Le-Vel Thrive Review, AdvoCare vs. Thrive, Best Compensation Plan?

AdvoCare vs Thrive by Le-Vel

Thrive is the new kid on the block that began in 2013 by Paul Gravette, Jason Camper & later on joined by Justin Rouleau.

These guys have background in direct sales companies, and Le-Vel Thrive is a MLM which means the products are distributed by the sponsors which are customers that chose to share the Thrive experience with others for an opportunity to make some money on the side, and to hopefully earn a sustainable income to replace your 9 to 5 job.

In my humble opinion, local lead generation business is so much easier to succeed than MLM opportunities like Thrive or AdvoCare, but if you want to go the health & wellness product distributor route, then read a long.

I make extensive AdvoCare review articles, but today I will give unbiased Le-Vel Thrive Reviews on product & business opportunity because I’m not a sponsor for Thrive or trying to sell their products in any way shape or form. We will compare their compensation plan & products against the leading health, fitness & weight loss multi-level marketing company, AdvoCare which is now a billion dollar company that’s been around since 1994.

Thrive is exploding…

7600% growth, Quarter 1 of 2014 they had $8 million in sales, Quarter 1 of 2015 they had $61 million in sales.

Still no where near the size of AdvoCare, and there’s pros and cons to joining an older more established company versus a brand new company. Joining an older company will be safer while joining the new, rapidly growing company might present more opportunities as less people have heard about them.

some common questions…

  1. What is the thrive experience?

Its an 8 week program designed to bring the body back into its normal state, so things start working at its optimum levels.

Products involve shakes, multi-vitamin pills & skin patches.

People report the following

  • weight loss
  • more energy
  • sleep better
  • mental clarity
  • less pain in the body
  • feel better

2. Is there caffeine or stimulants?

natural caffeine is included, no more than a cup of coffee.

3. How much does Thrive experience cost?

This will vary depending on what package you go with, but the most recommended lifestyle package will go for around $5 per day.

4. Is Le-vel Thrive a Pyramid Scheme or a scam?

No, because they sell actual products in exchange of money. Companies that dupe you into an scheme with no actual tangible product or service exchanged are the ones that get popped for illegal pyramid scheme.

Le-vel thrive pay out 60% of their revenue back to the distributors.

Which is around the same percentage as AdvoCare.

AdvoCare product vs. Le-Vel Thrive

Le-Vel Thrive has the 8 week experience that ranges from $100 to $300 per month.

When you refer 2 people into the program on auto-ship you can get your thrive products free the next month, & every month after that as long as they stay on as auto-ship customers.

It is reported that customers are actually saving on average $14-$28 per day as thrive replaced coffee and other meals & snacks they were already spending on daily basis.

So what the heck is thrive?

Thrive is a 3 step process that starts in the morning.

First thing you do in the morning before your feet hits the floor is you take a multi-vitamin capsule, there’s a men and women’s version.

It gives the body key vitamins that is rapidly absorbed by the body as it was fasting all night long during sleep.

20 min later, you take the shake mix blend and drink it, this mix contains:

  • dense in nutrients and vitamins rich in anti-oxidants
  • probiotic blend
  • All natural ingredients
  • ultra micronized so it mixes completely and smoothly with water or milk or whatever, without getting lumps
  • lean muscle support
  • gluten free

Next you put on the skin patch, 1 a day.


And gradually it disperses nutrients throughout your body, one of them is natural caffeine from green coffee bean which is the non roasted kind with more anti-oxidents and things that support the heart as well as keeping you more awake from the caffeine.

Where thrive shines is all of the super high anti-oxidant plant derived ingredients included in their blends that is designed fill the nutritional gaps in the modern diet. So it is weight loss solution by adding in nutrition, not negating calories. It works on the theory that if the body is given what is needed, it will begin to function better and if fed proper nutrients, the cravings for junk food will cease.

How does AdvoCare compare?

Well, the results will vary depending on the person, but AdvoCare’s 8 week thrive experience equivalent is obviously the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, which has the first 10 day cleanse phase and then nutrition phase after that with their MNS (Metabolic Nutrition System), which is their equivalent to Thrive drink, as it does contain multi-vitamin, probiotic blend, amino acids).

Thrive does seem to market more exotic ingredients claimed to have very specific effects on the body. While AdvoCare does not really make much of these claims.

AdvoCare also offers whole line of energy products like Spark which is very popular and known to effectively replace coffee, redbull & monster energy drinks.

AdvoCare also has whole line of sports performance products endorsed by celebrity athletes like Drew Brees.

AdvoCare also has whole line of snacks, bars & even skincare products.

As far as variety of products are concerned AdvoCare beats not only Le-vel Thrive but other top nutrition direct selling companies like Plexus, Isagenix, Herbalife & Beachbody

Actually Beachbody’s Shakeology might be the closest thing to Thrive as they too put a lot of emphasis on all natural super food, nutrient dense ingredients for their shakes. Going with the same theory of adding in nutrients for weight loss instead of calorie restriction meal replacement shakes.

Thrive is unique though with their skin patches, that contain various ingredients known to cause interesting effects such as mood enhancement.

It might just be that new exciting product that’s making thrive catch on really fast.

How easy is it to put on a skin patch? and if it produces immediate, noticeable difference it might be a great way to get people introduced to it.

AdvoCare vs. Le-vel Thrive Compensation Plan

Le-vel comp plan

  1. Retail Sales: 20% on the BV of their customer’s web order
  2. Vanishing Autoship – 2 For Free: When you get 2 customers on auto-ship, as long as they stay on auto-ship you get your monthly thrive products for free
  3. Infinity Fast Start: you earn bonus on the product packages purchased by new or upgrading promoters
  4. Infinity Fast Start Match: Earn 10% match on infinity fast start bonus on your personally enrolled promoters
  5. Infinity Fast Start Match Accelerator: if you qualify you can earn 20% instead of 10% on the infinity fast start match commissions on your personally enrolled promoters
  6. GO VIP Bonus: Earn $800 cash, $200 in Thrive credits in the first 14 days  when you qualify for GO VIP bonus
  7. iPad Mini Bonus: Earn 4,000 QV in your first 30 days as Le-vel Promoter, and get $400 credit towards an iPad
  8. Uni-Level Team Commission: As a qualified promoter you can earn 8% on the BV of each level of your placement tree
  9. Team commission matching bonus: As you advance in rankings, you can earn a match on the uni-level team commission on the BV of promoters you personally enroll. At 4K VIP rank you can earn 20%-40% match. This is a powerful way to earn income from your team
  10. VIP Auto Bonus: Earn an $800 Monthly Bonus for a White or Black BMW, Mercedes, Lexus or Cadillac when you get to 12K VIP rank or above.
  11. Lifestyle Getaways: Le-Vel is rewards Lifestyle Getaways into their Comp Plan. From Rank of 40K VIP and above, you get to free trips to places like: Las Vegas, Napa Valley, New York, Italy, Alaska & the Caribbean!


In AdvoCare comp plan appears more simple because there is 5 ways to get paid but don’t let that fool you, they reward just as well for building a big team, they just don’t have all the little bonuses like iPad, Car or small cash bonuses for advancing ranks like in Le-vel.

Some of those bonuses that are listed as part of Thrive compensation plan is not really worth looking at, as they are only small one time little bonuses.

If you want to build a sound business, the only focus should be what part of the comp plan allows me to build recurring revenue stream.

What I like about Thrive is that they have limited their product line to just few things that is designed to be used each and every month. Unlike AdvoCare that has many different types of product to choose from.

By limiting the buyers options, it helps you stay focused on the product which means it will get consumed and once it is gone, they need to order more because it is a regime that is to be taken each and every day.

So you get more opportunity to get people to order the products every month and get them on auto-ship.

Where as with AdvoCare that  sells the weight loss program of only 24 days, and after that there really is no clear product for people to stick to each and every month. Yes there’s the spark energy drink and protein & meal replacement shakes, but nothing out of the ordinary that you couldn’t replace with stuff at GNC. Whereas with Le-Vel Thrive there’s the special blend shake & skin patches only Thrive carries, and if it makes people feel better than they have felt before, then they are more likely to stick to the program for months to come.

Thrive pay structure seems to encourage people to stick to the product monthly shipment and you are rewarded based on how many people you get on auto-ship for their monthly thrive package. Which I like, because most MLM’s sort of steer away from the product focus when it comes to the business aspect of it. It becomes more about selling the “business opportunity” than about the product themselves.

Because usually there is an all-in purchase to join the business opportunity ranging from $2000 to $5000 in some of these companies including AdvoCare, Plexus, Herbalife, Beachbody

I like the fact that in Thrive there isn’t these business opportunity hooks for people to focus and capitalize on, but its really all about sharing the products with others.

When a MLM becomes too much about selling people the opportunity and its surrounded in hype and unrealistic expectations, and more people are losing money as they face the odds of becoming successful in MLM, then these companies are steering too close to being a pyramid scheme or a ponzi scam.

For Le-Vel Thrive, they seem to be pretty safe because most recruitment is done by getting people on the monthly thrive experience.

So there is actual exchange of products taking place with money. And that’s what you like to see in a new MLM company.


Thrive seems to be the latest MLM that is thriving as one of the more hot, popular nutrition company with business opportunity on the side.

Their revolutionary skin patch product that disperses good nutrients throughout the body all day long, is very interesting to say the least. It is like the nicotine skin patch but with things in it that’s good for health.

Their company is exploding in revenue from $8 million in the beginning of 2014 to exactly 1 year later they are at $61 million in 2015.

There’s strong advantages of joining a new MLM, the main being that not too many have heard of Thrive and so the market is not saturated, which is always a concern for these big time MLM companies.

I will say that AdvoCare is growing in revenue much more rapidly in recent years then in the past.

So in that sense, over saturation doesn’t seem to be an issue for them as of yet.

Their recent rise in success might be attributed to AdvoCare spending big money into marketing the brand name, their goal is to make AdvoCare a household name. They are investing in celebrity endorsers like Drew Brees and Rich Froning, as well as TV commercials so the opportunity to get in while they are making this push to become mainstream might be the best it has ever been since its conception in 1994.

Yes, another advantage of AdvoCare is its history, if its been around since 1994, they are most likely safe from any illegal practice, lawsuits by FTC shutting them down for a scam or pyramid scheme, which is a serious concern for network marketers and distributors in direct selling companies because you could spend the next 10 years busting your ass off to build an Herbalife business for example and if the FTC decides one day to shut it down, then you just lost all of your hard work.

This is part of the reason why I turned my back to these MLM business opportunities and began pursuing a business for myself. A business that I controlled and owned 100% of, a business that still allows me to make my own hours, be my own boss, and most importantly work from home with just a laptop and internet connection.

What I found was local lead generation, and it’s a game changer compared to AdvoCare or Le-vel Thrive for all the reasons I just mentioned plus you don’t have to bug your friends & family as your prospects.

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