AdvoNation 2016 Is it worth it? Why AdvoCare wants you there…

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AdvoCare 2016 AdvoNation is upon us now and everyone’s team leader is now bustling your butts to get off that coach and get your ass at a live event!! NOWW


Why are team leaders so fanaaaatic for you to get to AdvoNation?

Like take a chill pill dudddde

What’s the deal? and what’s so special about AdvoNation and Success Schools?

Don’t you worry there won’t be any live ritual sacrifices & new comers forced to drink blood, even though AdvoCare sometimes gets a bad plug by nay sayers that say that company is “cult-like”

Hey but what does “cult-like” mean? I’ve been to BBQ Cooking Contest and I swear these people were praying in front of their giant smokers with BBQ Ribs inside it all day long.

If it means crazily fanatic, obsessed people gathered with common interest then as long as they aren’t hurting anyone then I say let them do their thang!! in fact if I share those similar interests, then sign me up because I rather hang with crazy (passionate) people then the dull zombies

Here are the facts

83% of people that make money in AdvoCare attend live events?

Why? We’ll get to that in a minute

This should explain tho why your sponsor’s lighting your phone up to get to the nearest AdvoNation in 2016

Because in AdvoCare if you make money, your sponsor makes money to too, and their sponsor…

A team leader with his or her team failing is a failing business

so of course they want you to have the best chances for success, and attending a live event seems to be that path towards being a pro AdvoCare distributor like Michelle Bishop and many others

What is AdvoNation?

In 2016 there holding events in big cities like Atlanta, Des Moines, Albany, Orlando, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Cincinnati, Denver, Long Beach, Portland

Its basically a mini-Success School but don’t let that fool you because these guys still go hard at these events, Actually a lot of the most motivation AdvoCare videos on youtube are actually from AdvoNation. They still have rising stars up there that share with you their story to success, maybe minus the Drew Brees & Crossfit Champion Rich Froning

but AdvoCare’s executives and presidents still travel and make it out to these events so you still get the full blown exposure to see what this company is about

and going on their 23rd year in business they are (at least on the surface) impressive at every turn

I mean they rent out the nice venues

The stage and all the presentation is well polished

the executives look like real executives, aged with well fitted suits and plenty of charisma

They also have attractive people that are fit and seemingly over flowing with joy talking dashingly about the company

its hard to not get AdvoNuts at these events and become a true disciple

At these events your going to get a different perspective then understanding their compensation plan over again

Why AdvoCare wants you *points finger* at AdvoNation in 2016

If you are up for it, the #1 take away from Success School or AdvoNation 2016 is for you to get fired up about the business opportunity of this company and become again & again sold on the products and money making opportunity

You see what turns the key and ignites the fuel in this company is for the distributors to be excited and hustle hard for their families and future

that’s what generates the revenue at the end of the day

AdvoCare cannot play in the same playing field as all the supplements you see at GNC and Wal-Mart

Infact, if they tried that, they would get smoked

For one their prices are too high compared to their counter parts

and the business opportunity would get crushed.

That’s not what AdvoCare is about

AdvoCare is about protecting their business opportunity and getting more recruits each year

You see somewhere down the line

Some genius figured out that by paying back more than half of the revenue back to their distributors for compensation or commission, then you wouldn’t have to spend billions of dollars in marketing & advertising

You just allow your customers to spread the word for you

Because what is the #1 thing that kills any business?


yes its not the product or service

You can have the best product in the entire world, but no one knows about it, you will still be poor

AdvoCare reports that they give back 60% of their revenue back to their distributors in Override bonuses, Wholesale & Retail Commission, Leadership Bonus, Rookie Bonus & Incentive trips.

& MLM companies like AdvoCare are the fastest growing business in the world right now

and the MLM industry is now responsible for more self-made millionaire than any other industry in the world

In order for AdvoCare’s well oiled machine to churn profits they have to stoke that fire inside all their distributor’s belly

The passion to live life on your own terms exist in all of us, for some it is more dormant

it took something wild, loud & bit crass like AdvoCare to wake me up to that reality that yes in this day & age with all the technology, its freaking possible more than ever to live that life on running your own business and doing it well enough to become the first person in your family lineage to become a millioinaire

Why Do People Keep Going back to AdvoNation?

Each and every year you will see leaders and their top distributors go to these events over and over again, even though they might have just attended success school…

Why do they do this?

Its not like their going to learn something exponentially new just because its not 2016 instead of 2015

As great & innovative as AdvoCare is, they ain’t going to change up on you that fast

Well what these guys & gals are doing is, bringing new recruits WITH THEM to these events

THAT is really the key

Because they know that after attending these live events, it exponentially increases the odds of that new recruit becoming successful

because the biggest commodity in this world is not money… its excitement, passion, drive & ambition

Because with those things, I don’t care if you have to sell seafood & steaks door to door, your going to get it done and your going to get successful at it

Your sponsors know that its going to take more than themselves speaking fantastic things about the company to get you really sold on the company & opportunity

Its going to take plenty of OTHER stories, & evidences of success and more third party credibility sources for you to begin seeing & believing the AdvoCare opportunity as the real thing

And until you have that belief and feeling like nothing is going to stop you in growing this business, you’re not going to make it

The hard reality is that despite their amazing presentation about the awesomeness of potentiality of success in this company

only about 1 out of 10 recruits will actually end up making any money in this company

Most people are not ready for that life

& what life are we talking about?

The pavement life

Put yourself out there and facing rejections… sometimes from those closest to you

In fact some friends & family might even hate on you for starting this business

Yes success is beautiful & amazing, but no body said it was going to be easy to get there

Conclusion: What the heck is this site & why do I write about AdvoCare stuff?

Hey I thought you’d never ask

Just to put it real quick, real & gangsta

I used to be all about advocare

but I found a better path to success at making money online & providing food on the table without a regular 9 to 5 job

Its a coaching program that teaches you how to build websites that rank in google for local businesses

its a skillset similar to building houses that will allow you to earn nice income from home

And I’m one of their top students

The coaches of this program, Tom & Dave, made me a partner of their company so that I can use this blog to show more people about this coaching program & I make a small commission for referring people in

Trust me when I say, I no longer work for any boss, I make money & live life on my own terms and I cash checks on checks all month long from over 20 local business owners I’m working with

Life is on a crazy spiraling upswing atm and I love every second of it

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