AdvoNation Review: Should I go? AdvoCare’s Regional Success School

With 2015 AdvoCare Success School just finished up in August, all Diamond distributors are now rounding up their large teams to get to the next AdvoNation.

Should I go to AdvoNation? you may be wondering…

I’ve heard many top leaders say time and time again that the #1 most important thing you can do for your AdvoCare business is to get people to upcoming events which is Success School and AdvoNation.

When one of the fastest rising diamond distributor was asked “How did you become a diamond distributor in under a year?”

Her answer was “You have to become more”

& Attending AdvoNation is critical to you becoming more, here is why…

What is AdvoNation?

AdvoNation 2015 Nationwide Event Schedule


AdvoNation 2016 Dates / Schedule is two weekends in 10 different cities on Jan 9th Weekend and Jan 16th Weekend

Albany, NY
Atlanta, GA
Dallas, TX
Des Moines, IA
Houston, TX
San Antonio, TX
Cincinnati, OH
Denver, CO
Long Beach, CA
Orlando, FL
Portland, OR

AdvoNation is basically regional success school, its held over 2 days instead of the 3 days of Success School, however the purpose remains the same.

To allow people to SEE what’s possible.

They bring on real distributors on stage to share their success story and journey with AdvoCare, how they got started, their success with the 24 Day Challenge and how they accidentally got their first check from AdvoCare because they were simply sharing their weight loss success with friends & family.

You will see ordinary people living extra ordinary lives of freedom and wealth.

“If they can do it, so can I!”

This is more than a thought, it’s a light bulb going off. Its a realization or waking up to a new world of possibilities, this awakening experience is priceless because it has the potential power to change lives.

You may not see famous athletes like Rich Froning & Drew Brees at your local AdvoNation but you will still get to see the CEO & Vice President of the company.

AdvoNation cost is $69.00

Diamond distributor Rob Creech says he was first hesitant on going to AdvoNation, as his sponsor was telling him “if you want to become successful you must attend the live events”

Well he was at $248 paycheck with PGV of $1297 on 9/6/2011 pay period

He decided to take the plunge and go to AdvoNation, they sat in that room and got filled up with “passion, energy, wisdom & knowledge”

82% of people that get paid in AdvoCare, attend schools

After they came back from school, their next pay period which was in 2 weeks, they went from $248 to $3,000

Before AdvoNation they had 2 distributors in qualification, after school they had 6.

There business quadrupled in 2 weeks, that’s pretty powerful stuff…

With countless other stories of explosive business growth after attending AdvoNation or Success School, its hard to dismiss the importance of attending these events for yourself and your team.

What is the implications of getting your whole team to attend?

what if your team members starts doing even 2x more than they were before?

It can be stated that encouraging people to attend the next AdvoNation or Success School IS the most important thing you should be doing, whether that person wants to make $500 or a lot more, Get them to go.

Get brand new people to go that are still on the fence about AdvoCare.

It can be that catalyst that ignites that fire or awakens something within them that can lead to a whole new course of possibilities.

I love that movie Back to the Future, when they go back in time, and they change few small things that creates a whole new different world in the future.


Like when Marty McFly’s dad instead of backing down from the bully Biff, stood up for himself and knocked him out


What appeared on the surface as a small event, completely changed the relationship dynamic between the two which lead to a completely different future

so you never know what attending AdvoNation or Success School can do for yourself and your team.

It can be that one sharp phrase from a diamond distributor that really sinks in and triggers a chain event for one of your teammates.

For another teammate, it can be all about meeting the team and creating new friendships that does it for them.

So take a sip of that spark, get comfortable & prepare to learn & transform.

We can never underestimate our ability to make small choices that can lead to game changer results.

One inspiring story is Kelly from Rob’s team, she had not even gone to success school yet but taking the good advice from their team leader, for the first 90 days of their business, everybody they brought on board, they told them about Success School… the key take away here is that they themselves haven’t even gone yet.

Well for their first upcoming success school, they managed to get 8 distributors to go with them, they drove to Texas during winter time, packed in a van. At the time, they were a strong silver, knocking their way into gold.

After Success School, within 8 weeks they were at the Ruby Level

At silver they were making about $2,000 per month

Within 8 weeks after school, they grew that income to $6,000 per month

Now 3 years later, Kelly and her husband John is earning $30,000 per month

This is a result of her ONE thing she got really good at, getting people to AdvoNation & Success School. When she went from silver to Ruby in 8 weeks, keep in mind this isn’t the result of just her going hard, but her 8 distributors that she brought with her that was the game changer, as they increased in productivity & effectiveness, it meant larger overrides & leadership bonuses.

AdvoCare business is built upon team effort, and success of any team relies heavily on the motivation levels within the team.

AdvoCare already does the heavy lifting for you, which is the actual motivation & inspiration.

Your job is just getting people to the events.

Why AdvoNation?

Andy & Mandy Hosier (Top independent distributor) states that success is caused by series of small decisions that add up to huge changes overtime.

For $69 one can attend AdvoNation, top leaders say it is just as important to attend as Success School.

There is something that comes out of live events that just can’t compare with reading about it or watching videos on it.

It’s almost like the analogy of someone that reads all about roller coasters, its history & science behind it, and even watches videos on it and talks to people that’s ridden on it. He may reach very solid understanding about roller coasters.

But unless he actually rides in the roller coaster himself, he will never truly know a roller coaster.

Research gives intellectual understanding, but first hand experience gives wisdom which is a felt knowing-ness.

We know about a subject when we have felt it.

There’s the thrill & emotional component to attending these live events that can be a big catalyst for people. Its almost like there’s a transference of energy and people’s beliefs as top distributors & CEO’s speak with clarity & conviction. This is when the light bulbs start going off and AdvoCare business suddenly makes sense. It clicks for them and people begin to believe they can do it too.

It is amazing to see the success stories of people that attended AdvoNation, it just goes to show the power of belief and importance of mindset to achieving our goals in business.

Especially in a business like AdvoCare because it is a people business.

It’s not enough to share the AdvoCare supplements to people that you know are interested in health & fitness.

In order to build a real business in this company, you have to recruit people into the business.

Recruiting people means you have to become a person of influence.

To sell people on the vision of what AdvoCare can do for them.

But before being able to sell anybody on that vision, the first person you have to sell is you.

There is a phenomenon when people interact called the law of resonance, or whoever has the stronger reality wins.

When someone speaks with conviction & certainty, those are states that have a certain level of frequency, & like a tuning fork that attunes to the vibrations in the environment, people also attune to your frequency of conviction, certainty & clarity or the opposite can be true if you’re in doubt & fear.

You can probably recall instances where great motivational speaker has pumped your state up, before you knew it, you were thinking & acting like they were for a while, and in that state, you felt anything was possible and the whole world was yours.

“You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it” -Einstein

This is how Tony Robbins can influence a whole stadium, he simply has that unwavering conviction in himself and his message, people have no choice but to get affected from it

You may have heard people say “its not about what you say, but how you say it”

Its the enthusiasm behind those words when you try to get people to join a 3 way call with you or getting people to AdvoNation / Success School, that carries the power of influence. Because your state of being transfers to people.

Most people live dull, monotonous lives and they’re dying for a vision.

When you come with a uplifting state your very presence uplifts people and they want to hear what you have to say. & When you have a compelling vision on top of that, it makes it very hard for people to turn you down.

This is the corner stone of all great people in business and in sales.

This is what becoming a person of influence is all about, and at AdvoNation it shows that anyone can become that person. Because you will see ordinary people with diverse backgrounds get on stage and move crowds. These people aren’t trained or paid to be motivational speakers, they are simply sharing their truths, & their journey of becoming successful in AdvoCare shaped them to become more.

This is why working on yourself and investing in yourself is critical.

Everything changed for me when I made the decision to invest in the right mentors that simply took me to the next level, because their state of anything is possible transferred onto me and before I knew it, I was achieving things I never thought was possible in my previous frame of mind.

When you attend AdvoNation or Success School and you immerse yourself in the experience of being surrounding by people that are highly motivated and then you get the state transference from the top leaders on stage, it affects you whether you realize it or not. Their mindset and words of hope is impacting your conscious and subconscious mind.

This dynamic exchange of energy is why people attend live events.


Attending a concert versus watching it on a screen is a completely different experience.

That excitement you can image you’d feel if you saw your most favorite musical idol of all time on stage, you could say would be indescribable. Something you will never experience unless you actually make the sacrifices to go to the concert.

Well this is what happens in AdvoNation, the difference from a concert though is that you can then take this excitement and directly transfer that to growing your business so the potential for big ROI (return on investment) is there.

Study any successful people in other industries and they will all say that investing in yourself is a major part of their success.

Why AdvoNation?

  • For only $69 you can get a first hand feel of what AdvoCare is about
  • You can see the mindset & vision of the CEO of the company & other top leaders and distributors
  • You can get inspired, motivated & gain clarity of vision for yourself & team members which has big potential for growing your business because its not just about you becoming more effective but the personal growth of your whole team which in turn brings bigger success down the road
  • You can give your team members a little taste which can lead to them sticking in long enough for them to see success, leads to attending the ultimate experience which is Success School in August
  • Build the AdvoCare goal sheet with the team present (accountability)
  • The more live events you attend, the more people you meet, and the more personal stories you collect, which becomes powerful selling tools “I just got back from AdvoNation and here’s what I saw…”
  • You get to exercise your abilities as a leader

Leadership for AdvoNation: Getting People to the Event

I want to touch on the last point about exercising your leadership skills for AdvoNation.

The goal of anyone seeking success in AdvoCare is to “become more”

and part of that journey of becoming more, is to become a leader.

Any strong organization is built by a strong leader, we all have these qualities inside of us but most of us that have been employees for so long have inadequate feelings & thoughts when it comes to being a leader.

I was much the same way, as naturally introverted person, I could never see myself as a leader or someone that can influence people. But I tell you that when there is a strong enough reason or purpose, nothing is impossible.

Again its the small decisions that add up to big changes over time.

AdvoNation, although its not the magnitude of Success School, by getting your team there you can figure its going to bring additional revenue for your whole organization as people become inspired and reinvigorated.

In this way, you can start looking at the task of  gathering people to attend AdvoNation sort of like herding cattle, its not for just fun little bonus, but it needs to be considered as a crucial job as a leader to keep your business going.

You may be wondering if its necessarily if you’ve already attending success school for the year?

Well for me, what makes personal development work is consistency.

We’ve all done this, getting fired up for something but slowly losing that initial spark overtime as we get lost in the day to day chores & activities.

AdvoNation like Success School, drives in what matters most for growing your business, which is that state transference of absolute certainty, conviction & vision.

Because ultimately its these states that makes someone be more and do more.

And the more you attend, the more you absorb in your subconscious until you become that person whether you try to or put any thought to it. You just do, and when you become what’s called unconscious competence, your results really sore to new unbelievable heights.

Unconscious competence is mastery, sort of like tying your shoe laces, at one point you struggled and you had to put lots of effort to get it done, but now you do it without thinking, same is true with driving a car or riding a bike.

The key to getting there is repetition.

Which is why in order to have success in AdvoCare, it is highly recommended one attends AdvoNation on top of Success School. And bringing as many distributors as you can with you.

The bottom line you have to share with your team that:

To Earn More, You have to Influence More, To Influence more you have to attract more, To attract more you have to become more

You need to make a compelling case for them as to why they should sacrifice a weekend and cash to attend AdvoNation

Begin identifying why it will be important for you, and this will give you a road map on how you will make that case for others.

Remember first step in sales or influence is to first get sold on you, become so sold on reason why you should attend AdvoNation, that it becomes a conviction and let that state transfer onto others and watch yourself being able to powerfully influence others.

Some tips for Leaders at AdvoNation

Here are some tips by a Diamond distributor Mark Mueller

  • If you have a big group or small group, get Everyone there. Follow up with people just days before the event to ensure that they’ll be there. Tell them how excited you are to meeting them
  • As a leader, get there early and save seats for everyone
  • Dress sharp (look the part of a leader)
  • Take pictures, post of facebook or other social media.

“When you lead during AdvoNation, you will not believe how much they will follow you afterwards” -Mark Mueller

These are important tips to remember that AdvoNation is also an opportunity for you to show your team that you are a leader, and by taking leader-like actions throughout the whole weekend, you become more of that leader.

It can be small things like showing up early and saving seats for people.

Sometimes its the little things that make a big difference.

It can demonstrate to your team that you are someone that is 100% committed and is there for his/her people.

People want to do business with people that care.

Through your action & words during the AdvoNation weekend, you are revealing pieces of your heart.

Remember what people really care about is how much heart that person has, not whether that person does everything perfectly or not.

Sometimes we feel that as leaders, we have to be perfect or never show inadequate side of us. But this is not true.

We respect people that give their all, regardless of the end result.

Someone with lots of heart & willing to work hard for their people, these are qualities all humans admire in a leader.


AdvoNation is a great opportunity for all people in the AdvoCare business from people on the fence to new distributors and top Diamond leaders. It is a place like success school where you can meet new friends, collect more personal & inspiring stories, gain more clarity on what is possible in AdvoCare, and for leaders to show more of themselves to their team.

It is a 2 day event, at affordable price of $69 and they schedule different places to attend all across the US

Therefore it is much more accessible than Success School which is only once a year in Texas.

The successful distributors in AdvoCare put heavy importance on getting their whole team to Advo Nation just as much as Success School, because each live event has the potential to produce 2-4 times or more increase in business as it has done to countless advisors in the past.

AdvoCare is a people business, a business built on building relationship and having the ability to inspire & influence others. In order to become successful, you must become that person. To become that person, the most direct way or most BANG for your buck & time IS attending AdvoNation and Success School.

This has been shown to be true from all the others that have come before and paved the way. And there’s overwhelming statistics to back this up since 1993 when AdvoCare began, now around 83% of all people that make money in AdvoCare attend success schools & advonations.

I am a firm believer in the critical importance of investing in yourself when you want to get in business for yourself.

I am personally convinced that there’s no such thing as self-made individuals.

I believe its more about mentor-made people.

The only reason I am able to blog for a living & make money online from home by ranking websites and generating leads for local businesses

is because a year ago, I made a small decision to invest in a coaching program where they were teaching exactly that

I simply followed their guidance, took simple action, saw some results, then just rinse & repeat the process

and here I am a year later, running my own business, quit my 9 to 5 job, and just made over $10K last month.