AdvoCare vs Herbalife vs Isagenix: Unbiased Review

First let me say I am not a AdvoCare, Isagenix or Herbalife distributor, just someone with extensive background & research on these companies. Which is better?

AdvoCare and Herbalife share a background with each other, the founder of AdvoCare Charles Ragus was a top distributor in Herbalife in 1989 before he decided to leave the company and start his own direct selling nutrition company, AdvoCare International.

These companies definitely share some similarities, however some distict differences as well, I’d like to also offer comprehensive Isagenix reviews, so you can see the pros and cons of each company.

If you are looking to join the business opportunity that will take serious commitment from you, you better be joining the best company with the best payment plan you can find, am I right?

First lets look at the difference in the actual products offered and then dive into the difference in AdvoCare Herbalife Isagenix compensation plans.

Product Comparison

Isagenix Product line offers

  • Weight Loss Products and Packs.
  • Snacks like snack bars and Mini Meals.
  • Healthy Aging Solutions
  • Daily Health & wellness supplements like vitamins, minerals, essential oils.
  • Skincare that is supposedly anti-gain

Herbalife Product line offers

  • weight loss solutions, meal replacement shakes
  • energy drinks
  • digestion aids
  • athletic performance products

AdvoCare Product line offers

  • weight loss (24 Day Challenge) and other meal replacement drinks
  • energy supplement (spark)
  • athletic performance
  • skincare
  • snacks, nutrition bars

We can say each company does a good job at something for everyone, you are not going to be around for several decades unless you continue to offer quality products for everyone.

AdvoCare products vs Herbalife Products

AdvoCare products, such as the meal replacement shakes are 3x the cost of Herbalife products.

AdvoCare shakes however does seem to contain more nutrients, for example each shake contains 24 grams of protein per serving which is great for meal replacement while Herbalife only contains 9 grams. This is a deal breaker for most people, you will have a difficult time keeping hunger at bay with only 9 grams of protein.

Each of these shakes has its cons, they both contain sugar and some of its protein sourced from soy which is not the highest quality source out there. They both contain sodium which makes the shakes taste good but not in the most healthy way, AdvoCare contains bit less.


In either of these cases Herbalife or AdvoCare products, there seems to be better better products at more affordable prices in the stores right now that is not a multi-level marketing product.

Based on many AdvoCare / Isagenix reviews online, both their weight loss shakes stack up quite similar. With Isagenix slight edge on contain bit more vitamins & minerals, AdvoCare shakes are $.50 cheaper per shake.

So Herbalife provides the more affordable weight loss options, while Isagenix and AdvoCare is bit more pricey. All of these companies have plenty of testimonials that show its effectiveness, I personally prefer meal replacement shakes to contain good amounts of protein so Herbalife is out for me, between AdvoCare and Isagenix, it might depend on other perks that come with the business aspect if you are looking into becoming a distributor.

For me, Isagenix products are catching on the trend of everything going more holistic and alternative, their products show case that their company wants the best ingredients such as

  • shakes with 23 grams of protein from New Zealand grass fed cows
  • “ageless essentials” cutting edge research¬† age defying nutrients
  • mineral supplements derived from super foods
  • IsaFlush for the digestive system

AdvoCare and Herbalife does address the digestive system as well. When looking at AdvoCare vs Isagenix reviews, it just seems that Isagenix is putting in more effort towards that holistic approach by incorporating things like grass fed or super foods hard to reach ingredients.  AdvoCare still have plenty of quality products, and athletic performance products endorsed by famous athletes like Drew Brees makes the gym goers and athletes to favor AdvoCare more. Their fish oil supplement omegaplex is one of the best options in the market. Their protein supplements are also very high quality, tested by third party facilities, yet some argue it is bit on the pricey side compared to its counter parts found at GNC or wal-mart.


Business Opportunity Comparison

These are MLM companies that provide their distributors an opportunity to earn steady income by sharing the product with others.

This is some of the most popular MLM companies out there today, we can also add AdvoCare vs Beachbody comparison in the mix as well, many people are looking up AdvoCare vs Isagenix vs shakeology (beachbody) to see which company offers the best product and compensation plans?

For any of these companies, it is possible to make quick few bucks here and there by sharing the products with people you know. But there is potential to make more. Enough to replace your jobs and for select few, enough to become millionaires.

Here’s how you to get paid in AdvoCare, Isagenix or Herbalife

Isagenix Compensation Plan

  1. Retail Profits: Sell the products at retail prices, get up to 50% commission
  2. Product Introduction Bonuses: earn up to $150 bonus for each new associate you enroll, they must sign up for auto-ship with one of the intro products
  3. Team Bonus Cycles: earning bonuses on the efforts of your team members
  4. Executive Matching Team Bonuses & Re-Entries: so when you join Isagenix you are assigned a certain income position with set amount of downlines you can recruit, however when you get 200 cycles in single week you can move up to your upline position effectively moving you up the rankings, giving you an opportunity to climb up & build bigger sales team, regardless of when you join the company
  5. Incentive & Promotions: you can get bonuses for enrolling two associates in the same week like doubling your commission,  also Isaderby and Rank Advancement Bonuses which allows for earning $9000 in cash or more

As you recruit more people you gain more bonuses and different pay outs

Consultant: get 2 active associates and 100 PV, this makes you a consultant which allows you to now qualify to earn cycles. 1 cycle is 600 BV on one leg of asociate and 300 BV on the other, that’s 1 cycle and you earn $54, the remaining BV will carry over to the next cycle.

You want to place your strong leg, or the good associate on the first leg, and as your team grows you gain more cycles and your income grows.

Manager: if you get two team members who become consultants then you become manager, get $250 bonus if you get this in the first 30 days

Directors: This happens when 6 of your associates become consultant, $750 bonus if you get it in first 90 days

Executive: $1000 bonus if you get it in the first 6 months, 10% additional matching team bonus

Herbalife Compensation Plan

Herbalife comp plan is very similar in many ways to AdvoCare vs Isagenix compensation plan reviews, in fact you could say it was the founding father of MLM pay plans

  1. Retail Sales: 25% to 50% profit from product retail sales
  2. Wholesale Sales: 20% profit margin
  3. Royalties: when you become supervisor level and above, you begin earning 5% commission on three active downline levels
  4. Production Bonuses: top achieving members get bonuses based on production levels, annual bonuses paid to top distributors
  5. Incentives & Rewards: different incentives offered as one climb up the distributor rankings, these bonuses come in cash, incentive trips, & other special gifts.

There are certain minimum volumes that each distributor must produce every month in order to qualify for full royalties. The challenge is once a distributor of yours earns 2500 volume points in personal sales between them and their distributors two consecutive months in a row, or 4000 points in 1 month. That distributor will move up to supervisor level and no longer will their volumes count towards your volume points… They essentially breakaway and become their own supervisor

You still earn royalties on their volumes but now you have to replace that person’s volume points with someone else to meet your own 2500 volume points for yourself…

This makes it important for you to keep recruiting new distributors into herbalife

AdvoCare Compensation Plan

AdvoCare comp plan is bit more challenging to understand although it follows similar structure of being able to earn commission on product sales and then bonuses as you recruit other distributors into your team.

I wrote about their comp plan extensively here.

  1. Retail Profits: up to 40% commission
  2. Whole Sale Profits: 20% commission
  3. Overrides: Bonus on your team’s volumes. Its 7% of business volume (BV is half of retail value of the products)
  4. Leadership Bonus: Bonus earnings related to the size of your organization, the bigger the team gets the higher the percentage of earnings
  5. Incentives & Rookie Bonus: incentive trips, and cash bonus for top earners during your first year of distributorship

One thing to note about AdvoCare is that their overrides and leadership bonus goes by every pay period which is ever 2 weeks. You are required to have personal group volume of $500 ever 2 weeks to qualify for full bonuses. This PGV can come from your product consumption and retail / wholesale sales, once a distributor of yours do sales volume of $3000 in 6 weeks or buys the all-in order of $2100 they then become advisors able to get products at the full 40% discount level so similar to Herbalife, this is when that distributor will break-away and not count towards your personal volumes, but now they become your group business volume and you can earn override commission on that.

How to really make money in Isagenix, Herbalife and AdvoCare?

I am going to be blunt and transparent with this review regarding the business opportunity in Isagenix, Herbalife or AdvoCare

Because I am not a distributor for any of these companies, yet I have extensive backgrounds with them so I can really let the cat out of the bag when it comes to their business model and tell you how these companies really generate their revenue

I wrote an exclusive article exposing AdvoCare compensation plan, but the same is true for both Isagenix and Herbalife.

This is where these companies walk a fine line of becing a pyramid scheme / scam from being just an innocent supplement company.

The fact is the top earners all know, as well as people that make any decent amount of money in these companies understand that the real money is not made in selling the actual products at retail or wholesale profits.

The real money is made in recruitment. More specifically, in the initial investment that is required to go all-in on the business opportunity in these companies.

These companies offer the small entry level of under $100 to become a distributor and start selling the products for profit, but in order to qualify for full earning potential and give the business opportunity a serious try, then any of these companies require a more serious initial investment.

In AdvoCare, it is $2100 all-in purchase to become advisor.

In Herbalife, its $4000 to become supervisor

In Isagenix, its $340.00 to get started for their business pak, their pacesetter pak is $450, and presidents pack is $600. Basically you get access to more products with the higher level packs.

Yes more income is made by your team members that are hungry and that go out and make sales, but with 95% failure rate you cannot expect to recruit few people and be set.

The name of the game is continual recruitment either helping your team members recruit or getting your own recruits, you have to continually do so because the all-in purchases generate far more revenue than anything else offered by these companies.

For example in AdvoCare if you sell one of their popular spark pack for $25 you make few dollars, if you get 1 person on product buying $125 worth of supplements from you each month, which is what most people are willing to spend on supplements, you make $25 from that person each month. But if you recruit someone into the business opportunity, you just made $800 in commission, and produced $3000 in PGV which is what would count towards team bonuses. SO as you can see, to make good monthly pay checks, you need recruitment more than anything else.

This is where these companies get little hazy, because in order for a top distributor to continue to earn great income that can afford a big house and sports cars, or even 1 family to earn enough income to quit their 9 to 5 job, then every month their team has to recruit substantial amount of people into the business opportunity, while knowing that 95% of those people will fail and lose on their investment.

Yes some of them will succeed and be grateful for you, but most will not be so thrilled when they discover what they are up against. If you can justify 9 out of the 10 families failing if 1 family was able to change their lives then maybe you can continue, but for me I could not feel good about those 9 families failing just for myself to make enough to pay the bills.


if you want to pursue the MLM career

any of these companies offer good compensation plan that will reward your hard efforts well if you stick to it

Although I feel AdvoCare is the one that is trending to be more the house hold name with celebrity endorsers like Drew Brees and they’re putting in serious captial in their marketing, by starting to do some TV commercials, and hosting professional sports games like soccer, etc

Isagenix is more of the holistic, health and wellness approach listing many impressive ingredients that’s getting even the hardcore hipsters & yoga instructors hot & bothered

Herbalife is definitely great also, it is the longest standing company began in 1980, and still going through it is a true testament to their leadership and ability to adapt to changing times by coming up with more and more relevant products. There’s a lot they are doing right

Hard work & dedication is required for any of these business opportunities.

For me I walked away from MLM’s and started my own business of building websites for local businesses, you can find more about it here.