AdvoCare vs Visalus Body by Vi Review: Unbiased Non-Distributor Spills His Guts

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AdvoCare vs. ViSalus commonly referred to as Body by Vi, which is better? what are the similarities & differences? Here is unbiased review on both companies & taking a look at what you need to do to succeed.

They are both network marketing companies that sell weight management products including meal replacement shakes, protein powders, supplements & energy drinks.

Which company has better compensation plan?

Although the difference between the two companies might be the slimmest I’ve seen compared from Shakeology, Plexus, Herbalife & more. Visalus being the company that was founded much later, seemed to have took some stuff from AdvoCare but made some improvements upon it as well.

They both have business opportunities where customers can pay a fee and become one of their distributor / ambassador. You get to earn commission on product sale and small % of sales volume of the people you recruit into the business.

Like all multi-level marketing companies, if you want to turn this into a career you have to build a large team of distributors that you recruited or helped your team recruit.

This takes time & serious hard work.

Before joining either company, serious due diligence is warranted on the compensation plan & what you will be required to do to grow the business.

AdvoCare vs ViSalus Products


Ok first let me just say that I have done other AdvoCare comparison already with other top nutrition MLM companies including Plexus, Le-Vel, Zinja & more. All the companies had some key distinct features that they were promoting heavily on their ads & site, that made them different from AdvoCare.

However with ViSalus, I must say the products seem very similar to AdvoCare, in fact its almost impossible to tell the difference besides the difference in name & packaging.

AdvoCare has their famous 24 Day Challenge and ViSalus has their 90 day weight loss challenge.

I would say AdvoCare does a better job at marketing their brand using celebrity endorsers like Drew Brees and Rich Froning.

You can think what you want about celebrity endorsers, whether they actually take the products themselves like they claim in the commercials, however you can’t deny the effect it has on people when a well-known New Orleans Saints quarter back Drew, begins talking about all the AdvoCare products he takes on a daily basis to perform at the championship level in the competitive NFL league.

ViSalus does seem to focus on the weight loss niche.

While AdvoCare has expanded into sports performance, energy & skincare.

More variety doesn’t always mean that its better though.

ViSalus takes the stance that obesity has become a major problem in the USA with over 64% now that are over weight, and their claim is that with big problem comes great demand for a solution.

And this is the focus on ViSalus, nothing wrong with that, if you have a lot of peers that could use a weight loss transformation then maybe ViSalus is a good option, the 90 days challenge over AdvoCare’s 24 days, I’d imagine produces more transformations.

ViSalus does offer money back guarantee if someone is not satisfied with the results after they do the challenge. AdvoCare has no return policy when the packaging is opened.

If all of your friends are already in shape and into physical activity already then maybe AdvoCare is the better option as they have products that are geared towards athletes.

Their famous motto “Use it, the Pros Do”

can strike a cord with an athlete looking to up their game.

To conclude on products, I think you will have to make your decision based on other factors like comp plan & business model before you make decision on product along because I will say they both offer very similar supplements.

ViSalus vs AdvoCare Compensation Plan

There’s 8 ways to get paid in ViSalus

  1. Personal Customer Commission
  2. First Order Bonus
  3. Fast Start Bonus
  4. Weekly Enroller’s Pool
  5. BMW Bonus
  6. Team Commissions
  7. Leadership Pools
  8. Ambassador Star Bonus

In AdvoCare you get paid in 5 ways

  1. Retail Commission
  2. Wholesale Commission
  3. Override
  4. Leadership Bonus
  5. Incentive Trip & Rookie Bonus

Well what does it all mean?

To put it simply, in MLM you get paid for selling product and you get to earn bonuses as you recruit people into the business, and you have the opportunity to earn residual income by the sales your recruits make.

Now why does Body by Vi Visalus appear to have all these other ways to get paid?

Well what they are trying to do is make their comp plan able to pay people fast as they join the company, by giving them bonuses for people that move fast & get right to selling the products. So its more realistic to earn $1000 bucks in your first few days than AdvoCare in this company.

Visalus also tried to balance fast earning opportunity with more long term residual earning possibilities as well.

The stats are quite interesting, in MLM only 2% of the people ever make it. In AdvoCare the percentage is around 4-5% of people that try the business opportunity ever make a dime in the company. And out of those people 80% make around $2000 a year, enough to maybe cover your supplement costs.

So chances of most recruits succeed is so very slim, however in Visalus 30% of the people are actually able to make some money.

So how did they do it?

How did they out do other network marketing companies from 2% success rate to 30%?


Their Royal Ambassador, Rachael Jackson claims its because of their viral marketing strategy…

She created 6 figure income in 60 days.

& then went on to create million dollar income within 13 months.

& helped “couple other people do the same”

She has raised up seventy 6-figure income earners.

Over 1000 people that got the Free Visalus paid for BMW payment.

Pretty impressive results from a pretty lady.

It seems like results rolls in faster than AdvoCare with this company

What is Rachael’s strategy to find new people to prospect & enroll?

  1. Make a list of all the existing people in your network (Hot, Luke Warm, Cold) So this is everyone, from people you know very well to people you don’t talk to too often. Her advice: Get all contact form your email, phone, facebook, & contact management software
  2. Friends First Philosophy: Make 5 new friends Everyday: Create conversations with the taxi driver, people at bus stop, & get out there and meet new people
  3. Her third tip: Follow Up.

Rachael’s prospecting strategy is far more aggressive than what the top AdvoCare distributors share.

It is going far beyond most people’s comfort zones.

Most people can push themselves to talk to their friends & family about their new company but to actively conversing with strangers on a daily basis may be too steep of a personality shift requirement.

I am not saying AdvoCare will be any easier though because if you don’t have nice big network already and take action on setting up mixer house parties and invite people to come listen to you and to also call up people you know or hit them up on facebook, then your results will also stagnant & come to screeching halt after a while.

What I find interesting is that these so-called top distributors or ambassadors coaching you to approach strangers for prospecting, aren’t sharing with you one prospecting method they themselves are using & relying on everyday.

That’s the internet.

What does it take to be successful?


Jefferson Green, ambassador of Visalus has training videos on youtube on becoming successful in the company.

He teaches the importance of creating a facebook page & branding yourself on it.

His teaching is basically, go out there and meet new people but don’t let people just walk away from you, become friends with them on facebook first.

Not to stalk on them, but the idea is, you keep posting positive things on your facebook page, and also you give back by showing appreciation for others, liking their posts, engaging on their posts & celebrating other people’s success.

This indirectly increases the interaction on your posts which increases the amount of people your posts will reach.

Basically Facebook algorithm, will reward posts that get a lot of engagement in likes & comments.

His system of getting a lot of prospect is to not say too much when talking to new prospect, just infer that you are doing the challenge and you’d like to send some information their way and you send them the 1 min video to their mail.

You let the video do all the explaining.

He operates on the philosophy taught by his mentor, “everyone is interested in the challenge until you say it”

If the person declines any further information, he simply asks if its okay to connect on Facebook so you can see how I’m doing with the challenge.

And once he becomes friends with them, they begin to see his successful posts and see that wow this guy is positive, influential, does good for the community & successful.

So its a great little training, that I have not heard being stressed in AdvoCare.

That’s one of my gripes with AdvoCare is that they do not teach new distributors any online marketing skills.

In 2016 if you aren’t leveraging the internet in some way, I think you are seriously handicapping yourself.


Honestly I do other comparisons with AdvoCare but ViSalus comes out to be very similar company in product lines & approach.

Generally people tend to have more results in ViSalus because they offer quick cash bonuses for such things like first order bonus, which AdvoCare is lacking so as far as getting that new recruit motivated and to the point where they at least make some money quickly is very important in MLM to not get discouraged and I believe this is something that’s missing dearly in AdvoCare.

AdvoCare is the father (founded in 1994) and ViSalus is that son that learned from his father’s inadequacies a little bit

Doesn’t mean ViSalus is superior on every level

As Far as brand marketing & brand recognition, AdvoCare dominates ViSalus.

They have bigger budget and do much better job at getting new exciting video content out, new product lines, new celebrity endorsers, & new magazines.

If I had to pick between which MLM to pick, its tough but I think AdvoCare would edge out for me still because they offer athletic performance & energy products in wider variety that I could use & I know my friends could as well.

in my social circle, just weight loss products by Visalus wouldn’t be the right product.

Why I left MLM

Visalus & AdvoCare both offer business model where you will be required to approach strangers all day long and recruit people into the business or get them to try the challenge / products.

If you do not approach strangers everyday, your pipeline will go flat and you will be out of business.

It is a constant process of prospecting new people, to the point where if you stay in these companies long enough it could change your interactions with people.

From just approaching as someone with genuine interest in making small talk to starting conversations with an agenda.

Unfortunately I know many that have turned this way after they join these companies and although I commend their courageous spirit, its a shame that it can also rob you of authenticity.

Another gripe I have with network marketing is that 95-98% of the people you recruit into your business will fail.

And you have to keep recruiting knowing that fact.

For me that’s the real deal breaker.

I do not want to look at myself in the mirror knowing that my success has been a result of a lot of families losing their investment on me.

Sure it could be “their” fault, but when the odds are that difficult, aren’t you doing a better service by not recommending the business opportunity at times?

For me what replaced my unfruitful multi-level marketing campaigns was discovering a mentor that also had the same issues with MLM which was most of his down line failing even though he was wildly successful and making 6 figures with it.



What he started teaching was local lead generation.

Above shows a picture of a site that I ranked.

In this coaching program, you learn how to do this in your local city and they teach you how to begin working with local business owners and get paid pretty handsomely every month for building sites like these, because it’s bringing tons of business to them, they are happy to pay you.

Unlike a MLM where majority of your prospect loses, in this business all the people you start working with, benefit from what you do.

Because you learn real skills that are very valuable and its skillset at the end of the day that makes you valuable.

If all you know how to do is hit up your warm contact list, then you do not have any significant edge over anybody out there.

Even with lots of hard work, you could fall short as most people that’s tried these companies are finding out including myself.

I’m glad I’m out & never turning back.