AdvoCare vs doTERRA, Unbiased Review on Business & Products

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doTERRA vs AdvoCare? which is the better affiliate marketing company to join?

With all the hype and momentum behind doTERRA, its hard to look away from them. They are only born in 2008 yet they are arguably becoming one of the biggest MLM companies out there right now. After carefully reviewing their products, which I have used myself, its not hard to understand why.

But lets not forget AdvoCare still reigns supreme in popularity when it comes to MLM business opportunity in 2016.

So what happens when these companies go head to head, lets take a look at which company offers better compensation plan and how they differ in approach when it comes building your very own healthy & wellness home based business.

AdvoCare Comp Plan Vs doTERRA pay structure


doTERRA compensation plan is pretty simple for a network marketing company.

you pay a $35 registration fee

you purchase products at whole sale price of 25% off

Then you refer customers to your free customer portal where they can purchase products from you with bonuses

you can also earn free products with loyalty rewards program

and finally you bring in consultants and earn bonuses on their sales

that’s pretty much all she wrote, AdvoCare’s pay plan is bit more lengthier to explain and understand

  • sell products at retail for up to 40% commission
  • sell products at whole sale for 20% commission
  • earn overrides on your distributors you recruit
  • earn leadership bonuses as you grow your team size
  • earn incentive trips to the Bahamas or wherever

Well essentially the difference I see between doTERRA and AdvoCare is that in AdvoCare the focus will more be about recruiting people into the businesses as rapidly as you can.

doTERRA seems more like the environment where you let their products do the talking and bring people in that want to use the products first and foremost.

Yes AdvoCare has paid celebrities like Drew Brees that promote their muscle fuel & rehydrate sports performance products but with much cheaper counter parts in GNC and other places, its difficult for more gym goers to justify the cost of advocare products besides doing it for the business opportunity.

hmmm… but with doTERRA their essential oils are premium quality that is very difficult to find any alternatives else where even at whole foods.

the biggest deciding factor might be whether you are the person that loves essential oils or not.

doTERRA Product Review


doTERRA has impressive products

as the years go on, there are more hard scientific evidence that suggests the efficacy of essential oils, and doTERRA using the highest grade quality that cannot found in your regular stores.

They took Young Living’s high quality oils and made them more premium

Some of the formulas of essential oils come from the ancient Greeks, Ayurveda Medicine, & other concoctions from legendary herbalists of our time

These incredibly aromatic oils are known to cure disease & illness, fight pathogens, fungi, virus, bacteria, colds, infections & promote long healthy living

some herbalists and natural-paths swear by the use of essential oils

AdvoCare products are focusing on weight loss & energy. Their popular products 24 day Challenge & Spark.

gets people on multi-vitamins, 10 day cleanse fiber drinks, energy drinks using caffeine, & probiotic & essential fats capsules

they are supposedly backed by a medical board and their products are tested by third party laboratory

This is why their professional athlete endorsers say “Use it, the pros do”

AdvoCare products seem a bit “self-proclaimed” to be the best, while doTERRA has a ton of third party credibility from real, well-known naturopaths


AdvoCare and doTERRA both have great support system once you join their company.

There is youtube videos, plenty of business opportunity training on how to effectively market & sell the products to grow your network marketing businesses.

What doTERRA undoubtedly has over AdvoCare is that their unique product category allows them to have a virtually untapped market out there of people that have never even tried essential oils before and because of its great efficacy not just in keeping your home smelling super nice but increasing the health and disease prevention of all your family members

provide a powerful incentive for people to try it & get hooked on it.

The difference in pay plan is not going to be your biggest factor here, what will decide your likelihood of success in either of these companies is your passion behind the product or business opportunity

In both companies you will be encouraged to make a list of your friends & family that might be interested… so it might be a good idea to gauge what sort of products will your friends & family more interested in?

If I had to do it all over again maybe I would go with doTERRA just because I personally use that stuff now for making my room smell dazzling and it’s good for my sinuses

but my days of MLM and chasing after friends & family for dollars is over now.

I am doing local lead generation which is all about ranking websites in your local city with hardly any competition

Once you rank like below


Then you can provide leads or phone calls to one of the local companies, that will be happy to pay you a fee to keep those phone calls coming.

Its really the most brilliant work from home business opportunity I’ve ever tried and make Multi-level marketing look awful in comparison

Its easier and more enjoyable because you don’t have to chase people down

you instead, just build sites and you get to choose who you do business with

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