Why the former AdvoCare distributor is complaining about the compensation plan? Sometimes you have to find out the hard way that not every opportunity that lands on your lap was divinely orchestrated.

The road to success is often times a long & winding road. Its not all roses, unicorns and peaches & cream, but as entrepreneurs you make lemonade out of lemons.

So what the heck is this site?

It’s a AdvoCare training & resource blog that originally began in hopes to generate online leads for my AdvoCare business.

I was writing reviews for AdvoCare compensation plan: was their pay plan really legit?

I wrote those reviews based on real life experience too because I was also a distributor myself, busting my ass off to become an advisor.

See what happened was, my sponsor kept telling me I had to prospect my friends & family.

I got few people on the products along the way but very quickly realized that at only 20% to 40% commission per product sales, it was going to take a lot of people on products if I was ever going to replace my 9 to 5 job in which I was making $2200 per month.

Complaint #1: To grow the AdvoCare business, You will have to deal with the fact that a lot of your down line will lose money in the process

My major AdvoCare complaints stem from the fact that the business results that I saw in the success stories or the rising stars in success school came from not getting people on products but mainly getting people to sign up for the business opportunity and go all-in on the $2100 purchase of products.

When you get someone to go all-in, you make close to $500 and just 2 people to go all-in per pay period, means you are already at silver leadership level, which is at around $12,000 per year income.

But the catch-22 is, to keep that income you have to get 2 people to go all-in with you every 2 weeks.

You simply cannot sell enough products to make it in this company.

The bulk of your income comes from recruitment, and I’m not talking about the $79 distributor kit you might sell here and there, every advisor knows that their main focus is to find people who are hungry for the business opportunity that will go all-in or at least work their tail off to earn the advisor level in 3 pay period which is selling $3000 worth of retail value of products in 6 weeks, which will make the sponsor more money as well.

Even the most health conscious individuals would only spend at most around $120 per month in supplements.

If they are going to buy monthly from you, then they will for sure get the distributor discount for mere $79, so for 1 person you get on products you are going to make around 20% of $120, so $24 that month.

To replace my income I needed to get 100 people on products to reach $2400, that is assuming that all of them stay on products which mostly will not happen.

So just looking at the numbers alone, I was a bit naive to assume that I can make a great living being a supplement distributor for AdvoCare.

I have always been into health & wellness, so I thought this MLM was a good fit for me, but the more I understood their compensation pay plan the more I realized that AdvoCare business pretty much boils down to 1 thing: recruiting people into the company.

Even if you get someone that isn’t interested in becoming an distributor or advisor, in their success system you are taught to at least get them on the products so down the line you can follow up and get them to join the business opportunity.

Getting someone on products is simply getting someone in the funnel, the ultimate goal is to always get people into the business opportunity.

So the question then becomes is this company actually growing because of their great products?

or are they growing by people selling the idea of making tons of money on part time basis?

After my experience of learning about their business model, I tend to believe that the #1 driving force of AdvoCare is not actually the products, but about selling the dream, by showcasing the select few of this company that’s earning the money to be able to replace their job and spend more time with their family.

The problem with this, is that if people are purchasing products for the sole purpose of the opportunity to make money, then if you consider that its a 95% failure rate, then there’s a lot of people that’s losing money in the process of a distributor reaching Gold Leadership and beyond.

Complaint #2: Selling to Friends & Family, Trading Dignity for Dollars?

First of all, I didn’t like the fact that the only thing my sponsor could tell me was to make a warm contact list and introduce to all of them about the products & business opportunity.

I wasn’t too thrilled about that because I mean I didn’t have some inspirational story of losing 10-15 pounds from the 24 Day Challenge, so what the hell was I going talk about?

I tried to approach some of my warm contact list but it was painful because it was very clear that all I was interested in was to profit from the interaction, and that felt like I was in someways trading my dignity for dollars.

I can’t blame any of them from feeling uncomfortable from any of those exchanges, I mean you would think “does he only want to talk to me now to try to sell me something?”

Also the fact that I had very limited warm contact list as my family came over from Japan.

And most of my friends weren’t interested in health & wellness. Yes some lifted weights and had gym membership but they all would say that AdvoCare protein products were way more expensive then the store bought brands, they were using.

And I tended to agree with them, despite the fact that AdvoCare claims to have third party facility test their products, your average 24 year old male not involved in professional athletics is not going to give a rat’s ass about in-house testing if its going to cause them to pay $10 or more per purchase.

My only options were

  1. approach stranger in Wal-Mart
  2. Build a strong website to generate leads

Here is my story of how I went from AdvoCare distributor, to leaving AdvoCare and starting my own online business where I was able to retire from the corporate ladder and earn 6 figures in 1 year.

This is a skill that allows me to go online, rank websites (how you found this site), generate leads & capitalize.

The great thing about this business model is that once you rank the site, it requires no maintenance work so you can continue to build more sites and perpetually see increases in your income.

So everyday I wake up and my monthly income increases, Life is Good.

When faced with the choice of having to go out approaching strangers to building websites for my AdvoCare business…

Since I’m bit of an introvert, I went to the website route, I had experience building wordpress sites before so I thought what have I got to lose. I only spent $79 on a distributor kit anyways, what’s another $4.50 per month to run my own personal blog?

ComputerKnacks was born.

Don’t ask how I picked the name… long story.

So I started blogging long hours, deep into the night, while I was still working full time 8:30 to 5:30 job that I desperately wanted to end.

I made some epic blog posts including

I knew that if I picked up traffic from people that were searching those keywords, I knew I would eventually begin getting AdvoCare sales either products, more 24 Day Challenge Sales, selling 2015 Distributor Kits or getting people to go to Success School with me.

Did my plan work?

Not entirely…

Here’s what happened.

After 4 months of straight blogging day after day, 3000 word blog posts, because I knew Google rewards those sites with great content on it, I was still no where to be found in the first 7 pages of search results…

My site was a ghost town, hanging around in la la land with tumble weeds floating past it…

Again I was faced with a serious question, that made my stomach sink.

Was I going to be an employee for the rest of my life? maybe I’m  not cut out to be an entrepreneur?

Everything I’ve tried in the past failed, maybe the odds are better in winning a lottery ticket?

I was about to throw in the towel again on the AdvoCare business opportunity dream

It was getting harder and harder to sacrifice weekends hanging out with friends or sacrificing sleep on the weekdays to crank out 3000 word blog posts and not seeing any return on my investment of time & energy.

While I saw other bloggers that had much less comprehensive AdvoCare blogs get much better rankings then me.

I started asking different questions

  • from maybe I will fail for ever… to
  • Why am I failing & others succeeding?

You see, the quality of questions we ask ourselves is so important

I started wondering if I’m missing a secret ingredient to having a success, high ranked blog.

And so I spent maybe 1 month researching all about this.

And what I have found at the end of the tunnel was better than I ever dreamed.

It was a coaching program teaching people how to rank websites locally & generate leads for local business owners…

You can apply for the program here was what took my long time wish of running an online business into reality

First of all what I discovered was that there was a way to power up new sites to the top of the search engine by building a network of sites around that 1 site you are trying to rank.

How I began generating leads by building websites…

Google wants to rank the best site to the top of the search result because they want to remain the best search engine on the internet

There’s mainly two things that determine this

  1. The Content on your site: This is why websites like wikipedia for a lot of search terms, they have really authoritative content
  2. Links: so each time a website links to you its like a vote in Google’s eyes. When a powerful site links to you that 1 link is worth a lot more than if a brand new site were to link to you

My struggle with prospecting offline for AdvoCare was leading me into becoming an online marketer instead.

I just struggled a lot with having very insufficient reach of the right target audience. Not a mother that has lots of friends, not a coach, teacher or personal trainer that is associated with a network of people.

I had few buddies and my parents, that’s it.

I also did not have time for mixers or prospecting enough people each day offline to be able to get any traction.

I set my goal out to blanket the search results with my own AdvoCare blog, and that’s what I have done. Because in that journey I met my mentor Dave that taught me about building my own network of influential websites to point my own links back to my blogs or lead gen sites.

Yes I saw distributors in AdvoCare kill it with their business, but through my research I discovered this new group of marketers that were banking it online by learning a new skill of ranking sites & capitalizing on that traffic, & I saw that as more of a doable business model given that I had very limited social circle & limited time after work to do any work. Along with that, local lead generation was my cup of tea because:

  1. Its long term: Local business will always be around and the internet is not going anywhere
  2. I do not have to sell to friends & family

AdvoCare Compensation Plan vs. Local Lead Generation Business

How does AdvoCare Compensation plan differ with local lead generation?

Well the comp plan is static amount you get paid, 20% for wholesale sales, 40% for retail sales.

7% of business volume of your organization and business volume is half of retail value sold.

And the leadership bonus is anywhere from 1-19% on business volume as you grow the organization.

The money is earned only when you push the products, they have to be sold and continually sold to new people throughout your career in AdvoCare because not everyone is going to stay on these products for ever.

There’s going to be a lot of members that will fall through and drop.

To me it feels like standing on a muddy up hill slope, if you sit still for too long, your income may begin to slide down.

With Local Lead Generation model its more like each site you build is putting a iron spike into a tree or rocky hill, that you can rest your feet comfortably and you just build more sites and put more stakes above you to climb higher and higher.

Its quite amazing actually, how powerful the site becomes when you follow the process laid out in the program. I mean once you rank the site to the #1 spot, that site is going to perform just the same month after month, without much worry & it seems to just get pinned to the top & get even stronger over time without you touching it.

And you decide how much you will be paid off of the leads you generate from your site, a deal you make with the business owner.

Don’t worry this process is much easier than it sounds.

So you have more control, whereas in AdvoCare you can not change the price of the products and you will only be paid a certain amount for every leadership level, so to even build up to $1K per month or $2k per month in consistent income with AdvoCare, you really have to push really hard and get a lot of people to sign up.

At $2K per month, that’s $1K every pay period of 2 weeks.

If you consider that 1 person will spend around $120 per month on supplements (generously speaking)

That’s $60 worth of volume every 2 weeks, you need to have 10 solid people hooked on products and you finally generated personal volume of $600. Lets say some were retail customers at 40% profit while other bought the distributor kit and bought products at 20% discount. So going half way lets say your average commission per product was 30%.

If you sold $600 in a pay period, you just earned $180

That’s 10 people on products btw…

So you see its very difficult to build a sustainable business with AdvoCare just selling products, the fast results you see in the success stories and among the rising stars are coming from those individual selling all-in advisor purchases of $3000 worth of retail, which means you earn about $500, and potentially couple hundred bucks bonus if that advisor also starts growing their business.

So if you get 2 all-in purchases every 2 weeks, you are on your way to making $2000 per month

What about Local Lead Gen?

It sounds a bit hypey when I say this… but I have 1 client that runs a limousine rental business that pays me $1000 per month alone because I have 3 sites for him generating leads every month.

Instead of talking to many people to get 10 on products for measly few hundred bucks per month, I talk to business owners with a chance to land anywhere from $1000 to $2000 per month ongoing deals with them.

Here’s what I mean


In my opinion no other MLM business I’ve tried in the past doesn’t compare to the efficiency of building sustainable income of the JK program.

I have tried not only AdvoCare but other MLMs in the past including the once very popular Empower Network.

You also get to be part of a badass private facebook group that can turn your dull news feed into kick-ass motivational entrepreneur talk, with students sharing their recent victories




Making a world a better place 1 AdvoCare Distributor at a time

So why do I keep blogging about AdvoCare when I have clearly left the ship a while back and onto something else entirely?

Well after 1 year of my time in this program, I am now earning over $14K per month & growing at the time of writing this article which is 11/2/2015

I am working with 25 to 30 local business owners that are all benefiting tremendously from my services.

My websites are 100% Rock N Roll

Dominating that top position and helping my clients generate more income than they’ve ever made in their entire career and transforming their business and life

I have proven to myself this program works.

So the coaches of the JK program, offered me to become a partner of theirs, where I go show more frustrated AdvoCare distributors that there’s a better way to ending your 9 to 5 job out there, that will not require nearly as much effort.

For bringing in more people to the group I earn a small commission, and I feel great doing it because I know first hand how valuable this program is.

Once you join though, unlike MLMs you will not be promoting the program opportunity to other people like I am. You will be building your own local lead generation business with local business owners in your area. The great thing is there’s so many niches and cities out there that you do not have to compete with anyone in the group, you are entering a space where there’s opportunities everywhere, plenty of prospects that are dying for that #1 position on Google.

I’m just only select few of the partners promoting this coaching program, but I still spend 90% of my day working on my own local lead generation business.

Landing new clients every week and building sites.

The process sounds dull for you maybe?

I thought that too in the beginning

but its pretty damn fun, there’s a lot of exciting things that happens…lol

you will see.

Take a closer look and schedule a free call with us to see if you are a good fit for the program.

Go here.