies proprietary herbal cleanse / detox supplement that has to be taken daily that is designed to control appetite and detox, combined with healthy eating plans is designed to flush out toxins and reset the body.

Its combined system of online support, meal plans designed by celebrity chefs, & natural supplement.

When top coaches are asked best beachbody program for beginners? most of them go with the 21 day ultimate reset because it detoxes effectively so that the foundation is clean & efficient for optimum metabolism and muscle building.


24 Day Challenge by AdvoCare is possibly more product focused.

First 10 days is a cleanse phase involving their herbal cleanse product which contains various herbs & fiber that stimulate metabolism and digestive tract.

Then it is followed by the max phase where you begin taking their top product called MNS (Metabolic Nutrition System) which contain high levels of essential nutrients including amino acids, vitamins & minerals, probiotics & more. This is the product that makes people go “oh now I get what AdvoCare is about”

Throughout both phases you also get the very popular Spark energy drink, once a day for mental focus & energy boost.

Just like Beachbody, there is emphasis on proper clean diet throughout the program and eating 6 meals a day by incorporating healthy snacks. Although the portion sizes are not controlled in the manner of cute plastic containers, people are still recommended great meal plans that incorporate various food groups.

The 24 Day Challenges comes with Can You or CU24 exercise DVD but it is not the focus or requirement of the program, if people have gym memberships they can go do that instead, the dvd is more like a bonus.

Unlike Beachbody their exercise program is specifically designed for the program with different routine & exercise for each day.


They both have pretty good positive reviews of customers getting real results on Amazon.

There is a pretty big price difference here, with AdvoCare you are getting a lot more products like meal replacement shakes once per day that can actually completely replace one of your meals for the day as the name suggests so you are actually getting some of your food cost covered.


Plenty of before and after pictures for both Beachbody & AdvoCare weight loss challenges for all to see out there.

Beachbody Compensation Plan vs. AdvoCare

Quick Overview:

Some Differences

  • AdvoCare started in 1993 vs Beachbody began in 1998
  • Cost: AdvoCare $79 to become Distributor vs. Beachbody $39.95 to become Coach
  • Commission on Product Sales: AdvoCare is 20-40% vs. Beachbody is 25%
  • Retainer Fee to Stay in Business: AdvoCare is $50 annual distributor fee vs. Beachbody is $15.95 for business service fee

Some Similaries

  • Both stress on the importance of building the business by helping people
  • Both offer weight loss programs, Beachbody focuses on follow along exercise program P90x and Insanity workouts, AdvoCare focuses less on workouts but more on supplement that aid muscle recovery & growth

Some Pros of AdvoCare

  • Offers Energy supplement that has bigger market share than muscle or weight loss products
  • Famous athlete endorsers like Drew Brees & other professional athlete makes their product more attractive to people that are into sports

Some Pros of Beachbody

  • Shakeology that lists natural whole foods as ingredients such as super food vegetables & fruits, caters more to the general public that are becoming more open to the idea that natural organic is important

How do you make money in Beachbody?

First you have to become a Coach for $39.95

With that you get your very own Beachbody url webpage where you can send people to purchase their challenges & products like the Shakeology, which is super food smoothie drink in a bag.

In Beachbody you earn 25% commission on all product sales.

The people you allow to become coaches are permanently linked to your account so whenever they purchase products, you continue to receive commission.

Second way to earn money with Beach body is to sign up various coaches and earn volume points. The earning is calculated during what is called cycle bonus, and depending on what level coach you are, the earning potential changes.

If you are an emerald coach, you get $14 per cycle bonus.

Ruby gets $16, Diamond Coach get $18 per cycle bonus.

What is cycle bonus?

When you have accumulated volume of 200 points on 1 leg, and 100 points on the other.

One of their popular product which is the shakeology is 90 points.


In the above model, when you got 3 coaches in 1 leg that all bought a shakeology and two coaches on the other leg that also bought shakeology, then you earned 1 cycle bonus for $14, $16, or $18 depending on your level of coach, and you also got 70 and 80 volume points carrying over to the next cycle. There are some coaches that earn 6 figures a month for growing a big team.

First you have to get to Ruby $14 per cycle, you get there by getting 2 coaches to join your team, which is quite doable for most.

Their shakeology is $130 for 30 servings, about 1 month worth of smoothies at 1 per day. Comes out to be around $4.30 daily to stay on their #1 product. You think you can find few people that would be into drinking 1 nutritious smoothie per day?


Above picture shows AdvoCare’s compensation plan

You can earn in few different ways in AdvoCare

  • Sell the product at wholesale at 20% commission
  • Sell the product at retail at 40% comission

This all depends on whether the person you are selling to wants to become distributor or not, if they purchase the distributor kit for $79 then they purchase products from you for 20% discount from retail price, which means you make 20% commission instead of 40%.

This is assuming you’re at the advisor level getting the products direct from the warehouse at 40% discount. To get Advisor level you have to purchase $3000 worth of products or sell PGV (personal group volume) of $3000 in 3 pay periods, which is 6 weeks (2 weeks per pay period)

Your Personal Group Volume is total sum of your sales plus the sales of the people you recruit, as above picture shows.

You earn commission on product sales as long as that person is not at the advisor level. When they reach Advisor level, you no longer earn any commission on their product purchases, instead you start earning overrides and leadership bonuses from their consumption & sales activity.

Override is 7% of business volume which is half of retail sales.

So if your friend Charley becomes Advisor and sells $2000 worth of products and consumes $200 worth of products, the business volume or BV is half of $2200, and so your earning is 7% of $1100.

The Leadership Bonus is certain percentage that is earned on the BV as your team gets bigger and bigger. Keep in mind the override and leadership bonus pays are all coming from AdvoCare, it is not coming from the commission of your teammates. AdvoCare is simply rewarding hardwork, and eventually as the team gets big, the leadership bonus earnings become larger than overrides as well as commission on product sales.

For AdvoCare their #1 popular product is the energy supplement spark, which runs around $50 if you were to drink once per day.

When the individual also gets on muscle building products or meal replacement shakes, the monthly consumption can easily go up to $100 to $250.

Again the average person will most likely spend anywhere from $100 to $200 in either Beachbody or AdvoCare, depending on personal goals.

In AdvoCare there seems to be more options for products to sell such as skin care SYS and essential fatty acid supplement Omegaplex, but the question then becomes is variety always a good thing?

For example only portion of the people will be interested in muscle products, sports performance or weight loss, but more people might be interested in a full blend of super food smoothie drink that can serve as replacement for eating vegetables or fruits for the day.

I think if you’re serious about starting either business, it would be worth your time to order Shakeology or the Spark and see which products you like because at the end of the day, you would have much easier time promoting products you actually love and take personally on a daily basis.

Also taking a good look at your friends & family, would they get more excited about a smoothie drink? or sports performance stuff that Drew Brees or Rich Froning takes?

The point is they are both multi level, meaning you earn commission by selling the products as well as recruiting people into the business and earning on the efforts of your team. In both companies you will be required to talk to new people (everyday) and spread the message of hope for others and you build your business by helping your teammates grow theirs.

So it helps that you are passionate about the products themselves and hopefully you are taking it on a daily basis.

For me, AdvoCare does seem to provide a more full profile of products for people because of drinks like Spark & Slam, that can be coffee & monster redbull alternative.

Review of how to become successful in Beachbody or AdvoCare

In both companies, you have to personally take the product yourself or you won’t have much of a credibility.

In Beachbody its:

  • Make sure to finish at least 1 challenge so you become product of the product: There’s different challenges like 60 days of insanity, 2 month of pile, 90 days of P90X (get ready to get fit), Commit to 1 program
  • Drink your Shakeology daily ($120 per month) Credibility comes from actually taking the products yourself

In AdvoCare:

  • You should love to take the Spark energy drinks
  • One of the amino acides, like MNS or muscle building / sports performance product

In both companies, you will be required to prospect by speaking to strangers. You will face rejections.

In fact success is about going through rejections without the loss of enthusiasm.

Even though your intention is pure of heart, to help & inspire others, people will still reject you, sometimes from those you consider are your closest.

It is a sales business at the end of the day, the more rejections you can go out and get, means the more money you will earn.

to a certain extent it is a numbers game. But you can become better at your skills to convey the message in a way that it makes it difficult for people to reject you, if you simply learn how to listen to others and make them feel good by being that positive, enthusiastic & empathetic individual.

In today’s culture where we are told “don’t talk to strangers” since we are little, this makes most people sick to their stomach even at the mention of the world sales or cold calls.

However look at a lot of the successful people in the world today like Tony Robbins & Warren Buffet, they all have some sort of experience in sales or worked on their craft of become a person of influence.

So who is AdvoCare or Beachbody for?

  • If you got that fire ignited in your heart or belly, to want more out of life.
  • If you are sick and tired of your job, that you can’t stand another minute of it
  • If you are broke, no job and no hope for the future
  • If you are determined to make a change in your health & love the idea of inspiring others to do the same
  • If you are desperate for some time freedom
  • If you sick & tired of being sick & tired

Most people can get hyped up in the moment to join something like a Beachbody or AdvoCare, but when they realize the hard work that lays ahead, or some of the rejections and signs of discomfort, they will quit.

In order to succeed you need to have a vision, a purpose and a why

That inner drives that motivates you like you will do this thing or die trying.

That’s the only way to have the stamina to move through all the emotional, mental & physical challenges of the journey!

Just take a look at the top coaches or advisors in these compaines

There is this fierce, intensity there.

This comes from a result of not settling, or taking in the social dogma of being the trim & proper person.

But it comes from standing up for what you want & what you believe in.

& going out there, digging the heels in and going to work.

We all have this side of us even though you may not feel like you have a personal connection with it right now.

I was the same way. The introvert that was not supposed to become an entrepreneur and business owner.

But with the right mentors and few personal breakthroughs, I was able to retire my job at age 26 and build an online business of over 6 figures in less than a year.


Both Beachbody & AdvoCare provide health supplements that produce results, they both have their 21 to 24 day challenges that helps to get new people to try it out and gain first hand experience, they both compensate for referring people in the company on multiple levels, so the path to earning big income is the same, to recruit and become a leader of influence, motivation & positivity for your teammates.

AdvoCare does seem to have stronger support system mainly their national success school events in which people go to catch their vision & become inspired.

AdvoCare also has much more famous professional athlete endorsers like Drew Brees.

They are bit more flashier in their presentations.

Beachbody is more of the holistic doc approach of peace & calmness. Their products value profiling natural herbal & super food ingredients.

At the end of the day, what’s most important is which culture & products will you personally feel a greater connection with?

The difference in how the compensation plan is structured should not make too much of a difference in earning potential as your personal belief in the products itself because ultimately its you who will need to go out there and promote the company’s message & products.

It is your belief & certainty that will influence others.

Even though AdvoCare has been around longer, and they seem like the bigger company, remember that bigger is not always better in the MLM arena, as more people join the market place does get more competitive. Over saturation is a concern for any and all multi level marketing companies, well at least for the new recruits.

My business is not the MLM path however even though thats where my journey began.

I do not need to sell to friends & family, nor does my business consist of me trying to recruit people or anything like that (MLM model)

My job is simple.

  1. I build websites
  2. I rank them in Google
  3. I get paid for the leads I generate

Whether that’s ranking a site nationally like ComputerKnacks

or ranking website locally for carpet cleaners, roofer, dentist, etc (Much easier)

The process is unbelievably simple, when I found the right coaching program that gave me the skills that pay the bills for the rest of my life.

because the internet & local businesses are not going anywhere any time soon.

I love local lead generation because there’s hundred of niches and thousands of cities in the US, there is no concern for over saturation. Another way of saying, “there’s hardly any competition.”

Also building that great relationship with local businesses is quite enjoyable as well…